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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 6 : Chapter Five
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It was the morning of Hogsmeade. Freddie and I had a plan, a fool proof plan. Well maybe not, after all it was us who devised this so called plan.


We knew Rose was up to something, she was being far too secretive. So we are going to follow her to Hogsmeade today and if Rose and Malfoy happen to bump into Al and Greengrass, well that’s two birds with one stone isn’t it…


Freddie was a little pissed though, he had to cancel two of his four dates for today. That’s right little ol’Freddie is a four timer, he reckons he could see all four girls with one trip, but being as how our morning has now become preoccupied, he’s opting for the later two. I didn’t want to learn the names of his victims’, it made it a lot easier to look them in the eye later if I happened to bump into them. Say what you will about me and my pass record but cheating is a no go. I’d hate if it were to happen to me, so why should I do it on somebody else…


There were two things we needed for our stake out. Stake out… I’m sounding like one of Grampa Weasley’s old cop shows. So technically I’m undercover… Should be interesting. Anyway back to the essentials: The marauder’s map and my trusty invisibility cloak. Yes my, first born has its perks you know.


“James!” Freddie shouted “They’re leaving!”


“What?” I jumped up and studied the map over his shoulder. Two dots were now leaving the Slytherin common room. And quickly making their way towards the courtyard.

“Where’s Greengrass?” I almost shouted. Freddie smirked at me giving me one of those looks. “When are you going to start calling her by her first name? It’s only two syllables you know”

“Fine” I said sharply “Where is Cora?” I said her name with utter distaste, pretending that it tasted like poison in my mouth, when actually it was quite enjoyable to say. I couldn’t help put picture her face and how widely she smiled when she won a quidditch match… against me, the bitch.


“She’s at the quidditch pitch with Andie and Roxy” Freddie shrugged.


“Do you reckon her dates off?” I questioned almost hopefully.


“I doubt it, it’s still only ten o’clock… they could be meeting later?” he offered.


“Hmm” I murmured following her dot. “What do you think they’re doing?”


“I overheard Roxanne, Andie has been worried ever since she dropped the Midnight Hale bomb. She’s asked for extra practise, so queue beater and keeper”


“As if” I mused. I felt slightly guilty that I wasn’t there nor putting in as much effort as the girls in team. But I’d worked hard enough and Greengrass had given us the green light so I am enjoying my day off. I should not be thinking about her on my day off… or following her around either … the voice in the back of my head added. But sue me. I’m curious. Just curious.


“She’s leaving” Freddie stated alarmed. I watched Greengrass’ dot move from the quidditch pitch. “Where’s Rose?” I asked curiously.


“Still in the Gryffindor girl’s dormitory”


“Al and Malfoy?”


“Off the map” so they’ve ventured into Hogsmeade alone… interesting. Pre-bro talk perhaps? Or maybe Rose and Greengrass are covers for their secret romance, wouldn’t be the first time somebody has thought it about them.


“What’s the route of action then?”


“We go to Hogsmeade and try to find them. We know Al is supposedly meeting Greengrass in the three broom sticks, so that would be a good place to start… even if we don’t know the exact time”.


“I swear if you make me miss these two dates too. I’ll kill you” Freddie warned.


“Bit far…” I said grinning.


“Just because you couldn’t get a date”


“What are you talking about? I had loads of offers” I did, I said no to fourteen girls and counting.


“Yeah but none of them were Greengrass” he joked. I glared at him.


“Like I would even consider going with Greengrass”


“So you’re telling me if she asked you, you’d just say no? Come on you must be stupid, one she’s hot and two she’s like your dream girl”


“No she isn’t” I muttered.

“Of course she is. She’s hot, brutally in love with quidditch, smart, hot, funny, hot”

“Alright, alright… I get it. She’s hot”

“So why haven’t you gotten it on yet?”

“She’s irritating, irrational, a complete bitch, competitive, a horrible person, stuck up, pureblood crazy-”


“I’m going to stop you there ‘cause you’re full of shit”

“Yeah, whatever” I muttered grabbing my coat and heading down the stairs, Freddie hot on my heels. We made our way down to Hogsmeade, let the stalking begin…



We were sat in the Three Broomsticks in the booth in the corner. We had the perfect view of Malfoy and Al, and could hear them perfectly with the extendable ears courtesy of Uncle George. We were right Malfoy was going on his first date with our dear cousin and Al and Greengrass were joining in their date, to ease the awkwardness. So all together they were going on a double date. Queue the gagging.


Al hadn’t spoken much about Greengrass and Malfoy was a tad too much relaxed to say he was going after his cousin, so was Al actually. I can’t believe he’s being so cool about Malfoy dating Rosie Posie, I couldn’t wait to hex the bugger personally.


