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Lily's Defender by Snapegirl
Chapter 48 : Remus' Revelation
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Chapter 48

Remus's Revelation


The Saturday before Halloween dawned bright and clear. The third years were excited for breakfast to be over with so they could go to Hogsmeade. Severus, Lily and the rest of their friends were looking forward to visiting the places that Dorian and Tav had described last year. They were all sitting together at the Hufflepuff table this morning. Remus was still recovering from his illness in the hospital wing and would not be going to Hogsmeade with them.

Reg was rather sulky as he wouldn't be able to go until the next year, but Sirius promised to bring him samples from Honeydukes and some joke merchandise from Zonko's which cheered him up considerably. He rubbed his hands together and announced, "I think I'm going to plant a dungbomb under Barty Jr.'s bed. Straw-haired nutter!"

"His roommates won't thank you!" Dorian pointed out. "Even though they don't like him either."

"Yeah, and you might find a couple of dungbombs planted under your bed in revenge," Tav pointed out.

Reg grinned. "I figure it'll be worth it if I can bring Barty down a few pegs!"

"He is kind of creepy, I think," Emily said. "The way he looks at us Muggleborns." She shivered.

"His old man's shooting for Minister of Magic after Bagnold decides to call it quits," Jane added.

"Speaking of the election," Irene said softly, leaning over so that the others could hear her. "I had an owl early this morning from dad saying that Cousin Charles was found wandering around the grounds this morning under Pothead's invisibility cloak, drunk and singing a bawdy song! Dumbledore and McGonagall had to call the Knight's Bus to get him home! The Potter elves can't stand the Potters and they told our two house elves all about it."

The friends all burst into laughter and looked over at the Gryffindor table. Mary, Lisa and Daniel were there, but James was clearly missing. Mary glared at them when she saw they were looking.

The owls flew in just then with the morning mail. Tav opened his copy of the Daily Prophet and began laughing as he saw the headline. "Well, I guess Rita Skeeter got her revenge on Pothead's dad for the wrong information he gave her about Professor Gold!" He held up the paper so they could all see it. The headline read: 'Former Minister of Magic Candidate Found Drunk and Wandering Around on Hogwarts Grounds Under Invisibility Cloak!' The story went on to say the headmaster and deputy headmistress had found Potter senior wandering around the Hogwarts grounds under an invisibility cloak and appearing to have 'tied one on.' They had to call the Knight's Bus to transport him back home.

"Pothead will never live this down!" Caddaric laughed.

"I guess he's not having a good year so far," Frank sneered. "I can't say I feel the least bit sympathetic either!"

"Yes, he can't go to Hogsmeade today because he's suspended and he won't be at the Halloween Feast either," Alice chortled.

"I'm just glad Dumbledore quit favoring him and now apparently sees what a monster he's help to create," Severus said.

Dumbledore rose. "I know you're all anxious to begin your visit to Hogsmeade and I have a few words I'd like to say regarding your visit. Please present a good representation of Hogwarts by being courteous and respectful to the people of Hogsmeade, and getting along. Remember no magic is to be done outside of school. Now have a good time and be back in the school by three o'clock at the latest."

The friends split up to go back to their houses to get their coats. Sirius had brought his coat with him to breakfast and said he would wait for them in the Entrance Hall.

James was sitting in the common room, his face pulled into a pout and his arms crossed over his chest. Even his friends had abandoned him not wanting to miss their first visit to Hogsmeade.

Lily and Alice giggled and ran past him up to their dorm room.

Peter and Frank walked past him. "Why so glum, Potter?" Frank asked. "Oh! I forgot! You got caught by McGonagall snooping under your cloak and Dumbledore confined you here when you're not in class." Frank and Pete laughed.

"Shut up, Longboob and Pettigoop!" James snapped, pulling out his wand.

"Better watch it, Potter," Pete advised. "If McGonagall happens to walk in and sees you with your wand out, you'll be confined here for the rest of the year!"

