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Mistletoe Mishaps by monstrosity
Chapter 1 : Christmas Trickery
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“Bella you cannot be serious!”

The three Black sisters were in their parlor. Sixteen year old Bellatrix Black sat in front of the vanity mirror, dabbing powder onto her nose. She wore an elegant ballgown of black silk whose skirt billowed beneath her narrow waist. Her black curls had been twisted into an elaborate bun. Two silky tendrils spiraled down to her shoulders along either side of her sculpted face. She looked magnificent.

“Of course I’m not Sirius. How dare you accuse me of being that blood traitor?” Bellatrix cackled, replying to the question her little sister had posed.

Narcissa rolled her eyes, smoothening a hand over her golden locks.

“Enough with the pun, Bella. Are you actually going through with that disastrous plan of yours?”
“Absolutely,” Bellatrix replied, putting down the powder puff and admiring her reflection. “And it’s not disastrous at all Cissy. I’ve been planning it for ages.”
“It’s balmy and you’re delirious.”

Narcissa was the only one who could call Bellatrix such things and get away with them. Bellatrix was the sort of person who hexed first years for coughing too loudly. She was the kind of person who would jinx you if you ever wore gold and red together. She was terrifying and no one dared to insult her, except Narcissa. No one knew why, but Bellatrix had always had a soft spot for her youngest sister.

“You stand alone Cissy. Andy doesn’t think I’m delirious, do you Andy?” Bellatrix asked in a sickly sweet voice.

Andromeda Black looked up from her position on the window seat. Her grey eyes widened when she realized that Bellatrix had addressed the question to her.

“Pardon? Oh, of course not, Bella! You’re as sane as ever!” she gulped, a sweaty palm gripping the fabric of her emerald skirt.

Bellatrix frowned. For the past few weeks Andy hadn’t been herself. The fifteen year old girl was prone to daydreaming at odd times and had a certain cagey look in her eyes. She wasn’t in her usual mood, which made Bellatrix slightly apprehensive. Andy was keeping a big secret from the rest of htem and Bellatrix need to find out what it was.

“Are you alright, Andy?” Bellatrix asked in false concern, hiding her suspicion of her sister’s actions. “You seem rather...distant.”

“I’m fine!” Andy said hurriedly. “Just wondering about the party happening downstairs. Shouldn’t we be joining the rest of our family?”

“Yes, we should!” Narcissa huffed, a surprisingly assertive move for the youngest sister. “Come one you two!”

The three of them hurried out of the room and walked down the marble staircase. Every Christmas, the Black family held an annual ball where all purebloods met up after a long year. The manor had been decorated lavishly for the occasion. Tinsel and ivy were strung along the walls. A giant christmas tree stood in the middle of the house, the staircase curving around it. The house elves had hung baubles of solid gold. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies glittered on the green branches. The girls were never allowed to decorate the tree as it was a house elf’s task, although there were times when Andromeda really wanted to. Bellatrix always frowned upon her sister’s wants to act like ‘all the other normal people their age’. A witch must be proud of her heritage and act in accordance to her position in society. Those were values drilled into Bellatrix’s head ever since she was a child.

Bellatrix could hear the faint chatter coming from the ballroom where the party was going on. Stepping into the large room, Bellatrix recognized nearly ninety percent of the people there. She spotted her Aunt Walburga whom she practically idolized, dressed in a dark velvet ensemble by the latest wizarding designer. Strings of onyx dripped from her neck on to the dress, glittering maliciously under the candlelight. She kept her two sons by her side. Regulus was twelve and wore a stiff black suit with his hair neatly combed back. Bellatrix had always taken pride in what a proper pureblood Regulus had turned out to be. That was more than what could be said for his elder brother.

Sirius Black was practically the black sheep of the family. He was the only Black in centuries to be sorted into Gryffindor. He didn’t seem to care for family traditions at all. Bellatrix wrinkled her nose at the fifteen year old boy whose tie was loose and hair mussed up. He was such a disgrace to the Noble House of Black and Bellatrix would never find it in her heart (or the pitiful excuse of one she possessed) to accept him as one of the family. Bellatrix smirked knowing that Walburga had trouble doing that too, given the filthy looks she was shooting at her son. It was a miracle that Sirius hadn’t run away yet.

