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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 1 : Growing Pains.
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Sophia Malfoy was the girl everyone loved. She had anyone that met her wrapped around her finger from the moment she took her first breath. This went on from infantry, to childhood, and even as a teenager. Sophia was just too easy to fall in love with. She could get away with anything and never lost an argument. She could be talking you into whatever she wanted and still have you believing she was a perfect angel. The blonde curls and clear blue eyes did the trick. She also had this bright and bubbly personality, with quick wit to match. 



"Mum! Guess what Daddy just taught me!" Sophia came barreling the kitchen door at the age of eight. Draco wasn't far behind, holding and old Nimbus 2001 in his hands behind his back. A wicked grin playing on his pale lips and a twinkle in those blue eyes, the color he shared with his daughter.


"You didn't." Hermione stated towards him, knowing very well that he put the little girl on a broom and high in the air. Quidditch was far too dangerous for a child. Draco smiled weakly and shrugged.


She grabbed onto her mother's waist. "It was fun! And it's so easy to fly! I can't wait to go to school and play on the team! I want to be a seeker just like Daddy." She smiled up at him.


He returned the smile with a look of pride before looking back to Hermione. "She's good, Mione. She has better broom control than most 3rd years. And don't worry, I didn't let her go that far off the ground."


Even though Hermione was a little apprehensive she knew Draco would never allow anything to harm their daughter. So with a well deserved sigh she waved her hand dismissively at the pair standing close to her. " Alright then, go on." Sophia hugged her mother tightly before grabbing Draco's hand and running out of the room toward the backyard. On his way out Draco shot a loving smile at Hermione before following the little girl outside where they picked up on their Quidditch lesson. She was almost catching the snitch before he could even believe it. 





Sophia was quiet as she watched her mother cook. She watched her forearm specifically. Glancing up at her mother's face with a puzzled look now and then. 


"Sophia? What are you scheming? You're never this quiet unless you're up to something." Hermione questioned her daughter who had been staring at her for the past fifteen minutes. The ten year old girl didn't cause much trouble, but she usually got like this when she wanted to know something. More specifically if she wanted permission for something usually.


"What does 'mudblood' mean?" Sophia blurted out, wide blue eyes trained on the faded scar on Hermione's arm.


Hermione stopped everything that she was doing and turned to look at Sophia fully. "You saw this?" She grabbed her arm, placing her palm over the slightly raised and paler skin. "Mudblood" had been carved into her arm by none other than Draco's aunt, Bellatrix. Sophia sat quietly at the table as she watched her mother get lost in her thoughts. Saw as her mother flinched at the memories playing in her mind. When she saw Hermione's eyes refocus onto her she simply nodded. Yes, she had seen it many times, always wondering what it was for and what it meant. Hermione uncovered the scar and looked down at it, sighing. "It means that I was born to muggle parents. Neither of my parents were wizards. 'Mudblood' is a bad word for that. Don't ever say it to anyone, it hurts a lot of people's feelings and is just mean."


Sophia nodded again. A moment of silence passed. "So...why do you have that there?" She pointed to her mother's arm.


"A Pureblood family hated anyone who wasn't pureblood. Someone carved this word into me. It was a very bad time to be someone like me."


"Is Daddy a of those?"


"A muggle born? No, he's a pureblood. He came from a family that was considered one of the best pureblood families." Under her breath she added, "but that depends on who you ask..."


“What about Daddy's mark on his arm? His tattoo?” Sophia questioned again. Hermione had expected that one, Draco didn't go through the trouble of covering it up. Other past deatheaters that had reformed had it removed. Draco never did. When Hermione questioned him about that in the past he simply stated that it was there to remind him of what he once was, reminding him to never make such horrible decisions again.


“That was a mark given to him when he was younger and allowed his father to run his life. He is not that way anymore. He's a good man now.” Hermione sighed.


Sophia just nodded. "So what blood am I?" Sophia asked curiously. She always wanted to know how a story could relate to her. She didn't do this because she thought everything should involve her, but rather to try to understand things better.


"You're a half blood. But people have learned now that blood status is not what matters. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently. I've seen even the most stubborn haters of 'lesser blood' turn around." She was referencing her husband, but Sophia didn't know that. Speaking of him... "Can you go get your dad for dinner?"


"Well being a half blood then just means I've got the best of both worlds." Sophia replied to my earlier statement in a bubbly voice as she hopped off the chair she was sitting on and went to go find her dad. She always knew how to make the best out of any situation. Though what Hermione said about people learning that blood status wasn't important was only half true. While most wizards had done so, some had used the war as even more reason to hate the nonpurebloods. Unfortunately there were still dark wizards out there that lived among them.




A soft tapping was heard from the window in Sophia's bedroom. It was too early for Sophia to be awake, even on her birthday. The light shown in through the bay window with the window seat and glittered through all that sparkled in her room. Then it dawned on her what that tapping meant. She shot up like a bolt of lighting and quickly scrambled out of bed, dashing across the room to fling the window open rather unceremoniously. The large old snowy white owl dropped a piece of parchment before rubbing its head against Sophia's outstretched hand and then taking off in flight. She watched the bird fly away for a moment before she grabbed the paper and ran down to her parents in the garden. "It's here!" She screamed, jumping into her mother's lap. "It's here, it's here!" She repeated excitedly.


