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In Hearts by SilverRoses
Chapter 1 : Blue Roses
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Story Title credit Courtney Dark - Thanks so much!

People came there every day. To lay flowers by the headstone, to reminisce, to cry; sometimes just to be alone.

Teddy knew that. He had seen the fading flowers many times in his visits to his parents' graves. They had always brought an unexpected wave of gratefulness, the knowledge that people still cared 23 years later.

As he stood there on this particular, overcast day late in autumn, gazing longingly at the names, carved into the stone, of the mother and father he had never really gotten to know, he felt a small smile tug at the corner of his mouth. It felt, as it sometimes did, that they were somewhere just out of sight, watching, listening.

"Hi, Mum, Dad," he whispered, not caring that any other person would think him insane.

The feeling was still there. They were there, he knew it.

"I've mentioned it alot, I know, but I'm in love with Victoire Weasley," he chuckled, "Crazy, huh? But she loves me, too."

He paused, almost able to feel his mother smile fondly.

"I thought you might like to know that we're getting married next year, I asked her yesterday and she said 'yes'. I wanted you to be the first to know," Teddy was beaming now, and imagined both parents were, as well.

"I was scared for the longest time, you know, that she would reject me. Grandma Molly said you were scared, too, Dad," another pause, then Teddy swallowed and continued, "I guess I am alot like you, like everyone says."

Silence reigned for several minutes, then, and Teddy closed his eyes, imagining the man and woman from the pictures Harry had showed him many times. He thought they might cry happy tears for their son, and embrace him. Perhaps his father would clap him on the shoulder and congratulate him, and his mother would ask excitedly for details.

"November 28th, that's the date. A year from yesterday. It'll be at Shell Cottage. If there's any way..." his voice trailed off, and his throat began to tighten as he fought back tears, "If there's any way you can be there, it would mean the world to me."

Teddy could almost feel his mother's comforting hand on his face.

He imagined his parents exchanged a look, then smiled and nodded.

Exhaling, Teddy opened his eyes, "Thanks."

In his hands, he twirled the single blue rose he had brought with him. He had always been fond of blue roses, that had been the first thing he had given Victoire, years before they had started dating, when he first fell in love with her.

Now, he stooped down and traced over 'Remus John Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks Lupin'. Somehow, it made him feel closer to them. Then he placed the rose in front of it, and with a final farewell, stood and left the graveyard.

Three years later...

Teddy's face ached from smiling, but he could not stop. His eyes glowed a brilliant gold, as they sometimes did when he was happy.

He stopped in front of the headstone, where someone had recently left a bunch of daisies.

"Mum, Dad, it's a girl," Teddy announced, beaming from ear to ear, "She was born just today. Healthy and rosy, just like we knew she would be."

The welcome feeling that his parents were near filled him, and he continued, "We named her after you, Mum. Nymphadora Tonks Lupin. Vic loves it."

An image filled his mind of his parents' joy at finding out they were grandparents. He thought, just maybe, his mother's hair would start changing colors like his had when he had first learned that his wife was pregnant. Then perhaps she would throw her arms around his father and he would hold her close.

Teddy's smile would have widened if it could have, "You should see how much hair she has. It was bright green when she was born." He laughed at the memory of Victoire's surprised look.

"Vic said I ought to leave a pink rose this time, considering," Teddy continued, "So, I hope you like it."

He placed the light pink rose in the same spot as always, and stood.

"You'd be proud," he said, his voice beginning to falter, "I know you would."

Twenty-one years later...

Teddy sank down beside the gravestone where the letters that spelled out his parents' names looked very worn and faded now.

"My little girl is getting married," he stated, sounding as if he had not quite accepted it himself.

He could imagine the amused looks on his mother's and father's faces.

Teddy shook his head, "Dora, of course. Isabelle is, thankfully, single for now. Wedding plans left and right, I don't know how Vic can handle it. And I'm pretty sure Remus and Arthur are planning to sabotage it."

Running a hand across his forehead, he added, "Is this what you thought when I told you I was engaged?"

He could almost feel the wave of his mother's giggle at this, and his father's knowing smile, and against his wishes, a grin came to Teddy's face, "I don't know how I am going to handle it when both my daughters are out of the house. The twins are pretty much self-sufficient now." He scoffed, thinking of the early age that Remus and Arthur had taken jobs and got their own apartments.

Teddy pictured him mother and father each placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulders.

"Two months, that's all the notice she gives," Teddy murmured, placing the blue rose he had brought in front of the gravestone, "But if you can be there, I'm sure she would appreciate it."

And faint smile touched his lips as Teddy imagined his parents' affirmative nods.

Five years later...

Teddy wore a knowing smile as he approached the worn grave that day. He remained silent for a few minutes after he had taken a seat beside it, imagining his parents' expectant looks.

He let the silence hang for some time, then announced, "I'm going to be a grandfather. Dora is pregnant."

His mother would have gasped, and his father would have looked a bit stunned, he thought. They would have been great-grandparents.

"It's insane how fast time went by. And now Arthur is married, Isabelle is engaged, and Remus is telling me he is serious about the girl who works with him," Teddy shook his head, which was looking very grey now that he was not focusing on keeping it any color.

"If you could see us now," Teddy felt an odd mixture of amusement and sorrow.

He was sober, suddenly, "Vic cries alot these days. And I understand; sometimes I do, too. Pretty soon, we'll have an empty nest. It will be like before, just her and me...but it won't be. Not after we've seen what it's like to be the way it is. I don't know what to tell her."

His mother would have embraced him then, held him close and whispered that it was going to be fine. And his father would have given some wise advice.

Teddy sat up straighter and set the blue rose down, "But once the baby is born, I think Vic will feel better, getting to help Dora with it. We're coping."

Forty years later...

Teddy walked slowly towards the weathered stone. He felt weak, but was glad to have reached his destination.

He chuckled as he stooped to place a blue rose in front of the headstone, "Life's getting a bit rough," he said.

There was a long silence, then he continued, "But it has been good. I'm a great-grandfather several times over, and Dora's eldest grandson just got engaged."

He pictured his parents' warm smiles, their faces faded in his memories.

"Vic wants me to be home by five, so I guess I should go. I just wanted to say thank you, for being there for me all these years," his voice cracked, and he felt a tear trace down his cheek.

They were still smiling as he turned and left the graveyard.

A/N: loved it? Hated it? Please do review and tell me. Just a random idea I had, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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In Hearts: Blue Roses


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