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Here Comes the Utter Demise by hetty
Chapter 3 : Kill the Reason
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The last lesson on a Monday was always the best because it meant that you were just one day closer to the weekend and the weekend meant I could opt out of seeing the other Hogwarts students. I'm sure you could understand why. Everytime I venture out of my dorm something bad happens. So I was very glad not to bump into anyone on my way back from Arithmancy.

When I was 11 and I found out I was a witch, I was immensely excited. I imagined Hogwarts to be this wonderful, magical place filled with adventure like the places I used to see on tv and would read in books. Unfortunately, I set the bar much too high. Personally, I blamed my parents. They always had their heads in the clouds; my mum did a lot of painting and drawing and my dad was a writer. Creativity was what they lived for. Unlike a lot of parents, they never pushed me to go outside and engage in sports and other activities kids my age were doing at the time. They sort of just let me do what I wanted and what I wanted to do was stay inside. This didn't mean I wasn't happy - I was very happy actually - but it made my social skills a little bit rusty. That's what ruined my Hogwarts dream. I dreamt that I would arrive here and instantly make loads of friends who were like me and we'd be like one of those groups of friends on cheesy sitcoms. Sadly, I was too socially inept and short tempered for many people to want to be my friend. Even people like me didn't like me.

Having two friends wasn't all bad, though. Christmases were always cheap and I often had a lot of money left over for myself.

My footsteps echoed off the stone walls of the castle. There weren't many painting near the Slytherin common room so there wasn't any background noise making the setting slightly less eerie. Being on your own in such a huge castle where so many things have happened is a nerving experience for anyone.


I stopped in my tracks, thoughts of demons lurking in the dark corners rapidly entered my mind. My foot was frozen mid step and my eyebrows were at my hairline. I'm sure it would have been a comical sight.

'Who's there?' I called out with a slight quiver in my tone.

A robed figure stepped out of the shadows. The had dark sunglasses perched on their straight nose. White blonde hair peeked out from under their black fedora hat (seriously? Who wears them any more?). Their pale skin was illuminated by the faint torch light.

'I have something you might want,' a husky voice said.

'Pumpkin juice? Because it was all gone before I got some at lunch today...'

The mysterious figure snorted. 'Not that kind of something. I mean, you know, drugs.' They whispered the last word.

I gasped in horror.

'Drugs?' I exclaimed.

The figure rushed towards me, covering my mouth with their hand.

'Not so loud,' the hissed. 'Now do you want some, or not? Everyone wants them now the world's ending.'

Me? Buying drugs? The closest I'd ever come to drugs was accidentally breathing in someone's cigarette smoke as I walked past them. It was not a pleasant experience.

'Um, no thank you?'

'Are you sure? Might as well live your life to the full since we'll all be dead next week,' they tried to persuade me.

I shook my head.

'The world isn't going to end.'

The boy took off his glasses. To my complete and utter surprise, it was Louis Weasley. Actually, come to think of it, I hadn't seen Louis for a while before the drug incident. Louis and I were acquaintances mor eso than friends. We'd once worked together on a Herbology project last year.

'Dude, please, I need the money,' Louis pleaded. 'I know the world ain't gonna end and I need the money to pay back my sister, you've met her, you know how she is.'

I had to feel sorry for him.

'I'm seriously broke, though,' I explained sadly, 'no drugs for me today.'

'Oh, ok, that's fine.' Louis put his sunglasses back off. 'I'm sure I can find someone else to help me out.'

With that passing sentence, he slunk back into his dark corner, ready to pounce on other unsuspecting Hogwarts students. Who knew Hogwarts was so shady? I didn't and I've been here for a good five years. This place isn't what it used to be. It's gone very downhill since the early millennium. My generation of Hogwartians are all drug dealers and trouble makers. Where's the authority?

Come to think of it, ever since the end of the world was announced, there has been no authority. Prefects haven't been giving out the correct punishments and teachers haven't been giving detentions. I miss it. If they were still doing their job correctly, I would be able to walk through Hogwarts without being pestered into buying drugs.

