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Daughter of Earth by BBWotter
Chapter 5 : The Delacours
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 Chapter 5

Ally was sat on the Delacour’s kitchen counter, swinging her sock-clad feet and munching on some cookies she had baked with Dominique. Teddy and Louis were sat on the kitchen table, across from each other, arguing about whether the Appleby Arrows were going to beat the Wimbourne Wasps in their upcoming match and Vic and Dom were painting each other’s nails, occasionally volunteering their opinion. Both were fans of the Holyhead Harpies, especially since their aunt Ginny played for them before she got pregnant with James.  Fleur and Bill still hadn’t come home from work.

“So you saw your mum?” Vic asked, shocked when Ally told them.

“Yeah, she looked great to be honest; it’s like she’s growing younger not older. I didn’t even know that she and dad got divorced. Maybe I should’ve tried to contact them sooner.”

“Hey,” Teddy said gently, “Don’t beat yourself up about it, this is not your fault. Your dad probably just saw sense and it’s good that you’re in touch with Sammy and Safia now right?”

She grinned back at him excitedly, “It was so good seeing them again, I didn’t realise how much I missed them until now. You guys and Aunt Minnie and Bill and Fleur have been my family for the past few years, but it wasn’t quite the same as having them around, you know? We went to Diagon Alley and it was great. Safia got her wand, and then we went to WWW, Sammy and Dad had so much fun in there!” ”

“So when are you seeing them again?” Louis asked, ripping open a packet of chocolate frogs and chucking one at each of them.

“Oi Louis! Are you blind or just plain stupid? Can’t you see we’re doing our nails?” Vic asked irately. He just stuck his tongue out and bit the head off his chocolate frog.

Ally rolls her eyes, “Vic you can just do your nails with a colour changing charm, you’re being dramatic. Would bringing them to the Burrow on Saturday be a good idea?”

“That’s a good idea,” Dom replied, “If you want them to get used to the magical world, you might as well throw them in head first right?”

“But don’t you think it would be better if you eased them into it slowly?” Teddy asked, “You don’t learn to swim just by jumping in you know.”

“Whatever, Mr Wise Guy, if you were listening to me you would know that we went to Diagon Alley this morning, don’t you think that’s enough easing in?”

It was at that moment that Fleur and Bill apparated in.

“Ally darling! How are you? I haven’t seen you for ages!” Fleur enveloped her in a massive hug, “Since Easter! Don’t leave us without you for that long again!”

Bill laughs at his wife affectionately, and ruffles Ally’s hair. “She’s right, come see us more often okay?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll try to come by more often. Teddy invited me to the Burrow on Saturday so that should be fun.”

“That’s great! You haven’t been since your third year.”

“Erm...let’s not talk about that.”

The last time Ally had gone to the Burrow it had been a disaster. She had spent half the morning in a secluded corner of the garden with a book and a bunch of muggle sweets that she adored no matter how beautiful the chocolate from Honeydukes was. 

Fleur had finally found her surrounded by a bunch of multi-coloured wrappers and had dragged her to the kitchen, asking her to help with lunch. A broken plate and two upturned bowls later she was hastily pushed out of the kitchen and was told to call everyone to lunch.

She had found almost everyone in the living room, save for Fred, James and their friends Andrew Wood and Sean Finnegan. She heard a loud burst of laughter from the upstairs bed-room and had hesitantly climbed the stairs and approached a door that had a sign that read: Enter at your own peril.

Not feeling particularly brave, she softly rapped her knuckles and took a step back as the door swung open. The laughter stopped immediately and as she peered inside and found the four boys staring at her with shocked expressions.



“James! Your mum is going to kill us!”


She had just stared at them as if they were crazy – which, as she had discovered later on upon further interaction, they most definitely were – and inched inside the room.

“Uh, dinner’s ready. You might want to come down.”

“Ally, you’re name is Ally, right? Do me a favour and back away really slowly. No sudden movements,” She opened her mouth to protest but was quickly cut off “Just do it!”

She backed away as slowly and quietly as she could and she had almost made it out of the door when her foot slipped on a stray sock and she fell backwards, a shriek escaping her lips. She landed with a thud on her behind and sat there for a second, shell-shocked.

The next thing she knew, a waterfall of purple dust sprinkled down, coating her completely. The only thing that wasn’t bright purple and sparkling were her eyes and no water or spell could remove it. She had had to wait 5 hours for it to fade away and had quickly flooed back to the cottage before anyone could see her.

