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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 34 : 33- The Last Death Eater
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33- The Last Death Eater

Harry hit the hard wooden floor with a thud and could tell from the grunt of pain he’d heard that Selwyn hadn’t landed well either. Harry raised his head and his heart leaped as he saw all four Malfoy’s, bound, gagged and ill looking but alive.
Draco, Astoria and Narcissa all stared at him, their eyes wide with hope. Lucius, however, appeared to be unconscious. Harry felt the bones and muscles in his wand arm go numb and move without conscious thought, aiming at the ropes binding them while his left hand willingly flew into the inside pocket of his robes and clutched the three wands that had once belonged to Bailey, Nolan and Akrahn.

There was a flash of purple light as the ropes fell off of the Malfoys and Harry rolled the three wands towards the family.
As the rope binding Lucius fell, Harry felt as though a constricting band that had wrapped itself tightly around his brain for so long ago he had just gotten used to it had finally released its grip allowing him to breathe and think clearly for the first time in ages.

“Crabbe! Felicia! Where are you?” Selwyn bellowed out as he began to pick himself up. Harry strained his neck and saw Preston Crabbe, large and round with his long curly grey hair covering his rough fat face, run in on the scene. Crabbe looked from Selwyn then to Harry before sending a curse at Harry who had to roll to avoid it, slamming into the bare wall. Crabbe raised his wand for another strike but his eyes flickered off Harry just in time to avoid an Impediment Jinx sent by Draco.

Harry quickly pushed himself off the floor and for the first time, got a good look at the large dank empty room he had been transported to. Small beams of light were pouring in through the gaps in the stained brown curtains of a window behind Selwyn and Harry saw, at the end of the wall that the Malfoys had been bound to, Astoria moving quickly towards a small wooden table with barriers containing a small blond toddler. Harry caught Selwyn’s dark brown eyes and they glared at each other momentarily, Draco and Crabbe’s duel filling the room with noise, before they both raised their wands.

Harry blocked Selwyn’s first spell and deflected his second, dark grey jet of light back at him and it hit Selwyn in the shoulder of his wand free arm. Selwyn cried out in pain as the sound of his left shoulder dislocating rang throughout the room.

Avada Kedavra!” Selwyn cried out in frustration but Harry calmly dodged out of the way of the poorly aimed curse before retaliating with a twirl of his wand. The ragged curtains of the window behind Selwyn became animated and began to quickly wrap themselves tightly around Selwyn’s wand arm and dislocated arm. Selwyn tried to struggle against his binds; a flash of white light bursting from his wand and uselessly hitting the ceiling allowing dust to fall from the newly formed hole.
Harry gave one final jab with his wand and the curtains pulled Selwyn by his arms sending him flying through the window, shards of glass flying everywhere.
Selwyn slammed to the ground outside and his wand flew from his hand as he rolled several feet onto the empty road.

Harry turned to assist Draco just to see him dodge a curse of Crabbe’s and stumble as he did so. Crabbe grinned and took his advantage sending a second curse at Draco who conjured a Shield Charm just in time. The force of the curse sent Draco to the floor but the spell itself rebounded back at the large man. The curse struck Crabbe in the heart and there was a look of shock which froze on the old Death Eater’s face as he fell to the ground with a loud thud, his pale round eyes remaining open as he lay on the floor.

Draco got back to his feet and recoiled backwards slightly at the sight of the corpse. But, with a look towards his mother who was casting a variety of healing charms on his father and his wife who was sobbing as she cradled his son, he appeared to force himself to calm down and ran to join them.

Harry turned back to look out of the destroyed window and saw Selwyn dragging himself with his one working arm towards his wand. Harry climbed through the broken window and, with a lazy flick of his wand, Selwyn’s wand flew into the air and into Harry’s outstretched hand.
Selwyn appeared to try and hold in a wail of pain as he pushed himself to his knees but went no further when he saw Harry aim his wand at him.

“You think you’ve won?” Selwyn said, panting in pain and Harry notice a trickle of blood run down his face from a large graze at the top of his forehead. “I still have an army of over twelve-hundred strong attacking your precious Ministry. Even if you kill me, which I know you won’t, another shall only take my place.” Harry didn’t respond though he continued to aim his wand as he drew closer to Selwyn.
“By the time you return, your friends, your allies would have fallen. The great British Ministry, the very foundations of the anti-Dark Wizarding movement, the first to fall into the hands of the Alliance. Even with your pathetic reinforcements from the Confederation, you are still outnumbered and outmatched.” Selwyn then laughed to himself as he allowed the blood to drip from his face to the ground.
“And you still don’t have it in you to kill me, do you, an unarmed criminal whom you’ve hunted for nearly a decade. The last of the free Death Eaters at the mercy of the Auror who never killed.”