James muttered something, but shoved his wand out of sight again.

Lily and Alice came down the stairs and into the common room wearing their coats. "It's going to be so much fun seeing Hogsmeade, Lily!" Alice said loudly as they passed James.

James sneered at them and replied, "I hope you all step in a mud puddle and sink to the bottom of it!"

"You first, Potter!" Lily called back as she and Alice went out the portrait door.

Frank and Pete came back into the common room. "Have a nice day, Potter," Pete called over his shoulder.

"I hope you all run into a Hag and get cursed!" James yelled.

Frank flipped him off as he and Pete left Gryffindor Tower. They went downstairs to the Entrance Hall where the others were waiting. "Potter's in a bit of a snit," Frank announced smiling.

"Yeah we saw MacTavish, MacDonald, and Troyer run past. Apparently they decided going to Hogsmeade was more fun than staying with their buddy," Caddaric grinned.

"Poor Pothead!" Lily sneered.

They stopped briefly in the hospital wing to say goodbye to Remus before they went outside and walked down the driveway and through the main gates.

Page ~*~*~*~* Break

Remus was sitting up reading his Arithmancy textbook. He had been constantly going over in his head the pros and cons of telling his friends about his condition so consequently hadn't gotten much reading done. He wished he could have gone to Hogsmeade with his friends, but they had stopped in before they left, promising him they would bring back samples form Honeydukes for him. Remus loved anything chocolate.

Madam Pomfrey came in to check on Remus about lunch time. "Is everything okay, Mr. Lupin? How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling a lot better, Madam Pomfrey, even a little hungry." Remus answered.

"I'm happy to hear it and I shall ask my elf to bring you some lunch. I think a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a sandwich should do the trick nicely." Madam Pomfrey summoned her elf, Tippy and asked her to bring the lunch she'd decided on for Remus.

"I be rights back with it, Madam," Tippy promised.

Tippy was back in a few minutes with the soup, sandwich and a glass of pumpkin juice. "I'm also going to have you take a nutrition potion to replace any vitamins and minerals you may have lost while being sick." Madam Pomfrey said, asking Tippy to fetch a vial of it from the medicine cupboard in her office. Tippy gave it to her and she handed it to Remus. "Swallow this first and then eat while everything is hot."

Remus did as she instructed and then dipped his spoon into the soup, taking a sip of it. "Madam Pomfrey, I wonder if I could talk to you."

"Certainly, child," she replied sitting down in a chair next to his bed. "What do you need help with?"

Remus looked around him cautiously even though he was the only one there before continuing, but Poppy held up her hand and cast a silencing spell around the bed. "There now nobody can overhear anything if somebody walks in."

"Thanks. I've been going back and forth on whether I should tell my friends about my condition, but I can't seem to decide. I know we'll be studying werewolves in Defense in the next couple of weeks and I know my friends are smart enough to see the similarities. Dorian and Tav may already have figured it out although they haven't given any indication of it."

"Well, Mr. Lupin, you have to make that decision on your own, but I can tell you that your friends are very loyal and I've seen them sitting here with you when you've been very sick in the pre-stages of your transformation and I've seen Mr. Snape keep Mr. Potter from bothering you. I believe you have nothing to fear in telling them about your Lycanthropy and that they will not abandon you."

Remus smiled. He was certain Madam Pomfrey was a good judge of character. "When can I be dismissed?"

"I'm going to dismiss you tomorrow morning after breakfast."

Remus nodded and returned to his Arithmancy. He would ask his friends to meet him in the Room of Requirement after breakfast tomorrow and tell them about his Lycanthropy then.

Page ~*~*~*~* Break

Severus and Lily strolled around Hogsmeade, looking in all the stores and occasionally holding hands. The friends had split up. Sirius, Tav, Dorian, and Pete had gone to Zonko's Joke Shop to look at the array of every type of joke product that had ever been invented. Frank, Caddaric, and Jane had gone to Dervish and Bangs while Irene, Alice and Emily had gone to Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop. They had agreed to meet at the Three Broomsticks for Butterbeer in two hours.

