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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 12 : A little intimacy.
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Sirius' kisses build a warmth in me i cant exactly describe. Like a fire roaring on a winters night; spreading through my body slowly, building an unquenchable ache in the pit of my stomach.

with his hands in the crook of my waist his fingers tightly curled gripping at the shirt that keeps our skin from touching i moan into his mouth begging him to undress me. Wanting more; not hesitating in the least to jump off this bridge with him.

it's been about a week since we decided to give this 'relationship' a shot in the dark promising eachother we'd take it slow but that is far easier said then done.

Knowing eachother our whole lives it's next to impossible not to our lose ourselves in the moment; being careful only when the others are around seeing as Lily is the only person who really knows about 'us' outside of Remus who took one sniff and just knew.

both of whom think it'd be in our best interest to tell james; who has almost caught us together on numerous occasions but i dont want to think about that now

no i want to focus on his lips against my skin; his hands reaching beneath my shirt to feel the warmth he's ignited spreading further over my cool flesh with each kiss

"oh sirius please..." i dont want him to stop. iwant to feel everything. to experience everything i have yet to discover with only him.

though there is no such thing as privacy when your boyfriend shares a dorm with four other guys. thank merlin we had the hangins pulled closed or poor Frank would've seen more of us then he'd be comfortable with.

"Listen black i appreciate your latest attempt at decency for the girls you fool around with but you and whatever skand you got in your bed best find somewhere else to go. For Merlins sake i've got to study sometime!"

Frank spoke over the distinct bustling of parchment and quick bang of a trunk before slamming the door behind his swift exit. all we could do is laugh.

"exactly how many skanks do you bring in this bed?"

"as of late only you love."

"jackass" with a light smack on the arm i proceeded to smooth out my clothes as Sirius quietly redressed his unclothed torso. 

So close.

"he's got a point you kow. we have got to find somewhere more private" i crawled over to him planting a kiss on his neck; chuckling at the light groan that came from his throat. i helped him with the buttons he was fumbling with. "it's only a matter of time until james or peter ignore the sock on the door"

"what did you have in mind; the library after hours or the astronomy tower? Both well known for a couples outing." his fingers curled into my hair carressing my cheek with my thumb.

"both of which show on the map. James sees us there and he will definately figure this out; which neither of us are ready for."

he leaned back on the bed while i finished buttoning up his shirt straddling his lap a light smile on his face "then where?"

i shifted to sit next to him knowing he wouldn't like the only place i knew that wouldn't show up on the map; wouldnt say who we were with. that could be our one place to be alone.

"well...there's only one place i know where we can go and not be bothered" i looked up from my hands and watched him comb his fingers through his hair shaking his head so lightly i almost didnt notice.

"No. I wont go there" he pulled open the hangings that so easily concealed us  "not where you and he...just no."

"why not?"

"do i really have to explain this?"

"sirius you and i have both been in that room on numerous occasions with numerous people and we both know it changes according to the users. it wont be the same place; it'll be different because this is different."

"I suppose your right" 
i pushed myself off of his bed and ran my hands up his chest; wrapping my arms around his neck

"of course i'm right." i kissed him lightly on the lips but lightly turned to passionate when he looked in my eyes and soon i was breathless

even moreso when we heard James voice coming from the other side of the door followed by the sound of it opening.

"Hey Pads! have you seen Dren?"

A/N So what do you think? think James caught them together or was it just another close call? Maybe the room of requirement isnt such a bad idea after all huh 
Thanks for reading you guys and again thank you so much for being so patient with me i promise to try my best in being more on schedule with a new chapter so far i work everyday but tuesday and soon i shall be on matrnity leave. i promise to make time while my dear son naps love you guys ^_^ really your reading and reviews make me feel like a great writer. <3


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my brothers bestfriend: A little intimacy.


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