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Here Comes the Utter Demise by hetty
Chapter 2 : Miles the Leech
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This whole ‘end of the world’ malarkey confused me to no end. Many of the students were adamant it would end whereas a select few of us actually had a brain and didn’t believe a word of it. The whole thing was just so out of the blue. If it was really going to end, they would have told us sooner. One did not simply just predict the explosion of the sun.

Think of it this way, if you were an Astronomer or a Seer and you knew the sun would explode causing the end of the world, how near the time would you tell them? You wouldn’t tell them only a week before, that’s for sure. You’re supposed to give them a chance to finally live their lives not just randomly drop the bombshell.

‘You’re not still trying to understand it are you?’ Cat asked from her position of hanging upside down on her bed.

‘There’s nothing to understand,’ I told her, ‘the world just quite simply, isn’t going to end. It’s all some sort of sick joke, a hoax.’

‘There’s nothing funny about the world ending,’ said Cat seriously.

‘No not a funny joke, a sick joke,’ I emphasised the sick to let her know that I didn’t think it was some sort of April Fools practical joke (April Fools was so last week).

‘Yeah but sick means like cool or wicked or something.’ Cat rolled her eyes as if I was being the dumb one here.

‘I meant sick as in messed up,’ I explain, clearly expressing boredom of the subject in my tone.


At last, she understood. Cat Miller was one of the dumbest people you would ever have the displeasure to meet. An example of this certain stupidity was the fact that, despite us being in our Sixth year at Hogwarts, she still didn’t know how to cast a simple levitation spell. Even worse was that she couldn’t even spell Wingardium Leviosa. Casting the spell and spelling the spell were the first two things we were taught in Charms when we came to Hogwarts. I rest my case.

‘There are sooo many things I need to do this week,’ said Cat before shoving a neatly presented list under my nose.

I stared at the list in shock. ‘You want to do all of this?’

‘Well, yeah, I mean if I’m, like, gonna die and stuff.’ Cat’s smile resembled the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland and it scared me a bit. Her teeth were just so…white and straight.

‘You might die before doing all of this,’ I muttered under my breath so Cat couldn’t hear and even if she could I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded. Cat’s very ambitious and nothing could stand in her way if she wanted to do something – even me.

‘I know some of it’s, like, a bit risky but I’ve got to properly live my life at some point and I suppose my only time to do that is now,’ Cat chirped and took the list out of my hands. ‘Surely you have a few things that you want to do before you die?’

Murder James Potter.

‘Nope, nothing, because we’re not going to die,’ I said forcefully, emphasising that we were not, under any circumstances, going to die.

‘You won’t be saying that when we die,’ Cat sing-songed.

‘Obviously not, because I’ll be dead.’ I rolled my eyes.

The good thing about being the pessimist in this situation was that, when the world didn’t end, I would have the pleasure of being the one to say, ‘I told you so.’


All Cat could talk about while we walked to Potions was how she reckoned her and James were an item. I had to put up with it the whole way from the Great Hall to the Dungeons, you try to do that. It’s painful.

She kept talking about until we reached Potions where her eyes instantly locked on James Potter with his mouth glued to another girl - Cecelia Zabini’s mouth, to be precise. I tried to warn Cat that James was doing this to all the girls but she ignored me and do you see where it got her?

Both our jaws and literally hit the ground when we saw them but Cat’s was accompanied by a strangled cry causing the two to take a pause and look at us. Cecelia looked like a deer caught in headlights while James remained calm. He didn’t give two shits for either girl, if only they would realise.

‘How could you?’ Cat cried, storming up to Cecelia.

‘I…I didn’t know?’ she said meekly.

‘No, not you – although I’m angry at you too,’ Cecelia hissed, ‘him.’ She jabbed James hard in the chest which must have hurt because Cat was relatively strong for such a small person. That’s where all her height went, it went into her muscles. ‘You cheated on me!’

‘We were never together so…’ James shrugged with his hands shoved deep into his pockets like he didn’t have a care in the world – which he probably didn’t.

‘Bu-bu-but you kissed me,’ Cat shrieked, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

‘Don’t be too flattered, love, you’re not the first or last girl I’ve kissed – as shown by the lovely Sarah here,’ he said with a smirk plastered on his face.

‘For the last time, my name is Cecelia,’ Cecelia hissed.

James didn't even acknowledge her, he was much too interested in the ceiling while Cat yelled at him. The audacity of that boys astounded me. It was clear that the things he did wrong were never pointed out to him.

'I am done with stupid, meanie boys like you!' Cat screeched

Not even a moment later, James' lips were firmly planted on hers and she had her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. The idea of the world ending was really beginning to affect people in strange ways.


The library was always my 'calm place'. This was partially due to the fact that most of the students at Hogwarts didn't even know the school had a library which meant it was almost always empty excluding a few other people like me. Such as Miles.

'Hi Millie,' he squeaked. Miles reminded me of a mouse with his slightly hunched back and goofy teeth. I am an extremely superficial person and the sight of this monstrosity that was Miles sickened me. How could he ever think that I would go out with him?

For such an unattractive person, I have very high expectations.

'According to my calculations, we only have ,' Miles paused to count on his fingers, 'six more days left. Why not spend those with me? We're both lonely people, we'd be perfect.'

'No,' was my blunt response.

'But surely you don't want to be alone forever, do you?' Miles took a step closer. I took two steps back which had me dangerously close to the book shelf.

'I won't be alone forever because the world isn't going to end.' My teeth gritted with annoyance. I just want him to give up. That's my motto: if at first you don't succeed, give up.

'You don't know that!' he protested, 'Neither us will be getting a boyfriend or girlfriend in the next six days, so what could go wrong?' He took another step closer which had me backed up against the bookshelf.

I was about to tell him to kindly fuck off when I felt a wet pair of lips press against my own. I tried to move away but he had me backed against the bookshelf. I felt sick to my stomach. His lips were like a leech, the way they attached them self to mine. Miles' tongue begged for entrance but I wouldn't allow it.

Miles moaned. I kicked him.

'What the fuck?' we simultaneously yelled.

'How dare you kiss me without my consent!' I screamed, I felt violated.

'You know you wanted it.' Miles smirked, his attempts to look sexy failed time and time again.

'No, I didn't,' I began to regain my composure, 'You are the most disgusting, vile human being I have ever laid eyes on. You are repulsive, you make me sick to my stomach. There is no way in hell that I would ever want to kiss you!'

'Why not? I am a nice guy, you girls always go for the bad boys,' Miles grumbled.

'Harassment doesn't count as being nice.'

'Girls like you always friend zone guys like me,' Miles whined.

'One, you are not 'friend zoned', we're not even and friends and two, girls don't go for you because you are a parasite! You are a disgusting leech who latches onto girls who despise you. Stop acting so desperate, if a girl doesn't like you, accept that she doesn't fucking like you,' I screamed.

That's when a blubbering Miles and an angry me were kicked out of the library.

I had my first kiss with a leech, wonderful.

A/N: Hi so it's been almost a year since I've updated any of my fics and I really don't have a good reason other than forgetfulness and lack of inspiration. But I'm back and I'm going to try to finish this story before going on to my other purely because this was supposed to be finished around the time of 'the end of the world'

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