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Bound to be Burned by rupertgrintislove
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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 Chapter Eight


A/N: Hey Loves! :) Another update you ask? YES! BECAUSE CLASSES ARE DONE AND ALL I HAVE LEFT IS A FINAL PAPER AND ONE EXAM! HECK YES :) Praise Merlin for being merciful and allowing me time to write a new chapter.



Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter. 









“Bloody Merlin.” Cas woke up, rubbing her eyes. Her head pounding from all the gin the night before. Why did she think it was a good idea to drink so heavily? Cas groaned and rolled over, her stomach lurching as she did so. It wasn’t until she stretched that she realized there was someone else in the bed beside her.




Cas froze. She was out of her bed in five seconds, wand raised and kicking the stranger off the bed.




“Who the bloody hell are you! I am armed and I am not afraid to use it!” Cas growled fiercely, trying to find confidence in her less than clothed state. Noticing her nakedness, Cas tried to cover her lady parts in a way that she hoped looked “classy”. Even though nothing about this situation was, indeed, “classy”. 




“Whoa, calm down broad. You really don’t remember?” The stranger’s voice stated quickly, popping his head up from the floor beside the bed.




“Remember what?” Cas snapped, grabbing a sheet nearby. She quickly wrapped it around her, still keeping her wand raised and ready.




“You brought me back her last night? Ringing any bells?” The man was now standing, stark naked with a cocky grin on his face. Cas scowled and tried to remember the night before, all that was coming back was the sad, almost disappointed, look Sirius had given her. What was that about?




“Of course I do,” Cas lied, “I didn’t think you would be ballsy enough to stay the night. Who in the name of Merlin does that?” Cas snapped angrily, throwing his clothes at him from across the room.




“You really don’t remember huh? No need to be embarrassed now, we will just unlikely friends and never see each other again. See no embarrassment needed.” The stranger stated simply, it was obvious he had done this before. Cas blushed at the thought and nodded. 




“Right. Well, I’ll be in the kitchen, take your time.” Cas stuttered, grabbing her robe and rushing from the room as quick as possible.




Cas walked out of her room and took in the sight in front of her, it was obvious their “fun” didn’t start in the bedroom. The room had her clothes from the previous night covering every inch of furniture. Cas blushed and shook her head, what if he had been a death eater? Cas walked into the kitchen and began making coffee and sliding toast into the toaster. Cas was leaning against the counter when she heard the ‘pop’ sound of aparation. Figuring it was the stranger leaving, Cas let out a huge sigh and rubbed her face.




However, she didn’t realize how wrong she was. Instead of being alone, in walked Remus Lupin. Cas’ head shot up at his foot steps and she jumped from her relaxed position against her counter and tried to fix her robe around her, very exposed, body.




“Oh shit, sorry Cas! Should’ve owled first.” Remus stuttered, covering his eyes and looking away quickly.




“Calm down, Lupin. No need to burn your virgin eyes now, I am fully covered.” Cas joked before she heard the dooming sound of her bedroom door opening.




“Wait a minute, is someone else here? Holy shit, do you have a guy here?” Remus whispered dramatically, and Cas moved to cover his mouth.




“Shut your bleeding mouth you cow. He might hear you.” Cas whispered hurriedly, before trying to smooth out her messy hair.




The stranger walked into the kitchen, shoes in hand, only to stop when he saw Remus.




“Oh sorry, I thought you lived alone.” The stranger apologized, before stretching his hand out to Remus.




“Sorry about the mess. This was fun, we should do it again sometime, see you later Cindy.” The stranger stated, nodding at Cas before disapparating. 




“Cindy?” Remus asked, bursting out laughing. Cas stood there, face pale and the feeling of all her blood draining from her running through her body. 




“What the hell have I done?” Cas groaned, slumping against the counter once more. Remus continued laughing and stole Cas’ toast when it finally popped up. 




“You know usually, you’re suppose to give them your real name Cindy.” Remus joked, munching on her perfectly browned toast. Cas groaned again and took long sips of her coffee.