Harry stopped moving towards Selwyn, a sense of dread sinking into his heart. “Or have you killed already? I wandered what happened to Marius and you did very nearly kill Felicia when she killed your scum of a Head of Law.” Selwyn asked mockingly. “Go ahead, stun me. No doubt when I wake up, my faithful army will have found me and my own reign would have begun and it will be all your fault, Potter. You think those Wizards and Witches fight for me only because they want power? They do it because they have no other choice. They do it for survival. Hell, there are Dark Wizards out there that even I don’t know of yet, angry, suppressed and hunted down by their Ministry but ready to fight by my side. You might have kettled all of the Dark Wizard movements and thwarted any plans but there has been a storm brewing for a long time now and you have merely witnessed the eye of it.”

Harry’s wand shook in his hand as it continued to aim at Selwyn’s chest, the curse building within him. “Pathetic. Your friends fight and die for a cause but you refuse to kill for it.” Harry and Selwyn then looked directly into each other’s eyes. “You have failed.”

Avada Kedavra!” The jet of green light struck the Death Eater in the chest and, in what seemed like slow motion, Edmund Selwyn fell dead to the ground with a dull thud as droplets of scarlet continued to dribble from his head wound; a faint grin still etched on his face.

Harry turned and saw Narcissa Malfoy, Bailey’s wand in her shaking raised hand.
“Well someone had to, Potter.” She then turned to see her family huddled together. “And after what he’s done, I’m glad it was me.” Harry’s wand hand was also trembling slightly but he spoke calmly.

“Where’s Felicia?” He asked, remembering Selwyn had called out for her assistance. Narcissa turned back to face him.

“I don’t know. She was still injured from her fight with you but told Crabbe she had received a message and had to go. She then hopped on her broom and took off. It was her and Crabbe’s job to kill you on sight if you took Selwyn’s offer to come here but when she left, the fat oaf couldn’t help but snack in the kitchen to calm himself for a bit.” Harry nodded, thinking. Could Felecia have gone to the battle?

“I need to get back to the Ministry.” Harry stated, stowing Selwyn’s wand away.

“And what about us?” She asked. “If what Selwyn said is true and the Ministry is falling, we have nowhere to go.” Harry stared at the corpse of Selwyn.

“Go into hiding.” Harry said. “All of the remaining Death Eaters are dead now. If the Dark Wizards do win, they’ll have no grudge against you.” Narcissa walked slowly in front of Harry’s view. She was ghostly pale with black bags under her wide grey eyes and she was still trembling slightly though she forced herself to stand tall.

“All of them? You mean Lestrange? Rowle?”

Harry nodded. “All those within Azkaban too.” He added and the two stared at each other and Harry could have sworn he saw something warm in her eyes, like an inkling of concern.

“Selwyn said they have you outnumbered. If you go back to the Ministry, they’ll kill you.”

“Well I’m sorry but I can’t stay here while everyone dies!” Harry replied in frustration. He turned away to face the Malfoy’s. Draco was lifting his fragile father up while Astoria continued to cradle her child as she sobbed. “Go to Andromeda’s. She’ll look after you.” But Narcissa didn’t seem to hear him.

“Tell me, Potter. If they win and you die, what do you think the odds are of the Confederation retaking control?”
Harry didn’t answer but instead went to crouch over Selwyn’s body and search the inside of his robes. He pulled out a thin dark green book and recognised it at once.

“Cecilia had one of these.” He said to himself.


“This must be the book they’ve been using to communicate.” Harry said, ignoring Narcissa and pocketing the book.

“Potter, answer me!”

“I don’t know!” The two shouted. “I don’t know. The Aurors the Confederation sent to America are fighting at the Ministry right now. If they fall, I don’t know what the Confederation will do. Whether they’ll fight for revenge or surrender in fear, I just don’t know.”
And, despite all he had been through, for only the second time that day Harry felt real fear creep into his chest.

“It can’t happen again.” Narcissa said quietly but they both turned at the sound of Lucius stumbling despite Draco’s assistance and Harry felt pity mix in with the feelings of urgency and fear. “I can’t let it happen again!” Narcissa said more loudly and when Harry turned back to look at her, he saw Bailey’s wand pointed directly at his face, a flash of red and then darkness.

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The Battle of the Survivors : 33- The Last Death Eater


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