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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 2 : Hogwarts, here we come!
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 Buzz buzz buzz buzz 


My eyelids opened just a crack in response to the annoying noise. 7:00 am. Ugh. Too early. My right hand shot out to smack the large black oval button on the top of the alarm clock that was producing the noise. Snooze. My eyes closed again. Unfortunately my snooze only allowed me to drift off for ten minutes. When the alarm started to pester me again I glared at it before taking my right hand and smacking the entire device off of my bedside table. This successfully shut up the noise because the cord unplugged on it's way across my room. 


"Sophia. It's time to wake up. " I vaguely heard my mother call from downstairs. She knew that noise was me throwing my alarm clock. I had broken the thing too many times to count. Every time I ended up having to bring it down to Mum or Dad and have them fix it for me. You know since I couldn't do magic outside of school, a rule that I despised. Each time they would just shake their head and tell me I needed to stop doing it, which I never listened to. I paid absolutely no attention to her call upstairs before I let my eyes close and dozed off into a peaceful sleep. You know beds are so much more comfortable when you need to get out of them. That's like a proven fact! 


"Soph! Wake up!" My Dad was knocking on my door. I signed loudly and pulled myself up from bed. At least it was him, my Mum would be in here already pulling me out of bed. 


"I'm up!" I murmured sleepily.


I heard my Dad chuckle as he opened my bedroom door. "You drive your mother insane." He smirked at me. 


"I know" I giggled. My mother was easily flustered, she was constantly concerned about me being late. She did have good reasons for that though, I had no concept of time. 


"You don't want to be late, the train doesn't wait for anyone." He smiled, grabbing one of my bags to bring it to the living room where we would floo from. 


I glanced at my clock 9:58. Ugh! The train left at 11 and I still needed to shower and get ready. I walked over to the bathroom that was off of my bedroom. "I'll be ready! I promise Daddy, it won't be like last year!" We had just barely made it in time to make the train. Though my parents may not have minded bringing me to Hogwarts, I did! No one wants their parents at their school. That's just a huge disaster waiting to happen. 


"We'll see, Sophia." He smiled warmly at me. I was through and through a Daddy's girl. He went out of his way to make sure I was always happy. I know a lot of girls would have taken advantage of that but I tried not to. I know he was doing it because he had a bad childhood. It didn't seem right to exploit that. Mum had told me about my father's past, more when I learned some things about them both in a history lesson at school. His family were dark wizards and he found a way to break out of that. I was proud to be his daughter. 


I showered quickly and got dressed just as fast. I decided I wouldn't put on my school robes until I got to Hogwarts so I threw them in my bag, opting for my normal clothes. 


I finally managed to walk into the kitchen at 10:45. "I'm ready!" I smiled at my parents sitting at the kitchen table. My day had a newspaper in his hand while my mother was looking on the back of that paper doing some brainy game. 


They both looked up at me and smiled. "About time!" My Dad chuckled. 


"Eat something before you leave." My worrisome mother said as she stole a piece of my Dad's toast, holding it out to me. 


"I'm okay, I'll get something in the train." I watched my mother eat the toast she had stolen. 


My Dad gave me that look and spoke. "We know that's all candy. Grab an apple or something." 


"Fiiiiine." I smirked at him as I walked to the counter that had the colorful glass fruit bowl on it, swiping a green apple.


"I can't believe she's already a sixth year!" My mom Mumbled to my Dad. 


"I know." My Dad frowned. "She'll be okay though." He pulled her close as he whispered that statement into her ear. 


"Just hope it's better than your experiences with school." I smiled at my Mum. 


She started laughing. "Me too!" She smile broadly at me. "I don't even know why I'm worried, Hogwarts is a completely different place now."  


My Dad pushed back a sleeve and looked down at his black watch. "We've got to get going. All of your bags are ready, let's all grab some powder and go." He did as he instructed us to and walked over to the fireplace. "I'll see you two on the otherside." He winked. "King's Cross Station!" And he was gone. 


It was my turn to follow suit. I did just as he had and found myself in the familiar train station with my Dad. Soon after my mother was there as well. Grabbing a trolley my Dad put my bags on it and herded us towards platform 9 3/4. 


Parents and their children were everywhere. Owls in cages squawked at people who passed by them. I saw many familiar faces but there were some new as well, though most of those were first years. Mothers crying as they watched their children board the train. I waved to a group of girls that I knew from a class. 


A man I vaguely knew came up to us, trailing behind him was a woman and child. Oh, I knew exactly who the kid was. It started piecing itself together. 


"Drac!" Blaise Zabini spoke loudly as he crashed into my father. "Hermione and Sophia." He smiled at my Mum. Blaise had been in my life only a few times. His wife, Pansy, and my mother didn't get along. And it was easy to see why. She was just a little crazy and very very rude. The kid was the biggest brat you'd ever meet. Duncan Zabini had been adopted by the Zabinis when he was 9 months old. And of course he was from a pureblood family who just didnt want kids. Blaise and Pansy had raised him and definitely were to blame for his "I'm better than anyone else" attitude. Pansy has suffered six miscarriages before she finally turned to adoption. Now he was a third year and every day he grew more and more arrogant. 


"Hello Blaise." My Dad smiled, they were best friends at some point in their lives. They still got together every once and a while to watch Quidditch. "Pansy, Duncan." He nodded at the other two. 


"Dray! Pansy squealed. She had a weird thing for my father. It was easy to see and made everyone uncomfortable. She went to wrap her arms around him but he sidestepped her, putting himself closer to my Mum who gave Pansy a smug look. Three points for the Malfoys. 


