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N.E.W.T.s and Beyond by potterfandamon
Chapter 5 : Magical Demonstration
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Ron and Harry walked through the courtyard toward the entrance hall to have lunch. Quite a few students were standing around the courtyard seemingly waiting for lunch as well. Harry tried to push through to the entrance hall but stopped when four haggard looking Brazilians cut him off. They were covered in what looked like pink paint.

“Let me guess you guys met Peeves?” Harry tried to hide a smirk. Ron was less successful. They nodded. “What happened?”

“The ‘Eadmistress and the large professor ‘Agrid I think is his name. They asked all the students to leave the great ‘all.” Leticia explained trying to siphon some of the paint out of her hair with her wand. It wasn’t cooperating. “They told us there would be lunch served in the courtyard and we could come back in once everything was setup.”

“And that’s when that ‘orrid Peeves decided to welcome us to school.” Mariana added.

“Come on I’ll show you to the loo so you can get cleaned up.”

“What’s a loo?” Mariana asked following Harry back through the courtyard.

“Oh it’s what we call a bathroom. I’m not sure why we call it that.” Harry smiled as he showed them the first floor bathrooms.

“By the way ‘Arry a professor wanted us to give you this once we were alone.” Mariana smiled a little embarrassed. “I think the Peeves attack was just to get us away from the other students.” Harry took a piece of parchment and as soon as he grabbed it he felt the familiar pull behind his navel.

The world stopped spinning and Harry found himself in the great hall. He was impressed by the transformation it had undergone in the short time he had been gone. The four house tables were removed and rows of chairs took their place. There was a small table with various school items on it. The entire front half of the hall was devoted to cages of varying sizes.

Buckbeak lay on some comfortable hay on one of the cages right at the front. Harry approached and bowed deeply watching the magnificent hippogriff closely. When his bow was returned Harry approached the cage and stroked the soft feathers of his head. “It’s good to see you boy. Has Hagrid been treating you well?”

“Of course I have Harry.” Hagrid proclaimed excitedly. “I wouldn’t be doing my job otherwise.”

“So what am I doing here?”

“You’re going to be getting that griffin you spoke about and putting him in the cage opposite beaky here.” Hagrid explained pointing out a large cage on the other wall of the hall. “We also need to summon Fawkes. There is a nice perch up front for him.”

Harry summoned the phoenix and directed him to the perch. He then examined some of the other creatures that had been collected. A thestral was in the cage next to buckbeak. What appeared to be a dragon hatchling was in a cage all by itself in the back of the room. A crup with its dual tails was in another small cage. Harry was sure Hagrid had gone beyond what had been planned. However this gave them plenty of different creatures to talk about.

“I think we’re about set for the presentation so why don’t you take your place Harry.” Professor McGonagall gestured toward the open cage. Harry walked toward it and let the transformation take place. He settled into the warm hay that Hagrid had provided and waited for the proper moment for his presence to be revealed. Hagrid went and opened the doors to the great hall as the headmistress became a cat and settled onto the table they had arranged.

“So who do you think is going to be giving this demonstration?” Ron asked Hermione as they led the younger students into the hall.

“My guess would be Justin.” Hermione had thought about it. “He’s a muggle-born and we are trying to inspire the young muggle-borns. Since I know it’s not me that is the most likely person.” She gasped as they saw the changes in the hall. She recognized the cat sitting on the desk and a few of the creatures in the cages were familiar to her but they were things she had seen before. She was most intrigued by the large black cat lying in a cage on the left of the room. “Ron I think that’s a griffin. I know it doesn’t look like a normal one but I think I can see its wings.”

“Really that means they went all out for this.” Ron left to examine the cages as Hermione directed the younger students to seats up front.” His gaze was drawn to the large black cat with jet black hair. The color was familiar as was the brilliant green shade of its eyes. The only blemish on his black fur was directly above its right eye. A small patch barely tinged brown in the vague outline of a lightning bolt. Ron smirked at the realization.

