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Disclosure by Lady Asphodel
Chapter 1 : Bonding with the Pages
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It’s silent and empty inside the Burrow at first, but then the fireplace erupts with flames of dazzling green. Ginny and her mother are the first to step out of it. Ashes sweep onto the worn-out wooden floors from their robes, and into the air mixing with the already floating particles from the afternoon sun. While Molly Weasley deposits the items they bought from Diagon Alley at their respective places, Ginny takes her cauldron of supplies and rushes up the stairs. In her haste, the wood buckles further down beneath her shoes. She does not dare to wait on the others – or particular her brother’s best friend, Harry.

Once in her room, she shuts the door and begins to change out of her outing clothes. She lets the familiarity of her room guide her through her state of being on auto-pilot. Her mind races with thoughts of what happened earlier as well.

The Malfoy boy, she remembers how Ron expressed his dislike towards him through his letters and his talk during meal time – soon after the summer holiday began. Ginny understands the reason behind his dislike – now than she could imagine before. Ginny stood up for her crush against Draco Malfoy. She doesn’t regret that, but when he called her Harry’s girlfriend, she wanted to dive into a pit of doom, even though Harry did not respond. It drove her mad as she always wonders what he thinks of her.

Since his arrival, she hasn’t been her right self. It shows too like the time her elbow slipped into the butter bowl. The other time she hid in her room after he saw her hair sticking all over the place – thanks to her twin brothers. Perhaps Ron and Harry are having a good laugh at her expense at this point.

Shortly after settling in, Ginny grew tired of her scattered musings, so she focuses on her on the supplies. She makes sure she has everything mentioned in her list of what’s required for the school term. Soon, her first year Hogwarts would begin. That’s what she’s excited for. She dreamt of finally putting her wand to use; to roam the corridors. Maybe go on an adventure. Probably become Harry’s friend. The thought of it is scary and exhilarating as flying a broom for the first time. She just needs to make sure she doesn’t embarrass herself in front of him any more than she has.

One thing she comes across that is not a part of her list is a book; a journal of some kind – dropped inconsiderately by Malfoy senior. Ginny inspects the front and back twice. From the looks of it, it seems quite ordinary, despite the murky material of pages and the dark covering. There was no rich designing on it at all. Only at the bottom of the cover, the name, 'Tom Marvolo Riddle,' adorned it.

Much to her disappointment, the pages of the book are blank. No ink spot, residue.... nothing. It strikes her odd that one would possess such an item and not leave at least a single word in the journal.

As Ginny continues to stare at the blank pages, an urge to write in it stirs within her. Without much thought, she hurries to search for a quill and her ink bottle before coming back to the diary. Thunderous drums beat inside the walls of her chest. Her ears are sensitive to the caressing whispers. The diary is open. She dips her quill into her already opened ink pot and started writing on the parched page.

"Dear Diary," Ginny wrote carefully, chewing the bottom of her lip.

When she lifts up the quill, she gasps as the words melt into the paper, leaving the space that was blemished blank once more. She peels up the single page she was writing on to see the other side. To see no mark on the other side makes her blink in confusion. It’s as plain as the front.

Letting the page fall back to the front, Ginny takes another sharp intake of breath and jumps back when black ink appears on the said page she wrote on.

"My name is not ‘Diary,’” she reads.

Next those words fades away just like the words she wrote at first, and then another sentence comes into view, replacing the previous line.

"I am Tom Riddle."

After that, those words disappear again to be replaced with "what is your name?" before vanishing from her sight.

Her eyes are wide – wide enough that they could practically fall out of her sockets. Even her jaw drops an inch lower than possible. Warnings of never trusting objects that have a mind of its own made by her father occur during her shock – only briefly however. Feeling breathless and her heart flutters weakly – before she’s aware, her equipped hand moves on its own accord, and it writes, "Ginny Weasley."

“Nice to make your acquaintance, Ginevra,” Tom writes back.

Note - Exact Total Word Count: 825

November 11, 2015:

A/N: Dear readers, I'll like to foremost thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed reading this as I had writing it.

I'd also like to express my appreciation and love to my little sister for adding her input for this story.

Next, I also want to give a big hug and thanks to Avi (Lostmyheart (hpff) aka apparition @TDA) for the lovely new banner. I know I asked her for it (because one - I wanted a graphic from her (as she's one of my favorite artists), but two since receiving this banner, I've been definitely inspired to rewrite/edit this.

I feel and I hope that this is better than how I wrote this before.

This was written for xTimexTurnerx's "Missing Moments Canon" challenge! I won third place too! Still proud of that achievement!

All critique and or just lovely reviews are welcome.

The part of Ginny slipping her elbow into the butter bowl is from - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter belongs to (Queen J.K. Rowling.)

Again, much appreciation for you taking the time to read this.

- Asphodel

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Disclosure: Bonding with the Pages


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