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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 10 : Watch It Bring You To Your Knees
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Author's Note: Hello my perfect, wonderful readers. Here we are on chapter number TEN! I doubt I'll be able to get another in before the 20th so Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy New Year!! Get those turkey's out! Play that Slade! Put your Christmas Cracker Hats on! And prance around the Christmas tree!

I'm sorry i havent been able to update this as quickly as possible, but my computer broke!! will hopefully be up and running by next month!

My lovely reviewers, you make me ever so happy!

In the jungle
Welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your
knees, knees
I wanna watch you bleed

Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle


How could this be happening? Did Dumbledore have no shame? Was McGonagall stripped from her disciplinary duties? Where was the chastisement? The disapproval? Had the entire wizarding world been turned completely upside-down?

Ok so maybe it was a tad of an over exaggeration. But for Sydney a Ball was the worst thing. Sure this sort of thing would seem like her forte, but dressing up girly and a boy wanting a girl on their arm that they could take home to their parents and a girl they could show off to their friends? It may come as a shock to most people, but most guys didn’t see Sydney as one of those girls. Ergo, Sydney would most definitely be dateless. Cue the humiliation and the taunting two headed Farrah/Sirius monster.

Ugh, Sirius

How dare he make her brain his holiday home! After that stupid, stupid dream, he was a permanent resident in her mind. She was so frustrated and she hated him for it. She found herself constantly overthinking every single movement she made around him. Of course she didn’t want it to seem to him that she was thinking about him. Not that she was, of course. It was all just…


Yes, that’s right, confusing.

She wasn’t thinking about him in a good way. But then again, whenever is thinking about Sirius Black good?


It was just one large, hot ball of stress that filled her chest and she wasn’t able to get rid of it.

She hadn’t even got out of bed yet. She was just lying there in her own self-pity. Wishing that she didn’t have Defence Against the Dark Arts first, which consisted of seeing Sirius, James, Remus, Peter and Miles and also wishing that she could curl up into a ball and have her bed transform into a human-gobbling beast.

Oh to be a Gryffindor and be too proud to not be brave.

She flicked her covers from her torso but remained lying in her cosy bed, her curtains drawn around her. She heard her dorm mates move around her, conspicuously, giggling and gossiping whilst primping and preparing themselves for the day ahead. You would think that there was a red carpet from the dorm rooms to the great hall the way these girls did themselves up. Sydney’s pre morning routine was simple and easy to follow. Wake up, get up, and get out. The more sleep the better. if she had time, she’d quickly slap on a bit of makeup, but she never really made much of an effort on school days.

“I hear Evans turned down James Potter for the Halloween Ball!” gasped one of the roommates. Sydney recognised the high pitched voice to be Andrea Rae. “That means he’s up for grabs!”

Ugh the bloody Ball. Even if she could stop stressing and just forget about it, someone would just remind her again.

“Maybe Sirius will be too!” piped up Dianna Gold.

“Unlikely,” grumbled Amelia Aarons. It was most unusual for Amelia to gripe about things, she was usually so perky. It was probably due to the other, giant objects under her chin that forever remained perky. “He’ll be taking Farrah, won’t he!”

“Lia, he obviously likes you way more!” comforted Nadia Luton. “He cheated on Farrah for you!” Sydney heard Amelia sigh heavy-heartedly. “He said that you were the one for him, didn’t he?”

“I suppose.” Mused Amelia.

Sydney couldn’t help but let out a loud snort.


There were suddenly heavy stomps, quickly making their way to Sydney’s four-poster bed. She sat up quickly, propping one hand behind her and pushing her out-of-control hair out from her face. Her curtains were then swiftly ripped open and there was the scowling face of Amelia Aarons.

“Find something funny?” she asked, haughtily.

“No, no, not at all.” Said Sydney waving it off.

There was a pause as Amelia raised an eyebrow.

She merely couldn’t help herself.

“It’s just,” she said cringing. “You don’t really believe that do you?”

Abruptly the three other girls came to support their friend and huddled around Sydney’s bed, hands on hips.

“We wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand.” Spat Andrea. “What do you know about ‘the one’?”

“Well what does Black know about ‘the one’?” retorted Sydney.

“When you know, you just know!” exclaimed Nadia, her ugly little face screwed up in a contorted scowl.

“Have you met ‘the one’, Nadia?” asked Sydney, cocking her head sideways.

