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Blatching by smitlikesllamas
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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perfect CI by milominderbinder @ TDA! :D

Charlie Jones, who was sat on her bed going over Quidditch tactics, ran a hand over her face tiredly. She had been going over tactics for about two hours and she still couldn’t figure out how the stupid Chaser formation that her dad had told her about was supposed to work.. The first game of the year was tomorrow against Ravenclaw, and she had to win, no matter what. This was her first game as team captain and everything had to go perfectly so she could prove that she was the perfect choice as captain, rather than Albus Potter, who was also considered.

Not that he wasn’t a good player. In fact, he was one of the best players in the whole school, and Charlie was more than willing to admit that. But she had been working for this position since she made the team in second year. His skill seemed effortless, and it didn't seem fair to her for him to get the captain position when he didn't have to work for it. But it was okay, because she got it and he didn't.


Charlie started slightly when the seventh year Slytherin girls dormitory door slammed open and Olivia Davies jumped on the bed with Charlie, scattering all her papers around, a couple floating down to the floor.

"Olivia - what are you doing?" Charlie shrieked, trying to gather all her papers and put them back in order.

"So, I was thinking," Olivia started, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder, completely ignoring Charlie's distress. "You need to go on a date."

Charlie gave up on the papers as she heard a ripping coming from the paper wedged under Olivia’s knee.. It was useless to try to gather them until her bouncy friend left, as she would just keep moving around. She sighed. "Really, Olivia? I don't have time for this. I have a lot on my plate this year. Quidditch captain and seventh-year prefect is a lot to handle. I don’t need a boy added to my things that I need to pay attention to."

"Yeah, yeah I know, blah, blah, blah. But seriously. You need a way to relieve stress, if you get what I'm saying." Olivia waggled her eyebrows suggestively, at which Charlie blushed and chucked a pillow at her.

"Olivia, no!"

"Charlie, why not?" Olivia sat back and pouted. "I really think it would be good for you. You don't have any friends other than me - "

"Hey! I have friends!"

" - and I just really feel like I know the perfect person for you to go out with."

"Oh yeah? Who?" Charlie asked skeptically.

"See, that's the catch. You're not allowed to know until you win this game tomorrow."

"Oh, that's a great incentive. Really, it is," Charlie said sarcastically.

"No, Scorpius and I were talking about it, and he has a friend and I have a friend - that's you - and we think you two would be perfect together!"

Charlie just looked at her friend with one eyebrow raised.

"Charlieee.... Come on. Just one date. That's all I'm asking. If you end up hating him, which I highly doubt you will, you never have to go out with him again. It's just like an experiment. Just to see what happens. Anyway, you already know him, so it’s not like you won’t have anything to talk about. Come on. Next Hogsmeade visit. One date, a couple of hours. Please, please, pleeaase... For me?" Olivia pouted.

Charlie sighed. "Fine. One date. Just to get you off my back about it. But you have to tell me who it is as soon as we win the game."

Olivia squealed and jumped up and down some more, knocking a couple more papers off the bed. "Oh, you won't regret this at all!" She gave Charlie a big hug.

"And that's how I know I will regret it. Now, I'm never going to win that game if you keep distracting me from tactics. Those are important, you know. We have practice tonight and we have to make sure Al perfects his tuck-and-roll maneuver before the game, because it's sure to help us win, and I really think Scarlet should start  - "

"Yeah, yeah, I don't need a play-by-play. See you at dinner!"

And with that, Charlie was left in the dorm to pick up her papers and wonder why her friend was so weird.


Albus Potter walked out of the dormitory bathroom, scratching his chest. He noticed his best friend, Scorpius Malfoy, leaning casually up against the wall next to the bathroom door, and was immediately suspicious.

"What do you want, Scor?" Al said, sighing. He always knew when his friend was always up to something.

"Oh nothing..."

"What do you want, Scor?" Al repeated, turning to face him.

"I just really hope we win that game tomorrow,” Scorpius replied, nonchalantly picking at his nails and rubbing them on his shirt.

