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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 7 : Chapter Six
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 “You’re late” Cora warned me as I walked on to the quidditch pitch.


“Sorry, I overslept” I told her my hands out in surrender and a goofy grin plastered across my face. She nodded at me, before turning her attention back to the rest of the quidditch team.


“Ok. So you know the rest of the schools are going to be arriving this week, and so far you’ve been brilliant. But today I thought we’d mix it up a bit and have a proper game of quidditch. So without further a due, I’d like to welcome our reserve team” I heard Freddie woop. My eye brows rose, we knew who the reserves were Cora told us a couple of weeks ago. But we’d never played against them, sometimes we played with them so they would be familiarised with our techniques and tactics, but again never with them. I’m pretty excited.


The rest of the reserves walked on I saw Wood looking extremely cocky actually they all did. Wood has taken over as Captain for the reserves, ensuring that they get enough practise if they’re needed – this is obviously with Cora’s supervision.


“Ok, I want a clean game. And please no major injuries” I saw the worry in her face, debating on whether this was a good idea or not. It definitely was a good idea.


“No promises” Flint said laughing. Cora sent Flint a look, a look I have been on the receiving end on many occasions. One by one we all went up in the air. Cora charmed the balls to release themselves and with one large claxon we were off.


The game was hectic. Being as how we were Hogwarts main team, you’d think it would be an easy win for us. But it wasn’t. It’s extremely close. And I can see by Cora’s grin that this was exactly how she had hoped this game would turn out. Hugo had improved by a milestone; I could barely score past him. It’s too bad he’s probably not going to get a chance to show anybody his moves, with Cora as the main keeper. So far this game she’d only let three goals in. So at the current score of 80-30 we were both still playing for the win.


Lily had improved a lot too. She’d been trick Al, a lot through the practise. Pretending to spot the snitch, he’d fell for it three times so far. But I can’t blame him, it is pretty cloudy outside and if there’s a chance you’ve got to take it.


Roxanne and Freddie were outshining Flint and Zabini. No surprise their though, Roxanne and Freddie were too good together, nobody would have anything on them, they were ruthless, fast and frankly I wouldn’t want to mess with either of them off the quidditch pitch, let alone with a bat and a bludger at their disposal.


As you can see by the score the reserves chasers are doing their jobs. Wood had scored twice both times he sent me a wink after coming away from Cora. And to answer your questions, yes and the lads have been giving me stick about Cora. Mostly approval though. But I don’t know why, nothing else has happened, I’m genuinely a lot nicer to her that’s for sure. I think I’ve called her Cora to her face twice now, I know right get me. But she hasn’t mentioned the trip to Hogsmeade and not sure if I should either. Like what the hell even was it? And why the fuck can’t I get her smile out of my head.


“Duck!” I heard Freddie shout, as a bludger started coming closer and closer to my face, this is usually the time I’d add in a joke about how it came closer and then it hit me… but with ninja skills like mine, that shit doesn’t happen. In other words I sloth rolled out of the way two seconds before it happened. Go me. “Sorry” Freddie apologised as he flew off after the bugger.


“Head in the game, Potter!” I heard Cora shout from the goal posts. I turned round and sent her a grin, before following Malfoy up the pitch. I looked at his positioning, before deciding to go on the left side of him. Andie was on the right, slightly below. Just as it looked like Malfoy was going to shoot left, he dropped the quaffle straight into Andie’s hand, she flew fast and swung it in the right hoop. Hugo had no chance of saving it. Andie screamed as she saw it go in, doing her little victory dance on her broom. That was her third goal of this game, I had three too and then Malfoy had four. I have to hand it to Cora she picked a brilliant chaser trio. We complemented each other to professional standards. Even if Malfoy was still a dick – but you have to let that slide in the world of quidditch.


Arya had the quaffle now and was zooming up the pitch. -Smack – Roxanne precisely aimed a bludger causing Arya to drop the quaffle and also simultaneously cry out in the pain. I’m no healer, but I’m almost certain she’s just broke her hand. Andie didn’t hesitate though, she jumped straight in and grabbed the quaffle. One can have no remorse in quidditch. She passed the quaffle to me last second and I went for the middle hoop. Hugo just managed to save it. I was disheartened sure, but Hugo’s grin was worth it. Like I said he’d improved drastically.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw both Lily and Al dive. Everybody’s attention flew to them (if you’ll pardon the pun). Lily was slightly in the lead. But not by much. Al was picking up speed. Lily was reaching her arm out with one echoing crack Lily’s hand dropped and she let out an agonising scream. I heard Freddie woop. I should have felt sorry for Lily but it gave Al the chance to take over, he caught the snitch with ease. I grinned we’d won. 260-50


Cora was grinning from both the victory and at how well the reserves had played. We all dropped to the ground, following Cora. She drew out her wand but the balls had already returned to their box. She turned in surprise as McGonagall and Madam Haisley walked into the arena. Madam Hasely was the new matron in the hospital wing. And no she wasn’t the hot nurse everyone was hoping for. She was a retired healer. So yes old and slightly on the overweight side, definitely nothing to get the testosterone flowing.


