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Glance Beyond The Stars by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Glance beyond the stars
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 Authors note: This was written for two awesome challenges! The line ‘It takes strength and courage to admit the truth’ is taken from page 365 of The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. The summary of this story and the title is taken from Earth Song by Michael Jackson. I hope you enjoy this, I’m hoping to come back and edit it as soon as I can.

Remus could hear the loud, joyful voices of the people in The Burrow behind him, celebrating and enjoying themselves, alcohol had been opened and people were letting their hair down. It had been so long since they had a reason to be happy that they couldn’t deny themselves a celebration. Remus had a few drinks himself to get enough of a buzz to feel happy, he hadn’t felt happy in quite some time.

Remus sighed as he looked up at the sky, it wasn’t long until the full moon, and he liked to spend the time looking at the sky. It was the only time that he could truly appreciate the sky’s beauty. He felt safe out here, the magical boundaries that had been set around the home were enough for Remus to be out here alone, or as alone as he was before someone came and joined him.

“Wotcher, Remus.” Came a voice and Remus stifled a smile.

He heard Tonks coming out of the back door and walking towards him, the sound of her feet walking on the grass met his ears, and he could tell that she was coming towards him.

"What are you doing on the floor?” she asked him, slurring slightly. He looked up at her and the smell of alcohol filled his sensitive nose, she had clearly been drinking, it had been a long day for them all.

“Just admiring the sky,” Remus told her. Tonks nodded as she looked up at the sky, whilst sitting down on the floor clumsily. Remus was ready to catch her if she fell on him, but Tonks managed to not slip, although he noticed that she was sitting quite close to him.

She gave a loud sigh as she lay down as well. Remus turned his head to look at her, admiring the pale skin on her face, the way that the moon shone in her big eyes, the silly look that was beginning to cross her face as she turned to face him and found him staring at her.

“You’re staring at me again.”

“I don’t stare at you; I was just making sure that you were alright, that you didn’t concuss yourself by falling down.”

“I sat down, I didn’t fall down,” Tonks stated tutting at him; she looked back up at the sky. “Besides, you do stare at me, I’ve caught you doing it.”

“Maybe I was looking in that direction at the time that you looked at me,” Remus suggested trying to move the subject away from the way that it was headed.

“Maybe you need to admit that you were looking at me, after all it takes strength and courage to admit the truth.”

Remus turned to look at her again and could see the smirk across her face. “Since when did you start spouting words of wisdom?” he asked her.

“What can I say? Being around you has been good for my vocabulary. I feel like I learn more and more about the world everyday that I’m with you.”

Remus turned back to look at the stars again and his eyes found the star that he looked for every time that he came out here.

He felt Tonks shuffling slightly and her head ended up resting by Remus’ shoulder, just touching him, much like their hands that were between them, the backs of their fingers just barely touching them but managing to send shivers up Remus’ spine.

“You’re going to marry me, you know,” Tonks stated.

“How much have you been drinking?” Remus asked, laughing at what she had said.

“Not much at all,” Tonks stated to him shaking her head and moving it closer to Remus’ shoulder. “Doesn’t stop the fact that you haven’t disagreed with me.”

“I’m not sure if that counts as a marriage proposal. It sounds more like a threat to me,” Remus said, laughing again, wondering just how he was going to get out of this conversation, he had told her time and time again that nothing could happen between them as he wasn’t good enough for her, but yet she still seemed to be fighting for him. He wondered when she’d realise that was a mistake and give up on him; he wasn’t worth enough to be with someone as wonderful as she was. She deserved so much better than him, no matter what anyone else had tried to tell him otherwise.

“Either way you didn’t say no.”

“I told you, Tonks.

“You can’t keep denying your feelings, Remus; Sirius told me that you liked me a while ago,” Tonks told him with a shrug, her voice was beginning to drop off slightly as though she were fighting to stay awake, Remus knew that the alcohol was taking quite an effect on her and he knew that he should probably get her inside.

“You should get inside, you’re really drunk.”

“Only if you come with me,” Tonks stated, opening her eyes and looking at him, although she blinked slowly as though struggling to keep her eyes open as she spoke.

“You know I can’t,” Remus told her almost reluctantly, he wished he was the kind of man that could follow her, he wished he didn’t think every moment about what would happen if he lost control and she got hurt.

“But I want to be with you, Remus; I want to be your girlfriend and one day your wife. I want to spend forever with you. I bloody love you, Remus Lupin, and I know that you have feelings for me too. Sirius told me,” Tonks stated to him, Remus continued looking at her and watched as she closed her eyes and seemed to be losing her fight to stay awake. He didn’t know what to say to her, how he could even deny it, how he could stop the joy and happiness fill through him at her declaration of love, feeling his resolve break down. He couldn’t believe that Sirius had told her how he felt about her, that little sneak.

Remus’ eyes found the Dog Star and he smiled up at it, Sirius would always tell the other Marauders, back at school, that if they ever missed him over the holidays to look at the star and they’ll be reminded of him. At the time Remus had laughed along with his other friends and mocked Sirius for being such a sap, that they wouldn’t need to because he’d always be around them. Now he was looking up at the star and remembering his friend, and how much he would have kicked his ass if he were still around for letting slip the conversation that Remus and Sirius had had before he died.

“Thanks for that, Sirius,” Remus stated, although he couldn’t contain the smile on his face as he moved his hand to hold on to the sleeping Tonks’, finally letting some of his emotions out even though she would never know. “Thanks a lot.”

He could have sworn that the star twinkled at him.

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Glance Beyond The Stars: Glance beyond the stars


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