“I—well—no, but I—”

“Well then how do you know that?” questioned Sydney. “And when Black says ‘you are the one’, it most probably means ‘you are the one hundredth’.”

“Don’t worry, Lia” comforted Dianna. “She’s probably just jealous.” She said turning Amelia by the shoulders and walking her out the door.

“Just because a catch like Sirius Black wouldn’t give you a second glance, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t for Amelia.” Andrea snarled, angrily, looking at Sydney in utter disgust.

The two remaining girls left the room, following the retreating Amelia and Dianna. Sydney rolled her eyes and swung her legs out of bed. Immediately feeling the cold she quickly threw her pyjamas off of her and her appropriate uniform on. She glanced at the dormitory clock and noticed that she had half an hour to spare. So she quickly put concealer over a few blemishes on her face and applied a bit of mascara. Sydney managed to brush her hair, so her tresses fell into elegant, large curls.

She rushed down to the Great Hall, her mind solely on bacon.

As she arrived, she saw Lily sitting by herself, picking at her probably cold oatmeal, a crestfallen look of her pretty features. Sydney couldn’t help but be drawn to the red-headed girl.

Sydney plonked herself into the adjoining seat filling her plate with meats (mainly bacon). “Mmm, food.” Sydney salivated.

Lily let out a large sigh, causing Sydney to roll her eyes and smirk a little.

“What’s wrong?” she asked pointedly, her smirk still intact.

“Nothing.” Lily said, dejectedly, sighing again.

“Lily, I’m going to ask you one more time and if the answer is ‘nothing’, I will not be afraid to pull down your skirt in front of the entire hall.” Sydney said, biting into a juicy piece of bacon.

Lily looked a little shell shocked for a moment until she sighed again and looked up at Sydney with her big, emerald orbs an almost distraught look on her face.

“James asked me to the ball.” Lily said, as if it explained everything.

Sydney gasped in mock anger. “How dare he!”

“Oh shut up, you don’t get it.” Lily grumbled.

“Well,” Sydney said propping her elbow on the wooden table. “Why don’t you enlighten me?”

Lily looked down the great hall where James and the marauders sat.

And right on James’ lap, just across from the nonchalant Sirius, sat the one and only, Farrah Bishop, eating James’ face.

Well that’s a change in pace.

“How’s that for enlightenment?” Lily muttered.

“Wow.” Sydney breathed. Sydney narrowed her eyes and smiled evilly, turning her head towards her redheaded friend. “Lily Evans, are you jealous?” she laughed.

Lily turned a little pink much to Sydney’s surprise.

“No!” Lily said flustering “I think it’s just rude to ask me out one moment and then be snogging Bishop the next!”

“Mmmhmm.” Sydney said sarcastically, taking another animalistic bite of her bacon.

As Sydney chewed her bacon she could taste the salty, smokey taste that came with it. It was like an explosion of flavour in her mouth. It was hard to believe that not even a year ago she was a vegetarian. What had she been thinking?

Lily raised her eyebrow at Sydney’s rather awkward display of pleasure at eating her bacon. Sydney just ignored Lily’s quizzical look and continued to chow down happily on what was now her last piece of bacon.

Looking over at the Ravenclaw table, Sydney suddenly noticed Ashley, glaring icily at the two Gryffindor girls. Sydney furrowed her brow in confusion and swallowed her mouthful.

“Be right back.” She muttered at Lily as she walked over to the opposing table, where her friend in blue sat picking angrily at her pancakes.

“Why so glum, chum?” Sydney asked, sitting next to her best friend on the bench and giving her a cheerful smile.

Ashley looked away and continued to play with her food, the yolk of the egg spilling over onto her plate.

Sydney’s smile faltered and she touched Ashley’s arm, which Ashley didn’t hesitate to shake off. “Ashley, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Ashley whipped her head around and narrowed her eyes at her blonde haired friend. “Evans?!” she spat heatedly. “You’re sitting with Evans?!”

Sydney raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Um, yes?”

“Miss Goody-two-shoes Evans?” Ashley hissed “The girl who we both made fun of for taking everything too seriously!” She threw her fork down onto the table “The girl that you said needed to loosen up and take the stick out!” Ashley stood up “You’d rather sit with her than me?!”

Sydney’s face suddenly contorted into a look of disbelief. “Is this because I didn’t sit with you this morning?”

