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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 5 : Don't Be Late To Arithmancy.
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 Thursday started off with a double Arithmancy. How fun. Even more fun since I was running late and rushing to the class! I was only taking the class because it seemed like something I might actually use in the real world, after Hogwarts. I wasn't positive on what I wanted to be when I was "all grown up" and I had time. Okay not really much time but I'm sure something will come to me. I knew I didn't want something like my parents. My mother's job is all paperwork. Which I would hate and get bored of easily. She got paid well and she liked it there. She also had input on important matters in the magical community and she always liked to stay involved. My dad had paperwork too but still got more action in the field on occasion. Neither job was my cup of tea but whatever made them happy i guess. They had jobs that gave them enough time to spend with me as I was growing up. Huh, I wonder what they did while I wasn't there.









"That was nice." Hermione murmured as she was drifting off to sleep. Her mind went back to the days when their daughter was little. It was so hard to be intimate because it was like the girl had a radar. The second Hermione and Draco would be all ready to go there would be a faint knock on the door. Sophia was petrified of the dark. Draco read to her every night with the light on until she fell asleep. Then as he left he would turn out the main lighting and only keep two small night lights on both sides of her bed to light the darkened room. More often the not she would wake up and scamper to her parents room, where she would crawl in between them. It got even harder when Sophia's magic started to appear. She would accidentally open all the doors in the house or turn on the lights. But these experiences definitely made both Draco and Hermione thankful for any alone time they could get. 


She felt a low rumble in the surface she was attempting to sleep on. Draco was trying to speak to her but she only felt the vibrations of his voice from his chest which she had been using as her pillow. "Huh?" She finally managed. It had been a perfect day. For some reason, that she had a hunch wasn't just a coincidence both Draco and her had the day off. They spent the day just being a couple. Usually they were parents before a couple so it was nice to have some time to themselves. Sophia had written to them telling them about Quidditch, her classes, and just normal teen stuff. It was nice to hear from her. They had both replied to the letter but that was the only part of the day being focused on their daughter instead of on each other.


Draco chuckled and shot her his trademark smirk. "I'm going to take the fact that you are blissfully falling asleep with that adorable satisfied grin on your face as a compliment." He winked at her. 


Hermione smiled up at him. "As you should, you're perfect." She knew she was lucky to have him. Even after all this time it was still surprising at times the way things had worked out. She couldn't be happier.


He pulled her into a tighter embrace. "I am a man of many flaws... but I did manage to get a few things right. And I must say I'm pretty happy how it turned out." He kissed the top of her head.


"Oh? Like what?" Hermione asked playfully as she wiggled up the bed to place a soft kiss on his jaw.


Draco nuzzled into the affectionate notion. "Yes, like marrying the love of my life." He smiled warmly at her.


"Even if it took you forever!" She baited him. She knew exactly why he waited and she appreciated that deeply. 


"Hermione." Draco started in a grumpy voice. He could pout like a downright child when he wanted to, but it always got Hermione to sooth him. 


"Shhh. Yes, yes, I know. You wanted to give me time. You didn't want me to be the fiancée of someone and hate it just to jump into being a fiancée again. Even though this time I didn't hate it, only thing I love more than being your wife is being a mother. I so agree that that would have looked bad. Not that anything we did really looked good." 


"And..." He prompted. 


She snuggled into him more before continuing. "And... you also knew that there was no way that we could plan as perfect of a wedding as we had while we had a newborn infant. It really was tricky with a two year old, let alone a newborn. You're smart Mr. Malfoy. I'm greedy and just wanted to steal your last name sooner."


Draco smiled. She always knew exactly what to say to pull him from his cold and somber moods. "Well I was damn sure happy to give it to you, Mrs. Malfoy." Hermione still loved to hear that. Go back to when she was Sophia's age and if you said that one day she would love being called Mrs. Malfoy she would have punched you in the face. Much like she had done to him once...oops. Oh how time changed things. "And the other thing I did right was help make and raise a beautiful daughter. Who is growing up too fast to being a lovely young lady... like her mother. "


"I'm not exactly a young lady anymore, love." Hermione rolled her eyes.