Andromeda brightened at the sight of her cousin and had quickly made her way towards him. Bellatrix frowned at the sight of the two of them chatting amicably. It wouldn’t do Andromeda any good to be associating with people like Sirius Black. She made a mental note to warn her sister about that after the party.

Sirius noticed her withering glare and gave her a smirk. Bellatrix balled up her fist to prevent herself from going there and strangling the boy. Sirius always seemed to radiate an all knowing aura. As if he knew each and everyone of her secrets and wouldn’t hesitate to use them against her. Bellatrix shook her head to forget about that preposterous thought. Sirius Black was no Legilimens.

“So where is it?” she heard Narcissa whisper.
“Where is what?” Bellatrix asked, bewildered.
“The mistletoe of course! The crux of your plan!”

Bellatrix let a cat like smile grace her lips.

“Not in the ballroom Cissy. In the parlor where the fireplace is. That’s where the Dark Lord plans to floo.”

Rumours had been floating around the pureblood community that the recently appointed Dark Lord was planning to attend tonight’s ball. Eager witches and wizards had come from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Bellatrix however wanted more than just a glimpse. She had spent years idolizing the greatest wizard of all time. Lord Voldemort. Bellatrix could never say his name out loud. Words could never do that name justice.

“This is a bad idea, Bella,” Narcissa muttered. “So what if you catch him under the mistletoe? That doesn’t get a relationship very far.”

However Bellatrix knew that the mistletoe was going to be only the start of a wonderful relationship. The Dark Lord would realize what a beautiful and talented witch she was. He would also realize what a useful wife she would make for him with her cunning and sly ways. Soon he would be singing love songs to her while she would watch from her balcony window...

“I’m going to go wait in the parlor for him,” Bellatrix murmured, ignoring her sister’s pleas for her to stay.

The parlor was dark and Bellatrix could barely make out the mistletoe suspended in mid air. Bellatrix had strategically positioned the mistletoe in such a way that when the Dark Lord stepped out of the fireplace he wouldn’t be able to maneuver his way out.

“What is a beautiful girl like you doing in such a dark room?” a slithery voice asked.

Bellatrix jumped.

“My Lord, have you already arrived?” she asked, not believing her own ears.

“Of course,” the voice replied. “I wanted a few moments to myself before the party, although you are welcome to join me.”

“Really my Lord?” Bellatrix squeaked, trying to guess where the voice was coming from. Why did the parlour have to be so dreadfully big?

“Do you really love me, Bellatrix?”

“Yes! Er..absolutely, my Lord,” Bellatrix yelped, slowing down to regain her composure.

“And would you do anything for me?”

“Of course!”

The voice paused.

“Then will you declare Sirius Black is the awesomest person in the world?”

Bellatrix gaped in the darkness. What in the world..?

“Er...yes, my Lord,” she whispered, uncertainly.

Suddenly a barking laughter filled the air.

“I never thought I’d hear you say that cousin,” a voice said.

The lights switched on and Bellatrix found herself facing none other than Sirius Black. He was doubled over, crying tears of mirth.

“What about the Dark Lord?!” Bellatrix shrieked.

“Ah, that was a little performance of my wonderful impersonating abilities,” Sirius said between fits of laughter.

“YOU PRAT!” Bellatrix screamed.

Sirius bolted for the door.

“You loathsome, foul blood traitor!” she yelled at his retreating figure as her cheeks filled with colour. How could she have been so stupid?

“Merry Christmas to you too, cousin!” she heard Sirius yell. "Thanks for making this one memorable!"

A.N- Hi! Sorry if the story seems a bit rushed, it was something that I quickly threw together for the Winter Writer's Duel 2013. I had a lot of fun writing it! Hope you like it and I would really love your thoughts on the story!

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