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Bending the wind by silver_coloured_moon
Chapter 14 : The one with drinks, dancing and drunken escapades
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“Wow, everyone is so friendly here” Al commented, as yet another fire bender had kissed us on both cheeks and moved on, smiling and then disappearing as if they'd never existed. This was one of many people who'd greeted us and then vanished into the sea of people around us,and I could see that Al wsa a little overwhelmed, though in a good way. The fire benders were all more kissing and hugging, often the nicest at these parties. The earth benders threw out compliments in all of their sentences, using cute nicknames for strangers (this was a generalisation though, some earth benders were really mean). Air benders were polite in general and the water benders varied; you could either get sweet or sour, depending on who you talked to.

“You wait until they’re all good and drunk; they’ll treat you like you’re their best friends” I promised, smiling to myself as I remembered past parties; I made a hundred new friends and still people are calling the house phone for a chat, even if we only spoke at the party one time. I ended last year's party covered in pen, as people had decided to just write their phone numbers on me. It was quite funny, because Nikita had thought I'd pulled and got a little green with envy. I laughed for days.


“I can’t even bend and they’re really nice” Al said, smiling at a passing waterbender who nearly dropped her plate of food in surprise before recovering and smiling back. It was nice to see it wasn't just me who did that.


“Well what did you expect?” I asked, grinning as we got to the buffet. Yes, my favourite part of any party. The buffet was huge, and had enough food on it to feed us for a week. There were famous dishes from republic city, as well as some non-bending favourites, and of course, chocolate cake. My mum knew not to forget the chocolate cake. It was my coming of age party; I got to choose at least one dish, even if I didn't get to choose anything else.




“Well, not so much niceness. A lot of wizards talk to muggles like they’re nothing, they think we’re better than them-"


“These aren’t wizards Al. We have different beliefs, different attitudes. This is the bending community, a whole other board game, and over the many years we spent in 'hiding', so to speak, we became a lot closer and nicer. So, grab a drink, and get ready to make some friends!” I said, and he laughed, grabbing some food. I noticed he was eyeing the bending dishes with interest, putting a few on his plate, as well as some non-bending foods. Ah, he went for the fire bender chilli dish; I may have secretly taken that one off of him for his own safety. If you're okay with flames actually pouring out of your mouth, then the fire bending chilli was for you. If not...maybe a hospital would be good. And I'm not even being dramatic. I was saving Al's dignity and tastebuds here.




“Can I not just stay with you? I’m still not used to everyone being so loving to strangers” He said, and I giggled.


“Yeah, that would be best Al. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one steals you or anything. Mm, what do you think; bacon sandwich, or flameo noodles?” I asked, weighing up the two. He frowned.


“What are flameo noodles?” Al asked. I showed him. He smelled the wonderful scent of the noodles and smiled.


“Oh have some of those, definitely”


“Gotcha. Here, we’ll sit at a table” I said, grabbing the noodles and trying not to burn my fingers on the bowl.


“There’s no free ones” Al frowned, looking around. I rolled my eyes.


“Everyone is your friend here Al, you sit with anyone you want”


“Ah, well you lead the way” He said.




I laughed and led him to one of my favourite fire bending families, who were occuping a table nearby. Kara and Red, who’re like my aunt and uncle, and their twins Chris and Josie, were a family of party animals who never missed one of our parties. Apart from Nikita, these four were the only people I knew who partied for three days straight without sleep. They were all dark skinned and gold-eyed, the stereotypical fire bender look, and they grinned when they saw me.




“Hey, its Vida! Sup kid, I’ve not seen you since last year! You’ve turned into a babe” Chris said, and I chuckled. He was always a flirty type, much like his mother and sister, and every year he had a pretty girl by the end of the party. He reminded me of Hugo a little, though they did have the same curly hair.


“I know, magical right?” I replied, and Kara nodded. She missed my magic pun. Al cracked a smile at it though, so it was worth it.




“Its extraordinary. Come here love, we’ve missed you!” She said, standing up and kissing my cheeks, gesturing to a chair next to her. I sat with my noodles, looking distastefully at the chopsticks that I never could use, and picked up a fork instead.