“Greengrass and Rose are on their way down” Freddie informed me still staring at the map.


“They’ll be here in half an hour” I thought out loud. Freddie nodded. His eyes darting between the map and the two twats (yeah I might start referring to them as that from now on).


“You scared?” Malfoy asked Al. Al only nodded in response. What has that little shit got to be nervous about, he sees Greengrass every bloody day.


“Eurgh. Why do girls have to take so long?” Freddie complained.


“Don’t worry” I said impatiently “We’ll get you on your dates” I cringed at the term dates.


“I hope so” he huffed.


“They’re off the map” Freddie said excitedly. Three seconds later I heard a huge crack from outside. I looked over the two twats who seemed eager. “Can Cora apparate?” Freddie asked curiously.


“Yeah” she was born two months after me, but still old enough to take her test last year. Thankfully though that’s one of the things I can say I did before her. She was behind me in the queue, you see. So lucky me I guess. And yes before you ask I did brag about it, until she came out smiling because she’d passed too. I was slightly disappointed by hey ho, I passed first!


The doorbell chimed and just like Greengrass and Rose came sauntering in through the door. They spotted the two twats and smiled before making their way over. Rose was blushing furiously, her face was the same colour as her hair. Greengrass just looked like her usual cool and collected self.


“Cora looks hot” Freddie commented, I shot him a glare. It was true, though even I couldn’t deny it. Her brunet hair was down and curly, she wore minimum make up, but still enough so that I could tell, she definitely had lipstick it on, it made her look angelic like snow white. She wore a dark green cotton dress that reached just above her knees, with black tights and brown ankle boots. God, I spend way too much time with Lily to notice all things… Rose went for a brown dress, actually I’m pretty sure Lily bought her that for Christmas last year. All they ever do is complain about their hair colour and how nothing but autumn colours goes with it. I saw Greengrass take off her leather jacket. As Al sat up and gave her a welcoming hug. They looked like good friends, that was it, nothing more. Well at least I hoped nothing more. I never said that.


“Hey” Greengrass laughed.


“You look beautiful” Al stated smiling, stupid little charmer.


“I do try” Greengrass winked, like they were almost sharing a private joke between the two.


“Look at them!” Freddie seethed.


“I know” I stated just as angrily.


“No. Look at Scorpius and Rose” I turned my attention towards them pair. They were bloody kissing. I was just about to react, pulling out my wand. When I heard a cough from Greengrass. “Could you refrain from doing that at the table please, I don’t want to see my cousin making out with his girlfriend” I had to stop myself from chuckling, one because I might give away our position, two because well Greengrass said it, like hell I would be caught laughing at one of her jokes.


Malfoy turned pink in the face as Rose turned red. Al was laughing and Greengrass was supressing a grin, telling them she was only joking.


“Sorry” Rose apologised.


“Don’t worry yourself” Greengrass laughed “It’s your male cousins you’ve got to look out for” she joked.


“Hey!” Al said feigning the offense. Greengrass winked at him and I’m pretty sure I saw him blush. Stupid twat.


“What’s the whole point of us being here again?” Freddie asked. I sent him a warning glare, he retreated holding his hands up in surrender. “You and your ruddy women” he said under his breath, but when you’re in this close proximity it’s hard not to hear everything the other says, queue why I’m having the internal conversation, I promise you it’s not because I’m insane.


Malfoy went and got four butterbeers, obviously attempting to woo Rose. Did I really just say that? I felt like sending a jinx over to him and tripping him up, but something restrained me, probably my non-existing conscience.


I heard Rose ask how the quidditch team was coming along. It wasn’t long until all four of them were in a fully blown quidditch related conversation. I can’t lie I was itching to join in. Rose was informing them of Davos Border and Elyan Krum who were both rumoured to be on the Dumstrang team. And yes Elyan was Victor Krum’s son. Pretty decent bloke to be honest, met him at quite a few quidditch balls, unlike his dad he was a beater, alongside Davos. It hardly surprised me that they’d been picked together. I’m just curious to who made captain…

The doorbell chimed again, distracting me. I turned as a group of girls came bursting through the door. The girls were in the year below, I guessed. Most of them wearing far too much make up to even be seen as attractive, definitely not as subtle as Greengrass’. “Quick” I heard from the table I should have been watching. I turned my head back to them.


Al’s arm was now protectively draped over Greengrass’ shoulder. They were a lot closer than before. Their noses barely apart, Greengrass was smiling, no she was laughing her eyes twinkling. My stomach knotted. What are they playing at? No what am I playing at? I wanted to punch myself in the stomach for being such a wimp.