Hermione and Draco looked at each other, both knowing what this meant. They were happy and proud, but also a little terrified of letting their baby girl go.


Sophia bounced up and down in excitement. "Read it, read it!" She pushed the letter into her father's hands.


Draco signed, but began to read the letter.


"Dear Ms.  Malfoy" 

He went on to read all the requires things for Hogwarts, explaining to Sophia where exactly they would buy such things, many of which Sophia had never heard of.  He continued with the last bit of important information. "It says you may bring a pet. An owl, toad, or cat." He frowned. "It also says first years are not allowed to bring their own broom." He had forgotten that rule and knew Sophia would be upset.


Sophia frowned. "I can't play Quidditch?" She had been practicing really hard with high hopes of making the team.


"No, first years aren't allowed to play. But you'll be very prepared for when you can." Draco tried to soothe her.


Hermione stepped in. "You can get an owl though!" She smiled, knowing how Sophia loved to watch their own owl, Glyfly.


Sophia seemed to stop and think for a second. "Actually mum... Can I get a cat?"


"A cat? But an owl will let you mail us! There are no phones at Hogwarts." Hermione seemed surprised.


Sophia rolled her eyes. "You know there will be other owls I can use! I'll make friends and borrow theirs. Or Glyfly could bring a message back to you if you send me one first. I want something I can cuddle with."


"I actually had a cat, Crookshanks." Hermione smiled, remembering the not so lovable ball of fur she had back at Hogwarts. During the war she had left him at the burrow, but when the war was over he was gone. Hermione never did find him. She frowned remembering this.


"That thing?" Draco smirked. "It was mean! You know it bit me once right?"


"You probably deserved it! No, I know you deserved it, you git!" Hermione laughed. Crookshanks was anything but friendly. He loved Hermione but that was it, anyone else was just an annoyance to him.



"Muuuuum! James and Al keep taking my broom!" Sophia screamed down the stairs, chasing the two boys that were flying through the house on her broom. The boys were laughing as they weaved through the house perfectly. James had made the Quidditch team with Sophia and was constantly playing with her stuff. Sophia has just finished her fifth year at Hogwarts and was looking forward to spending some quality alone time away from her crazy cousins. James had just finished his fourth year, Albus his third, and the littlest Potter, Lily just finished her first. Currently they were plaguing the manor because their father, Sophia's Uncle Harry --who of course wasn't a real uncle but as her mother's best friend he was an honorary one --was in France for some international Auror business. Ginny Potter had warmed up since becoming a mother and Hermione could stand her, actually offering to help watch the kids when she needed while Harry was gone.


"Boys! Be good!" Hermione called from the living room where she was tending to Lily who had been pushed by James on his way up to steal Sophia's broom, knocking her down and scraping her knee pretty badly.  She had already tended to the wound magically but it was more so that Lily's feelings were hurt. Which of course left her unavailable to actually help Sophia with the menaces of cousins she had.


Sophia was just about to have to tackle them down from her broom as they zoomed around the foyer when she heard a familiar *pop*. Draco no sooner than materialized when he had his daughter grabbing his one hand and dragging him to where the boys had flown off to. "They did it again! If they break this one I'll kill them!"


Draco entered the kitchen to see James and Albus potter both on one broom, which was surprisingly able to support the both of them, flying through the open air. "What do you think you're doing?" Draco's voice boomed through the kitchen. He wasn't yelling, he rarely did, but used this cold voice that could freeze the sun over.


James looked up, startled by the voice. His eyes widened when he saw Draco standing there. Quickly he pulled the broom to a halt and both he and Albus hopped off, scurrying from the room. They left the broom to fall to the floor with a crack. Luckily the broom looked to be in fine condition when Sophia walked over and snatched it off the ground. "Thank you Daddy." She said pointedly, before practically skipping away with the prized object in her hands.


Hermione walked into the room just in time to see Sophia leaving, cradling her broom in her arms. She certainly did love that thing. She walked over to Draco, wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her into a deep kiss and she melted against him instantly.


"Ewwwwww" could vaguely be heard from where the boys had been watching from the hall to see if they were in any real trouble.


Draco chuckled as he held Hermione close. "I'm so happy we didn't have a boy. They're little trouble makers."


It was Hermione's turn to laugh. "I couldn't imagine another you around here! Sophia is already too much like you."


Draco shook his head, smiling. "Nah, Sophia's in a category of all her own."


  -Author's Note-

Heyya lovelies! This is my new account, my old one was deleted for personal reasons but thanks to the help of the amazing staff here at HPFF my stories were transferred over. Unfortuantly this deleted all the reads, reviews, and ratings of my story. So please, feel free to add to them! Thank you



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