“And who’s this? I haven’t seen you at these do’s before” Josie greeted, eyeing Al up with a wolfish grin. Josie and Chris were two years younger than me, but that wouldn’t stop Josie from trying to chat Al up. I’m not surprised; she has good taste. I didn't like it, I felt a weird lurch in my stomach and a need to yell 'HE'S MINE GET YOUR OWN!' at her to make her stop looking at him like that. I need to get a grip. 




Al sat down next to me, smiling shyly. He sat closer than normal, probably nervous under Josie’s gaze and the fact that her dark fringe was on fire. It wasn’t a very violent fire, but still fire, and I think it freaked him out. Lighting your hair on fire was a current fashion statement among the fire benders. I didn’t question it. They were always the ones starting weird trends. 




“Uh, I’m a non-bender, so I haven’t been invited before” He said.


“Wow, a non-bender! All this must seem real weird mustn’t it?” Red asked. Al and I exchanged a knowing glance.


“Not really, I’m good with weird” He said, and I knew he was thinking about magic. 


“Well, you are hanging around with Vida” Chris said quietly, smirking. Kara sent a flame at his food and I giggled as it turned black, and he scowled moodily.


“Don’t be horrible, It’s Vida’s night! Go on, tell us; how does it feel to be of age?” Josie asked.


“Very cool my dear friend, very cool” I said. She chuckled.


"Only two more years and I'll be joining you. I hope you're still around when I do" She said, winking at Al, and I choked on my noodles. Al chuckled and patted my back, shaking his head.


"If Vida's here, I'll consider it" Was all he said, and Josie sat back in her seat, looking a little put out. If I wasn't trying to cough up noodles I would've looked smug. Luckily, the inhalation of noodles wasn't fatal and I recovered just fine. No thanks to Josie.




“Hey um- Vida? Do you want to dance?” A voice asked. I turned in my seat, to see a young lad stood nervously behind me, shuffling from foot to foot and glancing up shyly at me occasionally. He had that baby face look about him, wearing a smart suit, and had light blue eyes like Em’s. And of course, I couldn't forget the blush that was dominating his cheeks. Kara chuckled, and gave me a small shove.




“She would love to darling, wouldn’t you Vida?” She said. I nodded dumbly, still not quite getting that this boy was talking to me. Mostly, boys came and asked whichever female I was with at the time to dance; but no, he was looking at me. I should say something. That would be good. Thank Aang the music was alright too, I could get behind this- oh, talking, right!


“Oh yeah, sure” I said, getting up and smoothing my dress down, allowing the boy to pull me away by the hand. I glanced back to find Al staring, watching closely, an expression on his face that I didn't quite understand. Behind him, Josie, Chris, Kara and Red were grinning and doing the thumbs up sign at me, before they disappeared behind the numerous bodies that were already occuping the dance floor.




Still, I was in a small state of confusion as the boy led me through the crowd. This had never happened before; why would he ask to dance with me? I didn’t know this boy, and only people I actually knew, like Josie and Chris, asked me to dance. I weaved through the people, trying not to bump into too many, which was quite a difficult task. The boy finally stopped, facing me and smiling shyly. I returned the smile. 




“I’m Tulane, from the northern water tribe. I know who you are of course; I’ve heard rumour that you’ll be a master soon” He introduced, and I nodded, and we began to dance to the air bender song that had come on. Tulane was a fun dancer, much more informal than the dances I did before. He did wacky steps, which was fun.


“Nice to meet you Tulane. That’s pretty far to travel for a party, don’t you think?” I asked curiously. The northern water tribe was in the north pole; it was a pretty secluded place, we were lucky to have people from there attend.




“Its nice to meet more benders, as the tribe is very small. We’re very isolated; I’ve looked forward to coming here all year. Is this your home?” He asked.


“Yup, lived here for all 16 years of my life” I confirmed. He chuckled. He seemed to loosen up a little, his smile not so shy.


“I’m only 14. My mum didn’t want me to come so far, but when I heard about young masters, and the avatar, well… I just had to meet you. Your family is famous” He said. was flattered by that. Having the Northern water tribe people call you famous was something rare.




“Yeah, I guess so. How did you know about me almost being a master?” I asked curiously.


“Well since this party is dedicated to you and your family, news about you all flies around like no one’s business” He said sheepishly, and I laughed.


“Ah, mum is showing off again. She does that. So, out of my whole famous family, why would you dance with little old me?” I grinned. I was a little curious about this; Nikita would be the likeliest choice, and Emma; blimey, normally people wanted to dance with my grandpa more than me. Tulane was odd.




