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You're a Constellation and I'm the Light in the Sky. by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 6 : I Remember
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A small beeping noise was heard in the background. It sounded like a weird heart beat, staying regular making the sound every two seconds. Voices were whispering, one calm and one urgent. They seemed to be coming closer, their voices loud enough to make out what they were saying.


“Mr. Malfoy, you knew the rules. I thought your father would have taught you better. Your job is to monitor them and make them feel welcome, but not to get too close. Your section is can be dangerous. They make up things, Scorpius, they live in a fantasy.”


A long pause and then a sigh, “I know, I’m sorry. I never thought this would get too far. For once someone in my section asked how I was, and listened to my problems; it was a get away.”


“A get away? A get away, Mr. Malfoy?! You’re job is to help them and to be there for them. You know very well that we have counselors for us if we need to talk! Your job could have been gone for this, now fix what you broke! You’re on probation, Mr. Malfoy.”


A door closed louder than it should have, but I knew he was still in here. I tried to wrap my mind around what I have just listened to, but couldn’t make sense around it. His job? His section was dangerous? They live in a fantasy? I don’t understand.  


I felt the bed shift as extra weight was added. A hand took mine, softly rubbing his fingers over the top. “Rorie? I know you’re awake.”


My eyes fluttered open, letting bright light fill them. I looked over to see Scorpius. Flashes of what happened the other night filled my brain, automatically taking my hand away from his. I gave him a glare, and moved as far away from him as I could get, almost as if he had burned me.


“Rorie, do you know where you are?”


I gave him a dumbfounded look. “Of course I know where I am! I’m at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”


He let out another sigh, “No, Rorie, you’re not. You’re here because you have a problem, and you came to us to help you cope with it. You do not have any special power to control fire, you are not a witch, and we are not together!” His words came out harshly; his eyes filled with anger.


I stood up quickly, making my way in front of him. “Yes I am! I am all of those things! I can control fire, I am a witch, and we are dating! You asked me out yourself!” I started jabbing my index finger into his chest; “You’re the one that ruined it, by kissing HER!”


I was getting more and more angry by the minuet, “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SEEING HER BEHIND MY BACK? HOW LONG?”


He grabbed my roughly by the shoulders, but spoke in a calm voice. “Aurora, think! Think back to the day, in the snow with your sister. Think how it really happened.”




A pile of snow was dumped onto our bodies, creating a cocoon of ice. We lift up quickly to be released from the cold, but it was too late; our clothes were soaked to the bone. Four boys clutched their stomachs in laughter, content that they ruined that perfect moment for my sister and I.


I was angry.


I felt hatred rise in me, making my breaths more jagged. They looked up alarmed, their eyes as round as saucers. The palms of my hands were burning, almost like if I ran my hands under the hot tap. I looked down, noticing the ball of paper that was being taking over by fire, a small lighter in the other. I threw the fire before it touched my own skin, making contact with one of the boy’s winter jackets. He screamed in fear, trying to pat out the licking heat before his friend jammed his arm into the snow, melting it. I quickly lit another and another having stuffed my pocket with wads of crinkled paper. The flames hit everything; the trees were engulfed, slowly burning them.


Red. Red was everywhere. The red danced with yellow and orange creating a tango between the three. My body turned in circles trying to find my escape.


Then my sister screamed.


End of Flahback


Brining my self back to reality, I fell back in shock, catching myself on wall. “And remember what happened in your other school, remember what you did.” Scorpius’s voice came out to me again, bringing me back to last year.




My first boyfriend was Erik Rew. He was captain of the basketball team, sporting brown hair and brown eyes. He was charming and treated me with respect. Or so I thought.


I opened the door to the copier room, to find my heart shattered with in one moment. Erik had his arms wrapped around another girl, kissing her lovingly. I let out a gasp, both their eyes turning towards me.


Erik took his hands off her, but blocked her body with his. “Aurora, it’s not what it looks like!” I let out a laugh. What was it suppose to look like?


I took off my bag, ripping out paper from my notebook, one by one. “Aurora?” He asked questionably, “What are you doing?”


I crumpled them up, and lit them on fire with my matches. I said nothing as I stared into their eyes full of fear. “Erik,” I said calmly, “I’m sorry, but I think we should break up. It’s not you, it’s me.”


And then I threw both fireballs at them, meeting my target.


End of Flashback


I slid down the wall, hitting the hard floor. My hands went to my hair, pulling it away from my face. Hot tears fell onto my cheeks, staining them.


“No! NO,” I screamed at him, standing up again, pacing between the two beds, “No, I threw a fire ball at you! You caught it and turned it into ice! I SAW YOU!”


He grabbed me again, making me stop. “A fire extinguisher, Aurora. There is one on every wall. You had the whole room in flames, I had to put it out some how.”


“But…but… Your hands! They’re ice cold!” I took his hands into mine feeling the chillness of his skin.


His hands moved to cup my face, “Rorie, I have bad circulation in my hands. They’re always cold.”


I looked into his eyes, searching his face to tell me that he was lying. He wasn’t, though. I remember him running around in panic trying to put the fire out quickly, and when I threw one at him he just sprayed it away. I remember now.


I fell onto the stone ground, crumped in a heap, broken. Scorpius sat down next to me, pulling me onto his lap. My head lay on his chest, my hands gripping his shirt tightly. I remembered everything: my pyromania, my schizophrenia. I remembered the fact that Scorpius was dating Rose and has been for a year now. I remembered that Scorpius worked at this place, and has been since his father took over, making it into a school. I even remembered the first day I booked myself here.


In a mental institution. 

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