A few minutes later Ron joined Hermione with a familiar Weasley grin on his face. Hermione knew better than to ask. Ron would never tell her what he knew if it would ruin his plan. Seeing that almost the entire school was present including their four guests Hermione amplified her voice. “Thank you all for coming. I am glad to see so many of you have decided to join us for this. Now we will begin as soon as the Headmistress arrives.” She knew the headmistress was standing behind her and knew the animagus transformation had happened by the students gasping.

“Thank you Ms. Granger.” Professor McGonagall smiled overlooking her assembled students.

“I wonder where Harry is.” Hermione said to Ron after she took a spot on the right hand side of the room. She didn’t pay attention the Headmistresses’ opening words.

“Oh I’m sure he’s just in the loo. He’ll be back soon.” Ron was still unsuccessfully trying to hide a smile.

“You think you know something Ronald. I am not going to forgive you for hiding things from me.” She slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

“How’s this I bet you that that griffin is not in fact a griffin.”

“Ok I’m game what are the stakes?” Ron whispered something in her ear causing her to blush fiercely then smile. “Ok you’re on.”

Hagrid had finished showing Buckbeak to the students he taught them about showing proper respect and their unique properties. He had taught them about thestrals which regrettably many of the older students could now see the horses. With each animal he had a different student volunteer and show what he was describing. This was particularly important since only two first years could see the thestral.

After a few more lessons Hagrid finally brought out the griffin. There was a thick leather collar around its neck attached to a strong metal chain that Hagrid held. Hermione was excited that she had been right. Although she was curious as to why it looked that way. Hagrid of course explained that any large cat could be bred into a griffin. He also explained that the animal was not a pure griffin, but rather the offspring of a griffin and a jaguar. This allowed the animal to be tamer than its pure-bred cousins.

Hagrid allowed the chain to slacken and the animal took flight over his head. Hermione marveled at the raw power of its body and the size of its wings. After a few circles the animal landed and nuzzled close to Hagrid. “Now as we have done with the others does anyone want to volunteer to assist me? I would prefer a seventh year student for this.” Hagrid’s voice boomed with excitement.

Nobody volunteered quickly. Griffins were powerful magical creatures and required the utmost care to handle. Eventually though Ron stepped forward. “I’ll give it a go Hagrid. You’ve never let me come to serious harm before.” Ron left the side of the hall where he had been standing with his classmates. Hermione watched nervously as Ron slowly approached the large animal. Finally he was close enough to touch it and reached his hand to pat the beast on the nose.

Suddenly everything went to hell. The griffin grabbed Ron’s wrist in its jaws and threw him over its head. It roared and leapt onto his chest shredding and tearing his robes. Hermione and Molly both screamed in horror, many of the younger students were too shocked to react though a few started to cry. Hagrid was trying to pull the animal off Ron by its chain. Hermione pulled her wand out and was about to cast any spell she could think of when Ron stood up.

His clothes were tattered but his body had not been touched. “I know something you don’t know Hermione.” He smiled like Fred and George used to when pulling a prank. “That is not a griffin.” He pointed to the animal behind him that was licking his large paw looking rather bored.

“Ron why would Professor Hagrid say it was a griffin if its not?”

“Because a good prank is hard to pass up.” Harry spoke up after changing from his griffin form. The students cheered and laughed at the joke. He bowed and stepped to the front of the table. Ron and Hagrid cleared the area quickly after Harry mended Ron’s clothes. “Good afternoon my name is Harry and I will be demonstrating some magic for you today. And since we have already started lets continue with some transfiguration.”

Hermione swore under her breathe. She had actually believed him when he said he was not participating in the demonstration. Harry had nearly given her a heart attack and now he was laughing and joking at the prank he had pulled. Worse yet she had lost the bet and Ron would be an insufferable git until she paid up. Ginny however was clutching her side she had been laughing so hard. She had picked up the twins’ sense of humor.

