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The Common Welsh Green by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 2 : How To Be The Favourite Child
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Thanks so much to the awesome Milominderbinder @ TDA for the incredible CI!

I took a deep breath as I apparated back to my apartment, I was so used to the tug in my gut that it didn't bother me like it did some other witches and wizards. I threw my bag and jacket on the couch and made my way to my room to change. I knew showing up at my parents would involve staying for dinner. Since Uncle Ron and dad have that huge case together, that means Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione are probably over my parents' for dinner as well. Even better, the more people to get James in trouble in front of. I changed out of my boring work clothes and rifled through my closet for something acceptable. Mum was forever nagging me to wear something that flatters my body, because how else will I get men? I mean really, mum, could you be more embarassing?

I choose not to interact with them for a reason. Well, I mean, it's really more of an incident, but we're not focused on that right at this minute. I finally found a plain green top that would hug my body and still cover every inch of my torso. That way mum couldn't complain and dad wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I wasn't going to floo them ahead of time to let them know I was coming, then mum would probably try to get a weird man over the house so I could meet them. I mean, I love my mum, don't get me wrong, but she's a terrible matchmaker.

I checked the clock on the wall, and saw that the hands for mum and dad said they were, indeed, at the house. After pulling on a plain pair of trousers I shrugged back into my jacket and picked up my bag. I grabbed a handful of floo powder and hopped into the fireplace, yelling out my parents' address as the green flames flared around me.

"Lily!" My father hopped off of the couch where he was having a conversation with my uncle and enveloped me in a bear hug.

His reaction everytime I came over for a surprise visit was always very entertaining. The man acted like he never saw me, when in fact, I went over every Sunday for dinner and generally stopped in once a week as well. I hugged him back with equal vigor, squeezing him so hard he grunted and started to release me.

"What do we owe the pleasure of your presence, my little Lily-bear." I laughed at my uncle's nickname for me, one that had started when I was about two and stuck with me, even though I'm now twenty-six.

"Well, I have an interesting bit of dinner conversation." A sly smile spread across my face and Uncle Ron met my mischevious look with a wink and a nod.

Both my dad and uncle settled back down on the couch, just as my Aunt Hermione was coming into the room.

"What's with all of the ruckus boys?...Lily! Oh darling it's so nice to see you!" She had what looked like flour on her hands, so she put her wrists on my shoulders and kissed each cheek.

"Nice to see you too, Aunt Hermione, is mum in the kitchen?" I asked, looking around her shoulder to see if I could get a glimpse of her.

"Yes, yes, c'mon, we'll go have a girls talk while the boys sit in here and do.. Well, be boys." I laughed, Aunt Hermione certainly was different as she got older. I think it's because she's a grandmum now. Thanks to Rose she's got a pretty little granddaughter, who looks a perfect blend of Malfoy and Weasley traits. It's rather interesting.

My mum spun around as we were walking into the kitchen, saying something about vegetables. When she saw me she dropped what she was doing to run over to me. I was crushed in a monster hug that was ten times tighter than my fathers'. When I was younger I was more of a daddy's girl, but as I got older and turned out to be more and more like mum, we got on much better. I was probably as close to her as I am to Rose, I actually don't know who I'd go to for advice first, Mum or Rose. I'd have to think about that one later.

"Lily, baby, what are you doing here?"

"I have a fun little bit of information to tell you over dinner. Speaking of which, what are we eating?" She had turned back to cooking, and I reached over her shoulder to grab a bit of carrot on the counter.

"We're making your Nana Molly's famous meat pies. And I'm trying to get some vegetables in so your uncle with have a well balanced meal." She stopped to swat my hand away as I went to reach for another carrot, "Stop eating the food and set the table, love."

I shrugged and pulled out my wand to start setting the table. Mum used to make us do it by hand, but gave up fighting with us once James purposely dropped all of the plates on the floor and said it would never have happened if he could've used magic. Which isn't true, because the next night he dropped a plate because he didn't do the spell properly. I've never dropped a single dish, both of my brothers have probably gone through a full dinnerware set. Being better than them was an immense source of pride for me, even if it was over just setting the table.

