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Mixed Feelings by mcdash
Chapter 1 : Flying Forks and Bathroom Talk
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its affiliated world and characters belong to J.K. Rowling.
A/N: Hi! This is a short little Roxanne/OC story I whipped up for the Winter Writer's Duel at the forums. I originally wrote it for one of my classes, but I modified it for HPFF. Enjoy!

Flying Forks and Bathroom Talk

Roxanne Weasley couldn’t recall a time she didn’t go to her grandparents’ home for Christmas. She was 17 years old now, but still looked forward to taking the three hour drive down to Devon and arriving at the sprawling home of the Weasley family. Although she loved Hogwarts and missed it on summer holidays, the trip to the Burrow on Christmas certainly trumped the days she spent at school. While her extensive family was sometimes frustrating, she thought it brought something unique to family “vacations” such as these. This year though, there was someone foreign at the home.

Henry Allen, a friend of the family, sat across from her at the dinner table. He was actually a friend of James, one of her many cousins, but considering the Weasley family tended to congregate near each other and all the children went to Hogwarts, he was friends with many of the cousins. Still, the fact remained that he was not a Weasley and not someone to be trusted.

Alright, maybe she was being slightly paranoid, but he didn’t understand the complexity of the Weasley family. He wouldn’t know why they made a ham and a turkey (it was for Teddy since he was semi-vegetarian and only ate turkey and chicken because birds are evil), or why they lacked ornaments on the Christmas tree (because Rose was prone to knocking it over, and they didn’t want broken glass everywhere). Henry Allen could be married into the family, take the Weasley name, live in the Weasley house, but Roxanne would never accept him.

She glared at him, chewing on her salad. She swallowed and he looked up. He had blue eyes, a sharp contrast to her own brown eyes. He pointed to the basket of rolls next to her elbow. “Can you pass the bread?”

Begrudgingly, she shoved the basket across the table and to him. He quirked an eyebrow but took a roll. He went back to eating, but Roxanne continued to stare at him while poking at her food with her fork.

Dinner continued in that fashion, with Roxanne sulky and Henry Allen blissful and oblivious. After dinner, he insisted on helping the adults wash the dishes, and at first they refused, but then they got the idea of making the kids do the dishes instead. So, Roxanne, all eleven of her cousins, her older brother, and Henry Allen himself crowded into the kitchen to clean up after dinner.

“Fred, put the knife down.”

“Rose, watch where you’re going!”

“Whoever hid gravy inside their mashed potatoes needs to fess up now, because I just got gravy all over my shirt.”

“Are we having dessert?”

“Albus stop levitating Lily!”

From her spot at the kitchen counter, Roxanne watched Henry Allen as he scraped food off plates and into the sink. She was wiping the dishes off with a towel, and then handing them to Molly, who was a year younger than her, to put away. The youngest cousins streamed in and out of the kitchen, occasionally bringing dirty plates and silverware with them, but more often running back in to ask when Santa would arrive.

With 14 people crammed into one kitchen, tempers ran high. However, Henry Allen remained the delightful guest, never getting mad, not even when Louis dropped a plate on his foot and it (the plate, not foot) broke. He even helped the five-year-old clean up the mess, an act that infuriated Roxanne to no end.

When all the dishes were clean, he wiped down all the counters and managed to remove the red food coloring stain that had remained for several years now. Roxanne thought about what it would look like if he suddenly went up in flames.

Henry Allen, the perfect child indeed, helped her nana carry out all the desserts and served slices of cake and pie for the kids. When he handed her a slice, she was going to refuse in spite, but her mother narrowed her eyes at her and mouthed the word “no.” Roxanne grabbed the plate from him, but in the process sent the fork that had sat on it flying across the room and into the wall right above Lucy’s head. Lucy started crying.

The rest of dessert went without trouble, a rarity in the Weasley family. Well, Uncle Ron did start choking on pie somewhere in the middle of the meal but was saved by his wife, Aunt Hermione. After performing the Heimlich seamlessly, she then started chiding him on eating his food too fast.

The kids were able to escape dish duty after everyone was finished. Roxanne pushed herself away from the table and turned on her heel. She headed to the hallway and up the stairs to her room, which had been her hideout for the last two days because of its inaccessibility to anybody but her, Dominique, and Molly, with whom she was forced to room.

The old wooden stairs creaked as Roxanne hurried up them. She took a right once on the second floor and entered her bedroom. She remained there for the next several hours, reading and imagining scenes in which Henry Allen mysteriously disappeared from the Weasley property and was never seen again. Molly came in at around nine and promptly went to sleep, so Roxanne turned off the overhead lights and switched her lamp on.

Some time later, Dominique joined Roxanne and launched into a conversation about her Wizard’s chess game with the almighty Henry Allen. “He’s so hilarious but insanely smart. He beat me and we all know that I’m the reigning chess master here.”

Roxanne gave a tight-lipped smile and nodded but did not glance up from her book. “Mm-hmm.”

“I really hope James invites him back next year,” Dominique said.

Roxanne snapped her book shut. “I’ve got to go brush my teeth.”

“Okay,” Dominique replied, but Roxanne could detect slight confusion at Roxanne’s behavior in her tone. “Good night.”

Roxanne got up from her bed and strolled out of the bedroom, Dominique turning off the lamp behind her.
Roxanne walked down the staircase and to the third floor through the dark hallway. She would have turned the light on but was too lazy to find the switch. The closer she got to the bathroom, the louder the snores got, since the boys slept near it. Light streamed out from underneath the bathroom door. Roxanne raised her hand to knock on the door, but it swung open and revealed a freshly showered Henry Allen. Roxanne frowned.

“Oh, sorry Roxanne,” he said. “I just finished, so you can have it.”

For some unknown reason, anger surged inside her. “No, don’t be sorry. Don’t be sorry, Henry Allen.”


She cut him off. “You know, I’m sick and tired on this pathetic angel act you’ve got going on. You’ve been buttering up to everybody in this house the whole time we’ve been here and it’s completely ruined my vacation time.”

“Roxanne, what are you talking about?” he asked. He tried to put a hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.

“Don’t ‘Roxanne’ me, Henry Allen!” she hissed, trying to keep her voice down. “Everything you do is just perfect and wonderful and charming and it makes me want to push you off the roof of this house.”

Henry Allen’s eyes widened, but Roxanne tore on.

“It’s just so stupid how flawless someone can be but somehow you do it. It’s all stupid, from your stupid hair to your stupid eyes to your stupid smile to your stupid everything.”

Roxanne seemed to be finished with her rant, but before Henry bloody Allen could respond, she did it. She kissed him. Roxanne Weasley kissed Henry Allen.

She pulled back and looked straight into his eyes. “Merry Christmas, Henry Allen. Watch out for mistletoe.” She pushed him aside as he stared at the doorframe above them, which did indeed have a branch of mistletoe hanging from it, and slammed the bathroom door shut.

A/N: Once again, I hope you enjoyed this. I adore the Weasleys, especially the Next Generation kids, so writing anything about that crazy family is so much fun. You know what's also fun? Reading feedback and reviews. ;)

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Mixed Feelings: Flying Forks and Bathroom Talk


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