Severus and Lily walked into the post office and saw a large array of owls. Severus pointed up to where three owls were roosting. "See those owls, Lily? Those are international owls and they're chosen strictly for their speed."

"What about those little owls right there, Sev?"

"I think they're probably the local postage owls because they wouldn't be able to fly very far without getting tired."

They looked in different stores and after visiting Gladrags Wizardwear, they stood outside deciding where they should go next. "We've still got some time before meeting the others. Why don't we go to Honeydukes?" Lily suggested.

"Okay," Severus agreed. Honeydukes was just down the street from Gladrags. Delicious smells of chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and other candy greeted them as they opened the door and went in. The place was packed of course, but they took the time to collect samples for Remus and Reg before making up their minds what they wanted to buy. Severus decided on some chocolate cauldron cakes while Lily wanted to buy the treacle tart flavored taffy. Severus paid for both of theirs since his grandparents had given him a fairly decent amount of pocket money at the beginning of the year and he hadn't spent any of it yet.

"Thanks, Sev," Lily said smiling at him.

Remembering Gold's advice, Severus replied, "You're welcome, Lily."

They walked to the Three Broomsticks holding hands and entered the inn. Dorian waved at them from a large table close to the fireplace. Everybody else had already arrived and had been waiting for Severus and Lily.

"Eww!" someone said loudly. "I wouldn't want to hold hands with any snake, especially one as greasy as Snivellus!" It was MacDonald. She was sitting with Daniel and Lisa at a nearby table.

"Gee, Macdonald did you and your friends abandon Pothead?" Lily asked sweetly as Severus pulled out her chair for her. "I guess he isn't worth missing a Hogsmeade weekend over, huh?"

"You don't know anything, Evans! James told us to go because he didn't want us to miss our first Hogsmeade weekend."

Alice giggled. "I'm sure that's why he looked as if he was in a major pout when we left."

"Shut up, Starkey," Lisa snapped. "You're just a mouthy idiot!"

"Who hangs around with Mudbloods, Half-bloods and Blood Traitors!" MacTavish muttered.

Sirius rose, his fists clenched. "You want to repeat that, MacTavish so I can bust your conk for a good reason - not that I need one!"

Tav pulled on Sirius' arm. "Sit down, Sirius. They're definitely not worth getting detention or suspended over."

Sirius glared at them, but sat down again. They all ordered a Butterbeer from Madam Rosmerta.

After she brought their Butterbeers to the table, Severus cast a silencing spell around the table so they could talk without anybody overhearing them.

"I like the overview Professor Gold taught us about werewolves. The other creatures he mentioned are dark, but he stressed werewolves were first and foremost humans and weren't dark by choice," Lily said.

"But the Ministry doesn't believe that," Sirius stated. "Forcing people to register themselves after they get bitten or register their kids. I could see it if they were going to give them some type of help, but they don't and it's just to keep track of them."

"And that awful Umbridge woman proposing all those laws to block them from holding jobs, having a nice places to live or even a decent standard of living," Emily pointed out.

"She must think people get bitten by choice; they seek out werewolves with the intention of getting bit," Jane said.

"Fenrir Greyback has bitten a lot of adults and children, but the Ministry refuses to do anything about him when he ought to be in Azkaban!" Caddaric added heatedly.

"That's because a lot of the Ministry for the most part doesn't think people who suffer from Lycanthropy aren't human any longer," Severus said. "They're only wild, dangerous beasts now!"

"That's so stupid!" Irene said. "They're only dangerous when there's a full moon and most of them are responsible and make sure they have a secure, isolated place to transform."

"I think its fear and it makes people forget they're human and agree to treat Lycanthropes' unjustly," Pete said.

"I wonder what they're talking about," Mary remarked.

"Who cares?" Lisa asked, fluffing her hair. "They're a bunch of drips anyway."

"Well, James asked us to keep an eye on them for him. They look like they're up to something."