“No!” Ashley snapped “Yes!” she hesitated. “It’s none of your business!” she yelled before stomping towards the big, oak doors of the great hall leaving a baffled Sydney suddenly in the limelight.

Sydney felt someone whack her shoulder rather roughly with their own from behind her and suddenly saw Sirius walk in front of her, Peter Pettigrew in toe.

“It looks like Maura is having problems holding onto either sex!” Sirius announced loudly as they passed through the Great Hall, allowing many of the closer students on the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw table hear causing Peter to snicker gleefully.

“Go fuck your cousin.” Sydney snapped viciously.

Ah yes, it was going to be a wonderful day.

It was not a wonderful day.

So far in Care of Magical Creatures they had been given a surprise test; in Charms Sirius decided to turn her nose red so she increasingly became looking like Rudolf; in Defence Against the Dark Arts she was paired with Miles Davies all lesson and in Runes she tripped over her foot and smacked her head against the table, causing the (rather over-motherly) teacher to rush her to the Hospital wing which caused her to miss dinner.


She might as well have given birth to a rhino just to put the cherry on top of her day.

As she sat in the hospital wing, holding an icepack to the red bump on her forehead, who should be dragged in by professor McGonagall but Sirius Black and James Potter. Both with rather disappointed looks on their faces, both with black soot and blue bruises all over them.

“Ms Pomfrey!” Professor McGonagall growled. Poppy Pomfrey, the school nurse came bustling quickly from her office, a pen clutched in her hand and her hair in a tight bun, her eyes wide and worried. “Potter and Black blew each other up again!”

The rigid nurse visibly relaxed and sighed. “I’ll go and get the bandages.”

Professor McGonagall sat both boys down on one cot roughly and stood over them, her arms folded, an eagle eye stare on the mischievous twosome.

“You both report to my office as soon as you’re done here!” she snapped and quickly flew out of the door.

Sirius spent no time trying to find Sydney. She was in his eye line from the moment he stepped in the door.

“I heard someone had a little embarrassing accident today.” He sneered to Sydney over the other side of the room.

“Well that makes two of us, doesn’t it?” Bit back Sydney. “Three including your friend” She spat, still slightly bitter.

James did a good job of keeping his head down in this battle.

“So what happened Black?” asked Sydney feigning interest “Tried to blow a peeking hole in the girls’ lavatory wall?” She winced as she pressed a little too hard on her new bump. “Or did you just go with one of the classics and attempt to maim some poor unsuspecting Slytherin?”

Sirius’ face turned dark for a second; however a vicious, evil smirk slid onto the revengeful boy’s face. “I suppose that was more of Davies handy work?” he retorted nastily. “Try and knock you out so he could shag you in a broom closet?”

Sydney stared at Sirius for a moment, no change in her facial expression, just a blank canvas. She took her icepack away from her forehead and moved angrily towards the door, throwing the ice pack at Sirius, hitting his chest causing him to laugh.

“So you can dish it out, huh Maura, but you can’t take it?” Sirius sneered.

Sydney whirled around and smiled sweetly. “Black, I would love to see things from your point of view.” She said with her hand clutched around the door handle. She then narrowed her eyes at the gorgeous boy “It’s just a shame I can’t shove my head that far up my arse!”

With that, she opened the door rather violently and slammed it behind her.

“She’s a bloody volcano, that one.” Muttered Sirius angrily to James as Madam Pomfrey came bustling in with their bandages and potions.

“Only to those who antagonise her, Padfoot,” James said, slapping his friend on the back, causing Sirius to wince. “only to those who antagonise her.”

What the bloody hell was that?!

Did I just think Black was gorgeous

No, he was not gorgeous. Well, yes he was, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful even. But not to Sydney. She would never stoop that low.

Sirius Black is not beautiful.

Sirius Black was a sordid boy, with a repugnant personality. No woman in her right mind would ever consider him as a possible suitor.

“Isn’t Sirius Black dreamy?” Said a passing fourth year Gryffindor to her friend.

There were not a lot of women in their right minds in Hogwarts.

She shook he head in disbelief and suddenly felt slightly dizzy. Sydney, felt up to her cold head where she had her icepack and winced yet again. She looked down at her feet in her plain black pumps as she walked.

Stupid, clumsy feet.

As if it were comically timed, she felt herself crash into someone and stumble backwards, not quite falling to the ground but awkwardly clutching onto one of the windowsills to keep herself off the floor.