Malfoy looked quite awkward now with their sudden change in character, but didn’t bother saying anything; he just continued to talk to Rose about their potions homework. Oh so that’s where they’ve been getting close, last time I checked they were at each other’s throats more than Greengrass and me.


“Oh Hi Al” my attention shot towards an intruder.


“Who’s that?” Freddie asked me. I shushed him as I tried to get a better view of what was happening.


“Oh Hi Melody” Al said sounding bored as he stared into Greengrass’ hazel eyes. How do you know they’re hazel James? I don’t it was just a guess… no of course I know they’re hazel how could I not, they’re so… I scrunched my eyes not wanting to finish that thought.


Melody looked between the two of them. Her face turning into an unreadable emotion. “Who’s this?” she asked directing her question to Greengrass. How did she not know who she was? The whole school knew!


“Cora” Greengrass smiled shyly feigning the innocence. She held her hand out but Melody ignored it, looking again between the two of them.


“Is there something you want, Melody?” Al asked a small smirk tugging at the side of his lips. I saw Greengrass hide a laugh behind her butterbeer. Seriously what the hell are they playing at? I saw fear strike in Melody’s eyes, she looked desperately between the pair, her eyes landing on arms arm which was now gently stroking Greengrass’ back.


“Can I talk to you for a minute Al?” Al smirked, so did Greengrass actually.


“Sure” Al said his tone dull.


“Alone?” she questioned.


“Oh sure” he sent an apologetic look at Greengrass who only smiled, before Melody led Al round the corner. My eyes darted between Al and Greengrass, not knowing who I should be keeping an eye out for.


Al was just barely visible. Freddie pulled out a telescope one of his dad’s inventions that allowed you to see through walls.


“Holy shit” Freddie exclaimed his arm flailing around pointing at the wall. I took the telescope of him and my mouth dropped open when I saw Al full on going for it with Melody. What the fuck? I felt angry knowing that Greengrass who was supposedly on a date with him was sitting in here oblivious to Al blatantly cheating on him. My eyes scanned for Greengrass who was just putting back on her leather jacket.


“Looks like my work here is done” she told Malfoy and Rose “Enjoy yourselves kids” she said laughing as she turned to walk out of the three broomsticks.


“I resent that!” Malfoy called after her. She waved at him but continued walking on her way.


“What the hell just happened?” I muttered staring in utter disbelief.


“I don’t know, but my first date is in twenty minutes” Freddie said checking his watch. Suddenly I didn’t care about Rose and Malfoy’s date I was too interested in what had happened with Greengrass.


“Yeah ok, we can go now” We stood up together trying our best not to disturb the cloak or be seen. We walked out and said our goodbyes. I wished Freddie good luck on his dates. But my mind was side tracked I was frantically searching for Greengrass amongst the rest of the Hogwarts and Hogsmeade population…


“Looking for someone?” A familiar voice asked laughing. I turned around and did my best to supress a grin.


“No one in particular” I said dryly. My eyes scanning Greengrass’ body, she looked even better up close. I was right about the subtle makeup; I could see her freckles spread across her nose, from weeks of practising quidditch in the summer’s sun.


“Like something you see?” She asked now staring me up and down.


“No. I just noticed you actually look like a girl for once” if she was offended she didn’t show it, she just grinned at me, like my jibe meant nothing to her. “Good, that’s the look I was going for” she laughed.


“What’s happening between you and Al?” I asked abruptly, before I could even stop myself that is. She turned her head slightly giving me a knowing look. “So let me guess you were in the corner under your invisibility cloak?”


“How did you know about the cloak?” I asked shocked.


“Come on, James it’s the worst kept secret in Hogwarts… it also helps that I’m friends with your brother and I caught him using it once” she added as an afterthought. I nodded thoughtfully before realising she’d dodged the question.


“You and Al?” I questioned again more persistent this time.


“Well you saw. He asked me to help make a girl he liked jealous, so he would seem desirable to her. I did my job and now I’m going to be enjoying the rest of my Hogsmeade visit” she added simply. I looked at her in amazement. Asif Al, the little player. It was clever and I could definitely see why he chose/asked Greengrass hell any girl would be jealous over her. I know I have a lot of the time and I’m a fucking boy. I mean man. Yes I am a man. I smiled coyly at Greengrass who just looked at me in confusion.


“Are we going to spending all day standing here James, or are you going to join me for a drink?” Ok what. Now I looked at her in confusion. Did Greengrass just ask me out? I just stood there in awe. She looked at me expectantly. Merlin knows how long for. Until eventually she turned around and began to walk away.


“I’ll be in the Hogshead if you want to join me” I watched her as she walked slightly dazed by her arse. I snapped back into reality quickly and probably made one of my stupidest decisions to date. I follow Greengrass down the road, until she let me catch up to her. A smirk was plastered across her face, but hell I’m not complaining it made her look hot.