“Now I know many of you have started to learn how to turn some objects into animals and back. While that is amazing it pales in comparison to what you will learn in the next few years.” Harry started his presentation. “For example you can change your clothes as needed. Say you’re too lazy to put on your pajamas.” Harry tapped his clothes and his shorts and t-shirt were replaced by a pair of flannel pants and a dressing robe. “

“Or you’re late for class.” He joked replacing the pajamas with his Amazonis robe. “Sorry wrong school.” With a wave of his wand the tan robes transformed into his black Hogwarts’ ones.

“Or maybe you want to hit the beach but forgot your trunks at home.” His clothes changed one more time to his favorite blue swimming trunks.

Many of the younger students gasped at Harry standing there in very little clothing. Ginny wolf-whistled staring at his body, Harry had toned his muscles in the year away partially with quidditch and partially with the training he did with Joao Luiz. He had become fairly buff and it was accentuated by his tan. Ginny admired the scar on his chest. She knew it was a mark of bravery and made him even more attractive to her.

“Ha I always knew Ginny was lying about the tattoo on your chest.” Romilda Vane called out, although she like many of the other girls was smiling a little greedily at the view.

“You know professor I never understood how these rumors start.” Harry crossed his arms and smiled at Professor McGonagall looking thoroughly uninterested in the rumors. “No Romilda I do not have a tattoo of a hippogriff on my chest. It’s a Hungarian Horntail and it’s on my back.” Harry turned to expose the ink covered upper portion of his back. The students and teachers gasped at the image presented there.

A large black dragon with yellow eyes was curled up around a clutch of eggs. What appeared to be an arena was in the background. The dragon was breathing a bright blue flame across the nest. Six of the eggs were the usual cement colored but one of them was golden. He had gotten the tattoo the final weekend he was in Rio. Harry was sure Don had realized what he had done when he slapped his back and Harry winced. However the older wizard never brought it up and Harry had not told anyone other than his dorm mates about it. He only told them because they were bound to see it while changing or showering.

“Harry James Potter what did you do to yourself.” Molly shouted from the hall opposite Ron and Hermione. The rest of the adults were arranged there as well. Everyone started to chuckle expecting a famous Molly tirade.

“Sorry mum.” Harry looked downcast and changed his clothes back to their original look. Molly looked as if she wanted to say something else but she was also choked up.

“Ron did Harry just call her mum?” Hermione whispered. Ron nodded an affirmative. “What do you think it means?”

“Hermione if you think about it for a few minutes you will understand what it means. I just can’t believe he stopped her that quickly.”

Before she could respond Harry started talking again. “Sorry for that distraction kids. Now lets move on to some of the other fun things we can do with transfiguration. Professor Long do you mind assisting me for a moment.” Harry conjured up an old quill and an ink bottle and waved his wand over each one. They both glowed blue although different shades while Harry whispered something in the professor’s ear. She nodded. He gave her first the ink bottle then the quill. As soon as Harry released the quill the professor disappeared.

“Mr. Potter I invited you to do a demonstration of magical abilities. Am I to understand that one of the first things you made was an illegal portkey?” Professor McGonagall shouted.

“No ma’am I did not make an illegal portkey.” Harry replied as Professor Long popped back into the room holding a large treacle tart. McGonagall relaxed a little at his declaration. “I made two of them.” The headmistresses head snapped back instantly her lips thinning. “I missed lunch thanks to Peeves, and Professor Long was nice enough to fetch this from the kitchen.” Harry took a bite of the dessert before continuing. “That ladies and gentlemen was a portkey. You can use them to transport you just about anyplace. It’s a little disorienting at first but you get used to it. Now I need some volunteers to demonstrate some more transfiguration.”

Harry watched the room waiting for someone to be brave. Surprisingly the first person to agree was Luna Lovegood. She skipped to the front of the hall just as care free as always. “Wow you Gryffindors should be ashamed of yourself. You’re supposed to be brave. Luna since you volunteered you get to pick an animal for me to change you into.”

“Well my patronus is a hare.”

“Say no more.” Harry tapped her head lightly and Luna was replaced with a large white hare. He conjured a large mirror toward the side so Luna could admire her look.

