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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 6 : Winston
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Roxanne could feel the world spinning before she even opened her eyes. The sickness was already filling her and she wanted to do nothing more then go back to sleep, she snuggled deeper into her quilt and tried to let the sleep take back over her when she realised that her bed felt different somehow.

Giving a frown, she let her eyes flutter open to look down at the quilt she had pulled up to her face, noticing the blue colour of it, she didn’t remember changing the cover on her bed, the last she remembered it was pink. Was she turning into one of those weird drunks who cleaned whilst under the influence?

She turned around planning to ask Violet what happened the night before as she knew that the girl would be asleep next to her, it was like some sort of ritual for them both, but when she turned, fighting the urge to throw up as she moved, she noticed that it wasn’t Violet who was sleeping next to her. It was Jason Turner.

Her eyes opened wider as fear flooded through her, what had she done last night and why was Jason in her bed?

Only it wasn’t her bed that she was in, as she looked around, she noticed that this wasn’t her bedroom, this must have been Jason’s.

She lifted the covers slightly so that she could get a good look at herself and noticed with thanks that she was wearing clothes, although they weren’t hers. That was strange. She gave a frown as she realised that Jason had been the one to change her clothes for her, there was a high chance that they had done a lot more than she had thought.

Before she could dwell more on the fact, there was a scratching noise at the closed bedroom door and Roxanne gave a frown at what the noise could be.

“Winston,” Jason muttered in his sleep. “Stop it.”

Roxanne frowned again at Jason’s words. Who the hell was Winston?

The scratching continued for a few more moments before the door opened, Roxanne watched with wide eyes as she waited for ‘Winston’ to appear. There was more scratching on the floor before a British Bulldog jumped onto the bed, directly on Jason and began to attempt to lick his face. Jason let out a groan as he tried to push him away in his sleepy state; Roxanne couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips as Jason failed to push the dog away.

“Winston, get off of the bed.” Jason said, trying to make his voice stern, but it was hard when he was trying not to yawn. Winston realised that there was someone else in the bed, before turning to Roxanne and beginning to lick her arms, she gave a laugh as she squirmed out of the way and began petting him. Winston lay down in between Roxanne and Jason and let Roxanne scratch him behind the ears, Winston began to kick his legs, which were catching Jason in the back with every kick he gave.

“Damn dog,” Jason said as he sat up slowly and got out of bed, Roxanne watched as Jason walked away from her and over to the door, noticing that he was wearing only boxers. “I forget that you know how to open doors now.” Winston jumped off of the bed and over to where Jason was walking, nearly tripping him in the process of trying to get ahead of him.

She heard Jason walking down the hallway and Winston excitedly barking at him, it wasn’t long before Jason came back into the room and lay back down on the bed; Roxanne looked down at him as he put an arm over his eyes and groaned slightly.

“I didn’t know that you had a dog.” Roxanne stated slowly.

“There’s a lot about me that you don’t know.” Jason responded, his arm still over his eyes.

“When did you get him?” she asked, sitting herself up in the bed but still having the quilt cover over her legs as she looked down at him, realising how strange it was that she seemed quite comfortable being there and talking to him, she really shouldn’t have been, she should have been making her excuses and making a quick getaway.

“I got him over three years ago; it was a twenty fifth birthday present from my dad.” He told her, moving his arm so that he could look up at her.

She gave a small laugh before adding, “I forget just how old you are.”

“Oi,” Jason said with a laugh as he tried to poke her in the side, she moved out of his reach and gave another laugh. Jason turned to look at the clock on his bedside unit before letting out another groan. “I’ve got to get ready for training, did you want anything to eat?” he asked her as he sat up and made to get out of the bed again, this time he grabbed for a pair of trousers that were on the floor next to his bed and pulling them on. Roxanne tried to avert her eyes, but couldn’t help but glance at him, he turned to face her and she looked up at his face quickly, he was waiting expectantly for her answer to his question.

