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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 22 : Prior Engagements
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Chapter 22

Rose stomped into the elevator without saying a word to Scorpius. She would have apparated up, but she was so mad at him that she felt she couldn’t concentrate.

They had been out to dinner when Scorpius had mentioned that he completed filling out the paperwork for apartment complex. Rose didn’t think much about it, most of the paperwork was minor irrelevant things. Her opinion quickly changed when they arrived home and she saw the name Malfoy clearly etched onto the cover of their mailbox slot.

Jamming the button to the twelfth floor she waited for the doors to close before rounding on him, “You really have some nerve,”

Scorpius stared at his reflection in the door “Well Rose I am the one that is paying for the apartment,” he stated as a matter-of-factly.

Rose’s jaw fell open, “Do keep in mind that Carla has not signed the paperwork to buy mine yet,” she said in a dark tone through gritted teeth.

Heaving a frustrated breath Scorpius looked down to her “Are we really arguing about this? It’s a name on a mailbox,”

“It’s your name on the mailbox,” she clarified; honestly it wasn’t the name that bothered her. It was the fact that he didn’t consult her about it, making her feel unequal in their relationship.

The door dinged and then opened, releasing the two. Silently fumbling with her keys “Don’t you think that you are overreacting slightly,”

Rose narrowed her eyes at him, but she didn’t speak, partially because she knew he was right. Instead she opened the door and slammed it shut before Scorpius had the chance to walk in.

Scorpius could feel his own frustration taking over. He loved Rose, but he didn’t always understand her. Honestly, he hadn’t thought anything of it when he wrote his name down; in fact the only reason he did was because the front desk attendant had stopped him in the hall that morning and asked him to fill out the form.

Having enough, Scorpius barged through the door, shouting “IF IT BOTHERS YOU SO MUCH MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST GET MARRIED!”

“FINE!” Rose shouted back, only to quickly realize what she had said.

The room became quiet as they looked at one another, breathing heavily. Rose had shocked eyes, her mouth dry and unable to form words. It was the sound of the door swinging shut behind them that seemed to jerk her into reality.

Turning on her heels, she walked out of the room leaving Scorpius to stare at the empty place that she had been standing.

Waiting about a second “Rose,” he called slowly, following the direction that she had gone.

Rounding a corner into the kitchen, he saw her standing in the fridge doorway chugging back a bottle of water. “Rose,” Scorpius said again, his voice calmer not showing any signs of the argument that had just occurred. “Did we just get engaged?”

Carefully pulling the bottle from her lips, she caped it “I’m not sure,” she said unable to look to his eyes.

A sneaky grin started to cross Scorpius’ face “You said yes,”

Sighing she put the water bottle back in the fridge. “I said fine, there is a difference,” closing the door she turned around and bumped into him, having not noticed that he was hovering over her.

Forced to meet his eyes, there was an all-knowing look in them “No there’s not,” he whispered, backing her into a corner.

Rose’s breath was quick, her skin heightened with nerves. She felt her back run into the wall, and his arms barricading her in. She was trapped. His eyes said it all, this was something that he wanted, and now that the subject had been brought up he wasn’t going to let it go.

Her heart raced and her body began to sweat, “We’ve been back together a month,”

“What difference does it make, if you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with me,” Scorpius countered, leaning his body against her and kissing her neck.

“Scorpius please,” she tried to rationalize “This is a serious conversation,”

“Yes, meaning I am allowed to use whatever means I have to persuade you,” and he continued to kiss.

Rolling her eyes, she maneuvered her neck out from Scorpius’ hold. “Seriously,” she eyed him.

Adjusting his hands, Scorpius bent his elbows so that they were resting on her shoulders. “What’s this really about?” he asked, seeing the apprehension in her eyes “Does it have to do with your strange views on how all marriages fail? Because I can assure you that we are not like normal people.”

Biting her lip, that was a whole other issue that she hadn’t even thought about yet. She waited, debating about being honest, before snaking her arms around his neck and saying “You yelled it at me to get out of an argument, that’s not why you are supposed to propose to someone.” She spoke softly, looking to the ground, pushing her head into his chest.

Scorpius was momentarily speechless. He didn’t try to be cunning or seductive, instead he folded his arms so that his hands were in her hair, and tenderly kissed the top of her head “I’m sorry,”

Rose shook her head and looked up to him “It’s alright,”

“No it’s not I should have never done that to you,” he said not wanting this conversation to end, but understanding it needed to.

“And I should never have made an argument about a mailbox,”

Scorpius laughed, “Then why did you?”

And that was what had Rose. She thought about the answer before shrugging her shoulders and saying “Maybe because I want to be a Mrs. Malfoy,” but as soon as she said the words she knew they were true. She just wanted Scorpius to truly mean it when he asked.


It was early the next morning and Scorpius watched Rose as she slept. She was in the white work shirt he had been wearing the night before. He swore she had an obsession with wearing his shirts, but he didn’t mind, in fact that was one of the many things he loved about Rose.

Smiling to himself he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, that he wanted to be her husband, and for her to wear the Malfoy name. He wanted it so badly to the point that he found himself wondering what the hell he was thinking when he proposed to Lexie, because it felt nothing like this. That mistake was right up there with shouting at Rose to marry him, but one good thing came from that. And it was that he was a hundred percent confident if he asked again she would say yes.

All those months ago when she talked about the institution of marriage and the idea of if she loved someone enough to marry them, she was talking about him, somehow he always knew that she was.

Waving his wand over a little black box, he turned to look at her again. He wasn’t about to give up on something that he wanted without a fight, and he was going to fight for this.

