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These Dark and Hollow Nights by DracosGirl012
Chapter 29 : Chapter Twenty-Nine: Family (PART ONE)
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 Hermione’s POV







‘I’ve invited the Weasley’s over for supper tomorrow,’ Narcissa announced at dinner the following evening. She had cooked a fantastic Easter dinner, which consisted of mashed potatoes, green beans, ham, and cranberry sauce.


Hermione almost choked on her mouthful of potatoes, and Draco’s fork hit his plate with a loud bang, and Lyra raced out of the room.


All of them?’ Draco asked incredulously, as Hermione took a sip of water. ‘You do realise there are nine of them, right, Mother?’


‘Twelve, actually,’ Hermione corrected, setting her glass down. ‘Bill’s married to Fleur, remember? And I’m sure Percy will want to bring Audrey, if he comes at all, and George may or may not bring Angelina. Charlie won’t come because he’s in Romania, unless he’s come home for the holiday or something, so if he doesn’t come that’s only eleven, but there’s still Mr and Mrs Weasley, Harry, Ron and Ginny. So altogether, there’s twelve.’


‘What a large family,’ Narcissa murmured. ‘Hmm. I didn’t think of that. Well, they all fit in the last time, didn’t they? And we had people here then. If not, we’ll think of something. There are always extension charms that can be used to make more room, as well. I just thought it would be nice to have the Weasley’s here when there’s not other people here.’


‘That’s very nice of you, Narcissa,’ Hermione said carefully. ‘But you really didn’t have to do that. I’m sure the Weasley’s will appreciate it.’


‘I hope so,’ Narcissa said. ‘Percy’s the snobbish one, isn’t he? I remember him. I think I saw him at the Ministry one time. I don’t think I’ve ever met Charlie, though. Was he at the New Years party?’


‘No. He went back to Romania on Boxing Day,’ Hermione said. ‘Charlie never stays for very long. Percy’s snobbish, I agree. But he’s been getting better since…’ She couldn’t say it.


‘Since Fred passed,’ Draco finished for her. He squeezed her hand, and she found it comforting.


‘Yes,’ said Hermione. ‘Anyway, Percy’s found himself a girlfriend. She’s a muggle, apparently, and her name’s Audrey. I haven’t met her yet. And Fleur was one of the Triwizard Champions. She’s French, and part Veela, so she’s very beautiful, of course. She’s about ready to have her baby, I think.’


‘Fleur Delacour? I think I remember her,’ Draco said. ‘That’s the one that Weasel had a crush on, right? That’s hilarious, that his brother got her.’


Hermione scowled. ‘Oh shut up, Draco. He couldn’t exactly help it, could he? She is part Veela,’ she said. 


‘Point taken, but still,’ Draco said. ‘He definitely had a crush on her. It was rather funny to watch.’


‘Oh, really? You were the one cozying up to Krum, if I recall correctly,’ she said haughtily.


‘Yeah, well. Krum was a big deal, wasn’t he? And anyway, “if I recall correctly”, you were the one who went to the Yule Ball with him,’ Draco said. ‘Fraternizing with the enemy, weren’t you?’


‘He wasn’t an enemy. Now you’re just repeating what Ronald said,’ Hermione said. ‘And for your information, he only asked me to the Yule Ball in the first place because I wasn’t interested in him.’


Narcissa sniggered. ‘No fighting, you two,’ she scolded. ‘It makes you sound like a jealous brat, Draco.’


It was Hermione’s turn to snigger. Draco narrowed his eyes at them both. ‘Well, so what if I’m jealous? I’ve every right to be.’


She sighed. ‘Oh, this is stupid. When you decide to act your age, I’ll be in your bedroom,’ she said, and got up from the table.












Hermione was only alone for a few minutes before Draco joined her. He sat down on the bed next to her, leaving the door open, and sighed.


‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘I was being stupid. Are you mad at me?’


She hesitated for a moment, and then shook her head. ‘No, I’m not mad. I’m more annoyed than anything,’ she said honestly. ‘I don’t understand why all teenage boys have to be so jealous all the time.’


‘I think it’s because we all have possessive streaks the size of the Grand Canyon,’ he said, smirking. ‘But I was acting like an idiot and yes, I’ll admit it, a brat, and I apologise.’


‘I accept your apology. I’m sincerely impressed that you of all people know what the Grand Canyon is, though,’ she said.