Two butterbeers in and I can honestly say I have no regrets. Aside from Cora’s bitchy exterior she can be fucking hilarious. She was telling me about their recent trip to the south of France, where Malfoy and her were having a competition to see who could jump into the sea from the highest distance. Malfoy jumped from the very top of rocky bank and when he arose from the water his trunks were nowhere in sight. She said a ten year old girl screamed at the sight as she was bent over in stitches. I’m definitely using that for blackmail on Malfoy, I told Cora this and she said carry on. With her exact words being “he could benefit from having his peg knocked down a few steps”.


Inevitably our conversation turned to quidditch, like there was any doubt though. Cora was telling me all about what she’d heard from overseas.  Chris Kidd was supposedly representing Florida’s team as team captain, and Clary Garcia had been named Salem witches seeker. Some of the people she told me about, I’d never heard of. Others rang a bell from their parents and quidditch balls. Did I forget to mention Cora was at most of these events too? Her dad was royalty within the quidditch world; he organised and benefitted many of the teams, he televised them and basically raked in a lot of profit from the sport. But as snide as I want to get about it, the git has to go out and put crap loads of it to charities all across the world, donating money, brooms, quidditch supplies to underprivileged kids and schools. It’s like her whole family are do gooders.


“So do you think we have a good standing?” I asked curiously. I knew our team was good as much as I hate to admit it, it was true. Cora had put together one hell of a team, one I doubt I would have ever made. And if you ever ask me to repeat that, I won’t. It was never said, ok?

“I hope so” she laughed nervously “We’re brilliant” she said more confidently now “but I just don’t know, until we know all of the teams, you know?” I nodded confirming her doubts.  


“It’s like we have Andie as our little secret weapon. So what have the other schools got as theirs?” I pondered. A light bulb literally popped up on top of Cora’s head.


“What?” I questioned.


“Andie” she laughed “I promised her I’d get her something from honey dukes”


“You want to head there now?” I questioned.


“Sure” she smiled, she went to get the money out of her small black bag, but I shook my head. “I’ll pay” I told her.


“Don’t be stupid”


“I’m not, I’m being a gentleman” I said laughing as I hopped down from the stool and made my way over to the bar to pay for them. Huh… who would have figured me paying for Cora’s drinks… this has turned out to be a right little date…


I walked back to Cora who was smiling. We walked closely together on the way to honey dukes, the conversation was light and easy. Our hands brushed twice. Both times Cora’ cheeks tinged pink. It was cute.


I saw Wood from across the path, who looked between Cora and me with his eyes wide. I looked like a deer caught in head lights. Fuck. I thought. He’s going to grill me about this later. I cautiously looked at Cora, who was smiling wickedly at me. “Are you embarrassed to be seen with me, James?” she asked amusement in her voice.


“No” I almost choked. I was embarrassed in myself for going against seven years of hatred, I was embarrassed for what was going to happen later when my friends god news on this. But no I was embarrassed about being around or seen with Cora, how could I be? If anything I should be showing her off. Erugh I sound like a pansy.


“So you won’t mind if I do this…” she said grinning. She reached down and grabbed my hand. And she’s right… I didn’t mind.


When she said she had to get Andie something from honey dukes, I didn’t realise she meant the whole fucking shop. She paid for it, saying that Andie deserved a treat. I don’t know about a treat but I’m pretty sure she’s going to need a filling or two after all that bloody sugar.


We walked back up to the castle in a comfortable silence. She stopped holding my hand once we got into Honey Dukes, but I didn’t know whether I should have grabbed it back. Yeah I’m definitely turning into a pansy.


“I had a good time” Cora said grinning as we went to part ways. I Grinned back at her, we were exceedingly close. I lent in slightly. But Cora had other plans, she turned around hastily “I’ll see you at practice tomorrow Potter, we should do it again sometime” she shouted over her shoulder, winking at me. I didn’t know what to do I just stood there and chuckled. Today had been very interesting to say the least… 




Yeah so are you proud of me, I wrote a new chapter and it's pretty long compared to some of my other chapters!! so come on tell me what you think!! favourite bit? good? bad? reviews make me more eager to write the story, more encouragement never does anybody any harm ;)

also... I have a proposition for you all.. being as how all the schools and their players are going to be appearing in the next chapter. And I misjudged on how many names/characters I would actually have to be making, I thought it would be fun to get some names and descriptions of players from you guys? so drop me some names and you never know they might be in the next chapter ;)

thank you for reading, look forward to hearing off you!!! 

- in the mean time check out some of my other stories ? -

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