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Helping Hands by ohmymerlin
Chapter 5 : Epilogue
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Draco was nervous. More than that, he was terrified. He paced up and down the halls of the hospital, running his hands through his already receding hair line. He was sent out a few hours ago and with each minute he became more and more anxious.

“Draco, it’s going to be okay,” his mother soothed him, putting a hand on his arms. Astoria’s parents were sitting down and quiet, not looking at anyone or speaking at all. Lucius was generally a very quiet person but had become much more solemn watching his son worry.

“How do you know that?” he asked hysterically. “How do you know she’s okay?!”

Narcissa said, “This happens to many people, Draco. Astoria is going to be okay. Trust me on this.”

He swallowed nervously. “What about—” he whispered but was then interrupted by the Healer.

“Mr Malfoy? Your wife will see you now,” she said, smiling at the man, holding the door open for him. Draco rushed past her to see a very tired Astoria holding a little bundle in her arms.

“It’s a boy,” she whispered as soon as she saw him. “And he’s perfectly healthy.”

Draco let out a long breath he hadn’t realised he was holding and came to his wife’s side to look at his newborn son. He was only tiny but he was perfect. He didn’t notice that he had begun to well up until Astoria teased, “Why, Mr Malfoy, are you crying?”

“No,” he grumbled, wiping at his eyes. Astoria just shook her head fondly at her husband. “May I hold him?”

“Of course,” she said, lifting him up so Draco could hold him. “Make sure you hold his head, dear.”

Draco nodded and secured his son into his arms. He stared down at the little boy he and Astoria made together and was extremely relieved that his son seemed to be in perfect condition. “He’s perfect,” he mumbled. Astoria smiled and stared up at her two boys. Draco looked down at her and smiled. “Is everything okay with you?” he asked nervously.

Astoria’s grin faltered. “I don’t know,” she said quietly. “I don’t know whether we can have any more children, Draco.”

Draco stared at his wife and said, “It doesn’t matter. He’s more than enough. You’ve done brilliantly.” Astoria smiled and her eyes filled with tears. He teased, “Now who’s the one crying, Mrs Malfoy?”

“Oh, shush you,” she said, wiping at her eyes, “I’m meant to cry.”

Draco laughed silently and then returned to staring at his new son. “Are we still calling him Scorpius Hyperion?” he asked.

Astoria nodded. “Yes,” she said with a smile, “that’s a perfect name for him, isn’t it?” Draco agreed with her and she said, “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Perfect.”

Draco whispered, “Hello, little Scorpius.” Scorpius didn’t respond but Draco smiled anyway. “This wonderful woman right here is your mummy. And I’m your dad. And we love you so much. Even though you put Mummy through a hell of a time to get you here.”

“Don’t swear in front of him,” Astoria scolded, “he’s five minutes old!”

Draco grinned. “Sorry, Astoria.” She grumbled slightly and he said, “Here, take Scorpius. I’ll go get our parents.” Astoria nodded and held out her arms for her newborn son eagerly. Draco placed Scorpius gently in her arms, pressed a kiss to his head and then gave a kiss to Astoria. “You’re the most wonderful woman in this whole world,” he said, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Draco,” she said, lifting her eyes from Scorpius to Draco. “And I’m so glad our son looks exactly like you.”

Draco laughed and she then shooed him out to tell the good news to their parents who were waiting anxiously in the hall. Draco told them the news and invited them into the small room and sat by Astoria’s side as they passed Scorpius around and admired him.

Draco put his arm around Astoria and she said quietly, “I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

He corrected, “We’re the luckiest people in the universe.”

She smiled at him. “I love you so much, Draco.”

“I love you too, Astoria,” he said, kissing her.

So that's the end of Helping Hands! I hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you to everyone who's read this story. It really means a lot to me! And thank you to the validators! Couldn't have done it without you :)

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Helping Hands: Epilogue


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