‘I’m not completely an idiot,’ he said. Then he bit his lip. ‘Although I might have grabbed a book about muggle facts from the library.’


‘I suppose it’s true what they say, then. A man will do anything for love,’ she said, laughing. ‘You know, Arthur Weasley will be here tomorrow.’


‘Yes, I’m aware. Our house is going to be bombarded with red heads again. I’m so excited. But I fail to see what that has to do with anything,’ he said.


She sighed, shaking her head at him. ‘Draco, youcan be rather daft sometimes, you know. Arthur Weasley. You know, the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office? Ring a bell?’ She asked.


Oh,’ he said, his eyes widening. ‘Right. I almost forgot. Do you really think I have a chance, Hermy? You really think he’d hire me?’


She wrinkled her nose. Clearly, she wasn’t about to get him to stop using the nickname anytime soon. ‘Yes, Draco. I do think you have a chance, and I do think that he’ll hire you. If you can impress him enough,’ she said.


‘So this will be like a sort of job interview, yes? Oh, no. Now I’m going to be nervous the whole time,’ he said.


‘You’ll do fine, Draco, really,’ she said. ‘And please, please ignore whatever spiteful, rude comments Ronald has to make.’


Draco swallowed. ‘Alright,’ he said. ‘I’ll ignore the Weasel, but if he starts it…’


‘Even if he starts it, don’t do anything. Just ignore him,’ she said. ‘That’s all I ask. Just ignore him.’


‘Fine,’ Draco sighed. ‘I’ll ignore him, then.’


She nodded, satisfied. It would probably be extremely difficult for him, but she was glad he was trying. ‘I can’t wait to see Fleur. She’s about seven months pregnant, you know, with the first Weasley grandbaby,’ she said, smiling. ‘I hope the baby’s a girl. With all the boys in that house, it’d be wonderful if the first Weasley grandbaby were a girl. Then Ginny could have a niece to spoil.’


‘I’ll be sure to tell her congratulations tomorrow, then. You’re going to hound her with baby questions, aren’t you?’ He asked.


‘No, no. I’m sure she gets enough of that from Mrs. Weasley. I’ll ask her a few simple questions, and then I’ll leave her alone. Honestly, I’m just glad my sister in law’s pregnant,’ she said.


Draco jerked, as if she had slapped him. She could see hurt in his eyes. ‘What did you say?’ He asked her, his voice shaking.


‘What do you mean? I just said I’m glad my sister in law’s pregnant,’ she said. ‘Am I not allowed to be happy about it? The Weasley’s deserve some joy in their life, especially now.’


‘Your sister in law,’ he ground the word out, spitting it like poison. ‘Your sister in law, Hermione. That’s what you said.’


She stared at him, horrified. ‘I… Draco, I didn’t mean to say that. It just slipped out, that’s all,’ she said. ‘I didn’t mean… I’m sorry.’


‘No,’ he said, getting up from the bed. His hands were shaking. ‘Sorry doesn’t cut it. Not this time, Hermione. I refuse to believe that it “just slipped out”. You might not have meant to say it, but that’s an obvious sign that you haven’t stopped thinking of the Weasley’s as your family.’


‘They are my family, as much as it counts. My parents are gone, Draco. Mrs. Weasley took me in this summer. I’m here because I don’t have a family to spend Easter with. The Weasley’s are the closest thing to family that I’ve got left. And I’ve always thought of Ginny like a sister, and even Fleur is like the older sister I always wanted,’ she said. ‘So I’m sorry if I blurted it out like that. It’s just that I’ve thought of them that way for so long it’s hard to think otherwise.’


‘But that’s not what you said, Hermione. If you had said, “I’m glad my sister’s pregnant”, I would have been fine with it. I know what the Weasley’s mean to you. That’s why I didn’t argue about the dinner. But you didn’t say “my sister”, you said “my sister in law.” What am I supposed to think about that, Hermione?’ He demanded.


She felt as if she’d slapped her. She realised how it looked to Draco, how he interpreted it. ‘That’s not what I meant!’ She exclaimed. ‘I didn’t mean it like that at all!’


‘Then how did you mean it? Because in my eyes, saying “my sister in law”, is basically like admitting that you still think about him that way. Because the only way Fleur would become your sister in law is if you married him. How else was I supposed to take it? What was I suppose to think you meant?’ He demanded.


