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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 36 : 35- The Eye of the Storm
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35- The Eye of the Storm

The sound of the storm drowned out all else; the waves crashing into the side of the rock island, the rain pounding against the large black tower, the lightning momentarily illuminating the rocky grounds shortly before the boom of thunder. All drowning out the sound of the cries and screams of those incarcerated within Azkaban prison.

A small speck in the sky struggled to fight against the strong winds as it drew closer to the island. Eventually and carefully, a slim, pale woman whose curly blond hair was now damp from the rain landed and dismounted her broom, though she stumbled as she did so.
Felicia Hamnet grasped the cursed scars that spread from the bottom of her stomach to the top of her chest though made sure not to drop the large brown rucksack she was carrying. She looked up at the prison as the rain pounded against her and knew exactly how to silence all those trapped inside.

Morsmordre!” She cried, her wand pointing at the dark-clouded sky. A jet of green light soared into the sky, higher than the highest point of the prison. Just when it looked like it would vanish behind the stormy clouds, it erupted into a shimmering skull, its lipless mouth wide open allowing an equally shinning snake to protrude from it. Felicia heard the inmates settle as the Dark Mark hovered in mid-air, illuminating the grounds with its green glow as it did so, and she began to walk towards the entrance, broom and rucksack still in hand and wincing in pain slightly with every step.

The entrance hall to the prison was just as dark as the rest of the building even with the lit lanterns. Felicia scanned the large black-bricked hall before spotting a large, thick book that lay open on an old wooden desk. Felicia walked towards the book and began searching the pages for the location of her allies. She flipped through the old brown pages of all those that had been incarcerated within the prison when she saw the names she searched for scribbled in slanting black ink. She memorised the floor they were on and, gripping her broom tighter, walked back outside.

She flew, counting the number of floors she passed by the holes that replaced where windows would be as she rose higher, occasionally catching sight of the desperate eyes of the inmates as she did so. She reached the floor she needed and looked through each hole before catching the eye of a skinny, pale man with dirty, dark-red hair. Felicia pointed her wand and, with a thunderous bang that was audible even over the storm, she blasted a bigger hole in the prison wall.

“Here so soon.” John Nolan remarked as Felicia landed in the cell room, rainwater dripping from every inch of her.

“I got a message from Cecilia. She said to get here ASAP.” Felicia then took off the large soaking rucksack and opened it, revealing it to be full of new wands.

“Well that’ll do just nicely.” Nolan said as he smirked at the bag of wands. Felicia looked around and saw that the two other inmates were also peering through the cell bars.
“Oh, allow me to introduce you, this is Dolores Umbridge.” And Nolan indicated the round, toad like woman that glared hungrily at the bag of wands.

“Hang on,” Felicia said, recognising the name. “You were in charge of that Muggle-Born Registration thing during the reign of the Dark Lord, weren’t you?” The woman’s hazel eyes then flicked to Felicia and the tips of her wide mouth curled into a smile.

“Yes, I was.” Umbridge said in a sweet girlish voice that did not suit her reptilian-like appearance.

“This is Marietta Edgecombe.” Nolan continued and Felicia turned on the spot.

“Ah, so you were Selwyn’s little spy.” She sneered as the thin woman within the cell stared at her with the odd combination of defiance and, unmistakably, fear.

“And that was Augustus Rookwood, before we were visited by a few of Potter’s more charming employees.” Nolan finished, indicating the lifeless figure slumped in the final cell.
“So what news about the battle?” He pressed, eagerly.

“Can we discuss that after we’re free of these things?” Umbridge ordered holding a chain that connected her feet to the wall.

“The battle is won.” Said a strict female voice from the entrance and they all turned to see Cecilia Lox standing at the doorway a broom in hand and a small, ugly and injured Goblin at the side of her. “We’re releasing everyone within the prison and then destroying it.” All four of them stared at Cecilia.

“And where do you propose to keep your enemies?” Umbridge asked again in her unnaturally sweet voice.

“It was part of the deal I had with Selwyn if I joined. Mosby’s declared himself Minister and said that any prisoners we’re keeping he wants as close as possible.”

“The Ministry.” Marietta answered.