I sat at the table when I finished setting it, and laughed when I heard both my aunt and mum yelling at my dad and uncle to wash up for dinner. Of course, they didn't start moving until mum threatened to hex them into next year. She's rather scary with a wand, and her hexes are not something you mess with.

As everyone sat at the table I stared at the food longingly. It smelled positively delightful, and I couldn't wait to eat it. Mum had certainly inherited Nana Molly's cooking ability, and Aunt Hermione knows all of these wonderful muggle recipes for food. It's brilliant when they combine forces. As we settled down to eat dad looked at me and put his fork down for a moment.

"Lily, didn't you come here to tell us something?" He still had food in his mouth, making it a little hard to understand and earning a smack upside the head from mum.

I swallowed my own food before responding, not fancying getting a smack from mum or my aunt. I smiled my evil smile again and cleared my throat, this ought to be good.

"So, you've all heard of the Common Welsh Green Dragon, right?"

"Yes, we have." Dad was speaking suspiciously now, and was still rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, you know that they won't attack humans unless seriously provoked, right?"

Everyone nodded, as their mouths were full, and didn't want to earn a slap.

"Well, there I was at work, eating my lunch and looking forward to the last hour or so of my shift. And I hear a knock on my door, so naturally I think it's Smethwyck coming to bother me, and I tell who it is to come in." I paused to take a bite of food and give mum a thumbs up as I chewed my food.

"Anyways, James comes and sits on my desk, mind you that I'm eating and going through prospective Healers, he really does need to work on his manners. And can I just say this lot is bigger than last years? I'm rather impressed, though none of them have scored as well as I would like them to, but then again, we can't all be me."

I trailed off, I was mostly just flattering myself. But it was true, I was top of my year at Hogwarts, even beating Rose's grades her final year, and then throughout my training outdoing every single person in my year. Hense why I'm Resident Healer-In-Charge. And why I hate listening to Smethwyck, because if the man weren't there, I would be Healer-In-Charge, and man oh man would I love that. Plus, my brothers were always getting praise because they could be written up in magazines for what they do. Nobody writes an article about regenerating limbs.

"Yes, your scores were rather impressive, but what does this have to do with anything, Lils?" Aunt Hermione said this bit, I think she's still a little bitter that I beat Rose. I mean, better to keep it in the Wotter family, but I think she liked the idea that the smartest witch Hogwarts had seen since Herself was her daughter. Until I beat Rose, that is.

"Well, James was obviously there for something, because James never visits anybody unless he wants something for himself. So naturally I ask him why he's there, and he's playing it off, until I notice what he's looking at," I paused for a second for dramatic effect. Mum was still eating, figuring that it was something stupid, as James isn't exactly the brightest of her children.

"And, what was he looking at?" Uncle Ron said this will a full mouth and earned a smack upside the head, but he was so invested in the story he didn't care much, he just kept making faces for me to continue on.

"Well, the bloody wanker thought it would be a good idea to try to ride a dragon because you three had done it while escaping from Gringotts, so he figured the Welsh Green would be a nicer option. So he comes waltzing into the hospital and sits on my desk to have a conversation with me! He doesn't even tell me that he went and got himself burnt and bit in the process of trying to ride a dragon. Of course I fixed him up, but he didn't want to tell you, so I had to, but I realized I hadn't visted yet this week, so I figured I'd let you know myself."

"HE DID WHAT?!" Mum's face looked purple, almost like mine had when I first found out what James did.

"Yeah, I know. I said the same thing. He really wasn't going to tell you, but I figured that would just be irresponsible. Besides, it's a great mealtime story."

Mum just sighed and returned to eating her food. I could tell that she was plotting ways to hurt her oldest son, and I smiled triumphantly at myself. I loved seeing James get in trouble. Don't get me wrong, he's a great bloke, and I love him to death, but James and Albus were always praised so much more than I was growing up. I mean, I very likely could've gotten away with murder and they were always getting in trouble over the silliest little things, but that's just what happens when you're the baby.

