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A Glimpse of the Moon by TheMarauderChick
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 Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot and OCs.

awesomepossum ci by misericorde. @ TDA


Bare skin. Blood. Sweat

Remus was on all fours, panting. The feeling in his stomach made him want to heave. Wiping the sticky sweat off his brow, he tried to steady his breath.

His 10 year old body unable to hold itself up any longer, collapsed to the ground.


“Aw, come on Remus. Stay with us, it’s Christmas!” James threw his arms in the air.

Remus shook his head, “No, I wouldn’t want to intrude on your first Christmas with Harry.”

“Intruding? What intruding?” James took a big gulp of his firewhiskey. “You’re his uncle!”

It was Christmas Eve and they were sitting in the Potter’s living room. James was lounging in a large armchair and Remus was reclined on the sofa.

“Is Sirius coming?” Remus asked.

James rolled his eyes, “You know he’s in Ireland on Order business, and before you ask, no, Peter’s not coming either.”

Remus sat upright, “Look, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to decline.”

Dejected, James sighed, “Can’t say I didn’t try.” He jumped out of his seat, “Harry, don’t put that in your mouth!”


It felt as though every bone in his body was shattering. Pain radiated through his body as he lay in the dirt floor of the forest. Taking the potion may help him keep his mind, but it didn’t stop the excruciating pain.

Fingers turned clawlike, legs became elongated, and his back arched into a hunch, sending ripples of snaps through his spine. He grunted, giving out huffs through his nose. He couldn’t keep it in any longer and let out a loud roar of pain.

The sound pierced through the silence of the moonlit forest.


Remus wasn’t sure how, or why, but he was standing alone in front of a little muggle coffee shop on Christmas night. He also wasn't sure why a coffee shop would be open at this time of night, on Christmas, would people even come?

Yet here he was.

There was still time left to take Prongs up on his offer. He could turn back right now and apparate to James and Lily’s home. They would happily welcome him.

He wouldn’t have to spend Christmas alone.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled the door open and made his way in.

Inside the warm cafe, there were, just as he had expected, little to no people there. A young woman was going around fixing chairs and tables while humming the christmas tune that was softly playing on the speakers.

Remus pulled out a chair at a table in the far corner and took a seat. Noticing him, the young woman approached him. Big brown curls framed a face featuring a bright smile.

“Hello and Happy Christmas, What can I get you?” She couldn’t be more than just a couple years younger than him.

“A cappuccino please.” He smiled politely.

She scribbled on a little notebook, “One cappucino, great. I will have that ready for you in just a couple of minutes,” and with that she was gone, weaving her way through the tables and chairs, and disappearing behind the counter. A few minutes later she was back with not one but two mugs.

“Here you go!” She held out one of the mugs.

“Thanks.” He said, taking it from her. She pulled out the chair across from him.

“Do you mind if sit here?” He shook his head no and took a sip of his coffee.

The girl sat down and warmed her hands up against her mug, a smile never once leaving her face.

“So, what’s a guy like you doing alone in a coffee shop on christmas night?”

He looked up, not expecting her to be so forward. “I could ask the same about you.” A pink tinge spread across her face. Remus took another sip to hide his smile.

“I own the place. And anyways, I'm no longer alone, am I?” She gave Remus a pointed look.

He set down his mug, “I suppose so. Sorry, but I don’t think I ever caught your name.”

“That’s because I never told you.” She stuck a hand out, “Amelia.”

He shook it, “Remus.” Unsure of to do with his hands after, he quickly busied himself with his mug.

“Where did you get that wicked scar?” His hand shot up, self consciously touching the scar, as if forgetting it was even there. He was slightly taken aback by her brash question.

“Uh, animal attack. When I was little,” he added.

Amelia sat forward, “Oooh, that’s mega interesting. What kind of animal?” Remus racked his brain for an animal. He couldn’t tell her he was attacked by a werewolf.

“Wolf.” He was glad she was only a muggle.

“So you could be like, a werewolf.” She put up her hands up like claws and made growling noises.

“Yeah,” he gave a meek laugh, “Something like that.”

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first one-shot, so I'd love any kind of feedback you have for me. I really liked writing this (yay christmas stories <3) and if you liked it, drop me a review ;) (or even if you didn't, why?)


-Sankavi ^_^








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