"Where do they disappear to during the weekends and at night?" Daniel asked. "We never see Evans, Starkey, Longbottom, Lupin, Black, or Pettigrew in the common room then."

"They probably hanging around with Snivellus and those other creepy snakes down in the dungeon," Lisa offered.

"That's one of the things James wanted to find out when he had his invisibility cloak," Mary said. "That's why we we're following Lupin and Pettigrew."

"Well, he hasn't got it anymore," Daniel said. "Bagnold probably confiscated it after they found Mr. Potter wondering around on the grounds this morning."

"No because the Prophet said Dumbledore and McGonagall sent Mr. Potter home on the Knight Bus," Lisa said. "They wouldn't dare take it anyway!"

"Well, maybe they'll let James have it back when he goes home for the holidays," Daniel said. "Because unless we learn how to disillusion ourselves; we're not getting anywhere without it."

Severus took down the silencing charm as the teens got ready to leave the Three Broomsticks. They got on their coats and picked up their packages and headed back to the castle with Lily holding Severus' hand once again.

After they'd arrived back at the castle and went to their houses to put away their purchases and then went down to the hospital wing to visit Remus. As it turned out, three different groups had stopped at Honeydukes besides Severus and Lily and gotten candy samples for Remus and Reg.

"Thanks, everybody," Remus said. "I wish I could have gone with you."

"Well, you'll be able to go next time," Sirius said encouragingly.

"Oneydukes is …the best!" Reg suddenly declared with his mouth full of chocolate.

"You know, brother, mum would have a hippogriff if she saw you talking with your mouth full of food," Sirius said.

Everyone laughed as Reg swallowed and turned red. He knew it was true what his brother said. Their mum insisted on good manners first and foremost.

"Madam Pomfrey said she'll probably dismiss me after breakfast tomorrow. Can we meet afterwards in our place? I've got something I want to discuss with everybody." 'There's no backing out now,' Remus thought to himself. 'The die is cast.'

"Sure, we'll meet you there as soon as breakfast is over," Severus agreed.

"Okay, I'll see you then," Remus replied. He saw Madam Pomfrey headed his way with more potions and grimaced.

"I guess we'd better leave before Madam Pomfrey throws us out," Tav said.

The teens returned to their common rooms until dinner time where they all sat together at the Gryffindor table this time.

James came skulking in and sat down next to Daniel. He was still sulking about the fact that his friends had preferred to go to Hogsmeade rather than keep him company.

"Hey Potter, did your mum have to give your old man a sober-up and hangover potion when he finally got home this morning?" Sirius yelled down the table. There were a lot of snickering up and down the table causing James' face to turn red.

"Shut up, Black!" James yelled back. "Do your parents have to brew their own make-up to cover their dark marks?"

"Sorry, Pothead, but my parents never had a dark mark, but the way your old man talks, maybe he should get one."

James stood up and pulled out his wand. "Take that back, Black or I'll make you!"

"You and who else, Potter?"

Professor McGonagall had been keeping an eye on her table, rose suddenly and quickly made her way over to the table. "Mr. Potter, wand away! Ten points from you and Mr. Black for fighting."

There was a loud groan from the table at this. "As if Potter hasn't lost enough points for us already!" Archibald Treadway said.

Reg shook his head. Siri never could keep a hold of his temper when he should.

Everybody was tired from all the excitement of going to Hogsmeade so they didn't stay long in the Room of Requirement, returning to their common rooms before curfew.

Page ~*~*~*~* Break

Severus entered his room and sat down on his bed where Grey came up to him purring and rubbing around him. "Miss me?" Severus asked as he petted him.

Avery and the Lestrange brothers came into the room. They stopped in front of Severus bed, all three glaring at him. "How come you keep hanging around with those Mudbloods and Blood Traitors?" Avery demanded. "You're disgracing our house!"

Severus jumped to his feet and yelled, "Don't you dare call any of my friends by those derogatory names! I'm disgracing Slytherin House? You three disgrace it every day with your abject stupidity!"