"Shush you!" He smiled down at his wife. Draco never forgot how lucky he was. "And even though I love that daughter very much I can't exactly say that I would want to have her home right now. I am very much enjoying my alone time with her mother." Draco winked. 


"I miss her a lot... but this definitely helps ease that." She smiled up at her adoring husband. A come-and-get-me grin playing on her face. Leaning up to kiss him passionately enough to start something they wouldn't finish until very late into the night.









I was very very late to Arthimancy. "Nice of you to join us, Ms. Malfoy." Professor Vector said as I tried to sneak in the door. I should've known that wouldn't work. She had such an eye for detail. This was something I was sure she needed to teach Arthimancy anyway. "Take your seat." This teacher generally liked me but she really did hate tardiness. I looked around for an open spot and much to my dismay the only one open was by the very guy who refused to speak to me his first day at Hogwarts. I was just trying to help. But obviously he was doing fine on his own, you know with all the friends he has. I drowned those thoughts in heavy sarcasm. Seriously how cliché was this? I think a guy is cute even though he turns out to be a total ass. He's in the same elective as me, at the same time! And in the one class I don't have my friends. I mean he was in my other classes too but this was weird. Then I accidentally oversleep and come to class late which leaves me with the last open seat, which is usually by the Ravenclaw with gas problems. But no, even the seat next to him was filled. The amount of tables and chairs magically adjust between classes to fit the size needed. So now here I was having to sit by the guy I once thought was nice to stare at but who turned out to be a git. Can you get anymore storybook than that? No you can't because I won't let that happen. There was no way I was falling for that sleaze and no way we would live "happily ever after".


I groaned loudly as I took my stupid seat next to this stupid boy who's stupid name I didn't even know but I was sure it was something stupid.


"Problem Ms. Malfoy?" Vector asked. 


"No ma'am. Just disappointed that I couldn't get a seat closet to the front." 


"Oh? Do you have vision problems? I don't remember you ever sitting towards the front before. And you seem to find that snitch fairly easily in the sky. Great last game last year by the way!" She smiled at me, she was a Quidditch fan.


"No ma'am, my eyes are fine. And thank you my team played an amazing game that night." I smiled at her. Our last game last year was against Gryffindor. I had beat their seeker, my cousin James (who I loved beating), to finding and catching the snitch helping us win the game. I came home with a fractured wrist after James pushed me off my broom because he hates losing. My mother went ballistic, she hated the game. I never told her that technically I didn't get hurt in the game or that James did it. My Dad on the other hand was proud of me and that I was treating his position well.


Vector went on teaching the class. I was busy scribbling notes when an angry voice whispered in my ear. "You didn't seem to mind sitting by me when you stared at me for ten minutes straight and then pranced yourself on over and placed yourself in front of me. "


"Excuse me?" I whispered back in a matching angry tone.


"You heard me, princess." He bit back. 


"Get over yourself. If you haven't noticed I'm the school sweetheart. I'm nice to everyone new. Don't take it personal. You're nothing special." I lied. 


He laughed a little too loudly. "Me? Me get over myself? Have you heard yourself talk? 'I'm the school sweetheart', if anyone had an ego it's you." 


"I do not have an ego. I know I'm a nice person. That's not arrogance." I glared at him. 


"Whatever." He rolled his eyes at me. The rest of the class we spent ignoring each other. 


When the class I was over a picked myself up from the table and practically ran for the door. I didn't want to be in the same proximity as him, the stupid git. I mean seriously, how annoying can someone be?


He walked out right behind me. He caught my arm and spun me around to face him. His eyes flashed over me. He spoke, "Sophia, I will be blunt with you, you seem like a nice girl but I'm not exactly a nice person. I'm not somebody you'd want to mess around with too much. You're easy to type, you're Daddy's little girl who's never had to want anything because she gets it the second that that want pops into her head. But you don't let that go to your head. You're nice to everyone but your main problem is you try to fix everything. You've probably never had a problem that wasn't a simple fix thanks to Mummy and Daddy. Welcome to the real world there are some problems that are not just going to go away because you involve yourself in them. Some things you should just let go and stay out of. And I'm one of those things. Just leave me alone, Sophia. If you know what's best for you."








-Author's Note- 

Hello lovelies! I hope you're enjoying the story(: I would be so happy if you took the time to review.


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