Spotting the stone wall the covers the entrance to the Slytherin common room filled me with relief. Just a few more metres until I could escape into my green haven. I'd never been into the common room of another house but I knew that the Slytherin dungeon was the most well hid and I had the feeling that we also had the nicest interior. Green's a good colour, it's very calming.

All my feelings of relief and joy and pride were immediately depleted as I came face to face with a befuddled James Potter.

'You're not about to offer me drugs are?' James asked, looking into the dark corridor behind me where I'd just had my encounter with Louis.

'What? No?'

'Oh, phew, because I have no money left after being pestered by that creep in the corridor to buy some.'

I don't think James knew that 'that creep' was his cousin.

'You actually bought some?' I cried.

'Hell yeah, we have four days to live, you know,' James said with a tone that implied he thought I was asking a stupid question.

'Wow, you're much more idiotic than I originally thought,' I mumbled under my breath.


'Nothing.' I sighed. 'What are you doing here anyway? In case you didn't know, your common room isn't down here.'

James rolled his eyes. 'Duh, I was actually looking for a way to get into your comm-'

I cut him off. 'No.'

'But - '


'Why not?' James whined.

'Because you are a Gryffindor, you're not welcome among us Slytherins,' I told him matter of factly. While there were no longer the old prejudices that this school had twenty or so years ago, we still didn't like Gryffindor's - or anyone for another house - to enter our common room. This was the Slytherin common room not the Hogwarts common room.

'Where is it anyway? I don't see an entrance,' said James, ignoring what I had just said to him.

'That is for me to know and you to never find out.'

'Ugh,' James grumbled, his face resembled that of a disgruntled toddle who's been refused their favourite toy. It doesn't take long for his face to brighten up. Thus began the eyebrow lowering, the squinty eyes and the pout. James Potter was doing the smoulder. 'I couldn't find the common room but it looks like that led me to you. It must be fate.'

I recoiled in disgust. 'No, I'm in Slytherin so I have to come down here, fate was not involved, buddy.'

James laughed shortly, still smouldering. Yeah, he was good looking I couldn't deny that but it didn't mean I was attracted to him. He was not my type. None of the mattered when he was just seven inches away from me. It gave me time to really focus on his face and just how big his pores were. They were some of the biggest pores I'd ever seen. I couldn't stare at his pores forever, though, so I was forced to look into his eyes. The deep, brown whirlpools of melted chocolate...

I needed to stop fantasising about chocolate fountains, it was becoming a problem. Then the images of chocolate fountains flashing through my mind were replaced my James' eyes. There was something about them. Something that made you get lost in them.

His hand reached out to lightly grip my own, pulling my into his muscular chest. James tilted my head upwards slightly (this hardly needed to be done as I was almost his height but I shan't ruin the moment) and he leaned down. Our faces drew closer and closer. I could feel his warm breath on my mouth. My heart beat was rapidly increasing. Thump, thump, thump. My lips were trembling. This was it. My first proper first proper kiss with someone I barely something wasn't right about that and I knew it but for some unfathomable reason I had no inclination to stop what was about to happen.

Yes, I admit it, I was desperate to forget the incident with Miles and if kissing James Potter was the solution then so be it.

But our lips never touched.

They almost did, his lips brushed against mine and I wrapped my arms around James' neck. I was ready to forget Miles. So, so ready.

Then there was a piercing shriek.

'How could you?...again!'

A/N: hi, hello, so this was a super speedy update (which I'm quite proud of) and I hope you're all enjoying the story, there's only four more chapters to go!

I'm sort of writing these chapters without planning because I feel it makes some of the moments more spontaneous which is sort of the them I'm going with. Also, sorry if the almost-but-not-quite kiss between James and Millie seems to sudden but I think it works for now and for later chapters

anyway I hope you enjoyed and review if you want :)

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Here Comes the Utter Demise: Kill the Reason


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