Dad was shaking his head, and he had already turned to Uncle Ron to whisper in hushed tones. I think Uncle Ron was saying how awesome it was that James had tried to ride a dragon. It must be a Weasley trait that skipped over Mum. Aunt Hermione was just eating her food, I could tell that she had a few choice words she'd like to share with my brother. This dinner had officially been a success. Now, if I could just get out before Mum starts talking about men.

"So, Lily darling. Are you seeing anyone new?" Why did I have to think it? For Merlin's sake.

"Mum, really? Right now?"

"Well you've already told your little story, there's really no better time than now!" She was looking at me earnestly. Seriously, how is my lack of a love life more important than James trying to ride a dragon?!

"No, I'm not seeing anyone new, mother. I need to focus on getting the Healer in charge position at Mungos. I think Smethwyck is set to retire within the next two years, and I mean, we all know I'm first in line. But I need to prepare, they're going to make me work for it. I need to prove I'm the best of the best." I was insistent on getting this position.

If I was Healer in charge, I would be the youngest ever to be named. I would also get written up in the Daily Prophet, finally I would be in the paper for something other than being Harry Potters daughter. For once I would have earned my fame for something incredible. Something that didn't get handed to me because of my name. Something I had to work for, and achieved on my own. I would finally be different from the rest of the Wotters.

Mum didn't say anything else, but she didn't look pleased with my speech. I swear that woman would be okay with me living at home doing nothing all day if it meant I was dating. I mean, it's not like she has a tragic love past or anything. Her first love married her. How much more perfect could you get?

I finished my dinner and waved my wand to clear the table. I didn't want to get stuck with washing duties, I just wanted to go home and sleep. Tomorrow's my day off, and I had to plan out my day. I hugged Mum, Dad, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione and apparated back to my flat, not feeling much like flooing home.

As tired as I suddenly was, I knew I had to put everything away neatly or I'd kick myself for it in the morning. I emptied the contents of my bag onto my dresser and put my wallet, phone (Dad insisted I get one incase I get stuck in a muggle area), emergency make-up and first aid kit in their respective places. I took off all of my jewelry, and hung my jacket in the closet. James liked to make fun of my nighttime ritual too. But my clothes were always where I needed them to be, and I never lost anything. He, on the other hand, would wash the very shirt he had worn the previous day becaue he couldn't find anything else.

I really never would understand how that boy survived. After taking a shower, scrubbing my face free of make-up, applying my moisturising cream, and putting on my most comfortable pajamas, I set my slippers at the side of my bed and rested my wand on the bedside table. Pulling the covers up to my chin I rolled over on my side and fell asleep. Dreaming of Green Dragons, James being dropped down stairs as a baby, and Austin Barclay proclaiming his love for me.


Wow, a second chapter! This one was so much fun to write. I felt like Lily was really in all of her glory in this chapter. I've always seen James being favourited in other fics, so I certainly wanted to show her in a light that made her seem witty, funny, and of course, the favourite child. 

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love a review, it'd quite honestly make my day! 

xoxo LL 


 Edit: I've had some reviews questioning Ginny and Hermione, so I figured I'd just explain a little bit why I wrote them the way I did in this chapter.

Hermione was not upset that Lily did better than Rose, not at all. But when you've been named the brightest witch of your age, and then your daughter is seemingly just as brilliant as you are, you get excited. Maybe she'll hold the same records, maybe she'll do what I do, etc. You can understand why Hermione might be a little bit bummed that it wasn't Rose to be the best since Hermione, even if it was someone still from her family. You can be more than one emotion at a time.

As for Ginny, some people have commented on her in this chapter, saying they didn't think she was true to Canon. She wasn't suggesting that Lily look provacative, she was suggesting that Lily dress nicely and always uphold an appearance that just accentuates her best features. Ginny fell in love young, and married her first true love. So I think we can all kind of understand why she'd want Lily to find the same, and be urging her to do so. I just felt that maybe she needed some explaining.

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