“Brilliant!” McGonagall said clapping “Absolutely Brilliant” her eyes were shining, the tournament hadn’t even begun yet and she was already proud of us.


“Professor” Cora said courteously, she was grinning.


“I see the team is going exceedingly well” McGonagall noted. We agreed with her grinning along.

“What else did you expect Minnie?” Freddie said, McGonagall either didn’t hear him or just simply let the comment slide.


“As you know the rest of the teams will be here Friday” we nodded at her unsure of where this was going “And I’ve been hearing a lot of rumours about their teams from both pupils and other professors from other schools. And I can clearly say I have no fear that you will do not only me but the school well. I’ve been over seeing your practise a lot from my office and I clearly say you are a team to be reckoned with, both of you” she looked from Wood to Cora smiling proudly “and to reward you for your amazing attitude and actions towards the school, the rest of the teachers and I have decided that we can’t possibly allow you have those broom while representing the school” we all looked down at our brooms in confusion, some of these were top of the range, how could she not allow us to use them? “So here are your new brooms and a certain bird tells me, these are the best money can buy” she winked McGonagall just winked at me. Longbottom and Flitwick came in levitating 14 brand new brooms.


“THE SUPERNOVA FOUR?” Cora screamed “THEY HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!” She was jumping up and down. I’d never seen her so excited.


“Well” McGonagall said proudly “I may have pulled some strings” she rolled up her sleeves as she handed us each a broom. I felt like I was being knighted. It was great. I held my new supernova four in my hand possessively. This was the broom I was hoping to have for Christmas, so the fact the school had bought us it was even better. I honestly felt like it was Christmas now.


“Thank you” Cora started.


“There is no need… Oh and before I forget” with a wave of her wand McGonagall summoned a crate with Madam Maxine’s Robes printed across “Your uniforms” she said proudly. She flicked her wrist and our uniforms came flying. They were black as night, with our names written in bold white on the back a shimmering gold rim outlined the lettering. On the front was the school’s badge. Each house animal moved, the lion rawred, the snake slithered he looked venomous asif he were about to strike, the eagle spread his wings preparing for flight and the badger scratched his claws, growling. All four houses joined in one team, we were going to fight for this cup, all of us together. McGonagall had a twinkle in her eye as she looked at us adoring our new robes “Just do the school proud”


“We will” we all said in union.



Friday came around a lot sooner than expected. The whole school was in hysterics, all eager to meet the new students that would be gracing their halls and classrooms. Classes had been cancelled today, to prepare for our new guests.


I was fully embracing it. No double potions, how much better could life get?


McGonagall had talked us through exactly what was going to happen, exactly what our jobs were. Long story short, we were there to stand there and look pretty. That’s generally easily done when you look like me. I’m joking, not even I am that big headed.


“I can’t wait for the French babes to get here” Freddie said dreamingly as we were lying in our dormitory.

“French babes?” I repeated slightly amused.


“You know the Lore twins” he said in a mischievous tone.


“You do know, only one of them is coming?”


“Yeah but when they play, her sister is going to come to support. You’re acting like I’ve put no thought into this” he laughed.


I stood up putting on the first tshirt I could see.


The door burst open, Wood came running in panting.


“There here!” he shouted.


“Who?” Freddie asked.


“Durmstrang” he said pointing to the window. Freddie and me jumped up simultaneously. We shot towards the window and there it was one of the biggest ships I’ve ever seen. The white sails were still up being blown by the autumn winds. It was anchored in the black lake.


“Didn’t they use that ship last time they were here?” Frank Longbottom asked.


“Yeah” I mused. The Tri-wizarding tournament was a bedtime story for me growing up. Dad never left out anything, he wanted us to know how cruel the world could be and how much better it was now. And now I had a chance to prove myself, not to the extent of killing the dark lord, but for representing the school in the Quidditch Cup.



One by one all twenty-five schools arrived. Not one of them leaving their desired way of transport, they were all waiting for their big entrance, the welcoming feast. It started at 7’oclock tonight. As a requirement we had to wear our quidditch robes to the feast. Not that I cared, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to put on this bad boy.


It just makes it more surreal having my name on this, being able to touch it. It was finally here. Month’s worth of training and the day was finally here, we were meeting our competition and honestly I was scared shitless.



We sat together as a team. Freddie was to my left and Cora was to my right. We were sitting on an empty table. A fifth table was put in the middle of the hall between the two centre house tables, it was reserved for the rest of the quidditch teams. It was nerve wrecking just sitting here, as the eyes from the rest of the student body wondered over to us. The reserves sat next to us though, them too in their quidditch kit. The rest of the school were in their school uniform. The anticipation was building, we were just waiting for the large oak doors to open.

