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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13 - Flying With Sirius
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Today was the last day of staying with my Dad, my trunk and owl cage had already been sent back to Hogwarts a week early so that I didn’t need to bring it with me. McGonagall and Poppy were coming to collect me and then escort me back to school a day early.

 It wasn’t that I minded going back but it was the fact that I was leaving my father and step-sisters that upset me and made me dread going back. My father woke me up an hour before I was due to return to the surface, we had breakfast and then I went to find Lorelei and Marina to say goodbye.

“Lorelei! Marina! Where are you?!” I shouted into their rooms, which were deserted, “Please, I know you two don’t get up this early!” I swam back to where the tall grass was on the lake bed.

“I know you’re in there, you two. Come out before I have to come in and get you.” I joked. After waiting a few seconds, I plunged into the grass and shivered as it brushed against my bare skin.

“Kataryna! There you are! Don’t come any closer! We have a late birthday surprise for you!” Lorelei’s voice sounded from in front of me.

“What do you mean ‘there you are’, I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I need to say goodbye, I’m going in, like, 45 minutes.” I answered. I could see rustling ahead of me but stayed where I was. Then Marina came hurtling out followed by Lorelei, who had her hands behind her back.

“We spent all morning making it so you could wear it as a birthday treat.” Marina said cheerfully, clapping her hands giddily.

“You really didn’t need to.” I blushed bashfully; surprised they’d even considered buying me a birthday present. It was my birthday two days ago, my Dad got me a family heirloom that was passed down to him on his 18th birthday. It was a beautiful ring that had Latin inscribed all the way round the inside and I couldn’t help but wear it everywhere I went.

“Yes we did! We’ve always wanted an older, older sister that we could make stuff for!” Marina gurgled excitedly.

“Well, thank you!” I replied, failing to keep the massive grin off my face.

“It’s okay.” Lorelei smiled back. She told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out to which I happily obliged. I felt her place something delicately in my palm before she exclaimed,

“Well, open your eyes then!” when I peeled them open and looked down, I saw a beautiful pearly bracelet that they had sewn together with some seaweed textured material.

“It’s beautiful!” I whispered, my breath failing slightly as I stared at something so amazingly beautiful.

“It took us a while to find the pearls and sew them together but I think it turned out quite well.” Lorelei said and puffed her chest out.

“It’s amazing, I think I’ll wear it all the time.” I smiled, slipping it round my wrist. The white pearls looked absolutely magnificent against the faded blue of my skin.
“Good, we should probably come with you to the surface.” Marine said sadly, “I’ll miss you.”

“Oh don’t, you’ll get me started!” I said, pulling her into a hug, “I’ll be back before you know it and plus, you might get to meet my friends the next time I come over.” I smiled down at her. She seemed to accept this and let me go to say goodbye to Lorelei.
“It was lovely to finally see you. Dad never shut up about you, I was scared you were gonna be nasty.” She said, giving me a sisterly hug.

“Are you serious? I thought you were going to be horrible, I wasn’t sure how you’d react to me.” I admitted, she chuckled along with me at how stupid we both were. Soon enough, it was time to go up to the surface and wait for McGonagall and Poppy.
“How did you find this week?” Caspian asked nervously.

“It was amazing! At first I was apprehensive because I hadn’t been a mermaid for 8 years now but I don’t mind being near water now. I think that was down to finally meeting all of you.” I turned to face him, smiling kindly.

“I don’t think it was meeting us, I think it was accepting that you are who you are and you have gotten over your fear of yourself because you didn’t repeat what happened on your tenth birthday.” He replied, not looking at me. The words sunk in as I went over what he said. Maybe he was right? I don’t know, possibly.


Red sparks indicated that my escorts had arrived; everyone swam with me to the surface where I turned around for my final goodbyes. I started crying as soon as Marina did and it took me half an hour for me to finally let go of my newly discovered family. Once I was dressed, I turned around to say,

“I love you all.” and departed with a chorus of the same. We sat in silence on the carriage, as tears silently rolled down my cheeks.

“Madam Pomfrey will walk with you to the hospital wing and check you over before you will be allowed to go back to your common room.” McGonagall said with a hint of warmth when we entered the double doors just after lunch.

“Okay.” I barely croaked out before following Poppy quietly to the hospital wing.
“Just sit on your normal bed and it’ll take 2 minutes at the most.” She ordered kindly, I did what she said and we talked a tiny bit about the trip.

