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You're a Constellation and I'm the Light in the Sky. by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 4 : Prophecy
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Again, Thanks to Sophie for letting me use her nickname for Scorpius! 

Scorpius stood in front of me, eyes full of shock. My heart raced in fear, making the flames come faster and faster out of my fingertips. I left his gaze to avert my attention back to my palms. I couldn’t stop it. More and more, red orange and yellow poured out, making me more anxious then I was already.


“Rorie?” He voice came again, taking a step closer to where I stood.


I lifted my hand up to silently tell him to stay where he was, not even thinking what would happen. Heat flew from my fingers before I could stop them, hitting him square in the chest.


He staggered back, gripping the spot that had just hit him. “SCORPIUS!” I screamed, running to his side. The fire decreased, leaving the room in perfect condition.


I just killed Scorpius! No, no, no, this cannot be happening! Not again.


The sphere of fire didn’t burn through his skin like it was suppose to, but instead turned from hot to cold; an ice ball.  


He held the ice in his hand, looking at it curiously, before looking at me and placing it in my hand. It melted instantly.


“One with the power of ice,

And one with fire.

Both went through destruction twice, 

But not from desire. 

Separate, they are lethal 

Bringing them to evil.

Together Son and Daughter of Light,

Will give them delight.

They are each other’s completion, 

Making fear depletion.

They are one.”


 The words floated out of his mouth like a robot; having no emotion.


I was just about to ask what he was going on about when he answered my question for me, “It’s my prophecy.”


Confusion still lingered on my face, not understanding why he said it in the first place.


“When I was about five, my powers started to show. I turned everything into ice when I was angry, or upset. I couldn’t control it sometimes, and if I let my guard down, I turned other things into ice. My father took me to the Ministry after I nearly killed my mother when she went to give me a hug. He took me to the prophecy room, needing to know what my fate was to be. When I grabbed the crystal ball, it didn’t ice over shockingly, but those were the words it said to me. I’ve never forgotten them, since, but never knowing what it meant. It so clear to me now.”


“What was it again?” I needed to understand what he did.


One with the power of ice,

And one with fire.

Both went through destruction twice, 

But not from desire. 

Separate, they are lethal 

Bringing them to evil.

Together Son and Daughter of Light,

Will give them delight.

They are each other’s completion, 

Making fear depletion.

They are one.”


 He didn’t even miss a bet, like he’s been rehearsing it.

 “Well, you’re obviously ice while I’m fire,” I started, “And I have been through destruction twice.” I hung my head in shame. His finger moved to life my chin up, “So have I. And I obviously didn’t mean to do it, just like I’m sure you didn’t.”

 He gave an encouraging smile for me to keep going, “I am pretty lethal if I am with anyone else. If I had thrown that fire ball at anyone but you, it would have killed them.” I kept going, decoding the rest, “Son and daughter of light? I don’t understand that part?”


Scorpius seemed to ponder this one himself, making his forehead crease in concentration. He seemed to have a sudden empathy, because his face gleams with excitement. “My middle name means God of sun and light, and yours…”


“The Goddess of sunrise; light.” I cut him off, coming to terms why we were son and daughter of light.


“So, if we are together, we can’t hurt others? That doesn’t make sense.”


Again, Scorpius seemed to be thinking hard, “Hmm, I’ll owl my father and ask him.”


I nod in contentment, while looking down at my palms. Slowly, I reached for his, intertwining them. Not too hot, and not too cold, it felt normal.


“So you’re a fire bender?” He asked, almost calmly.


“And you’re a water bender?” I asked in the same tone.


He calculated that question for a moment, before answering. “Ice, mostly. I can move water around, but ice is my curse.”


It made sense. “That’s why I can touch you! Since I am hot and you’re cold, they almost cancel each other out!”


He squeezed my hand, holding it tight. “Thank god for that! I thought I nearly froze you when I carried you up to your room!”


I let out a loud laugh, “I thought I nearly killed you when I hit you with my fire!”


We just laughed then, being able to not care that was let our guard down. I finally found someone that could understand me and what I have been going through. Thank god for Hogwarts!


We stayed there for hours, just talking. My head lay on his lap while his hand stroked my forehead. We soaked up the fact that we could touch each other with out feeling the consequences of our curse. It was amazing.


“Rion?” I asked, breaking the silence that took over for some time.


“Yes?” His eyes met mine and I looked up at his face.


“What were your destructions?”


He sat there for a moment, looking out, avoiding my gaze. He sighed then, “A story for another time.” He answered simply.


“Agreed.” I answered back, not wanted to share my secret as well.


His fingers fell into my hair, softly brushing the stray-aways off my face. “Aurora?” He said so quietly, I almost thought I had made it up.


I looked up at him, again, silently telling him to ask his question.


“Be my girlfriend?”


I couldn’t help but smile wide, feeling blush stain my cheeks, and my heart beat wildly. I stayed silent, but lifted my head to position myself in front of his face. My hand cupped his cheek, bring his lips to meet my own. This kiss was like nothing I felt before, filling me up with pure passion. Our lips moved in sink, moving my hands to lay on his chest as he took my face in one and my waist in another. We pulled back slowly, our breaths heavy.


“Is that a yes?” His lips just barley touching my own as he whispered those words to me.


“Yes.” And I kissed him again.  



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