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Party, Fun, Love and Quidditch by Paddywulf
Chapter 1 : I Sleep A Lot
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 The screams rang all around me as I flew. One moment I held the quaffle in my hands the next it was gone off to one of my team mates. We were leading 90-40 then I hurled another one through the left hoop.

Then I saw them. Two seekers diving like madmen towards the pitch. Neither faltering. I half felt I was about to witness a gruesome messy crash as they both got closer and closer towards the grass turf. But I knew they were both better than that. Then I saw it, about at the same time as everyone else. He had the snitch. Our seeker John Davies held it high in the air a grin spread all the way across his face. We had one it. For the first time in 30 years England had won the Quidditch cup. And I James Potter was the captain.

It all passed in a blur and one moment later I held it in my hands the trophy every Quidditch player dreamt that they could one day hold. In one brisk movement I thrust it into the air and my adoring fans responded by screaming and cheering. My team engulfed me we were all screaming and laughing along with the crowd.

Later that night we were at the official wrap party of the cup. It was a formal affair but we all knew we had to put up with it. Anyway the real party happened afterwards, that's when the real celebrations kick in.

I was standing by the bar holding a glass of the only drink they served. Wine. I hate wine. It's for posh and old people. The bitter taste the wasn't even worth it because you didn't get a buzz. It was the Ghostbusters 2 of drinks. At least that was something we could all agree on. Nobody likes Ghostbusters 2.

Then I saw her. Katrina Devere. Supermodel/actress/fashion designer you name it she's probably done it at some point, while looking insanely attractive. She locked eyes with me and started walking across the room, her hips swaying in that figure hugging dress her breasts heaving against the thin material. I had to force myself to prise my eyes away. She stopped her face inches from mine. Leaned in and whispered

"Anything from the trolley?"


"Anything from the trolley dear?"

I blinked and suddenly I was back on the train curled up in the corner of a compartment on the journey to Hogwarts.

"Anything from the trolley?" The now agitated looking waitress asked.

"Urm yeah a pumpkin pasty and box of jellybeans please." I replied digging my hand into my pocket for some change .

She handed me the food as a passed her the money and in a flash she gone off down the corridor.

It was all a dream of course it was. I'm James Potter sixth year at Hogwarts and new captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team (At least I got the captain bit right).

I ripped into the cellophane wrapper holding my pasty and took a big bite. I had to spit a bit out as I found my mouth wasn't quite big enough. Attractive .

After munching down my pasty and scoffing my beans. Getting a toilet roll flavour one in the process. Eugh. I leaned back against the window and stared at the passing countryside. Before I knew it I felt my eyelids getting heavy and me drifting back off to dreamland.



"James what the hell are you still doing here?"

"Whu- Al is that you?" I muttered groggily as I opened my eyes to be dazzled by the light.

"Yeah it's me they sent the prefects around to make sure the train was empty. Why are you still here?"

"Isn't it obvious I fell asleep."

"Well you better get dressed quickly before you miss the last carriage."

Shit shit shit. I clambered around the compartment grabbing my Hogwarts robes and pulling them on. I didn't care if my little brother watched that stupid little grin of his. Prefect prick.

Once I was ready I sprinted of the train, Al right behind me. Somehow he seemed to be walking when I was full out running. We managed to catch the last carriage just before it left the station.

"Thank god" I gasped glancing across to my brother who looked like he was about to wet himself.

"Yeah real funny laugh it all up." I snarled at him trying to assert my dominance. Which I had to have I am the older brother, its just the rules.

"I'm just enjoying seeing you being the nervous sweaty one. You always make fun of me about it" He smirked at me. Before bursting into a fit of giggles. What kind of guy giggles. What a tit.

It was only then a took a look to see who else was in the carriage with us. a couple of third year Hufflepuffs and a rather nice looking fifth year Ravenclaw. Her shirt was little bit too tight in my opinion. It was like she read my mind pulling her cloak round to cover her massive chest area while giving me the death stare. She couldn't resist me for long surely I'm James Potter Quidditch captain and all round handsome man extraordinaire.





When we arrived at the castle the last few people were filing into the great hall and in attached myself to the end of the line. Walking along the Gryffindor table I got a few people smiling and few scowling at me.

"James here" I heard a whisper. Looking I saw it was Fred Weasley one of my best mates and just happened to be my cousin. A tall guy with red hair like most of the weasley family, but unlike them he inherited slightly darker and less freckled complexion from his mother. This combination tended to make him a bit of a attraction for the ladies and he loved it. He shuffled up a bit and made space so I could sit down.

"Where the fuck have you been?"

"Mr Weasley if you could be silent." Headmaster O'Hare boomed in his deep Irish accent. I few people turned and stared daggers at us and Fred paled until he was almost the same colour as nearly headless Nick. Sorry Sir Nicholas.