“Me next Harry.” Ginny said coming to the front. She was expecting to be turned into the lioness like her patronus instead Harry waved his wand and a beautiful red horse stood in her place. Both changes caused the students to cheer loudly.

“Dean, Seamus come up here for me.” Harry directed his dorm mates as nobody else was volunteering. As they did Harry waved his wand across Dean’s face and he underwent several changes. His hair grew longer much like Lee Jordan’s and he sprouted a thin goatee on his chin.

“I like it Harry that is awesome.”

In turn Seamus got a full beard and flowing red locks. Harry also transfigured his clothes into a Celtic kilt. Seamus took a lot of pride in his Irish heritage and appreciated the change.

Harry thoughtfully looked over the room thinking how best to proceed. “Ok now I need Pansy, Padma and Parvati please.” He smiled as the three girls came up and stood at the front. Padma and Parvati gave him a hug and welcomed him back. Pansy was reluctant and rather nervous. “Now watch this.” Harry again waved his wand and this time Padma now looked exactly like Pansy. Harry brandished his wand again and all three girls then looked exactly like Parvati. One final wave and all three girls were returned to normal. He thanked all three girls. “Anyone else?”

Hannah Abbott came up and whispered in Harry’s ear. He smiled at her and nodded. She had been standing by Neville and had been trying to get his attention for most of the year so she let Harry assist with that. Harry waved his wand a few times and instantly curled Hannah’s naturally straight hair and gave it a brilliant shine. Her clothes transfigured into a lovely yellow sundress that hugged her curves and had a rather revealing neckline. It was exactly what she had wanted and it had the desired results as Neville along with many of the other boys had equal looks of shock on their face. Harry gave Neville a slight wink and Neville smiled in comprehension.

“Harry will you do my hair for the graduation ball?” Hermione asked.

The entire school laughed as Harry bowed. Hannah left the raised area and returned to where she had been standing. She was extremely pleased to see Neville looking her over as she stood next to him. Harry was just about to ask for more volunteers when Professor McGonagall interrupted.

“Why don’t we go on to some charms Harry?”

“Of course ma’am.” Harry returned Luna and Ginny to their normal shape and banished everything that was on the table. He walked behind the table and looked thoughtfully over the group.

Without saying a word Harry conjured a water glass. He shrank it to the size of a thimble then enlarged it to almost the size of a bucket. He waved his wand over the table and six others appeared across the table. Harry made some motions with his wand that appeared to have no effect. Then he pointed his wand at the center glass and it started to change colors about every five seconds. About a second after each change the other six glasses mimicked the center glass. Professor Flitwick nodded approvingly at the display.

As the glasses changed color Harry concentrated before waving his wand over the glasses. To most students they had all disappeared. However seven people saw one glass a piece. “Mr. Potter would you care to explain that piece of magic you just did.” Professor Flitwick hated to interrupt but he wanted to confirm his suspicions.

“Of course professor, first I used a doubling charm to create the six additional glasses. I then cast a protean charm so that any change applied to the center glass was applied to all the others.” Harry explained. “That was why I used the color changing charm to show the effects. It took me a moment to finally do it but I then cast the fidelius charm on the main glass and if I did things properly only seven people should see a glass. In fact you should only see the original one.”

“Mr. Potter that is impossible to do.”

“Shall we test the theory Professor?” Harry smiled. “Hermione please reveal the location of the glass you can see.” Hermione announced she saw the first glass from the left and it was sitting on the table. Instantly everyone else could see it. “Justin how about you?” Justin indicated the glass completely on the other side of the table from Hermione. It appeared to everyone else. Professor Flitwick had seen enough to confirm that Harry had done what he said but he continued to reveal the cups. He had even stored the location of one of them inside a first year he didn’t even know.

“It appears I am mistaken Mr. Potter. Please continue.” Harry smiled waving his wand over the center glass one more time, each glass sprouted wings and the other six took off. Harry grabbed the center one and stuck it to the table. He waved his wand over it one more time.

