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Plagued By Ardor by ReeBee
Chapter 1 : Magical Mistletoe
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WARNING: heaps of pointless fluff ahead ;)


"But it couldn't be!" My less-awesome-than-me twin, George, exclaimed.

"But, I fear it is, my dear twin. Lee has come down with a case of Percyness."

"But Fred, no!" He particularly dragged out the 'no' loudly, attracting the attention of most of the common room. Including Lee. "Not Lee!" George continued to exclaim. Lee quirked an eyebrow at this.

"Lee! Our dear sidekick!" I yelled and ran over to the scrawny guy in sofa near the fireplace. "We did enjoy the years we spent together!"

"Oh we did, Fred! We will miss you, Lee!"

"After all, we can no longer be friends, how could we, the epic pranksters, be friends with a victim of Percyness?!" Ah, mum wouldn't be proud, she loved Lee. She would hate me for ending our friendship...

"Fred. Shut up. George. Shut up. What on earth are you two talking about?" Lee looked very puzzled, puzzled indeed...

"Oh, dear friend. We hate to inform you, but you have gotten terribly sick-" George started.

"With the deadly disease of-" I continued.

"Percyness!" We finished together.

"What the hell?" Alicia appeared at our shoulder and sat down on the sofa with Lee. Katie and Ang soon followed. Both smirking, Ang's smirk was beautiful. How could she pull of levels of such hotness with just a small smirk?

"What the bloody hell is 'Percyness'?" Lee exclaimed.

"Percyness," George started.

"Is a terrible, very dangerous-," that was me.

"Mildly contagious-"


"Symptoms include," I said this with my pompous voice. This was going to be good.



"Big headed-ness,"


"Stick in the mud...ness,"

"And last, but certainly not least, thinking-"

"Thinking-ness." George corrected, dong his best impression of Percy. If you ask me, mine was better.

"Yes, twin, thinking-ness. This, our dear friend, Lee, is what you were just exhibiting."

"Lee was thinking?!" Alicia's voice was laden with surprise.

"Not the time, Leesh." Ang said. Damn, even her voice was hot.

"True. We need to go. Remember, Wood told us that we need to see him about that new formation. I can't believing he's making us do this so close to Christmas!" Katie stated, but, like many things with Katie, it came out as a question. Girl was sweet but too soft, don't ask me why George fancies her. I prefer the loud opinionated type...take Ang for instance. After the girls left, George and I pounced on Lee.

"So..." George started. I couldn't help but smirk as I sensed what he was getting at.

"Lee, who was the lovely lady occupying your thoughts?"

"Well," I was surprised he didn't even try to deny it, "I really like this girl."

Gah! What was happening to our Lee?! He used to be awkward and I could have guaranteed a serious case of the Ginny-Around-Harry Syndrome! You know, the one with many stammering words and bright red faces. Now, Lee was so smooth, ah, it must my me and George's influence. Yes, that's it!

"So, are you going to tell us who it is, or do you want us to find out ourselves?" I asked, tapping my foot in the way mum does when she wants something from us. I hope it works, it always seems to when mum tries it on us...

"Of course I am! I fancy Ang."

I choked on air. Why? Because I thought of Lee looking at Ang the way I did. Looking at her arse when she walked away, admiring the hotness of her smirk, imagining the guys who dated her burst into flames... He couldn't possibly! That was my job!

"Fred, mate, why is your fist clenched?" George raised an eyebrow as I unclenched a subconsciously clenched fist.

"I don't think she's good for you." My reply came with a cold edge that I didn't know I possessed. George looked over, surprise swam in his eyes too.

"Oh yeah?" Lee had obviously not noticed me glaring daggers into his back.

"Why not, Freddie? Lee could be perfect for Ang." Why did I get the feeling that George was teasing me, oh, right, because he was my twin. He was definitely teasing me. But, why? Even Lee seemed to be looking at me with humour in his eyes...

"Because, Lee..." I trailed off, I couldn't find anything wrong.

"Well, what if I told you that I wasn't interested...that much?" Lee raised an eyebrow. George suddenly turned around to face him, so hard that his neck cracked. He had a knowingly cheeky glint in his eye. I wasn't comfortable with that glint. But, I chose to grace Lee with an answer anyway.

"Then I'd tell you to follow that part and back off."

"Why should he, Fred?" George asked. That glint was still present.

"Because, Ang is- Ang is-"

"Yours?" Lee offered. He was full on grinning.