“Can it Lupin, it is way too early for your wanker attitude.” Cas muttered, causing Remus to grin and look at the clock above the stove.




“Too early? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is one in the afternoon. Which is why I am here, you missed the Order meeting this morning.” Remus reminded, causing Cas to groan again. Today she was suppose to hand in her ministry application.




“Merlin. Can this day get any worse?” Cas asked moodily, stealing the last piece of toast out of Remus’ hand and stuffing it down her throat.




“Oy! I was eating that!” Remus called as Cas left the room quickly to change into something more appropriate. 




“Cry me a river Lupin, you can’t always get what  you want.” Cas yelled back, throwing on a pair of black jeans and a plain white blouse. Cas straighten her hair with a brush before adding a bit of makeup to her face. Cas observed herself in her mirror whilst applying Chapstick.




“I don’t look that whorish.” Cas stated, shaking off the ‘one night stand’ feeling and returning to join Remus in the living room. Cas stalked past him and started pulling on her tall boots, sighing when she felt the room spinning again.




“Bloody hell, how much did I drink last night?” Cas asked, zipping up the back of her right boot.




“The whole bar possibly? I told you to slow down and all you kept saying was, ‘You don’t know my struggle’. So I just left you to it.” Remus laughed, Cas’ face growing red. How did she come up with the cheesiest quotes when she was intoxicated. 




“Today is just not my day, Lupin.” Cas muttered, grabbing her rain jacket before disaparating with Remus.









Cas stumbled as she reach the Burrow, catching her balance at the last second before she fell over. Remus joined her a second later, landing a hell of a lot more graceful than she did. Cas huffed and began the steady climb to the Burrow. 




“Don’t you breathe a word of this, you hear me? You do not want to be on my bad side.” Cas threatened at the front door. Remus chuckled before scratching the back of his neck nervously.




“Sorry to break this to you Cas, but everyone saw you leave with that guy. So naturally, the whole order knows.” Remus admitted, before entering. Cas stood there shellshocked before following quickly.




“By everyone do you mean Moody as well?” Cas asked, catching up to Remus. 




“Moody as well what?” A rough voice asked from behind her. Cas froze and turned around swiftly, trying to look innocent. 




‘I am bloody screwed.’ Cas thought, gulping nervously.




“Nothing Moody!” Cas chipped, trying to make steady eye contact with him.




“I heard all about your night Cas. I thought your parents raised a smarter woman, I thought I raised a smarter woman.” Moody tsked, disappointment radiating from his body. Cas groaned, how embarrassing is it for your Godfather to find out you’re a one night stand bimbo?




“Listen, Moody, it was a one ti-” Cas started.




“I mean really, we both know you can’t handle gin.” Moody joked, ruffling Cas’ hair. Cas looked up confused before meeting Remus’ eye who grinned and nodded.




Cas took this as a ‘he knows nothing of the male in your bed this morning’ and smiled.




“Can’t blame a girl for trying?” Cas joked, her heart still beating a mile a minute.




“Well lass, you better stop trying and just stick with butter beer. How I ever raised such a light weight we will never know. Know your poison Cassie, know your poison.” Moody scolded lightly, before walking out of the burrow. Cas sighed, feeling returning back to her body.




“You should’ve seen your face!” Remus laughed, causing Cas to smack him upside the head.




“How DARE you make me think he knows! That was bloody brutal. Kill me please, put me out of my misery.” Cas begged, walking into the living room of the Burrow.




“Now, now Cas. If I did that where would I find my amusement?” Remus asked, ruffling her hair before sitting down beside Peter on the couch. Cas looked around, nodding her hello to everyone before walking pulling up a chair beside Lily.




“Well here she is! Tell us all about it!” Lily squealed, digging her elbow into Cas’ side. Cas swatted her away, her face turning bright red.




“Not to spoil your show and tell Cassie, but some of us would not like to hear what might come out of your mouth.” James joked, causing Sirius to smirk darkly beside him. Cas laughed before resting her eyes on Sirius. Sirius was looking down directly and seem lost in thought. 