“Wait, Mosby’s becoming Minister?” Nolan asked, a sudden look of questioning on his face.

“Selwyn is dead.” Cecilia announced. “Morgana returned to what was our headquarters and found both his and Crabbe’s bodies.”

“What about Rabastan and Rowle?” Nolan asked.

“Killed during the battle.” Cecilia shrugged.

“And Harry Potter?” Nolan pressed.

“We don’t know. It’s possible that Selwyn killed Potter before being killed by the Malfoy’s but I think it unlikely. We all know he was counting on Lestrange to overpower Potter.”

“That is all very well and good, dear.” Umbridge began, the sweetness in her voice beginning to fail. “But for the last time, would someone please blast open these damned cells.” Felicia sighed and began to raise her wand when Cecilia raised her hand, halting her.

“The cells are enchanted.” Cecilia explained. “The Fiendfyre only burned away the outer protections around the prison. Only Azkaban Goblins can open these cells. Devring.” The Goblin looked up at Cecilia and it was obvious the creature was under the Imperious Curse. “Open the cells.” The Goblin obeyed and placing its hand on one of the bars of Umbridge’s cell, the entire bar glowed before swinging open. Cecilia then waved her wand and the chains attaching Umbridge to the stone wall broke off of her. She did the same for Nolan when his cell door had been opened and, as the two newly released prisoners went to pick a wand from the bag Felicia had brought, she turned to Marietta.

“She was Selwyn’s Ministry insider.” Nolan said as he examined a long, thin wand. “Marietta Edgecombe.”

“I know who she is.” Cecilia said as the two women stared at each other momentarily before Marietta finally nodded. “She’s the one who got me to Norway in one piece.”
The Goblin opened her cell but, before Cecilia even had the chance, Nolan waved the wand he had examined and Marietta’s chains blasted violently off the wall. Nolan smiled.

“Found one.” He said, giving his new wand a praising look. “What’s its core? Felicia?” Nolan asked but Felicia was gripping her wounds again.

“We need to get her to Saint Mungo’s.” Cecilia said, taking the bag of wands from Umbridge, who had found herself a relatively short wand to use, and passing it to Marietta.

“I’m fine.” Felicia snapped. “It’s oak and rat tail.”

“What happened to him?” Cecilia asked, changing the subject away from arguing with Felicia and indicating the body slumped in the fourth cell.

“Auror.” Nolan answered simply, watching as Marietta selected a wand. “It would appear that there are now no more living Death Eaters. So what’s the next step?”

“Destroying this place.” Cecilia replied.

“I meant in the bigger picture. We still have the rest of the Confederation to contend with and if Potter is still alive, there is still chance of rebellion so what does Mosby intend to do next?”

“And who said Mosby was taking charge?” Said a calm, soothing voice in a thick French accent. Marius Yvault walked slowly through the doorway. He too showed signs of the recent battle though none of them were injuries that were visible. His long brown robes were dirtied and torn in places and his brown hair was full of dust. “Our next step is to increase our numbers further and to rot ze Confederation from ze inside before striking.” He then turned his attention to Cecilia. “Ze rest of the prisoners ‘ave been brought up to date and given ze choice to join us. Those who said no are now under ze Imperious Curse. I suggest you go and release them.”

“Sorry, but you said we were to ‘rot the Confederation from the inside’. How exactly are we going to do that?” Umbridge asked advancing on the slim man.

The room was then filled with the light of lightning outside as Marius grinned menacingly and pulled from his pocket a small Orb that he knew Felicia, Cecilia and Nolan would recognise instantly. “Leave zat to me.”

To be continued in “The Fight of the Fallen”.

Author’s Note: Firstly, I’d like to say a BIG thank you to all those who have stuck with the story. This is my first HP-fic and the fact people have consistently come back to continue reading really means a lot.

Secondly, now that this part of the story is finished I would really appreciate feedback and constructive criticism on the story to help me with, not just ‘The Fight of the Fallen’ (Which I’m working on as we speak) but my writing skills in general.

Thanks again for your commitment and I look forward to any feedback and your reaction to The Fight of the Fallen which I guarantee is going to be bigger and better.


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The Battle of the Survivors : 35- The Eye of the Storm


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