Roxanne shook her head at his words, ignoring the nausea going through her at the mention of food; she would have to pay a visit to her mother at some point just so she could get some food from her.

“Well, I’m going to grab something quickly, coach will kill me if he finds out I haven’t eaten.... Although he’ll be killing me if he finds out I was drinking with you last night and had you sleeping in my bed.”

“Might be best to leave that part out of your night,” Roxanne agreed as she got out of bed herself and stood awkwardly beside it as she tried not to let her eyes scan over Jason’s naked torso, scratching the back of her head and noticing with a groan that her hair was dishevelled and she probably could do with a good shower. Jason seemed to have read her mind.

“If you wanted to shower whilst I get some food, it’s just through the door down the hall.”


Roxanne closed her eyes tightly as she let the hot water run over her, as she tried to recollect her memories of the night before.

She was an idiot, she knew that. She didn’t know why she thought that it would be such a good idea to spend the night drinking with people that were meant to be her rivals. The rules were quite clear, stay away from them.

The rivalry had been going on for years and they had all been told time and time again that it’s just not worth being seen with each other. The times that her team had been in the same place as the Wasps, violence normally always ensued, except of course for the official Quidditch meetings, mainly because no one wanted to get sanctioned before a big match. That’s why they kept their violence on the pitch.

And yet here she was fraternizing with the enemy, more than fraternizing, she had slept in the same bed as Jason Turner and was now showering in his house, she was desperately ignoring the fact that they kissed last night, hoping that if she ignored it then it didn’t happen. If her manager, or Jason’s, or even the Prophet found out then they would be absolutely screwed.

But why couldn’t she bring herself to leave.

She blamed Jason for this, she was sure that he was doing this on purpose, making her want to be around him.

It didn’t help that he had a damn cute dog.

She let out a groan as she opened her eyes and grabbed for the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, she would rewash her hair when she got home, but it would do for now, and tried to think of how she could get away from this whole situation and keep her job secure.

She would have to try and cut off all ties with Jason, which was pretty hard considering he was very charming, and sexy. Roxanne stilled the lathering of her hair when she realised what she had just thought, her mind going back to the day before when she was kissing Jason and how great it felt, seeing him topless had also been a very good sight to see. She felt her stomach flip as she bit her lip to stop her smile.

She came out of the bathroom slowly, looking around to see if Jason was around, she saw that the hallway was empty. She was wrapped in a towel and realised too late that she had left her dress in Jason’s bedroom, where it had gone to she didn’t know.

As she entered the bedroom, she noticed that Jason was in the process of getting changed, she watched as he pulled on his t shirt, admiring the muscles in his back as he moved, biting her lip as she enjoyed the view before her. He turned around to face her as he continued pulling down his t shirt and she caught a quick glimpse of his taut stomach. She loved that he kept himself fit and healthy, she knew that he tried to keep himself in the height of fitness, wanting to try and be the best at his game, it was the same for Roxanne, that was the reason that she ran as often as she could, or why she would work on her arm muscles.

She released her lip from her teeth when she realised that she was still biting it, looking up at Jason’s face when she realised that she had been caught staring at him, but she noticed that his eyes were skimming over her own body.

“Well, this is a very pleasant surprise,” Jason said to her huskily and Roxanne felt her stomach clenching pleasantly at the sound of his voice. “You look delicious in that towel.”

Roxanne felt a smirk filling her face at his words, she may not be allowed to fraternize with the enemy, but it didn’t mean that she couldn’t enjoy the effect that she seemed to have on Jason whenever she was around him. She knew that she was lying to herself and everyone around her when she said that she didn’t enjoy it, because let’s face it, she really did. She was just trying to deny it to herself.

“What I wouldn’t give to get that towel off of you and show you what I would have done to you last night if you hadn’t have been too drunk.”

Roxanne raised her eyebrows at him in question and surprise at his words, trying to stop herself from dropping the towel that was only being kept up by her own grip.

“I’m not stopping you,” Roxanne stated in a seductive tone a wicked smirk on her face as she looked at him.