"Be careful, Snape!" Avery said in an intimidating tone. "There's three of us and only one of you plus in case you've forgotten; Mulciber, Wilkes, and Rosier are right next door."

Grey who was perched at the end of Severus' bed gave a loud threatening growl, his tail switching angrily. Severus looked at Grey and grinned. "Make that three against two, gentlemen. And you know Grey can fight – just ask Sirius or Potter. And you know I've been trained by the Black Cloaks."

All three boys paled at the combined threat. Rodolphus tugged on Avery's arm. "Come on, Avery! Let it go! I'm not tangling with that bloody cat; it's a vicious monster! I remember Black saying it nearly ripped his scalp off!"

"And I'm not ending up a pile of broken bones either," Rabastan said. "It's a well known fact that those Black Cloaks don't mess around when they train somebody!"

Avery continued to glare at Severus, but allowed Rodolphus to pull him away.

Severus got ready for bed and cast a protection and silencing charm around his bed so he could sleep peacefully without either worrying about his roommates attacking him in the middle of the night or having to listen to their muttered threats.

There was a major disturbance during the night which sent everybody out into the hallway. Somebody had put a dungbomb under Barty Crouch Jr.'s bed. The stink drifted out into the hallway through the partially shut door.

"Gee, Barty, did you have an accident?" Reg asked. "Forgot to wear your training pants to bed, huh?"

Horace came down the hall attired in emerald green silk pajamas and a matching robe. "Alright, alright, what's happened here?"

"Somebody put a dungbomb under Crouch's bed and now it stinks so bad we can't possibly sleep in there!" One of his roommates complained.

"Don't worry, we have extra beds in the other dorms we can put you there for the night."

Slughorn's voices faded as Severus went back to bed. He woke at seven the next morning and looked around the room. His roommates were all still asleep and Rodolphus was snoring loudly. He got up quietly, took a quick shower and got dressed. He fed Grey his high nutrient tuna and filled a bowl with fresh water. Grey jumped back onto Severus' bed after eating and Severus recast the protection spell around it. It allowed Grey to get in and out through it, but nobody else could. He left, meeting Dorian and Tav coming from the 4th year dorms, and they walked to the Great Hall together.

"Where should we sit today?" Dorian wondered aloud.

"As far away from Pothead as we can get," Tav responded.

"Better be Slytherin," Severus said mimicking the Sorting Hat.

They all laughed as sat down at the table. They were soon joined by the rest of their friends.

Avery, the Lestrange twins, Mulciber, Wilkes and Rosier stopped short as they came through the door and saw who was sitting at the Slytherin table. The six of them pulled out their wands and headed to the table. "What did we say last night about you being friends with these Mudbloods and Blood Traitors, Snape?" Avery said

"Who are you calling Mudbloods and Blood Traitor, you moron!" Sirius demanded jumping to his feet.

Horace sighed and got up from the head table. First a dungbomb last night and now this. "Mr. Avery, Mulciber, Wilkes, Rosier, and Lestrange, wands away!" He ordered.

"They were calling us nasty names, Professor and said they didn't want any Mudbloods or Blood Traitors sitting at our table," Emily said.

Horace turned furious eyes on Avery and his friends. "Ten points from each of you for drawing your wands and for the use of those names!"

"Oh, nice going, you lot! You just lost Slytherin sixty points!" Russ Applewhite, the Quidditch captain called down the table. "You better hope we win the upcoming match by a large margin to replace those points!"

"Now be seated and I don't want to hear another word out of you!" Horace directed. He made his way back to the Head Table and to his place next to Minerva. "I don't know what's gotten into the students of my house lately. In the middle of the night last night, a dungbomb went off underneath Barty Crouch's bed. I had to bunk he and his roommates in with the upper years as their room positively stunk. I haven't found the culprit responsible for that yet either."

"I can sympathize, believe me," Minerva said, thinking of the stunts James Potter had pulled over the last three years.