"No! The ladies are not possessions!" I exclaimed. I could feel my face, as red as a beetroot. Great, instead of Lee having Ginny-Around-Harry syndrome, looks like I've caught it! Oh poor Georgie, might have to bury me sooner that I thought...

"Fine. But, you wish that Ang was your...other half, am I right, Freddie?" Geogre had a devilish grin plastered on his face.

"George! You are meant to be on my side! You know, your twin's side!"

"He didn't deny it." Lee pointed out, oh so helpfully.

"Well, I deny it." I said, I couldn't help the defensive tone seeping into my voice.

"Say it Fred, say, 'I have never thought about asking Angelina Johnson on a date.'" George! The traitor! He was meant to be on my side!

"I have never... taken Angelina Johnson on a date." I hoped that they missed my slip up.

"You said it wrong." Damn, always knew Lee was smarter than he looked...

"Fine. I can't say it."

"Why?" Lee pushed.

I took a deep breath. "Because-I-Fancy-Ang." I said, finishing the last sentence quickly. 

"I knew it!" Lee jumped up and down. "Why do you think I told you that I fancy her? To get it out of you that you fancy her." That suddenly makes sense why he didn't get Ginny-Around-Harry syndrome... He didn't even like Ang in the first place. And yes! It is proven, Lee Jordan does have a brain!

"Who knew a girl could make you sound like a sop?" George smirked and punched my arm, as Lee continued to do his version of a happy dance.

"Shut up. And stop dancing." They both narrowed their eyes at me, before George's face broke into a grin.

"Don't worry, dear twin, we will help you." With a firm nod, he got up and dragged Lee away. Suddenly, I knew how our siblings felt when George and I decided to help them, very very apprehensive.

"'Night Fred." Ang called out, smiling, as she walked up the stairs to the girls dorms. Screw apprehensive, I wanted her instead.


"Damn." I crashed into someone. Ang.

"Ah, Angie! How are you this fine night?"

"It's raining and freezing, Fred." She looked outside and turned her gaze to meet mine.

"Well, we can make it fine." I wiggled my eyebrows. She swatted my arm.

"Bye, Freddie." She walked past me. I sighed, when was this girl going to see that I fancy her?! Eugh, I think I might need to admit it to her... It needs to be grand, not just shove in a broom closest way (that's Lee's style), maybe some fireworks... Great, now I was hallucnating, I could just imagine her repeating my name... Wait, I don't think that's a hallucination...

"Fred, Fred, Fred!" Ang looked frustated, "why can't I go away?" I turned around, realising that she was still there, pushing against what looked like an invisible wall.

Hm, curious... Maybe I could try...I tried to walk away but found myself stuck. I couldn't move either! I tried to push against it, in vain obviously, when it hit me. I looked up.

"Bloody hell! He didn't."

"What, Fred? Try to make some sense."

"The mistletoe!" She looked up. And there it was, so seemingly innocent, above our heads. I could see the heat rush into Ang's face.

"So? We should be able to go."

"Well, it's not just mistletoe. It's Weasley's Wizard Wheezes mistletoe. We can't go until we snog!"


"I know it, you must be so happy." I joked, I expected a denial but it didn't come. She just looked up at me quietly. I shut up.

I tenderly wrapped my hand around her neck and gently guided her lips towards mine, pausing when we were inches away from each other. I didn't want to force her. I guess I didn't need to, she pulled me in again with more force than I had expected. For a moment, I just stood there. She was softly kissing me and I was frozen still like an idiot. Forcing myself to move, I placed my other hand around her waist, roughly pulled her close and smashed our lips together even harder. She giggled before responding eagerly. When we pulled away, she smiled.

"So, Fred, Hogsmeade's next weekend, do you-"

"Do you want to go with me? As a date?" I cut in, grinning widely.

"Sure. Why the eagerness?" She smirked with both eyebrows raised and that damn hot smirk still plastered on her soft lips.

"George would never let me live it down if I didn't ask you." I said to her lips. She swatted at my arm again, and reached up to pull me back down.


That night I couldn't sleep, I knew reality was better than any dream I could have...

Damn, George would give me hell for sounding like such a sap. But whatever, because I was plagued by ardor.

A/N: hi guys! This is obviously written for the three challenges mentioned in the summary.

I would love some feedback- especially on whether Fred and George were...Fred and George-ish :)

As always, reviews would always be appreciated :)

Beta-d by my awesome friend- Elaine

Re-beta'd by FreeElf! You guys should really check her story out! Awesome!! Thanks heaps, Pri! Also the same person who helped with beta reading my novella, That Idiotic Act! 


ReeBee <3

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Plagued By Ardor: Magical Mistletoe


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