Jason gave his own smirk as he walked towards her, raising a hand to run it gently down her face, before running the hand further down her neck, Roxanne looked up into his eyes and saw that he was looking at her hungrily. Her resolve was dropping and her towel nearly was as well as Jason leant his head down, his lips nearing hers.

“Jason, are you ready yet?” a voice called through the flat, causing Jason and Roxanne to pull away from each other.

Jason gave a groan at the voice and left the room, they could hear Winston barking loudly in the next room, where the visitor was.

“Yeah, yeah, I just need to take Winston out quickly,” she heard Jason calling as he walked to the other room where Sydney was. There were footsteps moving through the flat before she heard a door shutting and then silence, Roxanne hoped that she was left alone in the flat and not with Sydney in there too, she wasn’t sure what she would say to him if she saw him.

Roxanne took a deep breath as she quickly walked over to the chest of drawers that Jason had taken his own clothes from, deciding to borrow some of Jason’s until she could get home to get her own.
She grabbed for a T-shirt and some jogging bottoms before slipping them on quickly. She hung the towel on one of the hooks of the chest of drawers not sure what else to do with it,

She took a seat on the edge of the bed as she thought about what else to do and trying to ignore the nausea going through her, a reminder of just how much she drank the night before, she wanted nothing more than to either sleep it off or wait until she could stand the idea of food and eat everything she could get.

The shutting of the front door interrupted her thoughts and she looked up at the bedroom door, waiting for Jason to come in and kick her out of his flat. He walked into the room followed quickly by Winston, who looked at Roxanne, as though checking that she was still there, before curling up on the floor next to the bed and going to sleep.

“I’ve got to get going now,” Jason told her, seeming almost nervous as well as a bit awkward, Roxanne understood why he was feeling that way, after all what do you say to someone you’re trying to politely kick out of your house. “I don’t think I can make Sydney wait around for me outside for long.”

“It’s alright, I’ll just quickly grab my things,” Roxanne stated as she made to stand, she had noticed that her wand was on the nightstand next to where she had slept.

“You don’t have to leave,” Jason told her honestly, “You can stay here if you want?”

“Whilst you go to practice?” Roxanne asked, surprised at his words as she wrapped her arms around her herself and looked at him. “You’d leave me alone in your flat?”

“Yeah, why, are you planning on taking something?” Jason asked with his eyebrows raised at her.

“I don’t plan to,” Roxanne told him with a hint of a smile.

“Good, Winston can be very protective of his things.” Jason said, nodding down at the British Bulldog that was lying in the middle of the floor and sleeping, his legs twitching slightly as though he were running in his dream.

“He looks positively frightening,” Roxanne deadpanned as she looked down at the dog.

“Looks can be deceiving.” Jason told her, their eyes meeting. Roxanne felt like her stomach was turning to goo with the way that he was looking at her, but she couldn’t look away from him.

Jason shook his head slightly as he jutted his thumb towards the door, “I should get going before Sydney comes in here to drag me out. If Winston starts getting annoying or is too much for you, just give him his toy, it’s somewhere in one of these rooms, he loves that thing. It’ll calm him right down, squeaks like a motherfucker so it’ll probably drive you insane. But, yeah, have fun. I’ll be back in a few hours, if you’re still here. If not, can you just make sure that the bathroom door is shut? I don’t want Winston getting in there and eating the toothpaste again, otherwise you’ll be the one coming over to wash him.”

Roxanne gave a laugh at Jason’s words, “I’ll remember to shut the bathroom door. Have fun in your training.”

“I would much rather be here with you.” Jason admitted, Roxanne felt her face heating up at his words.

“You better get going.” Roxanne told him quickly.

Jason nodded before walking out of the room, throwing another look at her over his shoulder before he left. Roxanne looked at the bedroom door for a while as the fact that she had been left alone in Jason’s flat, washed over her, he must really trust her to be here alone. She would never leave someone alone in her flat, especially someone on an opposing team, especially if it were a Wasp, what was stopping her from tampering with things or destroying things apart from the fact that she wasn’t that kind of girl?