Going over to the bed her crawled beside her leaning forward and kissing just below her ear. He watched as her eyes remained closed, but her lips perked upward. Kissing her again, his lips moved up along her jaw until they found her mouth.

She gave a slight laugh against his lips, as she pulled away and blinked her eyes a few times “I’m up,” she stated.

“Good,” he whispered, pushing himself up so that he was sitting in front of her.

Glancing at her clock, Rose rubbed her eyes and stared up to him “Good morning?” she asked at his chipper mood.

Scorpius let his eye drift down to something before gazing back to her with a nervous smile. “So I realized that last night I may have been a little insincere,” he started, wiping Rose’s face clean of any expression. “But I did mean what I said,” she scooted herself up into a sitting position as he spoke. “So here,” he said placing the black velvet box in her lap.

Although she was grinning, Rose remained still, shifting her eyes to his. “Scorpius you really don’t have to do this as an apology,” she tried to reassure.

Scorpius held back a laugh “I love you, but you are so stubborn sometimes. Will you please just open the damn box?”

Her cheeks blushed, as she looked back down to the box.

Carefully picking it up she opened it, only to get a very confused look on her face. “Thank you?” she said in a voice of uncertainty, staring at a piece of coiled twine in the center of the velvet.

Picking it up Scorpius didn’t make an attempt to explain the string, instead he unwound it while saying “So I love you, and I want to be with you in every way possible, and marriage it one of them,”

Rose kept her eyes focused on his hands as he grabbed her left hand, and placed the center of the string under her ring finger.

“I don’t care if we have been back together a week, a month, or a year. I know that you are the only one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He continued pulling up on the two strands leaving the one finger slightly elevated to the others.

She bit her lip to hold back her tears. “So, Rose Weasley, I am asking you again,” he looped the strands together at the top “In the way that I should have asked you the first time,” pulling the ends so that the tie would start to move towards her finger “Will you marry me?” and as the knot touched her skin, the string disappeared and what was left was a simple gold band.

Rose stared at the ring, it was simple, and thin, not covered in diamonds or jewels. Sniffling, it was perfect. Looking up to Scorpius, her breath was shaky and she choked out a “Yes,” hardly audible.

“Really?” Scorpius asked his own smile so wide that he couldn’t lower it.

Nodding, Rose repeated, clearer this time “Yes,”

Scorpius entwined his fingers with hers, touching the cool metal of the ring, and kissed her. They collided backwards onto the pillows and deepened the kiss in an intense way that he had never experienced before.

This was what Scorpius had wanted for six years, and he was finally getting it. It was a day that he never thought he would see coming, one that he had only dared let himself dream of, and here it was in reality, happening.

Lifting her head up, Rose needed to catch her breath. Her chest rising and falling deeply, as she ran her fingers through his hair, making his skin tingle. She gave a soft sort of smile before joking “I still hate weddings,”

Scorpius laughed, sitting up slightly and tugging her against him, so that he could rub his fingers up and down her arms, “I don’t care what we do as long as you marry me,” he balanced his chin on her head.

Rose smiled at the thought “I love you,” she said absently.

“I would hope,” he said kissing the back of her head and breathing with her. Nuzzling her head into his chest, she closed her eyes at the sound to his heartbeat. “So are you going to tell Matt and Carla tonight?” Scorpius asked.

Her brow furrowed as she opened her eyes confused for a moment, before remembering that tonight was the night of Matt’s families Christmas ball, “Oh I do not want to go to that,” she stubbornly said while observing the ring, and noting how it looked more like a wedding ring than an engagement one.

Suddenly a devious smile appeared on her face, and Rose turned to look up at Scorpius. He stared back in bewilderment before catching onto what she was thinking. It was his turn to be completely shocked “Are you sure.”

Rose only nodded “I’m sure,”


Scorpius stood in the living room, staring out at the city as the lights began to cover the dark sky of the evening. He was in a grey suit, that wasn’t too formal, and he was waiting, patiently.

“Umm hmm,” Rose cleared her throat from behind him.

There were no words to describe how beautiful she looked. Scorpius eyed her, slowly. She had her hair pulled back so that it was down but out of her face, and she wore a plain white dress that cut off right above her knee. But the best part was the soft smile on her face that said that she was undoubtedly happy and not trying to show it.

He felt his palm twitching with nerves of the best kind, and he shook his head in amazement. “You’re stunning,” he said to softly, feeling his breath hitch as she walked towards him.

Grabbing her hands he squeezed them tightly, as if he was convincing himself that this was really happening “Are you sure Carla will forgive you for missing the ball?”

“I think this counts as a good enough reason,” she answered with a small laugh.

Scorpius smiled “Are you ready?” he said leaning his forehead to hers.

Rose’s stomach went weak taking in his breath and scent, “I have never been more ready.” Rose said sternly, catching his eyes.

“Let’s go get married,” and with that he apparated her from the room.

A/N: First I want to say thank you for all of the reviews on the last chapter, it’s nice to know that I’m not losing my touch. Next I really hope that you liked this chapter, if you recall chapter five Rose had some harsh views on Bryan and Stacy’s marriage and I thought it would be ironic if she did the same thing. Speaking of which YES THEY ARE REALLY GETTING MARRIED. It’s going to make that visit to the Malfoy’s much more interesting. Anyways I do hope you like it and please review with your thoughts.
Also on a random note, after a year of working on it, I have finally finished editing all of Fighting Temptation, so I will be posting those chapters as I get the chance. I have changed a couple of small things in there, but nothing too plot heavy. Once again thank you for reading and please review.

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Confronting Temptation: Prior Engagements


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