One would think that Ally and the boys’ relationship would be strained, but she had learned to laugh about it after a while and soon she was checking their pranks and plans for any mistakes whenever Rose didn’t have the time or was unwilling to help in their latest acts of crazy. They weren’t exactly close, but she didn’t hate them either.

Still, she hadn’t gone back, and had spent most of her time in the forest or had flooed into London to go to some muggle libraries and bookshops every time she had been invited. This year however, Teddy had made her promise to come, and it was a good opportunity for her siblings to get acquainted with the wizarding world.

“Don’t worry, if the boys try anything again, I’ll deal with them.” Louis made a point of flexing his muscles and flashing his best smile. His Veela charms had never worked on Ally, and they definitely weren’t about to start now.

“Idiot. I can look after myself you know.” She said, flicking him on the forehead.

“Ow! That was uncalled for!”

“Stop being a baby and man up.” Dom interjected.

“I’ll have you know I am as much of a man as the next guy thank you.”


Leaving the squabbling siblings to it, Ally headed out to the garden to check on Fleur’s garden fairly discreetly. She knew that the Delacour/Weasley suspected something but had made no move to find out, a feat that must have been incredibly difficult for Dom, who was nosy at best.

A few minutes later, Teddy comes to join her, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

“So what do you really feel about this?” he asked softly, knowing her nonchalant facade for what it really was; worried and hurt. Worried that her family may still not accept her, hurt that they hadn’t told her what had happened between her father and mother.

“I’m fine Teddy, don’t worry about it ok?”

He gave her a warning look. “Don’t lie to me.”

“You probably know already. You’re creepy like that.”

He laughed, ruffling his hair the same way all the Potter men did, and he was considered one of them, for when he wasn’t at his gran’s, at the Delacour’s or with Ally, he was at the Potter residence causing mischief. “I guess you’re right, must be the wolf in me. Apparenlty wolves are good at detecting what hte’r pack mates are feelings so....”

“You just don’t want to admit that you’re a creeeeep!” She sang out, ducking as he gently swiped at her head.”When’s the next full moon anyway?”


“Are you going to try to get away from Vic again, ‘cause you know how that turned out last time.”

“I thought we agreed not to talk about that!”

“I’m just saying that the last time you two tried to stay away from each other, it resulted in Bill finding you together in her bed so –“

She trailed off as Teddy covered her mouth with his hand, looking annoyed.

“I get it ok! She’s coming over tonight anyway, so you don’t need to worry about us getting caught in any illicit acts by her father. Damn, that guy is scary.”

“Well now you’re getting him as a father-in-law.” She said, grinning wickedly as he groaned.

“Don’t remind me.”

“He’s just over-protective. Must be the wolf in him.”

“Shut up. Don’t throw my words back at me.”

“You love my charm and wit Teddy-bear.” She winked and blew him a kiss.

“Trying to steal my fiancé, are you?”

Ally turned to see the smiling face of Victoire, accompanied by Dom and Louis.

“You know it, he’s so much better than any of the guys at Hogwarts.”

“Personally, I don’t see it.” Dom teased, “I mean, have you seen Nott? Wood? They’re all so much better-looking than Lupin here.”

“Well I’m content with my Teddy, you carry on with your play-things Dommy dearest.”

“More like Dummy dearest, seriously Dom, can’t you please give up on those idiots and settle down with one guy, it would give me less people to beat up.”

“Louis shut up, it’s not like you’re much better. How many girlfriends have you had? 10? 15?”

“But Louis’ just a baby! How can he have so many girlfriends already?” asked Vic, looking surprised.

“He’s been testing out that Veela charm, and it’s been working. Plus don’t you remember attracting half the male population at Hogwarts yourself?” Dom said.

“Oh but there was only one worth attracting, and I got him didn’t I?” she replied, casting a flirtatious glance at Teddy, who winked in return.

Louis, Dom and Ally pulled faces at the two, before walking off towards the beach. The weather was warm enough for them to dip their feet into the water. They splash each other, and soon Dom and Ally had tripped Louis up, his feet tangling with theirs, so they were soon a heap of limbs beneath the he shallow waves. Ally had never been happier, she was surrounded by people she loved, and who loved her in return. She had found her family, and she was going back to the Burrow for the first time in years. She was content. 

A/N: Hello lovelies. Long time no see eh? ;) Here's chapter five, it would be a wonder if any of my old readers still followed this story. Terribley sorry for the wait darlings, I really have no excuse. Hope you enjoy, and I make no promises for ehrn the next chapter will be up. I can tell you that it's gonna be at the Burrow. 

BBWotter xoxoxxoxoxo (extra hugs and kisses as a way of apology) xoxoxo

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Daughter of Earth: The Delacours


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