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Not Another One by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Not Another One
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A/N I wrote this way back last year and so I've tweaked it slightly and made it better. So here's a bit of Harry and Ginny fluff as an early Christmas present!!

Lily is thirteen, Albus fifteen and James seventeen.

It was a dark, cold December evening. Inside the Potter Manor, Harry and Ginny were snuggled up on the sofa in their small library at the back of the house, watching the snow fall outside the window. The pale white snowflakes shone in the moonlight against the blackness of the sky. Christmas was fast approaching and all three of the Potter children were in their rooms, fast asleep in their beds as they were home from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

The couple only moved when they heard the faint rustle of wings and a hoot, meaning that their owl Snuffles was back from her delivery. Ginny untangled herself from both the blanket she was wrapped in and her husband and padded across the wooden floor, out of the room and into the kitchen. Harry stayed on the sofa looking out, deep in thought as he waited for his wife to come back. He had an idea and he wasn't sure whether to use it as a joke or to be totally series, either way it would be quite funny, he thought.

In the kitchen Ginny read the letter which was off her mother, inviting them all to The Burrow for Christmas which was in two days time. She quickly wrote a reply and sent it off again, watching the owl fly off through the darkness becoming a mere dot. Christmas at The Burrow was one of the things she loved most, her whole family together celebrating and remembering those they lost, including her brother Fred, Harry's parents and Remus and Tonks.

The smells of her mother's cooking and all of her nieces and nephews as well as her two sons and daughter running around and causing chaos was enough to make anyone smile. Smiling to herself at memories gone by, Ginny went to re-enter their library only to find her husband already stood in the doorway.

"Hey, it's getting late are you coming up to bed." He said as he indicated towards the little clock that was on the wall above the fireplace whose embers were slowly dying out.

Ginny looked towards where Harry was pointing, it was eleven fifteen. She nodded her head causing her red hair to fall around her shoulders. Harry smiled and walked over, he scooped his wife up in his arms and carried her bridal style upstairs to their bedroom.

Ginny had to stifle her laughter as Harry threw her on the bed, in exactly the same way he had on their wedding night. She landed softly amongst the pillows and smiled up at the canopy of their four poster bed which was draped with fine, rich red fabrics which went extremely well with the gold that contrasted them. Gryffindor colours in fact which made her laugh some more.

Harry lent over the bed and kissed Ginny with all his might, fueling the fire that was always there between them. When they broke apart, both breathing heavy Harry grabbed his pyjamas and headed to the en-suite.

Ginny sat up and proceeded to do her night time routine, brush her hair, use the bathroom and get changed. Harry sat on the red cushion that lined their window seat, looking out of the front garden and the street at the snow that was settling over everything it touched.

Having changed with lightening speed, Ginny joined Harry in the window and sat at the opposite end to him, their legs meeting in the middle, "Ginny?" He asked as he moved his gaze from outside to his wife, "What would say if I though we should have more children?" He asked her curiously, careful to keep his face straight whilst watching her expression change.

Ginny looked at him as if he was insane, none of their children had been planned. James had certainly come as a big shock, leading Ginny to choose motherhood over her Quidditch carer with The Holyhead Harpies. Would she be okay with doing all of that over again, truth be told it scared her slightly.

From what little stories she had heard about James and some of the girls he dated, it was more likely she would become a grandmother before becoming a mother again, "I'm not sure," She answered him truthfully after thinking for a moment, "Why?"

Harry shrugged as he looked back outside, "Oh no reason, I just had some ideas for baby names that's all."

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him, "You want another child because you have baby names in your head?" She retorted sounding curious, whilst she briefly wondered whether her husband was having a midlife crisis.

"Well," Harry murmured looking back at her as he ran his hand up and down one of her bare legs which made her shiver slightly, "Now they're all at Hogwarts, another one running around the place might be nice."

As Ginny watched the snow fall outside she considered his proposition, whilst Harry looked at her brown eyes, the same one's that both James and Lily had inherited. He loved her eyes, they were so easy to get lost in and they matched her red hair perfectly. Which in turn matched her personality and everything about her, there was no one else in the world who he loved as much as her. No one else who he wanted to spend the rest of his life wife. She was perfect in every way to him.

 "I suppose but what about the age gap?" She asked snapping Harry out of his trance.

"Well what about Lily's friend, didn't she say over the summer her father and step-mother were expecting and I think some in Al's year have siblings way older. Look at Molly and Lucy there's fifteen years between them." Harry stated as Ginny got up and made her way over to the giant bed.