“I wanted to! You’re skilled and pretty and fun, I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, but I never really plucked up the courage” He admitted. I was blushing now; I knew my family were well known, but not so much that a fourteen year old boy would want to meet me. I gave him a hug, he was such a small thing, and smiled.


“Hey Tulane, don’t be scared of me; I’m insanely nice, unless you’re a bad person. I don’t think you’re a bad person though. Have you met Emma yet?” I asked.


“She’s a little surrounded, so no” He said, and I looked over at where he’d gestured to; a large crowd of people looking excited and shouting over one another. Em was being bombarded. I'd have to fish her out of there at some point, as the good cousin who could come to her rescue.




“Ah well, I have a family advantage, so when you wanna say hello, you come and find me; I’ll introduce you” I promised. His face lit up and he hugged me again.


“Wow Vida, thank you!”


“No problem! I’m gonna go back to my table now, okay?”


“Yeah of course, sorry, I pulled you away from your date and all”


I almost felt ashamed when I didn’t correct him on his assumption, and just returned to Al with a swift smile, sitting down and watchingas Al looked almost relieved, and Josie very smug. 




“That’ll be the first of many boys asking to dance Vida, you’ll be beating them off with your glider” Red warned, grinning knowkningly. I waved my hand in an unconcered sort of way. 


“Not if Al is with me; he’s good at intimidating all the boys away, aren’t you Al?” I asked sweetly. Al chuckled.


“That I am. Do you want a drink? I think this one is some air bender mix” He said, holding a jug. I nodded.


“Eh what the heck, I’m of age now, I can have this stuff” Eyeing the drink with some excitement.






Somebody should have hit me and said ‘bad Vida!’. Someone should have reminded everyone what happened when I was given sugar, so they could think through what would happen if you decided to give me alcohol. But of course, nobody did. How silly of them all. I was blaming them for anything that may happen tonight.




Al poured the drink into my cup and I drank it swiftly, feeling it burn my throat slightly, but not in a particularly bad way. Al drank some too, and we finished our food, getting back up and heading to the dance floor. Al spun me around and we laughed, and after an hour the tables were pushed to the sides of the room, and people came around with more drinks. Al and I tried the fire bender’s special, which was flaming slightly, and another air bender concoction.


“You’re gonna be so drunk” Al said, As I put my empty glass on a passing waiter’s tray and smiled.


“Me? You drank two of those things!” I argued.


“Yeah, but you don’t drink that much, and I drink all the time; I can handle my liquor” He said. I felt a little competiveness brewing as he laughed, and grabbed another drink.


“I can handle my alcohol too, much better than you” I said. He grabbed a glass too.


“Oh, you think? Is that a challenge?”




“Right then! Bottoms up!” He cried, and began drinking from his glass. I promptly joined him, not even knowing what the drink was, but chugging it anyway. Bending parties like this one were very friendly; there wasn’t a chance that you would be poisoned or anything. 




As I finished the cup a boy from the earth kingdom (this was mostly eastern countries) approached and I danced with him, and I saw Al watching sourly. He didn't seem to like it when I danced with other boys, and I laughed; until a random girl pulled him away. I may have stood on the back of her dress several times. If Al asks, it was retaliation for him swiping my dance partner's legs out from under him. He's not innocent in this, he can't blame anything on me! We're both as bad as each other!






As the night progressed, the older guests headed into the house, for a more sophisticated atmosphere, whilst the tent became more like a club. I was approached every two minutes by a lad, asking to dance, and I saw Al growl every time I was pulled away. They weren’t bad looking-lads, and some of them were great dancers. Al got more creative in his sabotage attempts, and so did I, one time I 'accidentally' air bended the poor girl half way across the tent. What is wrong with me? She wasn't a mean girl! We got along great at last year's party!




It was only when one of the boys tried to kiss me that both Al and I got a little angry. I was dancing with him, as I was with the others, and he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. I was a little shocked, and I pushed him away pretty quick. I yelled, and Al dragged the guy away to who knows where. When he returned, he just smiled.


I hoped the other boy was okay, even if he did just kiss me for no reason; he must've had too much to drink.