Page ~*~*~*~* Break

Remus was waiting in the Room of Requirement. He was nervous and had been walking around the room, rehearsing aloud what he was going to say.

The doors opened and his friends came in. They sat down on the various squashy armchairs and couches the room provided for them and looked expectantly at Remus.

He cleared his throat. It was now or never. "I guess you've all been wondering about my illness and why I get sick every month …"

"You don't need to tell us, Remus," Sirius interrupted.

"But I need to, Siri. I think you should know and you'll probably realize it in a couple of weeks or may already have and I don't want you to think I didn't trust you …anyway the illness I suffer from is Lycanthropy …I'm a werewolf."

There were a few surprised looks, but nobody had run out screaming so Remus hurried on. "I was bitten when I was five by a werewolf named Fenrir Greyback in revenge for some imagined grudge he had against my dad. After I was bitten, my parents moved to an isolated house in the country so I never had any friends until I came here. That's why I didn't tell you. It wasn't because I didn't trust you; it's because I didn't want to lose the first friends I've ever had."

"Ohh, Remus, we're so sorry we didn't know and couldn't give you any support until now," Lily said, giving him a hug. Alice, Emily, Irene and Jane followed with more hugs.

"I don't why the Aurors haven't arrested Greyback," Caddaric said. "He should be in Azkaban and kissed just for all the kids he's bitten alone!"

"I knew about your illness, Remus," Severus admitted. "I read ahead in my defense book before school and figured it out." He directed a look at the rest of his friends. "I didn't tell any of you because it wasn't my secret to tell."

"Tav and I suspected it too after Defense last year," Dorian confessed.

"It doesn't change a thing, Remus," Sirius assured him, throwing his arm over Remus' shoulders. "You're still the same bookworm you always were."

"And the same friend," Frank added.

"The potion Professor Gold gives you is to help before you transform?" Severus asked.

"Yes, I get nauseated and sick up a lot before I transform, but his wife invented this potion that really helps with that."

"Where do you go to transform?" Irene asked.

"To the Shrieking Shack. Dumbledore's put it about that it's haunted by extremely evil spirits so nobody goes there and then there's the Whomping Willow they planted the year before I came. He, Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, and Professor Gold are the only ones who know about my condition. They took turns guarding me this month with the exception of Madam Pomfrey, but she's always ready for me when I transform back."

"Well, they should be posting a guard with Pothead and his old man nosing around, looking to cause trouble," Reg said.

"Not to mention MacDonald, MacTavish and Troyer," Tav added.

"It makes no difference to us, Remus, because like Frank said, you're still our friend no matter what," Dorian said for all of them.

"Yeah and you're a good roommate too because you don't mind that I snore," Pete joked, causing everybody, including Remus to laugh uproariously.

Page ~*~*~*~* Break

Halloween morning commenced with the usual smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin permeating the corridors. The scents no longer made Severus sad as he recalled the fabulous treats his mum used to create for the day. Eileen had always made special treats for the kids coming to their door and even Petunia had never complained about them he recalled.

The professors knew the kids were inattentive and hyper about the Halloween Feast so they didn't even attempt to teach them anything new. They reviewed a previous lesson and had the students doing practicals or else had them read their next lesson and write an essay on it.

Slughorn had them brew the Shrinking Solution again. "I noted that with the exception of about five of you, the rest were not able to brew it correctly so we will review it and brew it again. You'll have the last hour to brew it. Please take notes so you can brew the solution properly this time around."

Severus, as was his habit walked around the room, peering into cauldrons. He saw that Sirius was doing much better with his brewing now that he and Potter were no longer partners and he had teamed up with Remus and Peter.

MacDonald was partnered with Troyer. Both their potions were a mess as were Potter's and MacTavish's potions. They would never learn and didn't even try! Avery's and Mulciber's potions were acceptable as were Wilkes' and Rabastan's potions, but Rodolphus' and Rosier's potions were a disaster.

