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Sticks and Stones by ReeBee
Chapter 1 : I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares
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Excuse the short chapter guys! Its sort of like a prologue :)


“Do you, Peter Michael Podmore, take this lady to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest asked, after performing so many marriages, he already knew the answer.

“I do.” The man, Peter, replied. The lady resisted rolling her eyes, Peter was such a stickler. He even said that, those two words that would seal their fate together, in such a monotone.

“And do you, Beatrix Pippa Davis, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Beatrix, better known by her middle name, Pippa, immediately wished that she had hired another priest, this one was far too monotonous, much like her soon to be husband.


“I wouldn’t recommend that.” A cocky voice advised. All of the wedding party and their guests snapped their necks to the door, gasps emitting from almost every one of them.

“What the hell? Potter? Finnegan?” Peter cried out.

“Ah, Podmore, how lovely to see you again!” The slightly shorter, lighter haired one of the two boys (men?) standing the doorway exclaimed. Both of the boys looked delighted.

“What on earth are you two doing at my wedding?” Peter looked angry, something told Pippa that her husband to be, did not like these two.

“Oh dear Podmore,” the taller, darker haired one was smirking as he spoke, “we just wanted to warn your lovely wife to be about your, erm, lady activities. On that note, how did you manage to pick up such a fine fiancé?” Even though he was talking about Pippa, his gaze didn’t stray from Peter.

“Potter!” Peter yelled, but before any expletives started coming out of his mouth, his fiancé interrupted.

“Excuse me, but unless you are a very late invitee to our wedding, please leave.” Pippa had a cold edge to her voice.

“Oh no! Not at all, dear!” The man Peter had yelled at before (the taller one), laid his eyes on the bride for the first time. “We’re old school mates of Podmore, I’m James Potter,” The man pointed to himself, “and this is Mason Finnegan.” He pointed to the other man, grinning cheekily. Pippa placed her arm on her fiancé’s bicep to stop him from lunging at the two men.

Pippa herself, was astonished. James Sirius Potter, chaser for the Tutshill Tornadoes and son of the Saviour of the British Wizarding World, was crashing her wedding. She was surprised that she didn’t recognise the well known bad boy of the quidditch world, sooner. But then again, Pippa was new to British sporting traditions and players, having moved from France to England just a few months ago.

“So, doesn’t explain why you’re interrupting our wedding.” Pippa was struggling to keep her calm, calm that came alongside with being good at her job.

“Well, we haven’t talked to Podmore for years, since we graduated, actually, but, we ran into some, er, friends of his, just very recently.” Pippa looked to her left, where her fiancé was standing and noticed he had blanched.

“What are you talking about? Which friends?” Pippa's curious side surfaced, again, thanks to her occupation. She had only seen Peter this pale on a few instances, instances which usually involved very pretty girls and her fiancé.

“Oh, what was her name… Amy…” Mason Finnegan looked thoughtful, but the cheeky glint in his eye didn’t disappear.

“Oh, really? A girl? Out of curiosity, what did she say?” Pippa raised her eyebrows at Finnegan, before turning to face her fiancé and sending him the same, but much colder look.

“Hm, something about how he is in bed…” Potter trailed off. Pippa turned to Peter and narrowed her eyes.

“Amy Rogers, by any chance?” Even though Pippa was addressing James calmly, the sharp edge didn’t fade away.

“Ah yes! Amy, she was such a sweet little Hufflepuff at school.” James explained, running his hands through his hair a few times. Hufflepuff, Pippa recognised the house as the one Allegra’s, her coworker’s, six year old daughter wanted to be in. But other than that, she knew nothing about Hufflepuff House. Why on earth would Amy Rogers be called sweet? Pippa would rather call a basilisk sweet!

“So, Peter, you have been cheating on me…again.” Pippa turned to her ex fiancé and smiled, cruelly evident.

“No, Pippa, sweetie, you don’t understand, it was a mistake.” Peter was still very pale and started slowly backing away from her. He was scared, and that’s the way Pippa liked it.

“Allegra, dear,” Pippa turned and addressed her maid of honour, “give me my wand.” She smiled sweetly at her, yet, narrowed her eyes, it was almost a threat.

“Pips, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Allegra looked nervous.

“Allegra, sweetie, give me my wand!” Pippa’s voice was rising. Her job gave her ability to keep her calm at all times, but, Pippa was quite hot headed, and this situation, unleashed the worst side of her.

“Pippa!” Allegra lunged for Pippa, as her coworker bride lunged for the preacher’s wand. The preacher, on the other hand, was watching the drama unfold, desperately wanting to go back to the normal, boring wedding ceremony.

Pippa shouted a curse at her ex fiance, which was instantly blocked by Mason as he stepped in front of Peter.

“Why the hell are you stepping in front of him? You’re the ones who told me he was cheating on me, let me have my revenge!” Pippa screamed, instantly losing her cool.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I’m an Auror, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Pippa smirked, a new idea running through her head.

“Be it then, Mason Finnegan, was it?” The smile Pippa shot at Mason was laced with cruelty and smugness. Her anger disappearing to be replaced with a new idea.

“Yes, love.” Mason smiled, a bit unsurely, after all, they didn’t need Auror training to know that a woman’s anger didn’t dissolve that quickly.

“Pippa-“ Peter started but his ex fiancé’s glare cut him off. Pippa marched up to him (making sure to give the preacher’s wand back to him on the way) and stopped an inch away from Peter’s face.

“Peter, this is the last time I’m bothering with you. Don’t follow me. If you do, I don’t think Mason will be there to stop me from cursing you, and you should know me well enough to know that I won’t hesitate.” She spoke in a low, threatening voice, glared at him and turned around with much difficulty, a long train on your wedding dress was very hard to work with.

“Pips, sweetie-“ Peter was scared, he knew his ex fiancé; she wouldn’t care about being too harsh, but she had no wand, so he tried his luck. But, he never expected Pippa to turn around and slap his cheek hard. The sound resounding throughout the grand cathedral. With one last glare. She turned and started walking to the door, soon followed by Allegra and her family. Pippa’s own family started to apologise to the guests and Peter’s family joined in the many apologies, giving Peter an evil eye in the process.

Just as Pippa passed the two wedding crashers, she stopped and turned to face them. Their faces were plastered with large smiles, they were expecting a kind ‘thank you’ or at least a smile. Allegra, on the other hand, was scared, she knew her friend well enough to know that the two men weren’t getting any ‘thank you’s anytime soon.

“James Potter of the Tornadoes and Mason Finnegan from the Auror department,” Pippa whispered, and Allegra noticed the menacing edge to it, as the boys gave a small nod, even when it wasn’t a question, “I expect you will be hearing from me soon. Pippa Davis.” She held her hand out, her face twisted into a cruel smile and each of them shook her hand.

She was going to enjoy work for the next few days.

A/N: Hey guys! I really shouldn’t be starting any new stories, but I can’t help but start this one! It was floating around my head just last night, but, it evolved way too soon. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to write this, I can’t write after school stuff, meaning real, working life. But, we’ll see.

So, what do you guys think? What do you think Pippa’s job is? Clue: Pippa’s job has a lot to do with the plot. :)


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