She opened her mouth. Closed it, took a deep breath, and opened it again. ‘I’m sorry, ‘ she whispered. ‘It was a mistake, Draco. I’ve only known the Weasley’s for half my life, as long as I’ve known you. They’re a family to me. Saying “my sister in law” was a mistake. I basically lived with the Weasley’s the whole summer. Being with Ron made me feel like I was really a part of the family, and I used to think about what it would be like if we had gotten married. Clearly that’s never going to happen, but I thought about it. I thought about what it’d be like to have Fleur and Ginny as my sister in laws. I never meant to blurt it out like that. I’m so sorry.’


He closed his eyes, and took several deep breaths before opening them again. ‘I’m only going to ask you this once, so answer the question as honestly as possible,’ he said slowly. ‘Do you still have feelings for Ron?’


She was so startled by the question that it took her several seconds before she could manage any sound, let alone answer. She stared at him, her mouth hanging open. She didn’t know why he was asking her this, but he clearly needed an answer, or else… well, she didn’t want to think about what would happen. ‘I don’t know,’ she said finally.


‘What do you mean, you don’t know? How can you not know?’ He demanded.


She sighed. ‘It’s complicated, Draco. He was my best friend for eight years. I loved him for four of those years. How can I not still have feelings for him? Those kind of feelings… they don’t just vanish over night,’ she said.


He stepped back, his eyes flashing. ‘He didn’t love you like I love you,’ he said slowly, forcing each word out.


‘How can you possibly know that?’ She didn’t mean to get defensive, but she did. ‘You can’t know how he felt.’


‘Oh, I don’t,’ Draco said. ‘I don’t know how the Weasel felt about you, but I know you, and I know he never made you feel the way I make you feel.’


‘And just how do you think you make me feel?’ She asked. She was surprised her voice didn’t quaver.


He smirked at her, and she wanted to slap him. She hated that smirk. He leaned down, and his breath tickled her ear, making her shiver. ‘I make you forget your own name,’ he whispered.


And then he left, leaving her staring at the spot where he had been, feeling like she’d just had the breath knocked out of her.












Hermione slept in the spare bedroom that night. It took every ounce of her willpower to even force herself inside of it, let alone into the bed. She sat on the bed for several minutes before she forced herself to crawl into the sheets, telling herself that nothing was actually wrong with the bed. The real problem was the memories associated with it, and she convinced herself she could deal with a few unpleasant memories. She was Hermione Granger, after all. She’d gone through a war. She’d been tortured, bruised, scarred, and damaged enough over the past eight years that a few unpleasant memories should’ve been nothing to her. So she blocked out the memories as best as she could, and crawled into bed. It took an hour before she finally drifted to sleep.


Her nightmares were even worse, now that she was sleeping alone again. She’d put a silencing charm on the room, not wanting to wake Narcissa with her screaming, but no one had invented a spell to stop the nightmares, no matter how much she wished someone had, no matter how much it would make everything easier.


At first, the nightmare was the same. She was in Malfoy Manor, being tortured by Bellatrix, and then the scene shifted. It wasn’t Malfoy Manor anymore, but the Room of Requirement, and it looked the same as it had when she’d first met Theodore Nott. She was tied to a chair, her hands and feet bound, screaming as she watched him torture them one by one. First it was Draco—Draco was always first, these days—and then Harry, Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Mr and Mrs. Weasley, her parents, Bill and Fleur, and even Percy. She was screaming, begging Nott to stop. But then it wasn’t Nott anymore. It was Lucius, laughing and taunting her, calling her Mudblood. The faces shifted from Bellatrix to Nott and back to Lucius again. It always came back to Lucius.


And then Draco opened his mouth, his eyes meeting hers from across the floor. ‘It’s okay,’ he whispered. ‘You’re alright.


And she woke up, sweating. There were tears running down her face, and her body was shaking from the screaming. Someone’s arms were wrapped around her, and she started thrashing, panicking.


‘Hermione, stop. It’s me.’


Draco. She relaxed a little, and he let her go so she could sit up. She turned to look at him. The shadows under his eyes were beginning to look like bruises, and she could see the exhaustion in his eyes. His hair was rumpled, like he’d been sleeping. ‘H-how did you know I was screaming? I put a silencing charm on the room,’ she said.