Meanwhile, the increasing number of alcohol I had put into my system was making it hard to think; everything was hilarious, the floor seemed a little more uneven than before, and it didn’t matter that Al and I were getting closer and closer when we danced or that neither of us were making any sense when we talked; the alcohol bathed everything in a warm, orange light, and strangers were friends and everyone was friendly and funny. I quite liked it. It was a more liberating state; there was nothing to worry about. Al  spun me around, and the glass I was holding spilled onto the floor; he mumbled not to worry about it, whereas normally I would definitely panic.




Hours later Al, Nikita, James, Hugo, Emma and I were on the dance floor together after almost barreling into each other. Everything was slightly blurred as if I had taken off a pair of glasses, I was making it really windy  (because why not, it was fun), and I was laughing way too hard at James. Al was holding me up, also laughing drunkenly, though he was steadier on his feet than I was. But, I was on high heels, so I wasn't very steady to begin with.




Em had had Nikita disguise her with magic and now she was a black haired, grey eyed water bender, not recognised by avatar enthusiasts who wanted to talk her ear off with boring avatar questions. Many times just in the past hour I’d forgotten who she was, and laughed when I finally remembered. She found it funny too though, so it was alright. Was that actually her now though? What if a random girl had just replaced her and I didn't know? I'll have to check. I poked her, and she yelped.


"Vida!" She cried, and I nodded once; that sounded just like my cousin.


"I slipped" I said.


She kicked me in the shin.




“I really think that we should get married” James said, and Nikita giggled.


“I’m seventeen, I’m far too young!” She replied, and from his position on one knee, holding an onion ring, James pulled the most adorable puppy eyes I've ever seen.


"Pleeeeaaaassse?" He asked.


"Psh, I'll marry him" Emma muttered,and Hugo whimpered, making both Al and I burst into fits of giggles.


"Please marry me 'Kita? I'll be a great husband!" James begged. Nikita stared for a moment, as if in deep thought.




That’s when I began my rendition of love story. Looking back on it, it was very embarrassing. I knew all the words.ALL THE WORDS. FROM BEGINNING. TO END. EVERY SYLLABLE.




And the whole tent randomly began singing with me, Al, James, Hugo and Emma included, the last two clinging to each other as they giggled. Nikita threw herself at James, pinning him to the floor, and we all cheered. I almost fell over in my excitement (a wedding, yay!) and was prepared to take Al with me,whilst Emma- tough, avatar Emma- burst into tears of joy.




“We’ll go to vegas! Come on, lets grab a bison!” Nikita cried, and pulled James away by the hand, who looked estatic. I giggled to myself knowingly; Everyone knew that bisons didn’t fly with drunk drivers, especially if they were random teenagers trying to get to Vegas. I think that was the last logical thought I had, as another glass of fire bending fury was handed to me by Al. Em and Hugo were dancing next to us, very inappropriately, and Al and I had to excuse ourselves to laugh ourselves silly.




I lost track of time after that. The famous songs came on, those ones that everyone knows the dance moves to, and I had a right old time teaching Al the moves to ‘earth bender stomp’.  Everyone was yelling and laughing as we did as the song said, linking arms with the person next to us and bumping our hips and so on. Everyone was stumbling, not caring that we were outrageously out of time, too busy trying to stay on our feet to get the moves exactly right. When the song ended the tent erupted in cheers and it was played again three times, before another song was put on. Al looked adorable as he concentrated on trying to get the 'bending shuffle' just right, whilst I was being very unhelpful and laughing at him.




We met up with Nikita, James, Emma and Hugo again as dawn was approaching, stumbling over and squinting at the light that was shining off the snow outside and into the tent. Hugo was hiding behind Em, as a random earth bender had decided that she wanted to date him and had been stalking him and trying to kiss him for the past twenty minutes. It was a sight to behold. Hugo was far too tall to use Em as a shield, his curly hair was very obvious behind her.




“Oh look- there’s that um, that girl! Yeah, that girl that wants to- date you!” James announced, as the earth bender approached. I can’t remember what she looked like, thinking back on it, but she was a big girl who could probably snap Hugo in half with her bare hands without even trying. Al and I snickered as she walked over, and Em stood in her way. She swayed slightly, but didn't back down, not even when the rest of us backed off. Well, I tried not to. Al dragged me away whilst I was shouting 'let me at her!'