“Ron, Draco do you mind filling that glass with water for me?” The students agreed and started to use aguamenti to pour water into the glass.

Harry conjured one final glass and walked around the table. He filled the glass with water. Then he started an incredibly quick series of charm. First he froze the glass. Then dropped it and let it shatter. He repaired it and levitated it around the room. Then he banished it to the back wall before summoning it back to him. As it got close to him he let it hover right in front of him.

“How is that glass coming guys?” Harry asked the two behind him.

“This is taking forever Harry. How big do you expand it to?”

“If I did the charm right eight feet, by eight feet, by eight feet.” Harry smiled and disillusioned the glass and then removed the charm.

“Minerva I would recommend an impervious charm on yourself.” Flitwick whispered to the Headmistress as he cast the charm over his own body.

She looked over the short wizard comprehension dawning. She silently cast the charm and laughed to herself as she realized Harry’s plan.

“I think I’m running out of charms except for one.” Harry announced to the school as Ron and Draco continued to fill the glass. “I want to talk about this last one. It is called a patronus and is a positive energy being. It is difficult to conjure effectively but with the right teaching and mental prep you can learn it as well. The patronus will take the form of an animal when fully developed and the animal will depend on a variety of things. The animal can also change over time as you and your magic matures.” Harry smiled as he concentrated and cast the charm.

The lion burst from his wand and walked up the center aisle through the hall. Harry heard Ginny try to hold in an excited squeal. He winked at her as she smiled at him. A silent understanding to talk later passed between them. “Hermione do you want to cast yours?” She nodded and said the incantation causing her otter to come and run around the legs of the young students. Other animals joined including Luna’s hare and Professor McGonagall’s cat.

Finally Ron’s dog joined the party running around the room. “So you finally finished filling that glass.” Harry smiled knowing it was time.

“I swear Harry it seems like you screwed the expansion charm up. I know that was more water than what you said.”

Harry removed the sticking charm from the table and the final cup flew into the air. It settled right above his head. He tapped his head casting an impervious charm over his body. “You’re right Ron. In fact its about seven times more water than I told you.” Harry cast a bubble-head charm before pointing his wand to the ceiling and the glass above his head. “Reducto”

Mcgonagall was too impressed to be overly upset. Professor Flitwick had seen this coming and Harry had put a lot of thought into this plan and had demonstrated various difficult charms in its execution. The first glass exploded showering Harry and those around him with water. Some of the first years laughed at him until the other six glasses that nobody had remembered exploded as well. Harry’s protean charm had insured that they all had the undetectable expansion charm. They split the water Ron and Draco produced as they filled the first one. Finally when Harry destroyed the original they all followed. The entire school was soaked. The only ones saved were Harry, Flitwick and McGonagall.

“Bloody hell Harry you’d make Fred and George proud.” Ron smiled. Not even affected by mentioning his brother.

“I agree Mr. Potter although I wouldn’t have expressed it quite so bluntly Mr. Wesley.” Professor McGonagall looked over Ron sternly who blushed brightly. “I would have also said you’d give James and Sirius a run for their money. I think now you need to dry off the students.”

“Well I’ll give it a shot.” Harry cast the strongest drying charm he could think of. It ended up coming out as a blast of hot wind. Many of the students looked like they had been on a roller coaster. “Sorry about the hair Hannah, I was rather proud of that.” Harry admitted now that she looked rather windswept. “Anyone still damp?” Nobody answered or indicated that the charm didn’t have its desired affect. “In that case I think with that little incident our demonstration is at an end. Unless there are any questions?”

It took a moment but finally a small blonde first year student raised her hand. “Mr. Potter sir can we see you duel someone?”

Harry smiled at her nervousness. “What’s your name and what house are you in?”

“Abby and I’m in Ravenclaw.”

