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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 6 : And things were going so well
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 In all the years I had known James and the boys they had never really made the effort to hang around with us. I mean sure, sometimes they would talk to Dom since James and Freddie are her cousins and all the boys think she's hot (except Colin of course, he's Hattie's boo) and Lavender was on the quidditch team with James, Fred and Liam. But still, they had never made the effort to be with us as much. So it was confusing me to no end as to why they were suddenly with us 24/7.

 "Hattie?" I whispered forwards to her desk in Charms, we were meant to be writing up different theories we've learnt through sixth year.


"Yeah?" She looked over her shoulder.


"Why are the boys suddenly hanging around with us?" She seemed confused at my question, as if she hadn't realised their increasing appearances in our lives.


"I'm not sure. Maybe they want to get closer since its out last year, but its kind of nice isn't it?" She smiled, probably because she was seeing more of Colin than ever.


"Sure." I shrugged.


  Me and Hattie slumped down on the sofa near the fireplace in the Common Room. Our minds worn out from the theory of Charms, our bodies worn out from the practical side of those theories.


  We had just begun to discuss what we would wear for the Gryffindor party after the tryouts on Saturday. It was a tradition to have a massive party to celebrate the awesome team we had for the year and our great chances of getting the Quidditch Cup again. Of course since it was the first party since my, erm, "transformation" the girls thought I should put my new looks to use and get a boy with, as they like to call it, a hot bod. Anyway we had just began to talk about it when we were interrupted.


 "Excuse me?" A seventh year boy from Hufflepuff, one of Noah's friends had came up to speak to us.


 "Oh hey Adam, do you need something?" Hattie smiled, oh that's who he was, Adam Davies.


"I was just wondering if I could ask Ally a question." I smiled, indicating for him to ask away. "Well I was thinking that it would be fun for you and I to go-"


 He stopped talking when I began hysterically laughing. Seriously, this was the funniest thing ever.


"Are you-?" He stopped at my sudden seriousness, the whole common room had turned to look now.


"Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You want me to go on some kind of 'date' with you?" He nodded. "So you think that now that because of an accidental mishap that made me pretty, that it'd be a good idea to go on a date? If you think I'm really going to go on a date with you after you haven't spoke to me for over 6 years and never paid any interest in me because I wasn't attractive that I'm now suddenly going to throw all my morals away to go on a date with you which would probably be filled with slimy chat up lines and a lot of touchy-feely action from you then you thought wrong." I ranted.


"I'm not like that-" He tried to protest.


"They why do you have a condom sticking out your pocket? Were you hoping to get some action?" I smirked.


"No I-"


"Piss off Hufflepuff" I snarled. And with that he walked away, cheeks ablaze.


"That was fucking awesome" Hattie laughed and soon the whole common room had joined in. 


I dragged Hattie upstairs, wanting to get out of my uniform for today since it wasn't required that we went to evening meals in it. When we went up we found Dom, Kayla and Lavender lounging on their beds. As Hattie began to recount what had just happened in the common room, I snuck in the shower. After scrubbing my body with a muggle product called Soap and Glory, amazing stuff. I wrapped a towel round myself and walked back into the dorm. I did a simple drying charm on my hair then threw it into a messy bun, pulling strands down to frame my face. I put on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that fit snugly around my slim legs and a black knit jumper, both courtesy of Dom and my own Converse before leaving to eat with everyone.


 We weren't surprised when we arrived at the Great Hall to find the boys in our usual spot. Sliding in next to James and Kayla I began eating, piling potatoes and gravy on my plate I began to chew my way through them. I wasn't really involved in the chat happening around me since I was pondering how my life had changed in such a small amount of time, boys were taking notice of me, I had my bestfriends together again, I was going to be trying out for a chaser position. It was overwhelming. Occasionally I would look up and see James looking at me and then smile, so I would smile back. Of course everyone else took notice of this to. So it was a blessing when we all decided to head back up to the common room. The boys had stayed on the sofa and talked whilst we went to our dormitory to chill, we needed a relaxing night and for me that involved reading. I realised I'd left my Magical Beings And How They Changed The World book near the sofas and went down to get it, along with Dom since she left her wand down there. She was always losing it.


 We were heading down the stairs when the boys conversation made us stop. They weren't facing us so we hid behind the bookcase at the back of the room, it hid us from view but we could still see them. 


 "So Jimmy, you and Ally-pop seem to be getting close?" Fred asked, a sly tone to his voice.


"Fredster, what's with the nicknames you twat? And I guess we are, she can't keep her hands off me lads" James smirked, my hands instantly curled into fists.


"What do you mean?" Noah asked, puzzled.


"Did you not see her at dinner? She had her hand on my thigh, running up and down it" I almost lunged then and there but Dom kept me back, obviously she wanted to see where this is going. I was livid, did I hell have my hand on his bloody thigh? I'd bloody risk getting an STD if I touched him.


"Erm James mate, she had both hands on the table all night." This made James look at him with a confused expression whilst Fred went pale.


"Hahaha, oh, sorry man. I thought you were Lavender." I struggled to keep my laughter in when James cringed away from Freddie, annoyance all over his face. Dom however wasn't so successful since she squeaked loudly,I clapped my hand over her mouth. The boys turned around peering over in our direction but luckily their attention was taken once again by the egotistical nob that is James Potter. 


"Anyway lads, it doesn't matter. It's obvious she wants me, and soon she'll be putty in my hands. I mean, c'mon. She's hot. I'm hot. We'll hook up sooner or later" He smirked, oh what I would do to slap that fudging smirk off his face. 


"Nah I don't think she's like that man. Ally has standards." Preach it Liam, preach it to the choir.


"Yeah mate, you're out of luck." Colin you are now my favourite.


"Just give it up James" Freddie laughed. Thank you Fredster, hail the lord.


"Fine then, I bet you guys 10 galleons each that I'll have her in bed before Christmas." James sneered, that little-


"And if you do?" Noah asked.


"You give me 40 galleons and I hold bragging rights for eternity." I'm going to kill that son of a bitch. Obviously the boys won't agree to this, they're decent human beings.


"Deal" they said in fucking unison. Those bastards.


 Me and Dom scurried upstairs as they began talking about quidditch.


"You know what this means right?" Dom snarled.


"Those motherfuckers are going down."

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