“Oi, get- get away from him” The earth bender said threateningly, and Em shook her head a little too violently.


“No, he’s mine, go away you bison” She replied, to which Nikita and James fell on the floor laughing, clutching the bottles of alcohol they’d gotten from who knows where to their chests. Al was holding onto my shoulders, grinning like a fool. I looked up at him happily, patting his cheek for no reason. He had really soft skin.




“What did you call me?!” The girl shrieked. Em smiled drunkenly.


“A bison. Because you look like one!”


“Give me my boy before I crush you!”


“No, he’s mine! In fact, we’re married!” Em blurted, pointing a finger at Hugo. The other girl growled, and Hugo stepped up, putting an arm around Em.


“Yeah- yeah, we’re married!” He slurred. The girl eventually left, and both Emma and Hugo smiled in triumph.


“Thanks Emma!” Hugo cried, hugging her around the middle. She laughed.


“No problem!”


"Hey, why is everyone married?" I asked, pointing my finger at them "I don't want to be the one who's alone with seventy cats!"


Al managed to pull me away before I went into hysterics about being the cat lady. 




This more or less came out as 'GRNRDIVEDIEDNAGD', but I think they got the message.




As the day progressed many people fell asleep just about anywhere; on tables, on the floor, on each other- but not me, I was still full of alcohol fuelled energy, and I was showing a few younger air benders how to air scooter. I remember them zooming past me in a blur, and feeling very accomplished, but not where they went. They seemed to vanish in a flurry of wind, and I stumbled slightly. I was almost passed out after that, so I dragged Al outside, toward the hammock in the tree. It took us four attempts to get in it (we fell into a heap on the floor, laughing drowsily), but eventually we managed, curling up and drifting off for a few hours. When we woke up we were straight back inside, grabbing some food off the buffet and making friends with some sleepy water benders who were playing spin the bottle. We left them to it when one of them passed out on Al. It was hilarious. Poor Al was trying to lift the guy off of him before he drooled on his suit. I swooped in and helped, and we set the sleeping water bender on the floor. 




The day seemed to fly by, people disappearing for hours and then reappearing looking refreshed but still rather drunk. Instead of drinking alcohol, the guests played bending games until nightfall, one of them being bending battles like me and my cousins played. Al became my biggest fan as I joined in, knocking as many people out as I could. He was yelling louder than the other boys, and lifted me in the air when I won. He put me on his shoulders and refused to put me down for a whole ten minutes whilst he paraded around the tent. It was a little embarrassing, but still quite funny, as I decided to just go with it and pretend I had a trophy and shaking it above my head like all the footballers do when they win.




The benders, as we were always a more considerate bunch of people, decided to play a few non-bender games for James, Al and Hugo, benefit. This included hug tag, one of my all-time favourite games. 


“Alright! Let’s play hug tag!” Someone boomed through a microphone, and everyone cheered, converging onto the dance floor excitedly. A small water bending boy was chosen as on, and we scattered, Al and I running in the same direction and hiding near the raised platform that contained the speakers for the music.




The boy tagged a girl and they held hands and began tagging others, who held their hands and did the same. It was entertaining watching several hung-over people trying to catch more drunk people whilst holding hands. Emma was about to get tagged, when a random earth bender engulfed her in a hug, and she was saved. Al and I emerged from our hiding place and I ran to Tulane, hugging him to save him from Nikita, who looked like she was having a whale of a time being it.




I ran away, trying to stay upright in my heels, looking for Al. I fell over twice, dodging the hands of the taggers, getting hugged by random people, until Al and I ran right into each other, his strong arms hugging me tight as Hugo tried to get us.


“Hey, you can’t hug for that long, you cheaters!” He complained, and both Al and I stuck our tongues out at him. We ran opposite directions and I saved a random fire bender from getting caught, before getting tagged myself. I was on the end of the line, and there were only around six people still running around. I stumbled toward them. The other end of the line did the same, forming a circle around them. I reached out and tagged Al, who grabbed my hand and tagged Emma, who grabbed his hand and tagged Tulane, and so on until only one little air bender was left.


“OH YEAH, I WIN, I’M THE BEST!” He cried, and we cheered. I high fived the kid, laughing with him.