"How does he always know?" Fred muttered.

"Mate now's the time to shut up."

And I was right because at that moment the doors burst open and in strode Professor Sykes and all the new first years. Their anxious faces glanced around the hall. I knew how they were feeling nervous, excited and terrified all at once because this would be one of the biggest moments of their whole school career. The sorting.

The Professor placed the old and battered hat down on the stool at the front of the hall. It jerked suddenly and broke into its usual little song. Different every year but always along the same lines. Once it finished the hall mustered a quiet applause.

Then the sorting began. One by one each new student steeped up sat on the stool and had the hat placed upon their head. And then hat would think then proclaim loudly which house they would be in. Cue lots of cheering from that table.

The whole process took about half an hour with some students taking longer than other. I heard Fred's stomach growl halfway through and he looked at me guiltily.

Finally when everyone was sorted and there was a new thirteen Gryffindor recruits. Unlucky for some. The Headmaster stood and with one deep breath he proclaimed

"Let the feast begin!"

Love feast night, so much food so little time.

"So James where you been?" Fred asked

"I was one the train the whole time."

"What too good for us now you're a big Quidditch captain?"

"Shut up."

"Why then?"

"I just needed some quiet I was tired."

"Awh poor little Jamesy." As he squealed this, too much like a women for my liking, sometimes I question his gender, he pulled me into a big hug much to everyone else's amusement.

"Hey bumders save it for the bedroom." Alex shouted from a few seats down. I looked over to see my other best mate sort of a his gleeful face peeking from behind that side swept fringe of his. That fringe got him all of the 'emo' girls hen claimed. We'd never met them.

"You just want us to do that so you can join in." I yelled back.

"You can read me like a book baby."

"James can read!" Fred acted surprised. I punched him

"Uncalled for." Fred went off into one of his little huffs and I ate the rest of the meal only participating in small talk with other people around me. Most of them were too insignificant for me too know there names. I just called these people minor characters in my head. I don't think they'd appreciate it if I said it too their faces.




An hour or so later we were all sent up too bed after a few notices from the head master. I jogged back to the dorm with Fred and Alex. Passing my brother on the way leading the way for all the first years. What a prefect.

Bursting into our doom we quickly claimed our three beds and moved them to the opposite side of the room to the others, taking our trunks with us.

"Don't want to be sleeping anyway near those dickheads." Alex muttered.

"Just wish we could sleep in completely different rooms." Fred added

"Lets start at petition. Kick the dicks out of our dorm."

"I'm sure with a title like that O'Hare couldn't resist." I grinned mocking them for being such massive tits.

"Shut up Potter." They both shot back before Alex threw a shoe at me and it hit me in the head. So of course full out bedroom war started. Pillows flying, beds being used as cover. I think I even saw a thong being thrown at some point. Who the hell did that belong to.

"If you don't stop this right now you are all getting detentions." The dicks themselves had arrived. Maybe we should start a petition.

In walked Jet McClaggen and his two cronies Walter Waite and Jeremy Dimmel. All utter shit heads walking around like they owned the place because they were prefects. Yeah three Gryffindor prefects in my year. All guys. All complete tools.

"Shut up McClaggen you snotsquirt go back to your igloo."

Snotsquirt? Igloo? Wow Fred we need to work on your insults.

"Don't backchat me you simpleton just because your big famous mate James Potter is now Quidditch captain don't think you can get anyway with anything." His two minions snickered and he put on a smug grin.

"Come on guys he's not worth the breath." I sighed starting to tidy up my mess. Only my mess.

"Has Potter finally learned about respect. Well I am surprised." McClaggen scoffed.

"Shut Up McClaggen." Yeah I can use last names too. "You don't deserve any respect."

"Might want to contact you tutor Potter I think they're teaching you wrong." And with that him and his servants dragged their slimey arses out the room. I though I saw them leave a slime trail behind them.

"Beddy byes then." Alex said before stripping down to his boxers and jumping under the covers.

"Do I not get much snuggle." Fred whined

"Can't believe you just said snuggle."

"Its not gay just cute."

"And you wonder why we doubt your sexuality." I laughed

"Shut up I've slept with more girls than you both and you know it."

"Yeah we can see from your crusty sheets all the girls you've been getting." Add and eye roll for effect.

"Guys shut the fuck up I'm trying too sleep." Alex yelled. I raised a eyebrow. I was good at that inquisitive look. Since when did Alex get to sleep early.

I didn't question it and climbed into my bed and curled up under my covers. Before drifting off. Again. I slept a lot. A lot.


AN: First Chapter over and done with. What do you think? I hope its alright i know i i'm not exactly the best writer. But leave a review, any tips to help me improve would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to where this stry goes got quite a few ideas.


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