As she pulled back the covers Ginny thought about it, her third eldest brother Percy and his wife Audrey had recently welcomed baby Lucy into the world about two weeks ago. Molly their eldest daughter was fifteen and in the same year as Albus and their cousins Rose and Dominique at Hogwarts. Rose being Hermione and Ron's oldest and Dominque being Bill and Fleur's middle child.

"I suppose you're right, but I mean are we ready to do it all over again. The sleepless nights, the nappies, the crying," She trailed off, "You do remember James as a baby right? He had awful colic and was up most nights. I swore after him we wouldn't have anymore."

Harry nodded as he thought of James, he had always been a fussy baby. The colic seemed to make him worse, crying every night around the same time, not wanting to sleep, "And then little Albus graced us with his presence nearly two years later, compared to James he was an angel thought." He added as he studied his wife's beautiful face which was watching his own expressions, "Would you like to speak about this tomorrow. When we're more awake?" He suggested as he got up from the window seat and went to join his wife in bed after shutting the drapes at the window.

Ginny nodded as she snuggled down next to Harry who wrapped his arms around her, "That's a good idea I believe. Night Harry, love you."

He kissed the top of her head which always smelled like something flowery, "Love you too Ginny."

Together they fell asleep, Harry dreaming of another son to play Quidditch with, whilst Ginny had dreams that their family expanded with another girl and three more boys.

The next morning every one in the Potter household had woke up refreshed. Two of the Potter's were sat at the breakfast bar discussing what they Harry had said the night before whilst they drank their coffee.

"Are you sure you want another baby?" Ginny questioned him as she put down her empty cup.

"Quite sure, I think the names I have in mind are perfect." He grinned at her.

"And what are those names to be precise?" She asked as she bustled around the kitchen getting breakfast ready for their three children.

As if summoned by his mother, the kitchen door creaked open and in walked a tall boy with messy black hair and and green eyes, which were exactly like his fathers. The middle Potter child  came over and it wasn't until he sat down did Harry see that his pyjama top was sopping wet.

"Good morning Al," Harry greeted him as he furrowed his brows, "Sleep well?"

"No," Albus mumbled sounding very annoyed, "James woke me up by levitating a bucket of water over me and then dropping it."

From behind the kitchen door came laughter and Ginny shook her head whilst performing a drying and warming spell on Albus and his clothes,  "James Sirius Potter get yourself in here right now young man."

The kitchen door opened once more and a much taller boy entered with a smug look on his face, he also had the same messy black hair as his brother, but minus the green eyes as his were brown and that he wasn't looking so wet.

"James have you not heard of an alarm clock, people tend to prefer them over a bucket of water any day." Harry told his eldest son with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"I just woke him up that's all." James replied with a mischievous grin as he ran a hand through his already messy hair.

"James, you did not just wake him up. You dropped water on him, look at him he's soaking." Ginny said her voice becoming slightly raised.

"Well technically mum he's all dry now thanks to you and your amazing spell work." James said trying to charm his mother.

Before Ginny could reply for the third time that morning, the youngest Potter entered the kitchen, still looking rather sleepy.

"Was goin' on?" The young red head asked as she took a seat next to Albus and opposite her father at the breakfast bar.

Ginny who was still glaring at James who had sat down and was happily shoveling as much toast as he could into his mouth, said to her daughter, "You darling brother thought it would be fun to wake up Albus by dropping water on him."

"Oh" Lily said as if it happened everyday, although with James it was possible, "I wondering what the yelling and swearing was about."

Harry had already started packing his things for work and had placed a plate of toast in front of Lily before James could get any more. She smiled at her father and started to eat as Ginny told off James.

"Just because you can use magic now doesn't mean you have to use it to annoy your siblings," Ginny said sternly, "It does not mean you can use it for every little thing, if anything odd happens again to either Albus, Lily or any one of your cousins whilst we're at The Burrow then I'll take your wand off you and you won't see it again until you get back on that train. Got it."

James nodded feebly, "Got it." He muttered.

"Right," Harry announced, "Now that you three are all together, how would you feel if your mother and I had another baby."

"Not another one," James groaned "I've already got one of each and about a million cousins. Why do you want another child when you have me and I'm practically perfect."

Ginny snorted and Al choked on his cereal, Lily thumped Albus on the back as Harry ignored James' comment and turned to his youngest and slightly less delusional son, " Al, what do you think?"

