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Saving The World And The People You Love In It by pure angel
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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So guys it has been a few years I have loads of excuses and they are all pretty good ones aswell but long story short life is a bitch and i'm back. :)

Feel free to read and review

P.S I struggle with spelling and stuff like that so I appologise in advance.

Chapter 3



The world blured past pretty fast as I ran to save this beautiful dying  woman. I could hear her breathing and pulse slowing to almost non existent and I knew I didn't have much longer before she passed away. I also wasn't sure if I was going to make it to Carlisle in time which frightened the life out of me.


There was something about this woman that made my cold dead heart stutter. Even as she was dying she wasn't afraid for herself I could feel it, she was thinking about something that caused her pain and sorrow. Even as she was dying she wasn't thinking about herself but possibly someone close to her.


'Damn I wish I could hear thoughts at this moment, like Edward. Just to know what was causing her so much pain mentally.' I finally broke through the clearing and into the house that we were staying in.


"CARLISLE!!!!!" I yelled even though he would have heard me if I had whispered.


He was there in a flash along with everyone else I growled at them. " Leave now!" then turned to Carlisle and practically whimper "Please help me Carlisle, she's dying. I.. I have to her, her blood It..It sings to me. Please."


There was a gasp from the women of the house shocked that I finally found my soul mate. In all my years I hadn't taken any interest in any women, Vampire or not. Emmett likes to joke that I 'bat for the other team', and Rosalie likes to think that me and Alice will end up together, but no I can't think of Alice that way she's like my annoying baby sister whom I love just not in the way Rose thinks. Besides whenever they say it Alice gets a knowing look and taps her head.


"The time will come when we find our mates guys and its coming, I can guarantee you that."


No-one took to my fancy is all. I also trust Alice’s visions and I wanted to wait for my woman, Like Edward in a way.


Seeing the dark look I sent my family they left me, Carlisle and the dying girl in peace. I placed her on the sofa not caring that the white was getting stained my thoughts were on my beautiful woman.


"Please Carlisle save her." I whimpered again.



He checked her over and looked at me.



"Jasper" he sighed "There is nothing I can do all of her bones are broken and she has lost too much blood."


A bloody tear escaped my eye as I looked at him.


"Change her then" I begged "Please Carlisle, I don't even know her and she may hate me for it but I need to save her. You understand don't you? I feel for her like you do Esmé. I don't know how but I do."


Placing his hand on my shoulder he gave it a squeeze. "Son I cannot do it for you, you must do it yourself."

“I can’t Carlisle.” I almost cried “ You know I have problems controlling myself what if I kill her I wouldn’t forgive myself.”

Giving my shoulder one last squeeze he said “If you love her like I do my Esmé you will be able to stop, trust me my boy.”

I looked down at her cold, blood coated neck and swallowed the lump in my throat. Trying not to breathe in her desirable scent I lowered my mouth to her skin. Parting my lips I felt my fangs elongate and venom flooded my mouth. Her skin was so cold against my lips and I worried that to much time had passed since I found her when in reality it was probably only about 5 minutes.

Squeezing my eyes tightly shut I bit into her carotid Artery pushing as much of my venom into her as I possible could I then licked over the wound to seal it and continued to bite into her arteries releasing my venom into her body trying to ignored what little blood of hers ran into my mouth knowing if I started to drink that I would not be able to stop myself from drinking her dry.

Closing my last bite up I sat back on my heels and sent a prayer to anyone who would listen that she could live.  I didn’t mind if she would wake up hating me at least she would be alive in a sense.


I felt Carlisle squeeze my shoulder so I looked up into his proud eyes.

“well done son, I knew you could do it.” he praised and then left me to watch over the girl waiting for her to transform into a vampire.

Hearing a noise above me I looked to the balcony to see Alice turning away she sent me a wink and a knowing smile before fluttering off down the hall.


Please review guys I read every single one of them. :)


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Saving The World And The People You Love In It: Chapter 3


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