“Professor Flitwick will you remove ten points from Ravenclaw?” Abby looked at him shocked. A few of the other students looked at her angrily as the sapphires climbed to the top of the hour glass. “Don’t call me mister or sir.” He smiled at her. “Now please add fifteen points for Abby being brave enough to ask what I’m sure so many others wanted.”

The sapphires fell back into the bottom of the hourglass and Abby smiled brightly at Harry. “So will you Harry?”

“How can I say no to such an innocent request?” He looked over the assembled group while twirling his wand around his fingers. “Any volunteers?”

This time nobody moved. Harry looked at the group and chuckled. “None of you, not even the old D.A., how about it Draco? We’ve never dueled properly.” The blonde wizard shook his head. “So not a student.” Harry started to pace while thinking. “How about you Headmistress?” She shook her head.

Harry continued to pace and looked toward the back of the hall. “How about one of you two?” Everyone in the hall turned to see where Harry was pointing. Two aurors stood whispering in the back corner of the hall. Gawain whispered in the American’s ear, Professor Woodbridge shrugged his shoulders then drew his wand.

“I guess I’m volunteering Mr. Potter.” Harry smiled as the new professor approached. Tension started to fill the room as Harry smiled at the man. Professor Woodbridge took his spot across from Harry and studied the younger man. “Don’t go too easy on me Mr. Potter. I am a trained auror.”

Harry smirked and bowed deeply. “You keep in mind what happened the last time I dueled in this room.” He spoke in a voice that few could here.

Professor Woodbridge paled at the thought and returned the bow. He couldn’t tell if Harry was bluffing or was actually that confident. Harry waited patiently and before long Woodbridge cast the first spell. The pair started slow casting and blocking jinxes and hexes. They picked up speed and both were firing spells as quickly as possible. Harry would dodge and deflect the spells with his seeker reflexes.

The spells progressed in difficulty as the speed increased. It became more difficult to deflect and more important to shield or dodge. Harry almost lost as a particularly strong hex didn’t deflect properly and nearly hit his face. He was able to duck at the last minute but just barely.

After a few minutes with neither of them getting particularly close Harry noticed movement in the crowd. It appeared that Gawain was trying to get the drop on him. The head auror had slipped behind some students and was pulling his wand to send a spell at Harry. He saw an opening as Woodbridge cast a quick but weak disarming spell. Harry let his shield slip and turned to his right. The charm caught him in the right arm and his wand leapt from his grip. Woodbridge looked surprised but Harry smiled as the professor dropped his guard.

Harry continued the turn and caught his flying wand in his left hand. He completed the turn and shot red spells from both the wand and his bracelet. They both found their targets catching the aurors off guard. Professor Woodbridge fell to the ground stunned.Harry had shot between the heads of two first years to hit Gawain, he lay stunned as well.

The duel ended so quickly nobody knew how to react, especially watching Harry perform apparently wandless magic. He had no intention of telling anyone at Hogwarts about the bracelet. Without saying anything to the gathered crowd Harry revived the Defense teacher. Harry helped Professor Woodbridge to his feet. Professor Flitwick had revived Gawain at the same time. The aurors shared a look then stowed their wands. They started to clap and then took turns shaking Harry’s hand. This led to the entire school cheering. Harry bowed to his classmates and walked toward the back of the hall. He didn’t need to say anything else. He could tell by the looks on the younger students faces that they wanted to be just like him. Professor McGonagall actually smiled as she could already hear the students asking when they would learn to do some of that. Ginny met Harry at the back of the hall and snaked an arm around his waist. Together they left the great hall for a walk around the grounds.

Harry and Ginny sat on a couch in the room of requirement. At least Harry was sitting. Ginny was reclining with her head on his lap. They had been catching up on the previous year. It started with a walk around the black lake and then a couple of hours under their favorite tree. They returned to the castle for dinner before hiding away in the room. They were taking their time to build their relationship again. They hadn’t even been snogging. The couple just wanted to get to know one another again. Although they were now more certain of their feelings than ever before Harry didn’t want information to come up and have Ginny row with him. Instead he told her everything he could think of, including his relationships with Luciana and Adriana.