Albus who was gulping down a glass of orange juice like he had just ran a marathon stopped to get himself composed having been taken aback at the question, "I, I don't care to be honest. Sure I love Lily and occasionally James when he isn't a complete prat but it's not like I would be home anyway." Al told his father.

Harry then turned to Lily who had finished her toast and was watching her family whilst swinging her feet from the bar stool like she did when she was younger and couldn't reach the floor, "And what do you think?" He asked his little girl who was the apple of his eye, there was no doubt Lily had her father wrapped around her little finger.

"I like babies, they're cute. Can we call it Poppy - that's such a pretty name and it goes with Lily because their both flowers." She babbled,  "And my friend's mum, well step-mum had a baby in the summer and they called it Ace. What would you  call it?" Lily then asked looking at her mother who seemed to be amused by the whole situation.

Ginny shrugged, "Don't look at me, ask your father."

Lily looked at Harry, she only had to blink at him and he answered in an instant, "Ok, if it was a girl; Hedwig Dobby and for a boy Felix Felicis."

Ginny laughed and looked at her husband whilst the three children exchanged some very confused looks, sure they knew about their father's old owl and the house elf who saved Harry's life but it appeared as if he had taken a leaf out of auntie Luna's book and gone a bit crazy.

"Daddy's gone mad hasn't he?" Lily whispered to her brothers.

"Are they the perfect names that you had picked out?" Ginny asked still looking dumbstruck at his ideas.

Harry nodded trying not to laugh at his wife's reaction which was priceless, "Yes, Hedwig because she was my owl and a friend, Dobby because well he was Dobby and he saved me life. And Felix Felicis because well he's lucky."

"Harry dear, you really have got to stop referring to Felix as a person."

Albus looked at his father, "Who's Felix?"

"Let's just say he was a friend who was lucky." Harry replied as he pulled on his jacket and picked up his briefcase.

James snorted, "It was a potion Al, a lucky potion. Surely fifth years have covered that by now, or are you still at first year level. I know you've melted a fair few cauldrons." He snickered before leaving the kitchen fast so neither his brother or mother could tell him off.

Albus excused himself to go and get dressed as he was off to see his friend Scorpius. Lily was the only one to stay with her parents in the kitchen, offering to wash up for her mother. Ginny walked Harry to the front door, he kissed her goodbye and before he made his way down the steps Ginny stopped him, "Felix Felices?" She couldn't help but ask.

Harry nodded, the way he kept his face so serious Ginny honestly didn't know whether he was joking or if he was deadly serious.

Ginny hit him playfully before saying, "Felix Felicis Potter almost makes Albus Severus sound normal."

From behind them in the house the word "Oi!" Was heard as Albus stood at the bottom of the stairs fully dressed, shaking his head he went off into the living room.
They both laughed and Harry kissed Ginny once more before he made his ways down the path carefully, as the snow had settled and in some places it was a bit icy.


It had been a long day at work and after this morning, Harry was unsure of whether he could keep the joke going a bit longer. Three was more than enough children for him; the trouble maker, the good one and his little princess. Three was perfect.

When he got in, it was late again even though he knew they had to be up early the next day to get ready to go to The Burrow. Ginny was just finishing up down stairs and then she would be up, having took a long shower to brush away the stress from work Harry was waiting in their room. He had covered the bed with rose petals, white roses to be precise as Ginny preferred them to red ones and now he waited.

Ginny was utterly surprised when she pushed the bedroom door open to find the room bathed in candle light and her husband lying on the bed which was covered with rose petals, white of course. Harry knew only to well that she preferred them, especially after that nasty bunch of red ones which she though Dean had sent her back in her fifth year. Only to find out they were prank ones from her brothers joke shop and were intended to bite someone on the nose.

Ignoring him, she set about her nightly routine and did not speak at all. Once she was finished in the bathroom and had put her nightie on, she headed to the bed. Jumping on it next to Harry, "Any more thoughts on another baby then," He asked his wife wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"No way Mr. Potter are we having any more children, especially if you want to call them that." Ginny joked as she hit him playfully before taking the rose from his fingers, "It's beautiful." She murmured.

"Just like you are, my sweet." He replied as he kissed her lightly on the lips.

Smiling Ginny wrapped her arms around him, "You were joking right? Not another one?"

Harry chuckled, "I was indeed, you're face when I suggested the names was priceless. Not another one, our three are more than perfect enough."

Smiling at one another, the pair settled down for the night as it was decided; there was not going to be another Potter child.

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Not Another One: Not Another One


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