The night fell again and alcohol was handed out again, and I began slurring my words too. Al and I decided to go outside, noticing the huge snowflakes falling from the sky, and we cooled off, before returning inside. The contrast between the icy blackness outside and the bright warmth of inside was astronomical, and my eyes found it hard to adjust.


“Aw, you’ve got one in your hair” Al said, his words sounding much clearer than mine. I found out that instead of slurring his words, he just says really odd things when alcohol is involved. Did you know that Al cannot shower unless the shower curtain is fully closed? Weird. Apparently, he also hates it when the corners of the toast aren't buttered. I simply laughed for several minutes at this information, and almost fell over in concequence.




“Where?” I asked, patting my hair, trying to find the rebellious snowflake that had decided to sit on me. Al reached out and dusted the snowflake away, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear as he went. He didn’t drop his hand. I felt the heat return to my cheeks despite being outside. What is this feeling? It was like the birds in my tummyhad tried to get up but had fallen over again.


“You’re blushing” He pointed out, trailing his fingers across my cheek. I giggled.


“Yeah, I dothatalot” I slurred, holding onto his other arm to keep upright. He looked very handsome in the light of the tent, his hair all messy and inviting. I reached up and ran my hands through it.


“What are you doing?” He asked. I shushed him.


“Stop talking” I ordered, feeling his hair and smiling. It was really really soft.


“Your hair is soft. I like it” I said, and he laughed.


“Really?” He asked. I nodded.


“Mm hmm. I want to do this all the time" I confirmed, ruffling his hair. He chuckled.


"I want to do this all the time too" He replied quietly, resting his forehead against mine. It wasn't strange; in fact, it was exactly what I wanted at that moment. My heels gave me the advantage, so we were more evened out height-wise, and it wasn't hard to look at his face.




"Well, I-umph!” I mumbled, and I didn’t finish the rest of my sentence, because Al’s lips had come crashing down on mine, one hand on my back, the other still in my own hair. In my drunken brain, I didn’t think at all; there was not enough soberness to think. So I kissed him back, because that’s what you’re meant to do, isn’t it? Kiss someone back? Well I did, anyway. My hands tightened in his hair, and his wrapped around me, impossibly tight, as if any space between us was simply too much. I pulled his glasses off and tossed them aside, as they were digging into my nose and he laughed, breaking away and staring at me with a dopey smile on his face.




“I hope I remember this in the morning” He told me, and I smiled.


“Me too”


And I let go of him for a while. We grabbed more drinks, danced again, and all the while Al kept on kissing me; random intervals where we were alone, not bombarded by people he’d pull me in, and how could I object? His lips were warm and soft and it felt right. I learned that these parties certainly much better with Al here. It felt normal and comfortable for this to happen; I wondered why it hadn't happened sooner.




Once again, we ended up outside to cool off, and the snow was now ankle- deep. I shivered in my dress, and Al draped his suit jacket over my shoulders, which was so very warm in the chilly night air. We were too tired and drink-addled to even talk, and we headed back inside, back to Nikita and James who were announcing their engagement, to Hugo and Emma who were playing truth or dare with a group of rowdy American earth benders, and Chris and Josie were dancing with more fire benders. We fitted right in here, as all three groups called us over. Nikita and James promised that Al and I would be invited to the wedding and I was bridesmaid and Al was best man, and Hugo, Emma and the Americans dared me to drink a full bottle of earth bender whiskey (which I did, by the way, as they all shouted ‘DRINK DRINK DRINK’) and Al had to tell that scary earth bender girl that he was in love with her (which he chickened out on, grumbling about how I got the easy dare and he couldn't 'betray his woman'- I think that was me). Josie and Chris introduced us to their fire bender friends and they all kissed us on the cheeks and we spent hours laughing at who-knows-what. I can’t remember. I doubt Al could either.




It was an amazing party, let me tell you; the people and the drinks and the dancing all just made it perfect. However, as dawn broke on the final few hours of the celebration, and my eyes were sliding closed, and warm arms wrapped around me as I drifted off, I knew half of this wouldn’t even be remembered in the morning. I tried not to be sad about that, as I knew that there was a lot I would remember, but still.


Who would want to forget a party like that?




Thank you for your reviews! I expected this story to go unnoticed in the archives, but it did better than I thought, and that's because of you, so thanks! Leave a review, tell me what you thought- I love hearing other's opinions :) Love story belongs to Taylor Swift and not me :)

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