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Spread Your Wings by ScarletEye158
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1.
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“Dad!” called Annabelle, coming out from her room and yelling into the kitchen. “Dad, I’m going to Lily’s!” She stuffed the letter she had just received from her best friend into her bag and started making her way over to the fireplace.

Haydon Greene, Annabelle’s father, popped his head around the corner. “Why? Is everything alright?”

“I really don’t know,” she told her him, worry lines etched into her forehead. “She just sent me a letter telling me to come over straight away and bring my overnight things.”

Haydon chuckled and shook his head. “Girls…”

Annabelle smiled back at her father and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him goodbye. “I’ll let you know what’s going on,” she promised him. He just nodded and ruffled her hair like he always did. After her mother left, Annabelle and her father had become extremely close, and she liked to keep him as informed about her life as possible. It allowed him to have more trust in her, and she loved that part of their relationship.

Annabelle grabbed some Floo Powder from the mantle of the fireplace, threw it in so that the fire turned green, and stepped inside. She winced as she cried, “The Potter’s house, Godric’s Hollow!” and was immediately thrown into the confusing vortex of fireplaces everywhere.

After what seemed like forever and seeing into the homes of far too many people, she was finally whipped out into the Potter’s sitting room. “Annie!” cried a voice from somewhere to her right, but Annabelle was too dizzy and confused to clearly make out the person. It wasn't until her red hair came into view that she realized it was Lily.

“Gah,” she complained. “You know how much I hate Flooing, this better be important!” But Annabelle was beaming. It was mid-July and this was only the second time she had seen her best friend since the end of their fifth year.

“It is!” Lily said, engulfing her in a huge hug and then grabbing her arm and dragging her towards her room. “We’ve got to be quiet though, I don’t want James or Albus finding out-”

“Finding out what?” came the voice of James, Lily’s incredibly attractive older brother, as they passed the bathroom. He was standing there, admiring himself in the mirror.

Lily stopped walking abruptly and turned pink. “James, leave us alone. And stop staring at yourself! Annie and I are girls and we don’t do that nearly as much as you.”

James just laughed, his long brown hair falling into his eyes. “Well you aren't nearly as good looking as me!”

Annabelle bent her head down a little to look at her reflection and realized that he was right. She had soot on her face and her blonde hair was everywhere. How embarrassing.

Lily rolled her eyes at James and once again started pulling Annabelle towards her bedroom. “Merlin, you'd think he was Gilderoy Lockhart or something…” Annabelle laughed at that. Lily’s dad always had the funniest stories about Lockhart.

“So,” Annabelle said, after a few seconds. Lily sat down on her bed and made no indication of telling Annabelle why she invited her over. “Care to tell me why I’m here?”

“What, a girl can’t just invite her best friend over without there being a reason for it?” she asked, but Annabelle could tell she was dying to tell her something.

“Oh come on, Lils, spit it out al-”

“I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!” she squealed, before Annabelle even finished her sentence. Lily was smiling like a mad woman, and Annabelle was so caught off guard by her outburst that she jumped about three feet in the air.

“Oh my God, Lily, are you serious? Who?” Neither of them had had boyfriends before so this was something huge for the both of them.

“You don’t know him,” Lily said mysteriously. “He doesn't go to Hogwarts.”

“Oh?” she said back. “Well how do you know him then?”

“He’s a family friend,” Lily replied dreamily. “He’s homeschooled.”

Annabelle had never heard of Wizards being home schooled before. Why would someone not want to go to Hogwarts?

“His mum is brilliant,” said Lily as if reading Annabelle’s mind. “She was the top of her year at Hogwarts and they travel all the time. It’s easier I guess.”

Annabelle could tell Lily was starting to get defensive and had to force herself not to laugh. “You still haven’t told me his name,” she pointed out, and Lily, once again, turned her favorite shade of pink.

“Lysander Scamander,” she whispered, making sure her brothers weren't hanging around the door to listen.