‘I know. I didn’t hear you from my room. I came in here because I felt guilty about arguing with you, and I couldn’t sleep. Well, I did fall asleep for a little bit, but I had a nightmare where you told me you hated me and you never wanted to see me again. So I came in here, even though I felt like a complete moron, because here I was, crawling back to you after I acted like an idiot,’ he said. The words came out in a rush, and he took a deep breath. ‘I would’ve come sooner, but I didn’t know you were screaming until you I was in the room.’


‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘For waking me up, I mean.’


He nodded. ‘They’re getting worse. Your nightmares, I mean. At first, I noticed you only cried out for Ron and Harry, and then me. But the names are different lately; there are more of them. You kept crying for your parents, and then the Weasley’s and Harry. And I hate it. Because I know you keep dreaming about them being tortured, like you were. Your screams are the same. And I know it’s partly my fault your nightmares are so brutal, because I didn’t stop Bellatrix then, even though I could have,’ he said.


‘I swear you can read my mind sometimes,’ she said. ‘Or maybe you’ve been trained in Occulumency, I don’t know. But it’s not your fault that I have nightmares, Draco. If you had even tried to stop Bellatrix, she’d have killed you without flinching. It wasn’t your fault. You can’t keep thinking that, blaming yourself for something that was entirely out of your control. And who knows what would’ve happened to your mother, if Bellatrix had killed you? Lucius probably would’ve killed her.’


‘I know,’ he said. ‘But I can’t help it. Maybe I want to be a hero sometimes, too.’


She smiled a little, but it faded immediately. ‘You can be a hero without putting yourself in stupid situations,’ she said. ‘I may admirer Harry’s bravery, but he did have a knack for getting into stupid, risky situations. So don’t do anything stupid.’


‘I’m not making any promises,’ he said, smirking at her.


She shook her head at him. ‘Boys,’ she muttered, rolling her eyes. ‘About earlier, Draco… it’s alright. I can’t blame you for acting like an idiot; boys tend to act stupid out of jealousy. I’d probably have acted the same way.’


‘I did overact a little, though. I guess I was just deluding myself, telling myself that you didn’t have feelings for him anymore. I shouldn’t have expected that whatever you felt for him would just vanish overnight. So… I guess I’m trying to say that I’m sorry I acted like that,’ he said.


She smiled, leaning forward to kiss him. It was the smallest of kisses; her lips barely brushed his. ‘I forgive you,’ she said. Then she bit her lip. ‘Draco… I also think that maybe you should talk to Astoria.’


He frowned, confused. ‘Why?’


‘Maybe you didn’t see it, but I did. Astoria’s in love with you,’ she said quietly. ‘I’m sure it really hurt her to break up with you, but she did it because she wanted you to be happy. I know you cared about her, too. Maybe not the way she wanted, but you did care about her.’


‘Where are you going with this, Hermione?’ He asked.


She took a deep breath. ‘I’m just saying… that if you still wanted to have her in your life, even as a friend, then I wouldn’t mind, just as long as I never have to deal with Pansy Parkinson. I want you to be happy, and I think having Astoria in your life would be a good thing,’ she said.


‘Considering I don’t want to deal with Pansy Parkinson either, that makes two of us. But… are you sure that you wouldn’t mind me being friends with Astoria? You really wouldn’t be jealous?’ He asked.


‘Jealousy is something that I’m working on. But no, I really wouldn’t mind. It’s not as if I can stop you from having other, beautiful women in your life, can I? As long as none of them try to steal you away from me, I don’t mind,’ she said.


‘I love you, you know,’ he said, smiling at her. ‘But two o’clock in the morning is far too early for such serious conversations, so let’s continue them tomorrow, alright?’


She nodded. ‘Are… are you going to stay?’ She asked, hesitantly.


‘Do you really have to ask that?’ He asked. ‘As long as you want me here, then I’m staying.’


She exhaled, relieved. ‘Good,’ she said.


He crawled into the bed, pulling the covers up over them, and wrapped an arm around her waist. She snuggled against him. ‘I think I’ll always want you here,’ she murmured, and then she fell asleep.












Breakfast was a quiet event that morning. Narcissa had made bacon and eggs, which Hermione thought were delicious, but no one spoke after she had asked Hermione how she slept the night before—with a knowing glint in her eyes, she might add. It wasn’t the type of silence that got uncomfortable when stretched too long, but more of a peaceful silence, with the clatter of forks and knives. There was no need to make small talk, and so breakfast remained mostly silent.