“I would share, but I wouldn’t want you to get too excited Potter.” Cas joked, looking around the room trying to find her ministry papers.


“Do any of you know where I put my ministry forms?” Cas asked, getting up from her chair and looking at the end tables. When she got close to the end table near Sirius she saw him visibly stiffen at her proximity. 




Cas raised an eyebrow, ‘What was that about?’ Cas wondered. Cas shook it off before Peter raised a stack of papers proudly in the air.




“Found them Cassie! I made sure these two didn’t ruin them for you!” Peter squeaked proudly, Cas smiled and grabbed them from him.




“Thanks, Pete. I appreciate it.” Cas added before exiting the room and heading toward the kitchen. Before she left fully she heard someone smack someone.




“Oy! What was that for?” Cas heard Sirius exclaim.




“That’s for being a brooding prat! Just because you two start talking again doesn’t mean you two are seeing each other!” James scolded, frustration dripping off his every word. 




Cas froze as she reached the kitchen, what did that mean? Cas shook her head at the thought of Sirius fancying her. It seemed too surreal and too unrealistic for Cas to believe. 




‘Your old school crush is just showing up again at the thought, no need to make feelings up that he doesn’t even feel.’ Cas thought, flipping through the already filled out papers.




‘Besides, you trusted that prick before with your heart! Look where that got you, bloody arsehole.’ Cas scolded, her old school embarrassment returning, causing her cheeks to flush.




“Bloody prick.” Cas muttered, shoving her papers roughly onto the counter.




“Now, now Cas. The ministry forms cannot be that horrible.” A soft voice reasoned, causing Cas to look up. Dumbledore stood before her, his robes wet from the rain outside.




“Not the forms sir, but they are all filled out. I was wondering if you knew who to address these to?” Cas asked, trying her best to be polite.




“Yes, yes, of course. Here is the address, thank you again for doing this.” Dumbledore thanked, handing her a piece of scrap paper. Cas nodded and opened it.




“I needed a job anyways.” Cas muttered, jotting down the address onto an envelope. 




Dumbledore nodded as he observed the young woman in front of him, her face still scrunched up as it always had been whenever she was writing. He could still remember passing her when she was writing her final in fourth year and chuckling to himself on how concentrated she seemed. But alas, this woman in front of her today was not the same fourth year he had seen. That girl has grown up to be a woman anyone would be proud of. Although a little rough around the edges, Dumbledore had never seen so much passion in one individual. Although sometimes that passion drove her into tougher times, it was one of the things that she strived on and lived for. For that, Dumbledore mused, there was no fault in being too passionate. You see what you want and you grab it. 




Dumbledore watched as she sent her forms off, her face conflicted between hope and anger of having to work for such a manipulative organization as the ministry. It was true, the ministry was not a happy place to be these days. The deaths they have been covering up and the missing employees were starting to stack up. It seems the ministry has lost control, not a surprising bit of information to Dumbledore. He had foreseen this the moment he knew Tom Riddle was rising to power. What was surprising was how they were able to cover everything up from the public. The public was left defenseless and oblivious to the darkness looming in on them. Dumbledore’s face grew grave as he thought of the poor wizards and witches who did not see the attacks coming. Dumbledore strode from the room, his hands clasped tightly. The anxiety of the war reaching Dumbledore to the point where he just wanted to scream. He couldn’t however, because within the madness one needed to remain calm, in fear of losing themselves to the madness. Dumbledore unclasped his hands, his body relaxing. The Order, however small, was growing and would send the message the ministry refused to send.




“Good things come to those who wait.” Dumbledore muttered sadly before disaparating soundlessly. 







One Week Later.




“Bloody rejected?” Cas bellowed, staring at the rejection notice sent from the ministry.




“What!” Moody yelped, grabbing the sheet from Cas’ hands. “How is that possible? You had Outstanding in all subjects!” Moody grumbled, flipping through the papers angrily. 




“It seems the Ministry believes Cas did not finish her education properly. They believe that her being homeschooled by you, Moody, was not efficient enough for their standings.” Dumbledore stated, his anger booming from his words.