“And now, without further a due I would like to welcome the rest of the schools” our heads shot towards the doors, it creaked open adding more drama to the already over dramatized entrance.


“Oh for the fuck sake” Cora complained, face palming at the situation. I grinned in general not at her… yeah urm still nothing on that case.


I heard deep bellowing tribal drums coming from outside. “The African School of Witchcraft” they came in dancing to the beat of the drums. All fourteen of them, I could help but notice the look of wonder spreading across their faces. Hogwarts was beautiful, you’d be stupid not to notice it. They came from either side of the quidditch table, dancing until the very last moment of sitting down next to us. We didn’t have time to talk not yet, there were 24 more schools to go.


Argentina were next. They looked like they weren’t prepared for our cold weather. Their kit was brilliant white with a royal blue lining. It looked good now, but there was no way they were going to stay so clean when playing quidditch.


I noticed the girls lost interest when Beuxbaton’s came in, but the lads piped up. There were wolf whistles from left, right and centre. Midnight stood out from a mile away, her dark hair flowed angelically. They gave flirtatious looks. I heard Roxy utter ‘Bitch’ under her breath as they sat down dramatically flipping their hair over their shoulders.


Brazil made an entrece, they’re uniforms were bright, full of sequins and feathers. They wore heavy headdresses and danced like there was no tomorrow. I could feel Cora getting into it, her knees brushing against mine as she swayed with the music. I grinned.


“Why didn’t we get a huge entrance?” Freddie complained, sounding bored.


“Don’t worry… I’m sure we have something planned” I said knowingly.


“What have you planned James” Cora said accusingly.


“Nothing” I said honestly. “I just may of heard a rumour or two”. The remaining colour in Cora’s face drained.


“Don’t worry it’s nothing bad” I said lightly, I placed my hand on her knee and the colour returned to her face.


“Remove your hand, Potter” she said through gritted teeth.


I smirked as I continued to watch the schools come through, my hand still planted firmly on Cora’s knee. The French boys, Denmark’s institute, Durmstrang, Holland’s gifted and talented, German Wizarding High, Salem’s witches, Mahoutokoro, The Spanish Magic Class, New York’s Wizard institute, The Indian Jadu, Queensland’s Wizardry, Sydney’s state of Magic, Florida State Wizarding Academy for all magical blood, The Russian Magic Schooling, Ancient Wizarding Academy of Greece, Ireland, Roma’s school of Warlocks, Icelandic Witchcraft and finally Perth’s Wizarding school.


All twenty five of them entered through the same door. All in their brand spanking new uniforms, some were more impressive than others, like the Russian’s royal red cloaks, they looked fierce. Andie made the comment of the blood of their enemies. Yeah I’m worried for her too.


By the end of the school’s entrances, I was too tired to eat. It felt like the Olympic ceremony all over again. Honestly a fast forward button for life would have been brilliant. My eyes were drowsy and I wanted nothing more than to go to bed. I wasn’t the only one who felt like it. Just looking down the table I could see the rest of the teams feeling just as tired, possibly more. They had been travelling for the most of today and possibly longer. Who knows ay?


McGonagall cleared her throat, looking down at the middle of the table “Hello and welcome to all!” she said cheerily “it’s so nice to have you all here, it is such a great honour for us to host this once in a life time event. We hope your stay here will be both fulfilling and rewarding. That you’ll make new friends, new life time experiences and even learn a few things or two. We want you to treat Hogwarts as your home, and on a down note, we will hand you your class schedules tomorrow, once you’ve all slept and eaten” in that order hopefully “So without further a due, let the Quidditch Cup begin and I wish you all the best of luck for your time here. More information will be given to you tomorrow, but for now please eat” The food appeared with a pop. And like that every body’s persona changed, they went from lifeless souls, to teenagers who had never seen a banquet before.


I could hear Arya talking to one of the African students. He was asking about the food, asking what was what. He nodded along before planting everything she’d pointed to on his plate.


McGonagall was right, this was definitely going to be a once in a life time opportunity. And I was grateful for Cora, for giving me this chance. I smiled at her as she looked at me curiously, unaware of my inner monologue. 




AN: I don't own anything that you recognise, more than likely it all belongs to good old J.K....

So sorry about the delay of this chapter and sorry if it's a bit boring, the last bit dragged - i apologise deeply -. 

Hopefully it will pick up next chapter with the actually meeting of the players, and maybe even a game or two? mwhahahahaha

yeah so tell me what you think good or bad,,, I can only improve right?

Thank you for the reviews and characters before... you'll be meeting them soon! if you have anymore ideas for characters drop them in the grey box!! 


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