“Well, that sounded lovely dear. You can go back to your common room now, you’re in tip-top health.” She replied after my description and opened the door for me.

“Thanks.” I sniffled, giving her a smile and all but ran back to the common room. It was weird with legs again, after a week with a tail, but it was quite easy getting back into it again, not counting the few times I tripped or slipped.

“Password?” The Fat Lady said tiredly.

“Erm… Amortentia?” I guessed, I think that’s what McGonagall said in the carriage. I wasn’t really listening. Who could blame me though? She just nodded her head and opened for me. I blew a sigh of relief out as I guessed the right password otherwise I’d be stuck outside for who knows how long.

“Ry! What are you doing back so soon?!” James’ voice shouted and I turned around to run and ran smack bang into a solid wall.

“Ow! Why did you have to scream at me?!” I shouted, sitting up and cradling my now bruised head.

“Sorry, James is just a little bit surprised to see you. As am I.” a deep voice replied after a little chuckle. My blush reappeared as Sirius moved my fringe out of the way so he could see my head, “Is it hurting?” he asked, looking me in the eye, which made me blush even more.

“N-not really…” I mumbled, looking away from his eyes.

“Just two weeks away from us and she’s back to her old self.” He teased. I looked up at his signature smirk and felt even more embarrassed.

“Sorry, still not used to having friends.” I whispered quietly, grabbing his offered hand and being lifted up to my feet.

“It’s okay, you’ll get used to it eventually.” He smiled, draping his arm over my shoulder and guiding me over to the other boys sitting round the fireplace.

“Are you alright Ry? You look like you’ve been crying and you’ve come back early, is everything alright?” Remus leaned forward slightly, concern etched across his scarred face.

“Has anyone done anything to you?” Sirius suddenly asked, his face darkening slightly.

“No, everything’s fine. I just visited my Dad for the first time and it was… emotional.” I shrugged sadly, wiping my eyes to get rid of any stray tears, “I suppose you want your Christmas presents then?” I said changing the subject so they’d forget about it. It worked as James, Remus and Peter looked overjoyed and practically threw me towards the stairs.

“Be back in a minute.” I said, ran up the stairs and grabbed their miniature presents. James’ face dropped when he saw how small his present was.

“You seriously think I’d get James Potter a present this small?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow and his face immediately lit up. Getting my wand out, I enlarged them and they ripped open their presents.

“Thank you so much Ry! There are amazing! I can use this to help with strategies.” James examined his miniature Quidditch pitch and messed around with the players. Remus and Peter had tucked into their sweets and Sirius was testing out his new bat.

“Cheers for this Kataryna, it’s perfect.” He stared at me, and then reached over for a hug. He smelt absolutely delicious but I blushed again as I realised what I thought.
“Where did you get that bracelet?” Sirius asked as he noticed the pearls.

“From my two sisters; Lorelei and Marina.” I smiled, twisting it around my wrist; this then made him notice the ring that I, stupidly, put on my ring finger. He grabbed my hand roughly and held it up in front of my face.

“Is this why you’ve been crying? Has your father forced you into marriage?” he asked icily, all the while increasing his grip on my hand.

“Sirius, can you let go of my hand? You’re crushing it!” I squealed quietly, trying to wiggle my hand out of his.

“Sorry…” he suddenly let go of my hand and continued, “You didn’t answer my question… did he?”

“Sirius, leave her alone. She looks tired and I’m sure she wants to sleep.” Remus reasoned, I went to open my mouth to explain but Sirius cut in again,

“No, it’s not fair if her Dad’s done that to her. She should decide if she wants to get married or not, it’s not right!” his voice started rising.

“Sirius! Would you just let me explain for once?! Before you just start jumping to conclusions!” I shouted over him irritably, he was starting to annoy me again.


Sure Dumbledore told them to look out for me but that doesn’t mean he had to be so protective of me, “It’s not a wedding ring. It’s a family heirloom that got passed down to my Dad on his 18th birthday and seen as it was my birthday on Thursday, he gave it to me.” I explained before shifting in my seat angrily. It was quiet for a few seconds before he finally spoke,


“So you should be.” I teased. He replied by giving me a sheepish smile, which I returned so he knew we were on good terms. The silence was then permeated by a chorus of ‘Happy Birthdays’ from The Marauders.