“So I cannot get a simple job at the bloody ministry of lies?” Cas bellowed, causing everyone sitting at the Order meeting to flinch.




“We will see what we can do, Dorcas is there anyway you can find out from the ministry on how we can fix this issue?” Dumbledore asked, addressing a young witch sitting near Lily. Dorcas’ head snapped up and she locked eyes with Dumbledore.




“Me sir? I will try my best, but I am not sure how my word will change the mind of the ministry. I will check for loopholes though, there must be another reason for this rejection.” Dorcas added, looking at Cas directly. “We will figure it our Morris, you not being accepted is just bull shit.” Dorcas added bluntly, causing Cas to smirk. 




She had forgotten about Dorcas Meadowes. A promising Ravenclaw that was a year ahead of her at Hogwarts, and best friends with Lily Evans and Marlene McKinnon. Marlene was also in the Order, but wasn’t present at the meetings most time since she was currently working in America, bringing more members to the Order. Marlene had been in Gryffindor too, and was always kind to Cas, which she was grateful for. It was these three girls that had been the sweetest to her as she finished her year at Hogwarts after her parent’s death. For that, Cas would be eternally grateful. 




“Thank you Dorcas, anything will help. That goes for the rest of you, if you have anymore suggestions please come see me after the meeting. That is all for today. See you all next week, and remember to help protect your muggle neighbors.” Dumbledore concluded. Causing the scrapping of chairs and the chatter to resume.




Cas shook her head and locked eyes with Arthur Weasley across the table. Although they had a rocky start, her relationship with Molly seemed to thaw Arthur out to trust her enough. Arthur reached a hand across the table and patted it twice.




“We will figure it out Cassie, do not worry.” Arthur stated simply, before scraping back his chair and helping his wife with cleaning up. 




Cas watched Arthur approach Molly in the kitchen, walking pass Arthur laid a hand on the small part of Molly’s back, causing Molly to jump a little at the contact. Arthur leaned in and whispered in her ear, causing Molly to jump and swat playfully at Arthur. Cas smiled at the interaction before she realized she was being watched. Cas turned and saw Sirius looking at her, she smiled hesitantly which he return halfway before leaving the room.




Cas wasn’t given much time to dwell on this exchange since Lily had plopped down beside her, Dorcas in tow. 




“Ello’ Morris, haven’t seen you since fifth year!” Dorcas greeted, shaking hands with Cas before lounging casually on the table.




“Yeah, I kind of lost it when my parents died. As everyone probably knows. Where have you been Dorcas? Haven’t seen you at the last couple meetings?” Cas asked, changing the subject off of her whereabouts. 




“Oh little old me? Just been battling giants, slaughtering death eaters and taking numbers baby.” Dorcas joked, examining her nails.




“That all huh?” Cas joked, remembering how much she had liked Dorcas at Hogwarts.


“All in a days work sweetie, you’ll catch up one day.” Dorcas continued, causing Lily to snort.




“Actually, the bloody idiot cursed her hand to her head when she was drunk and has been holed up at St. Mungos. It took them two whole weeks to figure out what she had done.” Lily revealed, causing Cas to howl in laughter as Dorcas shoved Lily playfully.




“Drop it firecracker, you’re just jealous you aren’t as creative as I am.” Dorcas joked, kicking out the legs of Lily’s chair and making her tip backwards. “Karma's a bloody bitch Evans, I hope it bites you on the bloody arse.” Dorcas laughed, standing up and helping Lily up.




“You suck Dor, remind me why I keep you around?” Lily asked, slapping away Dorcas’ “helping” hand.




“Something pretty to look at?” Dorcas asked, pretending to think about it.




“More like something pretty for Remus to look at.” Lily teased, causing Dorcas to yelp before quickly looking around. Lily and Dorcas cracked up in laughter causing Cas to stare on oblivious.




“Am I missing something here?” Cas asked, swishing around her half empty butter beer, the rejection notice still sitting in front of her.