Annabelle couldn't remember the name Lysander before but Scamander seemed relatively familiar. “What are his parent’s names?” she asked. Maybe they were famous like Lily's parents.

“Rolf and Luna,” Lily replied. And then it clicked.

“Luna, as in the woman your middle name is after?” she asked with a smirk on her face. “You’re dating someone whose mum is practically family?!”

“She is not!” said Lily, throwing a pillow at Annabelle and hitting her square in the face. “She’s just a family friend!”

“If you say so,” said Annabelle, but took it back immediately at the look of horror on Lily’s face.“Chill, Lils, I’m just kidding!”

Lily sighed, and Annabelle could visibly see her relax. “Do you want to know the real reason I asked you over?”

“Er, sure…” said Annabelle, growing anxious at the tone in her voice. Lily always did have terrible ideas.

“Well,” she started. “Lysander planned a date for tomorrow...” She said, twirling her hair nervously.

“Go on…”

“But his mum doesn't like separating him and his brother, so she kind of forced him to come, too…” Lily backed away from her a little bit, knowing that Annabelle would catch on soon.

She decided to try and play dumb, hoping that Lily wouldn’t ask the inevitable. “And I'm becoming involved in this, why?”

“Er, I sort of told Lysander that you would double date with us.” This time she jumped away before Annabelle could smack her in the face with her bag.


“I’m sorry!” she wailed. “I didn't know what else to do!”

“But you know I don’t do well with guys. I'll make a fool out of myself!”

Annabelle was furious. She always got shy and acted stupid around boys and Lily knew just how bad it was.

“But this will be a good chance to change!” she said. Annabelle could tell Lily was just trying to come up with reasons to make her go, and she wasn't giving in that easy. “You need to learn to spread your wings and open yourself up to new possibilities.” Annabelle almost laughed in her face before she remembered she was mad. She had obviously been planning that line for a while.

“I can't believe you, Lily…” she said, sighing.

Lily looked hurt at that, and Annabelle felt bad even though she didn't have any reason to. Was she too forgiving? No. She wouldn't forgive Lily this easily. But how could she put her in that situation?

Lily must have noticed Annabelle’s internal struggles. She began using her best puppy-dog eyes and her lower lip was pouted out and quivering. “I'm reawwy sowwy, Annie,” she said in her best baby voice. “But I could reawwy use my best fwiend wiff me.”

Annabelle couldn't help but giggle and then mentally kicked herself. She really was too forgiving.



You'll never guess why Lily wanted me over… She has a boyfriend! I know, I know, it’s great and everything, but guess what she also did? Set me up with his twin brother! Yeah, that’s exactly how it sounds, I know. We're going on a date tomorrow afternoon and I'm super nervous, but what kind of friend would I be if I said no? I know you always said you wanted to check out the boys that I date, but I can assure you this is a one-time thing! Blind dates never go well so don’t worry about me. I don’t know whether I’ll be home tomorrow or not, but I’ll let you know after the “date”.

Love always,


Oh and PS, wipe that smirk off your face, it isn't funny!

Annabelle grinned to herself, adding in the last bit quickly. She knew her dad would find this hilarious, so she rolled up the note and handed it to Lily’s Pygmy owl, Peanut. “Take this to my dad, okay?” she asked the tiny owl. He hooted happily and flew out the window as fast as his tiny little wings could take him.

When everything was in order, Lily and Annabelle settled down for bed and Lily told her some stuff she should know about the Scamander twins before the date. The boy she was supposed to be going out with was called Lorcan and he was always the least shy of the two when Lily would hangout with them. He also knows a lot about magical creatures, loves to travel, and is apparently extremely smart. This information didn't calm her nerves any and her head was spinning trying to imagine how this date would go.

“Well,” said Lily, her eyes drooping from lack of sleep. “We should probably get some sleep.”

“Alright,” said Annabelle, curling up on the make shift bed Lily had made for her on the floor of her bedroom. “Goodnight.”

“’Night,” she said. “And Annie?”


“Thanks.” Annabelle could practically hear the smile on her lips.

“No problem.”


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