She saw in front of her, yet again, Miles Davies, rubbing his chest where he had collided with her. He rolled his eyes at her however he didn’t seem as scorned as before. He did, however, have many more bruises than the last time she bumped into him, including a newly formed black eye forming on his right, almost matching the fading bruise on his left.

“Hello Sydney.” He said civilly, neither smiling nor sneering.

“Bugger off Davies.” Sydney said slinking past him. Walking down the hall, she hesitated then turned around. “Who gave you the right hook Davies? I’d like to send them my thanks.” She stopped suddenly, knowing to herself that she’d already said that recently, however she couldn’t quite place when.

Miles laughed scornfully “As if you don’t know.” He walked up to her and poked her in the side hard with his finger. “Getting your big Quidditch star to fight your battles.”

Miles shoved her roughly aside and stalked off down the hall, most probably towards the Hufflepuff common room.


As the days went by Sydney had found herself thinking more and more about Mr Sirius Black and her reoccurring naughty dreams didn’t help one little bit.

She found herself feeling more and more awkward around him and she was pretty sure he had begun to notice. She had decided to keep her distance as much as possible, not retaliate to his snide little comments or jibes. However, this was not working at all, it seemed as though it was his mission to seek her out and hers just to try and annoy him as much as possible.

“Hello Maura,” came a murmuring in her ear.

Sydney didn’t have to look around to notice who it was. She continued to watch professor slughorn brew Veratiserum.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked nonchalantly.

“I was just wondering where you little friend is recently, Phillips, she has been looking rather tasty lately.” Sydney felt a foreign pang sweep through her.

Her lips turned upwards and she leant back, exposing her neck. “She’s always been tasty,” Sydney murmured. “Just you wait until she tastes you.”

There was no sound coming from behind her. Sydney then bent over her notes and began scribbling again.

Well that was fun.

Sydney had felt a lot of pleasure from the reaction she had just gotten. She knew she had found her new gimmick. Throughout the lesson Sydney stole a few glances at Sirius, just to contemplate why he was having this effect on her. Sure, he was good-looking. He ran a hand through his hair and smiled widely as James’ potion exploded in his face. He may have been charming to other girls and he did have a personality. It may not have been human, but it was definitely interesting.

Wait, why was she saying these things about Black? Sirius Black. The person who had always made her life absolute hell. The person who abhorred her and most likely wanted to see her at the mercy of deatheaters. She needed to control her – well, whatever it was. Obsession? Curiosity? Either or, She hoped not as, as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.

Remus Lupin was a quiet boy. He never got much attention from the girls of Hogwarts, not with his two eye-catching, vociferous friends around and not until he met Sydney Maura. That girl opened up the eyes of the female population of Hogwarts, who suddenly saw past Sirius and James and noticed that they actually another addition to their friendship group. Peter, however, was still waiting for that moment. It was like the secret to having sex was having sex. For Remus Lupin, Sydney Maura was his saviour. Remus was almost certain that he knew Sydney more than anyone, maybe not more than Ashley Phillips, those two were like peas in a pod, but sleeping with Sydney made Remus see every side of her, every wonderful, confident, brash, passionate, timid, insecure side. And he adored every single one. She was like a hurricane, an exhilarating, electrifying, breath-taking roller coaster ride. But he didn’t love her. He never did. He didn’t want somebody so complex. Remus knew he wanted the simple things in life. He did love her but he wasn’t in love with her. She was his first time; he would always have a soft spot for her in his heart, unlike his aforementioned friends.

“Moony, old buddy, old pal!” James plonked himself down next to Remus on the sofa in front of the fire.

Ah, the aforementioned friends. Everyone knew that Sirius and Sydney had their differences, even Peter had become cold towards the girl. However, nobody expected James Potter to turn his back on Sirius and become friends with his best mate’s nemesis. Well that was until the whole Quidditch incident. It was clear that James’ team was now suffering because of James’ poor choice and judgement, even James’ himself was beginning to regret his snap decision.

“So – er,” said James, rubbing the back of his neck. “Can I borrow your Transfiguration essay, mate?” Remus rolled his eyes and threw it onto his friend’s lap, who grinned happily.