Ginny had just finished telling him of her year. Which had taken considerably shorter time since it was no wheres near as interesting as Harry’s. Outside of the news that a random death eater had been spotted and then quickly captured nothing went amiss. Ginny had less success trying to date others. She and Neville had gone to Hogsmeade one weekend before Halloween. It seemed that lots of the couples Harry had seen the last time he was at Hogwarts had changed.

Neville and Luna had called it quits over the summer realizing the reasons they had been together were wrong. The fear that they may not live to see another day seemed to push quite a few people together. Hannah had had a whirlwind relationship with Justin Finch-Fletchley after the battle but it too didn’t last. Ginny saw now though that there might be something budding between Hannah and Neville. Luna had been talking to a boy by owl but Ginny couldn’t get the girl to admit who it was.

Ginny had also gone on one awkward date with Dean during the summer. But it was just too weird. In the end the only halfway realistic attempt at following the directions she had given Harry had come with Draco. It wasn’t the same level and Ginny knew it probably never could be. She and Draco had been intimate a few times but she always felt something lacking afterward. Harry couldn’t be upset that Ginny had done that. Although he would’ve preferred it to be anyone besides Draco, no matter how much he had changed.

“So Gin are we back together then?” Harry ran a hand through her long vibrant hair.

“I think we have been for a few months Harry.” Ginny smiled up at him. “All those times we talked just showed me how much I truly cared.”

“I agree entirely but then again I am biased.” Harry admitted as he smiled. He shifted slightly and rested his left hand on Ginny’s stomach.

“You know Harry you can’t make me forget what you called my mom today.” Ginny said sweetly looking into his green eyes. “Nor can I forget the form your patronus took.”

If Harry could move he would’ve shifted nervously in his seat. “You’re not one to beat around the bush are ya?”

“I’m not a patient girl when I have my sight set on something I want.”

“I guess there is no point in holding off any longer.” Harry sighed but smiled brightly. He opened the small box he was holding on her stomach. “So Ginevra Weasley will you make me the happiest wizard in the world?”

Ginny looked toward her stomach and smiled brightly. She didn’t trust herself to speak but pulled Harry’s face to hers and kissed him deeply. “Nothing would make me happier.” Although suddenly the color drained from her face and she looked thoughtful. “I know you asked my parents for permission, but what are we going to tell my brothers?”

Harry slid the ring onto her finger where it glowed slightly fitting her perfectly. “If they don’t like it we’ll hex them. We’re both of age now.” Harry smiled already forming a plan to tease Ginny a little more.

Ginny nodded but bit her lip thinking. “Other than family do you mind keeping this news private for now Harry?” She asked seriously.

“I don’t mind but why? I thought girls loved to brag about these things.”

“Oh we do but I don’t want to think that the Harpies put me on their team because I’m the future Mrs. Potter.” Ginny actually seemed scared.

“Of course hun.” Harry kissed her gently. “We won’t tell anyone until you’re ready.” He kissed her again and this time the kisses became deeper and passionate until they were lost in each other’s arms.

“You should’ve seen him Albus. He was so much like his parents.” Professor McGonagall sat in her office talking to the portrait of her mentor. “The transfiguration skills were all James. The charms were so much like Lily. And then the prank he pulled while demonstrating the magic was worthy of the marauders. Not to mention the devilish grin he got when he pulled it off. I swear he’s as much Sirius’ son as James’.”

“I always knew he had it in him Minerva.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled. “I expect that with the defeat of Tom that Harry’s power will continue to grow rapidly. Now he can put all his potential to mastering himself and not an internal turmoil.”

“What turmoil is that Albus?” He had mentioned it a few times but she could never get any additional information.

“I think Harry will tell you himself before long.” Dumbledore smiled one last time before feigning sleep.

“That man will never stop speaking in riddles.” She smirked before heading up to her quarters. It had been a long day and a rest was in order.

A/N: Please don't hate me for the tattoo. Its a little light fluff and entertainment. Hope you enjoy.

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