“So… what do you wanna do now?” I asked, slightly bored with sitting round doing nothing.

“Before you came in, me and Padfoot were gonna go play a bit of Quidditch to warm up for the next season but Moony was gonna go to the library because he’s boring.” James threw a cushion at him, who ducked expertly.

“Hmmmm… Quidditch or the library…?” I said sarcastically, leaning towards the library, “I think the library.” I decided, placing a finger under my chin and getting up with Remus.

“Oh, we didn’t say you had a choice.” Sirius smirked evilly, before suddenly jumping up and grabbing me. He was out of the portrait hole before I realised what was happening,


“Keep the pitch down a bit, I don’t think I can hear anything now!” he moaned, clutching his ear with his free hand.

“Well put me down!” I squealed again.

“Not until I know that you’ll stay with me and Prongs and not wander off on your own.” He said sternly, James had now caught up with us and was casually walking beside us as if nothing was strange about this.

“Fine.” I huffed, “I will stay with you and James so I don’t get hurt.” I pouted as he slid me back onto my own two feet and just to make sure I kept my promise, both boys linked arms with me and walked me down to the pitch. Which was covered in snow. And was really cold.

“You could have told me to bring a coat or something!” I moaned, chattering my teeth together, “I’ll be sat up in the stands freezing my arse off.”

“Who said anything about sitting?” James smirked, matching Sirius’. I dug my heels into the ground; there was no way in hell that I would ever go on a broom, in a million years.

“What’s wrong?” Sirius turned to look when he realised that I wasn’t following.
“I don’t want to go on a broom.” I said, vehemently shaking my head.

“You won’t be by yourself; Prongs’ll be gentle with you.” Sirius reassured me.
“Nope, no offence, but I don’t trust James on a broom.” I said shyly, avoiding eye contact with James.

“None taken, she’s probably right anyway. Padfoot, you take her on yours.” James nodded, mounting his broom and setting off.

“Just get on the back and put your arms around my waist.” Sirius instructed as he climbed onto his broom. I nervously swung my leg over, wrapped my arms around his waist and hid my face in his shoulder blade.

“You can loosen the grip a bit… we haven’t left the ground yet.” Sirius wheezed.

“Sorry…” I mumbled, loosening my arms a little bit. He pushed off slightly as I tightened my hold again and shut my eyes firmly. I could feel the wind whistling around me but I refused to open my eyes or let go of Sirius.

“Open your eyes Kataryna.” I barely managed to hear his voice over the wind; I shook my head furiously, refusing to open my eyes. I didn’t want to fall and to be honest; it felt like we were very far up so I was even less likely to open my eyes until my feet were back upon the ground again.

“Please?” he whispered which made me shiver.
“Okay… but don’t let me fall.” I replied shakily.

“Never.” He replied. My breathing hitched at his reply and I’m sure my heart was beating obnoxiously loud. Carefully I peeled open my eyes to see the sun directly ahead of us, sinking down at the beginning of the sunset.

“Wow… it’s beautiful.” I whispered, soaking in the landscape.

“Isn’t it? I love just coming up here to fly sometimes.” He said, looking in awe as well. It made me really warm to him because he wasn’t as scary as I first thought he was. His hair was blowing slightly as the cold wind whipped past us and blew into his eyes.


His normally grey eyes were now a beautiful mix between grey and orangey-pink as he looked down at me.

“Do you mind if we fly around a bit, I promise I won’t go fast. Just try and keep your eyes open.” He asked pleadingly, still looking at me in the eyes.

“Okay… but slowly.” I answered, too scared to look anywhere else apart from his face. He nodded and inched forward slightly. After a few more minutes of flying, I asked him to drop me off in the Gryffindor stands as I didn’t feel like flying anymore.

It was definitely eye-opening to see Sirius doing something that he was passionate about, it almost made him a hundred times more attractive and as I watched him fly around, practicing with his new beater’s bat, I couldn’t help but imagine the two of us together.

As he came to collect me from the stands, I realised that I had a little crush on Sirius Black.



Author's Note: Finally, the 13th chapter and Kataryna realises she likes Sirius. What do you think will happen? Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Aimee


Sneaky Preview:

'My sense came round at the sound of her voice and I looked down to see Roberts, the blood was really coming out fast and she showed no sign of coming to.'


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