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Bloom by DraculoraMalfoy11
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Detention in the Forbidden Forest wasn’t how Fionn Knight planned to spend her Friday night. She was going to study for her Potions OWL coming up next week. Instead, she finds herself in the Forbidden Forest with her nemesis, Warwick Mullins and Professor Bailiwick, the Herbology professor.

If only Warwick hadn’t insulted her name (so what if Fionn was a boy name, Warwick was a pretty weird name, too), she wouldn’t have hexed him just as Bailiwick was coming around the corner.

“Knight, Mullins,” Bailiwick said to them as he met them behind Hagrid’s, the gamekeeper, cabin, “We’re going to be gathering Goosegrass for Professor Slughorn. It grows in darkness and near water sources, so the creek that goes through the western portion of the forest would be the perfect place to look. Shall we?” The handsome professor gestured for them to walk to his right.

Fionn sighed. This was going to be torture. Warwick would probably push her in the creek or something.

Bailiwick walked slowly, occasionally pulling out a map to consult. Warwick walked behind him, occasionally moaning and complaining about he shouldn’t be here and how he didn’t do anything. Fionn resisted the urge to push him over.
She shivered as a cold breeze brushed her shoulders, contrasting with the humid June weather. The Forbidden Forest seriously creeped her out. Fionn pulled her brown hair out of her ponytail so it could cover her neck.

“It should be just up here,” Bailiwick called over his shoulder.

Just when they got within ten feet of the river, Warwick tripped. Well, maybe Fionn tripped him, but no one could prove that.

“Come on, Mullins. It’s just up there,” Fionn taunted.

Warwick moaned and cursed, causing Bailiwick to take five points from Ravenclaw. Warwick pulled himself up, almost stepping on a small, white flower in the process.

Suddenly, Bailiwick dove toward Warwick, who yelped and jumped out of the way.

Bailiwick was crouched down by the flower, looking awed.

“Er, Professor?” Fionn asked. Bailiwick ignored her and pulled out his wand. He waved it soundlessly. A Patronus hawk appeared.

“Dumbledore, meet me in the Forbidden Forest immediately. Bring someone who can escort Mullins and Knight back up to the school.”

“Professor, what is going on?” Fionn tried again.

Bailiwick glanced up at her.

“Knight, Mullins, neither of you happen to read obscure Herbology books in your spare time, do you?”

They both rapidly shook their heads.

“Well, then neither of you would know what this plant is, then?” he continued without letting them answer, “It’s a Moly flower. It has many powerful properties like its ability to protect against Dark Enchantments and counteract them if ingested. It’s also been extinct for over 500 years.”

Warwick looked pale and Fionn gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth.

“When it is used in potions, it can do amazing things. Like cure the insanity caused by a prolonged use of the Cruciatus Curse on a person.”

Fionn’s brown eyes widened.

The sound of footsteps caused all three to jump, but relax when they saw it was only Dumbledore and Nereus Bush, the Head Boy.

“Ms. Knight, Mr. Mullins, Nereus will be taking you back to your common rooms,” Dumbledore informed them while squatting next to Bailiwick.

“C’mon,” Nereus beckoned the two to follow him back up to the school. Warwick followed him without protest, ready to get out of the dark forest.

Fionn hesitated, glancing back at the professors before following her fellow students.

“It’s Moly, Albus. I know it is.”

Dumbledore adjusted his glasses and studied the flower.

“Is there a way to safely move the flower?”

Bailiwick contemplated the question and nodded. He conjured a flower pot. Using his wand, he delicately levitated the flower, the roots, and the dirt surrounding it out of the ground. It rested softly into the pot.

“We’ll need to hurry. I don’t think it’ll last long in this pot.”

Dumbledore nodded, seeming deep in thought.

“I don’t believe myself of the skill to work with this plant,” Bailiwick admitted, “Do you have anyone in mind who could?”

Dumbledore looked up at him, his eyes twinkling like usual.
“Selene Xanderson.”

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Bloom: Prologue


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