‘Hermione, dear,’ Narcissa began, as they cleared the table. ‘I have a few errands that I need to run this morning, and I was wondering if you would like to come with me. I’m not quite familiar with Muggle London, you see, so if you don’t mind, I was hoping you would help me.’


‘I don’t mind. I’d love to come with you,’ she said, smiling.


Narcissa looked pleased. ‘Good. We’ll leave as soon as you’re dressed,’ she said. ‘And no, Draco, you can’t come with us.’


‘Fine. I guess I’ll just stay here with Lyra, then,’ he sighed. ‘I’m going to be incredibly bored, though, stuck here all by myself.’


Hermione laughed. ‘You’ll be fine. We’ll get some of those green apples you like so much,’ she promised.


‘Not fair, using my love for apples against me. Especially the green ones,’ he said, pouting. ‘Oh, alright. I guess I have to let you go now.’


‘Oh, hush, you,’ she said. ‘I’m going to change.’


She kissed him on the cheek—momentarily forgetting about Narcissa—and went to her room. She pulled on jeans, a long sleeved purple V-neck top, which Ginny had given her for Christmas, and her leather jacket, as it was still cold out. She used a quick spell on her hair, grabbed her bag, and left the room.


Narcissa was waiting with her purse, and she had on a red jacket. Hermione gave Draco a quick kiss, trying, once again, to ignore the fact that his mother was in the room, and they Apparated to muggle London. 


They got coffee at a café Hermione was familiar with, and sipped it as they walked, and Hermione pointed out some of her favorite stores.


‘I used to do with this my Mum when I was home for break,’ she said, sadly. ‘We always got coffee first, and the first thing we’d do was go to the bookstore. We’d spend hours in there, just browsing. I’d come home with at least ten new books every time.’


Narcissa smiled a little. ‘You miss your mother, don’t you? More than you let Draco believe,’ she said.


It wasn’t a question. Hermione nodded. ‘Sometimes I don’t know how I manage not to burst into tears when the simplest things remind me of her. It’s worse, I think, then if she were dead. Because I could go to Australia to see her if I wanted, even if I didn’t talk to her. But I don’t think I could, knowing she wouldn’t even know me if I did talk to her. It would be too painful,’ she said.


‘Do you regret not returning your parents memories? I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for you, to make that decision,’ Narcissa said.


‘It was the second hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. But no, I don’t regret it. I miss them every day. But I don’t regret not reversing the spell,’ she said.


‘You aren’t alone, you know. I just want you to know that. I’m not saying that I can replace your parents, but if you ever need to talk or just get away for a while, my door will always be open to you,’ Narcissa said.


Hermione’s eyes watered, but she blinked back the tears. ‘Thank you,’ she said quietly. ‘That… that means a lot to me. Really.’


Narcissa smiled. ‘Now, let’s get started on this shopping, shall we? I need food so I can make dinner tonight, and I’d like to make a pie of some sort. Oh, and treacle tart. Then I was thinking of getting some new sheets for the bed in the guest room. Is there one of those… gross stores, around here?’ She asked.


Hermione stifled a laugh. ‘I think you mean grocery store, and yes. There’s one right down the street. There’s also a bakery, so you can buy a pie if you want. As for bed sheets, we’ll need to go to one of those home décor stores. We’ll get the groceries first, though,’ she said.


‘It’s a good thing I brought you,’ Narcissa said, grinning. ‘I’d have been totally lost without you.’


‘What have you been doing all these months when you need food, then?’ She asked. ‘Not that it’s my business or anything. I was just wondering.’


‘Well… I’ve been eating at restaurants a lot. The Leaky Cauldron especially, and there are a few cafes and things like that that I go to a lot. And the Order sometimes bring me groceries. Rather sad that this is the first time I’ve been grocery shopping since before Draco was born. I didn’t realize how much I relied on the House Elves until they were gone,’ Narcissa said.


‘You could always get another one, if you wanted. I don’t agree with having House Elves, but they’re always eager for a job. As long as you give them pay, and weekends off and such, it’s not such a bad thing to have a House Elf, if you want one. They’re good company as well,’ she said.