Slughorn sighed as he glanced into some of the cauldrons. "The following students will need to come in Saturday morning and brew their potions again. Miss MacDonald and Miss Troyer, Mr. Potter and Mr. MacTavish, Mr. Rodolphus Lestrange and Mr. Rosier will all report to the lab at ten. No excuses will be accepted."

"I'm not coming on Saturday morning. It's the first Quidditch match. I want to be there to see Gryffindor stomp on the snakes!"

"You will come unless you want to flunk Potions altogether, Mr. Potter. I do recall you saying you wanted to be an Auror, didn't you? Well, you will need to have a least an Exceeds in Potions before the Academy will even look at you," Horace advised. "And for your information, Mr. Potter, I will also be missing the match."

James grumbled knowing he was caught and he wasn't going to be able to get out of it. His father had absolutely no influence with the head of the snakes.

As they were leaving the classroom, Alice called out, "Hey Potter, Happy Halloween!" She'd been doing it every time she saw him as she knew he wasn't allowed at the feast. She said loudly to Lily, "I'm sure looking forward to the feast tonight!"

"Shut up, Starkey!" James yelled back. He turned to his friends. "You guys are staying up in the common room with me? My mum's having our house elves bring me all kinds of treats. It'll be better than the stuff at the feast."

"Of course, Jamie," Mary said, speaking for all of them. "We don't want to sit and listen to Snivvy and his friends anyway."

Lily loved the Halloween Feast. She took plenty of pictures of the Great Hall with the magical camera Sev's grandparents had given her last year so she could show them to her parents and Tuney when she came home for Christmas.

The Great Hall was decorated with huge pumpkins, spider webs, and sparkly orange streamers. Bats flew about. Lily shuddered as one flew over high above her, but she felt Severus squeeze her hand. Everybody was eating and talking up and down the table with their housemates. The food was excellent and everybody managed a second helping, leaving enough room for the desserts which had more sweets than anyone could even imagine.

When the Gryffindors returned to their common room after the feast; they found an unbelievable mess. There were remains of food strewn all over the rug or ground into it, crumbs everywhere and scorch marks on the tables, indicating games of Exploding Snap had been played there. Cushions from the couches had been pulled on the floor and had not been put back.

The seventh year Prefect whose name was Edie Singingale looked around her in disgust. "How can four people make such a mess?"

"That's easy enough; it's Potter. He has a mansion full of house elves and never had to pick up on thing in his entire life!" Frank answered. His mum would have burnt his bum if he'd made a mess like this and expected the house elves to clean it up!

"Neither has MacTavish or Troyer, I would guess," Alice added. "MacDonald's not as rich as the other three so she probably doesn't have all the elves they have, but she follows right along with whatever they do."

"Well, she's going to be following them cleaning up this mess," Singingale decided, heading towards the staircase. James, Daniel, Lisa, and Mary looking very disgruntled came downstairs a few minutes later followed by Singingale who pointed and said, "I want to see every bit of this mess cleaned up. I don't want to see even one tiny speck of a crumb left!"

"Why do we have to clean it up?" Daniel demanded. "That's what we have house elves for! Do we look like elves to you?"

"Yeah, I'll just call our elves to clean it up," James added.

"The elves didn't make this mess therefore the elves need not clean it up, Mr. MacTavish and you'll do no such thing, Mr. Potter," a voice behind them said. Everybody turned to find Minerva with her hands on her hips, glaring at them. She had come into the tower while everybody's attention was on Singingale scolding James and his cohorts. "Ten points from each of you for making this mess and then leaving the elves to clean it up. Now I suggest you do as Prefect Singingale told you to unless you wish to lose more points."

"Bloody Potter and his bloody friends!" Frank grumbled to Remus, Peter, and Sirius as they went upstairs to their dorm. "Even if we were to win every match, we still won't have enough points to win the House Cup!"

A/N: Again Severus has only been shown very basic defense moves by Black Leif and Conor, but Avery and his buddies are convinced he's been fully trained.

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