"You said 'hi' can we go now?" An impatient rat... I mean Duncan... spoke. He was never shy about telling any of the Potters and I that he didn't like us. Not that we minded all that much because none of us liked him! 


"Yeah, yeah." Blaise rolled his eyes. He turned to me. "Sweet Sophia, you're growing up too fast. I don't know what your Dad here will do without you." Blaise had always liked me, and I never minded him. As long as he didn't have his family with him. 


My Dad chuckled softly. "I don't know either. Hard enough just letting her go to school." He smiled at me. My mother nodded. 


"You're so sappy!" I rolled my eyes but laughed with him.


Blaise and his family went their own way and we walked to where I would leave them. 


"And here's where we part." My father said stiffly. 


"Be good!" My mother warned. As if I ever really got into trouble. I was generally good as gold. And any time I did get into a little trouble she never knew about it, it was never that bad. 


"Stop worrying! I'll be fine, Mum! I'll write you when I get there. I'll use Lily's owl." I hugged her tightly.


"Have fun, but not too much fun." My Dad winked at me, then wrapped his arms around my mother and I.


A whistle blew. "Okay, okay! I have to go. I love you both!" I smiled brightly at my two loving parents. I walked briskly to the open train door. Practically skipping on my way to my destination. 


"Heyya ladies!" I called as I opened the sliding door to our train compartment. Inside sat my two best friends. Audra Gale and Lola Yorkenshire. Audra was the spunky fashionista who never went anywhere without looking fabulous. She has red hair, like firetruck red. This had been an accident when she was playing with beauty potions but in the time it took for that potion to wear off she developed a love for the color and casted a spell on her hair to keep it that way. It really worked with her dark brown eyes. She was the one who had the most attitude out of us, but we loved her anyway . Lola was the creative one. She was an amazing singer and never took a trip without her guitar. She had shiny black hair that was long and straight, unlike my curly mess. Her green eyes stood out as well. I was use to seeing green eyes, my uncle Harry and cousin Al both had bright green eyes. But Lola's eyes were different, they were an emerald green that got darker when her mood worsened. She was stunning to look at. We were nicknamed "The Beauties" in 3rd year due to our looks. I had developed well I think. I knew I was pretty but I never thought that made me any better than anyone else. my parents just happened to both be good looking. The three of us girls met as first years when we were all placed in the same room at Hogwarts. We've been inseparable ever since. 


"Sophia!" They both yelled in unison. Both jumping up and greeting me. Startling my cat, Willow. She jumped at their yelling and crawled up my back. She was crazy but I loved her. I took my seat and she curled up on my lap. 


"How was summer? Did you vacation someplace amazing?" Lola asked. She came from a pretty poor family and was always amazed by the life I lived. My father had money running in his family. I took Lola with me on trips as often as I could. 


"Nowhere special. We went on a muggle cruise around the Bermuda Triangle. The people kept talking about how it was full of bad magic. They don't have any clue what bad magic really is!" I laughed. Granted I didn't know first hand what bad magic was either. It was something we learned about in Defense Against the Dark Arts though. Which was a class I loved and excelled in. "How about you two, do anything fun? Anything naughty?" I winked at them. 


Audra rolled her eyes. "Shut up!" She laughed. 


Lola laughed along and just smiled shyly at us. 


"What gives? What'd you do?" I asked knowingly. 


"I finally met Sven's parents!" A broad smile plastered across her face. "His Mum is gorgeous! She has this thick Russian accent that actually sounds pretty. His Dad is just really funny. I'm glad they liked me. They told me I could stay over there whenever I wanted." Sven was Lola's boyfriend of a little over a year. He was half Russian, half English which resulted in a very interesting accent from learning to speak from his parents different tongues. Lola and Sven were the couple that made you want to puke because they were just too cute. Sven was a Ravenclaw, which was easy to tell why. The kid was a freaking genius! Meanwhile us three girls were in Slytherin. 


The sorting hat had argued with me terribly. He wanted me in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor but I simply would not stand for it. I had heard terrible things about Slytherins from reading and I wanted to step up and prove that the house isn't what makes the person. During the war the Slytherin house had been separated from the other three houses. They couldn't be trusted because so many of their parents were on the opposing side of the war. People thought it was because all Slytherins were evil, but that's not true. The school just couldn't justify having children fight against their own parents, so they moved the house down to the dungeons, where they would be safe and not a danger to anyone else either. I don't know what I would do if I ever had to fight against my own parents. So here I am, dressed in silver and green, aiming to prove that not every Slytherin is truly a snake. 


"That's awesome!" I smiled genuinely at her. She blushed and we both looked over at Audra who we knew would have a few crazy summer stories. Her parents were workaholics who never took time off so in the summer she went to a summer camp. Unfortunately for her it was an all girls camp. This always resulted in her and some other girls sneaking out to the boys camp that was half a mile down the road. This always resulted in hilarious stories. 


Audra knew it was her time to shine. Her eyes danced as she told us countless camp stories, using her entire body to illustrate points that she made. She was nothing short of dramatic. When she finished she sat back like she was exhausted. We all laughed. "So girls..." She started, a perfectly Slytherin cunning smile playing at her cherry colored lips. "This year better be good!" 


I recrossed my right leg over my left and smirked, the "Malfoy smirk" as my mother calls it. "I have a feeling this is going to be the most exciting year yet. Watch out Hogwarts, here we come!" 



-Author's Note-

Please keep in mind that the first person chapters are written like a 16 year old girl talks. So no it may not be written like a beautifully worded novel all the time but I kinda like it this way because you see more of her personality.

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