“Seems our sensible Remus has a tiny crush on Dorcas here. We keep catching him staring at her.” Lily howled, causing Cas to giggle to. Remus and Dorcas? Since when did that happen.




“But honestly, we snog once in the sixth year and the bloke won’t leave it be.” Dorcas complained, putting her hands on her hips.




Sixth year? Cas hadn’t realized how much she really had missed when she left in fifth year. Her first surprise was seeing Lily and James together that first day, last time she checked Lily hated James? Now all of a sudden they were practically married? Now Dorcas and Remus? What else had she missed?




“Yeah Cas, you missed a shit ton.” Dorcas summed up, reading Cas’ mind.




“Oh lighten up, what is dragging you down?” Lily asked, sobering up from laughing.




“What do you think Evans?” Cas asked, pointing at her rejection notice.




“Oh fuck them Cas! They don’t deserve you anyways. Besides, with this death eater slayer on your side, you’ll have a job there in no time!” Dorcas concluded cheerfully. Dorcas frowned when she still found Cas moping, obviously this rejection was hurting her more than she let on. Dorcas and Lily caught eyes and they nodded.


“I know just what you need.” Lily stated, grabbing Cas by the arm and tugging her out the door of the Burrow.









“Yes Lily, more gin is exactly what I need.” Cas muttered sarcastically, sitting in a booth at the three broomsticks.




“Alcohol heals all.” Dorcas agreed, clanking Cas’ mug before downing her shot of fire whiskey. Dorcas coughed afterwords before pouring herself another shot.




“Drink up prude.” Dorcas added when she saw Cas wasn’t taking her shot of gin. “I didn’t buy you ten shots for them to just sit there, drink them up, take your clothes off and make a fool out of yourself just like we both know you can!” Dorcas continued, clashing her shot glass against Lily’s mug before downing another. Lily smiled and nodded at Cas’ glass. Cas sighed.




“You two are bloody wacked.” Cas joked, before shooting down her first, second and third shot, much to the surprise of Dorcas.




“The girl came to play, boys and girls! The girl came to bloody well play!” Dorcas howled, clapping her hands together wildly. 




Cas chuckled before downing the next couple shots, the burning of gin running down her throat. Cas sighed, shaking the feeling of not being good enough.




“Get my mind off of this bull shit.” Cas muttered.




“I think James might propose to me!” Lily blurted, causing the two girl’s heads to shoot up.




“What? That’s amazing Lils! Barkeep, drinks all around!” Dorcas yelled, getting the attention of the waitress who nodded, laughing at Dorcas’ actions. It was clear she was used to Dorcas being here.




The waitress brought the girls 3 tall mugs of butter beer which they clanked together,




“To Lily and James, the best bloody well couple out there!” Dorcas bellowed.




“I’ll bloody well drink to that!” Cas yelled, before the all started chugging their drinks.









One week later




“That concludes this meeting.” Dumbledore stated, the feeling of frustration eating him inside. There had been no new leads lately and the trail to the death eaters meeting spots was growing cold.




However, to a certain red headed woman, a different thought was bringing her frustration. Lily had thought and thought on who Evelyn could be, but kept drawing up a blank. Finally, Lily thought they were getting close enough to talk about heavy topics, which Evelyn clearly was to Cas. Seeing as how every time someone brought her up, Cas stiffened and looked like she wanted to kill the person for saying her name.




Cas and Molly had just started the dishes when Lily joined them.




“Anything I can do to help Molly?” Lily asked nicely.




“Sure thing dear, help Cassie here with the dishes.” Molly gestured toward the tower of plates in front of Cas at the sink. Lily walked over and grabbed a dish towel.




“You wash, I dry?” Lily asked chuckling, Cas laughed along and nodded.




“Whatever makes you sleep at night, Evans.” Cas joked, passing Lily a freshly cleaned plate. Lily chuckled, drying the dish in her hand before she plucked up the courage to ask.




“I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I just wanted to let you know if you ever needed someone to talk to, I am here.” Lily started, changing her tactic.




“About what, Evans?” Cas muttered stiffly, the topic at hand making her uncomfortable.