James was harmless though, when off of the Quidditch pitch and when it didn’t come to boys trying to date Lily Evans of course, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly – he was like a big pussycat, really. Remus had, however, noticed that James had become a little touchy whenever Sydney had been mentioned or whenever Peter or Sirius slammed her – no pun intended. Remus thought perhaps James had begun to feel guilty for what he had said and done. Maybe he had grown a little soft spot, like Remus, for Sydney. She seemed to have grasped two of the marauders’ attention and spun them around her little finger like a piece of her golden bouncy hair. Even though Remus was sure that she hated him, he loved her completely.

Remus wasn’t quite sure why he used Sydney like he did. He felt that he needed to lose his virginity and Sydney was a gorgeous, confident, brilliant girl who liked him. Now please don’t misunderstand, Remus was nothing like his comrades, he would never just think ‘why not?’ he did like Sydney at one point, but he scared easily and Sydney was one big whirlwind of scary. That’s right – Remus Lupin, Messer Moony, Wizard Extraordinaire and werewolf was a coward. When it came to women, he was terrified of so many things. He was terrified of making the wrong move, or saying the wrong thing, or worse say nothing at all. And of course, in the case of Sydney, he made every wrong move, said everything wrong, and when he should have said something, he said nothing at all. Sydney had that effect of him. She made him nervous and it led to him causing her more pain than he knew. But he knew she disliked him now greatly, like the rest of the marauders. He realised that they had never made her life easy. Each of them had individually scorned her and knowing her each one would pay.

All of a sudden, in came the devil herself, looking angry and confused. Overwhelmed with a sudden urge to please her, Remus felt himself calling out to her. “Sydney!”

The girl snapped her head in the boys’ direction and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

James was looked at Sydney and then looked at Remus as if he had lost his mind. “Come sit with us?” Remus said, ignoring his friend who was currently slapping his palm to his head.

“Err – Ok.” Said Sydney, eyeing him suspiciously as she sat on the armchair.

“I’mgoingtodothisinthedorm.” Mumbled James quickly, wasting no time to shoot up to the boys’ dormitories.

Sydney visibly rolled her eyes. “That boy.” She grumbled.

Remus turned to Sydney “You scare him you know.”

Sydney laughed slightly “Good.”

Remus laughed along with her. She looked like the epitome of innocence when she smiled. It was a rare occurrence. “He thinks you’re going to castrate him.”

“Don’t say things like that,” Sydney said, tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. “you might give me ideas.”

Remus smiled at her. They hadn’t really spoken in a while, it was nice. “James knows he’s made a big mistake you know,” Sydney’s eyes slowly met his “by not putting you on the team.”

“I should hope so,” she said slightly deflated.

“He cares about you, James does,”

“Please,” Sydney scoffed “the only thing that boy cares about is his broom and his bird.”

“He cares more than you know.” Remus said comfortingly. “I mean, when James saw you after Davies had – ”

The words rang in her ear.

More than you know

Big Quidditch star

To fight your battles



Remus had stopped himself. He suddenly turned quiet and awkward. They hadn’t spoken about that night with one another yet, but Sydney had a lot to say now.

“Pray tell,” she snapped viciously “what exactly did you three think you saw that night.”

“Uhh…” Remus began intelligently, standing up and wiping his brow “W-Well that’s a hard question t-to answer.”

Sydney stood up and narrowed her eyes “When you saw me, what did you three, including James, think had happened?”

Remus looked panicked “That’s not at all w-what I meant,” he said, backing off as she advanced on him.

Sydney had acquired a rather wild look in her eye “What did you mean then?”

“No – N-Nothing!” Remus said, suddenly backed into a corner as if he was a gazelle and Sydney was a lioness. “No, what I mean to say is that you were u-upset and we just w-wanted you to be h-happy again.”

Sydney nodded once, her eyes emblazoned. “Happy?” Sydney laughed “If he wanted me to be happy he should have let me on the team!” she ranted “Instead, he has to make me look weak and like an idiot and go and beat up Davies!” Sydney never let Remus get another word in as she ran up her dormitory stairs.

“Sydney, wait!”

Sydney slammed her dormitory door behind her where nasty Nadia and Amelia sat on their beds gossiping. They both shot her a spiteful look as she made her way into the bathroom and made her way into the shower.

James Potter had no idea what was coming for him.

Authors Note: Again, to my wonderful readers and gorgeous reviewers have a very merry Christmas (listen to Michael Buble's Christmas CD non-stop please!)and a happy new year.

Please let me know what you think of this chapter and I would love to know your favourite quotes!

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