Roxanne took a deep breath as she decided to find her way to the kitchen and see if he had any coffee in the flat, she was feeling quite tired and wanted to wake herself up a bit more.


Roxanne walked slowly around Jason’s flat, a cup of coffee in her hands that she was sipping at as she glanced around her. She was amazed at the kind of things that Jason had in his flat, various awards and certificates adorned one wall in the front room, the awards on the shelves whilst the certificates and various pictures of his team were hanging on the wall. As she looked at the pictures she noticed that one right in the centre was a lot different than the others surrounding it, she neared it curiously and saw that it contained a young boy, whom she realised was Jason, and an older man that she assumed was his father.

She gave a warm smile as she saw the proud look in the man’s eyes as he turned to look at his grinning son. She wondered what kind of a man Jason’s dad was.

She moved away from the wall and walked over to the sofa that was sitting in the middle of the room, sitting down on the sofa, she placed her cup on the table before leaning back into the sofa, Winston jumped up and sat next to her. Roxanne scratched him behind the ears as she looked down at him.

She stifled a yawn as she leant her head back on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling, she really needed to leave, she had things to do and she needed to see if she had to do any damage control over the night before, but she couldn’t bring herself to get up off of the sofa, mainly because it required too much energy that she didn’t have. Roxanne shuffled in her seat before moving so that she was lying down on the sofa, her head resting on the pillow just next to the arm of the chair, Winston moved to lie down next to her and Roxanne went back to scratching behind his ears.

“Maybe a little nap won’t hurt, will it Winston?” she asked the dog, who yawned in response. “Just make sure you wake me up in about an hour’s time,”

The dog ignored her words, but moved his head so that it was lying on her arm, she was amazed just how friendly Jason’s dog was, he didn’t even know Roxanne and yet here he was acting like he had known her his whole life. Roxanne smiled down at Winston before she closed her eyes.


To say that Jason was distracted for most of the day would be an understatement, he couldn’t help that his mind would drift back to Roxanne, wondering what she was doing, if she was still at his place or not, when he would next see her. He very nearly paid for being so distracted when a Bludger was close to hitting him in the face and breaking his nose, thankfully the side of his head had taken most of the hit from the Bludger, causing him to need to see the Healer and making sure he wasn’t suffering from concussion. He wasn’t concussed, thankfully, the side of his head was just very sore and he knew that it would bruise along the side of his face and along his jaw line as it already hurt to move it much.

As he brought his hand up to touch the tender part of his face, he walked into the front room, wondering where Winston had got to, noticing on his way passed the bathroom that Roxanne hadn’t closed the door like he had asked her to. Jason repressed a groan as he tried not to imagine just what state he was going to find the house.

He glanced over at the sofa and had to stop in his surprise at seeing Roxanne asleep on it, with Winston lying on her legs as he looked at Jason. Jason let out a small laugh and a shake of his head as he let his hand fall from where it was touching his face, he walked quietly over to the sofa and scratched Winston behind the ears, hoping that Winston moving wouldn’t wake up the young woman, but he noticed that Roxanne seemed oblivious to the world around her.

Jason pulled the wand out of his pocket and summoned a blanket from his bedroom, he didn’t have the heart to wake up Roxanne, and in all honesty he didn’t want to have her wake up and leave. Jason caught the blanket as it flew over to him and he placed it gently over Roxanne, making sure to not cover Winston with it.

“You seem to really like her,” Jason whispered as he crouched down to pet Winston again, Winston licked him in the face in response, Jason wiped his face with his hand but amusement filled his face. “I hope that you’ve been looking after her, I like having her around.”
Winston blinked at Jason before laying his head back down on Roxanne’s legs. Jason turned to look at Roxanne, who was sleeping soundly. Jason couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face as he watched her.

“I like her a lot.”

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