"Yeah. Me too. Why are you being weird?" Al crossed his arms.

"I'm not weird. Why is it weird to want to win a game?"

"That's not weird... The way you're acting is weird..."

"Well that's because I have a surprise for you."

"Merlin, kill me now," Al walked over to his bed and flopped down, picking up an old issue of Quidditch Weekly that he’d read approximately a hundred times.

"No, stop, you're going to love this surprise!" Scorpius said, walking over to lean his legs on the foot of Al’s bed.

"Am I really though?" Al flipped a page in his magazine noncommittally.

"You're such a bad friend.” Al was given a disappointed look that he ignored wholly. “Anyway, tomorrow, when we win the game, you're going to go on a date."

Al looked up from his magazine, eyes narrowing. "What did you do, Scorpius?"

"I set you up on  a date, Al, that's what I did!" Scorpius grinned, like he was the best friend in the whole world.

Al spluttered. "I - what- why would you -  "

"Because you never could have scored this on your own! This girl is way out of your league, but I know you'll just love her!"

"Scorp, who is it?" Al was getting suspicious all over again.

"I can't tell you until we win the game tomorrow!" Scorp said in a sing-song voice before prancing out of the dorm, slamming the door behind him.

Albus was left by himself, wondering why his friend was so weird.


Charlie and Albus got to the locker room outside the Quidditch pitch at the same time, about five minutes earlier than everyone else.

"Hiya, Al," Charlie said, looking up at him and giving him a friendly wave.

"Hey." Al opened the door and held it open for her as she walked through it.

"Thanks. Hey, could you wipe off the chalkboard for me please? I have some new stuff to put on it before practice today."

"Yeah, no problem."

"Thanks so much. I'm going to go ahead and change so that way I can try to get some of the stuff on the board before everyone else gets here, because you just know they're going to be at least five minutes late."


Charlie went into the girls' changing room and changed into her gear, pulling her long brown hair into a ponytail. She looked into the mirror and immediately wished she hadn’t - she had stayed up late last night to catch up on some neglected homework, resulting huge purple bags under her eyes, which were only emphasized by the makeup she had used in an attempt to cover them up. She grabbed a towel from by the showers and wiped it off, before going back into the main part of the Slytherin locker room.

She had just finished redrawing the Porskoff Ploy, which she had finally begun to understand, when other people from the team began showing up. The first to arrive were Roger Gilner and Libby Smith, who were both sixth year Beaters and very good at what they did.

"Hiya, Charlie," Libby said, sweet as ever, "Scarlet asked me to tell you that she'll be down in a moment, she just has a couple inches left of her Potions essay left."

Charlie sighed, nodding. Scarlet always seemed to put school in front of Quidditch. She really needed to find a way to balance the two equally because this was a very important practice.

Within five minutes, everyone else had finally arrived at the locker room and were paying close attention to Charlie as she explained a couple of maneuvers that they were to try that night.

When the team actually made it onto the pitch, practice was gruelling. Lots of shouting and running laps. But, all in all, Charlie thought it was successful, especially because Al finally got the hang of the tuck-and-roll maneuver that he had been working on ever since they got back to Hogwarts, which was two months ago, and Scarlet caught the Snitch three minutes into practice.

"Alright you guys!" Charlie shouted. "Let's call it a night. Everyone get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast in the morning. This is the first game of the season; we have to win!"

Her words were met with cheers of agreement and approval.

She landed her broom, surveying her exhausted but resilient team. She could really get used to being captain.

A/N: Hi! Thanks for reading! It would mean the world to me if you took the time to leave some constructive criticism, predictions, etc. in that little box down below! I’ve already got the next chapter written, so it shouldn’t take too long for an update. :)

Edit 7/18/14:  I know this story is still fairly new and only has two chapters, but after I finished the second chapter I came down with a serious case of Writers' Block. I'm happy to announce that I'm doing a lot better and seem to have conquered my sickness. However, the doctor prescribed some small changes to the story, so I'm going to go along and edit the chapters I have already written before publishing new chapters. Thanks for your understanding! 

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