‘I was thinking about getting a new House Elf, one that has pay and everything you just mentioned. But well, I’m learning to do things ‘the muggle way’ now. Now don’t tell Draco this, but Molly Weasley’s been over a few times, to teach me how to cook and clean without magic. I still find it much easier to do things with magic, but I like the muggle way. It keeps me busy. That’s part of the reason I invited the Weasley’s for dinner. Molly has been so kind to me, even though I’ve done nothing to deserve it, so I want to repay the favor,’ Narcissa explained.


Hermione smiled. ‘She is a wonderful woman, Mrs Weasley,’ she said. ‘But don’t worry, I won’t tell Draco anything. He’s not exactly… fond, of the Weasley family.’


‘Well, I can hardly blame him, especially after what Ron did to you. But I think he feels threatened by them. By your relationship with them,’ Narcissa said.


‘That’s… but that doesn’t make any sense,’ Hermione said, confused. ‘I understand if he feels threatened by Ron, but I don’t see why he’d feel threatened by the rest of the Weasley’s, too.’


‘They’re a second family to you, dear. I know you value their opinions. If, say, Mrs Weasley were to suddenly decide that you and Draco are not good for each other, or disapprove of him, then you would take that opinion into consideration. I’m not saying one opinion would make or break your relationship, but he knows their opinions are important to you. He wouldn’t want you to be torn between choosing them over him, if it were ever to come to that. He’ll never say any of this to you, but that’s who Draco is. He’s too proud to say how he really feels,’ Narcissa said.


‘I… I guess I never really thought about it that way before,’ Hermione admitted. ‘I didn’t really think there was a reason for Draco to feel threatened by the Weasley’s.’


‘Draco is very much in love with you,’ Narcissa said softly. ‘I think he’s been in love with you for a long time, he just didn’t know it yet. And I can see you love him very much, too. But there is one thing I have to ask you.’


She had a sudden flashback to her conversation with Rhea Zabini, and she wondered if Narcissa was going to say something similar. ‘Of course. You can ask me anything,’ she said.  


Narcissa took a deep breath. ‘Take care of him. He’s been through so much, and I worry about him. I know he feels so guilty about what happened with Bellatrix, and I know that he beats himself up about it, no matter how many times we tell him that it wasn’t his fault and that there was nothing he could’ve done. But he needs you more than he even realizes, so I’m asking you… please take care of him,’ she said.


‘I will,’ Hermione said. ‘And… Narcissa, can I ask you something, as well?’


Narcissa nodded. ‘Of course, dear,’ she said.


Hermione hesitated for a second. ‘Well, you see there’s this thing that’s been bugging me for a while now. Draco told me this story, around Valentine’s Day, about a muggleborn and a witch who fell in love, but the muggleborn died. And… I’ve just been piecing it together now, but our new Defense teacher, Professor Quincey, was telling me that he’d been in a similar situation, where he was in love with Pureblood, and she had a sister. They’d come from a long line of Purebloods, apparently, and despised anything to do with muggles. And you see, he asked me… he asked me if you had ever had a miscarriage,’ she said.


Narcissa almost stopped walking. Hermione heard her breath catch, and she heard her exhale. ‘No… I’ve never had a miscarriage,’ she whispered. ‘Do you know… do you know what his first name is? Professor Quincey, I mean?’


‘It starts with an H. What was it again, Herbert? Harold? Heath? No. I don’t think that’s it,’ Hermione frowned, trying to remember. ‘Oh! I think I heard one of the Professors call him Henry once.’


‘This can’t be happening,’ Narcissa murmured. She looked very pale. ‘This isn’t possible. It’s a coincidence. It has to be.’


‘Er… Narcissa? A-are you alright?’ Hermione asked, hesitantly. She looked as if she were going to be sick.


Her voice seemed to snap Narcissa back to reality. ‘What? Oh, yes, dear. I’m fine. Let’s go get this shopping done,’ she said.


She started rather abruptly down the street, and Hermione had no choice but to follow, her mind spinning with her newly made connection. 








DUNDUNDUN!! Sorry guys. I've had to cut this chapter in half-- it was way too long. So, what do you guys think? I really do apologize for the long wait, but I wasn''t done this chapter yet, and then the staff went on vacation. But here it is. Please, please review. Reading what you guys think keeps me going! Anyway, hope y'all had a good Christmas-- or whatever it is you celebrate-- and a good New Years. As always, everything you recognize belongs to J.K Rowling. Thanks again for reading!

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