“Anything really, blokes, girl things, your parents, Evelyn.” Lily almost whispered the last part, and flinched as she heard Cas drop a plate in shock. Whatever Cas had thought Lily was going to say, it wasn’t that. 




Cas unfroze after a second and continued to wash the dishes in silence, passing the dishes to Lily once they were clean. Time passed as the two worked in silence, and just when Lily thought she wouldn’t get any information from Cas, Cas finally spoke.




“She was Moody’s wife. She died.” Cas stated coldly, the memories swirling forward.











“Cassie dear, pass me the butter please.” Evelyn asked, pouring a cup of flour into the mixing bowl.




“Sure thing.” Cassie mumbled, pulling her thoughts away from the book in front of her before sliding off the bar stool and walking toward the refrigerator. It was then that they heard a crash from the front room, Cassie whirled around to find Evelyn inches from her face.




“Hide in the cupboard, don’t say a word.” Evelyn whispered, pushing Cassie into the pantry. 




Before Cassie could raise her wand, Evelyn cast a charm on Cassie, making her arms and legs snap together and Cassie fall to the floor. Cassie tried to mumble her outrage but Evelyn cast a silencing spell on her before shutting the door and making her way quickly back to the mixing bowl, her wand still hidden under her cloak. Cas inched forward and was able to see Evelyn between the crack of the door. Evelyn silently sent off a patronous, most likely contacting Moody. Cassie just hoped the patronous got to Moody in time. 




The death eaters flew into the room, casting curses at Evelyn, but Evelyn was faster. In the time it took them to cast one curse, Evelyn had cursed two of them so harshly they were thrown against the wall. Cassie tried to move, but it was no use, the spell was too strong. Evelyn continued to battle the death eaters, until it all went downhill. One of the death eaters had snuck up behind Evelyn and stabbed her in the back, once. twice. Evelyn screamed out, and Cassie fought against her stiffened body as she watched the blood pour from the wound holes. Cassie fought and fought, her voice unheard from behind the pantry door. Nothing she would do helped, and tears of frustration and sorrow slid down Cassie’s face.




They slumped Evelyn’s body onto the table lazily, the blood mixing in with the spilt flour. Cassie’s body shook as she silently sobbed from the pantry, but it wasn’t over. Moody showed up, Arthur and Kingsley in tow. They cursed the death eaters and Evelyn slumped to the floor. The three took on the death eaters, curses flying left and right as Cassie tried to move her body to Evelyn. Every muscle in her body was strained as she fought agains the curse, but it held strong. But wasn’t this was a good thing? That meant Evelyn was alive for her curse to remain this strong. A swell of hope filled Cassie’s chest and she cried relieved tears. Evelyn was still alive.




At least, she was. Movement from the corner of kitchen caught Cassie’s eye, one of the previously stunned death eaters had awoken. He snuck up and blasted the kitchen with one destructive wave of his wand. The curse hit everyone, good and bad, full force and everyone was thrown backward. Including Evelyn.




Evelyn landed an inch from the pantry door, her head making a sickening crack as it landed against the hard wooden floor. Cassie cried out as she watched the life leave her Godmother’s eyes. A single last tear falling from her eye.




That was her last memory of Evelyn, the woman who took her in when her parents died and raised her like her own. The woman who died protecting her. Her mother.









Present day.




Cas shook her head, remembering every part of that horrid day. A single tear escaped from her eye and she looked sadly at Lily, who was staring ahead, confusion set on her face.




“Moody had a wife?” Lily asked, oblivious to the truth behind the story.




“Yeah, she was an amazing woman. He fought to save her that day, it was the day he lost his eye.” Cas muttered, drying the dish towel with her wand.




“She was like a mother to you, wasn’t she?” Lily asked, a hand resting on Cas’ arm. Cas stiffened and nodded, another tear escaping from her eye. 




“She was more than my mother, ” Cas mumbled, looking through the Burrow’s kitchen window. “She was my anchor.”








A/N: SOOO:) Let me know what you think. <3 Love reviews!







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