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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 21 : Dresses and Invitations
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Chapter 21

The mug was warm in Rose’s hands as she sipped from it, watching the snow fall outside. She had her feet pulled up to her chest as she waited for Carla to make her move. Throwing down Dumbledore’s card, Rose and Matt both looked at each other and proceeded to laugh, forcing Carla to scowl.

“It was the only option that I had,” she whined.

Taking a sip from her mug, Rose threw in two more knuts and picked her cards up. Pulling out one of the four cards that she knew would beat Dumbledore, she placed it on the table and turned to Matt.

Matt groaned loudly, as he studied his cards. “Rose,” she heard Scorpius’ voice say as he emerged from her bedroom, showered and dressed for the day.

Laying her cards down she smiled, “In here dear,” she said turning to see him walking over towards her.

He had his black coat on ready to go out. Momentarily staring at the cards on the table, his face scrunched up “Who played Dumbledore?”

Weakly, Carla raised her hand “I did,”

Scorpius gave a serious  look of judgment, before shaking his head and kneeling down to Rose. He balanced one arm on the back of her chair and the other on the edge of the table. “I’m about to go to the apartment,”

“Okay,” she said softly, not paying attention to her friend’s eyes that were now focused on her.

It had taken almost month of looking at apartments before they found one that satisfied Rose. She had been a bit picky but who could blame her. The types of apartments their real-estate agent Beth had showed them were all modern and lifeless. They would have cement like flooring, and grey stone walls, with bulky pillars in a space that was much too large and open. They came across as cold and unnatural feeling, looking more like exhibits for a museum, not a home for two people to share.

However a few weekends ago, when her and Scorpius were just out, messing around, they came across one of the few Wizard only buildings in the city. Beth was a muggle, so she would have never thought to show them a Wizarding complex, not that there were that many, and usually they were extremely overpriced.

Still Rose couldn’t help but continue to stare at the building; finally Scorpius grabbed her hand and marched her inside. The woman at the lobby’s front desk was polite and kind, calling one of their own members from the leasing office to come and give them a tour. Rose could not explain how refreshing it was to see someone actually floo into a room.

The young man noticing the smile on Rose’s face grinned “Every apartment comes with their own floo network and apparation rights.”

Rose and Scorpius shared a look of enthusiasm, “What about overseas?” Scorpius asked.

“There is an extra fee to connect the floo network overseas but is can be done,” the man said stepping behind the front desk and sifting through a drawer before pulling out long rustic skeleton key. Looking up to the young couple he said “Now I must be honest we don’t have any of our more reasonably priced apartments available. The only one we is the top floor penthouse,” he said waiting for their objection.

Rose scowled but Scorpius nodded “I think we’d still be interested,” he said casually.

Clutching the key the man nodded for them to follow him. When they got inside, Rose was surprisingly shocked by how cozy it felt for the size. The walls were an off shade of white, with large windows. The living room was bigger than her current one but not massive, and there was a large patio that connected to the master bedroom. “So there are four bedrooms, and three baths, along with a small loft space at the top.”

Ushering the couple inside, the man waved to the floors “Top of the line wood, great for cleaning up potions and not staining.”

Waving towards the kitchen “A duel stove for potion brewing and cooking.”

Rose could feel Scorpius eyes on her, spinning to look at him “You might actually get some use out this kitchen,” he joked, receiving a playful slap on the arm. 

The agent laughed charmingly, “Let’s check out the upstairs.” He said pointing to a wooden staircase.

Walking up the stairs there was a large open space with windows along the walls. “So this would be the loft space, you could use it for just about anything, an entertainment room, family room,”

“A library,” Scorpius added quickly, which immediately lit Rose’s face up, the thought of having a library not occurring to her. Walking behind her Scorpius looped his arms around her waist, balancing his chin on her shoulder “We could put a couple of chairs in the middle, have floor to ceiling bookcases,” he suggested.

A warm smile crossed Rose’s face as she linked her fingers in his hand. “You are really getting into this place aren’t you?”

“And you’re not?” he asked with a seriously shocked look on his face “Come on Rose, did you see the size of the fireplace, we can actually stand inside of it and floo. Tell me how that is not a selling point?” He waved his hand to the living room.

Rose chuckled at his excitement, he looked like a little boy the night before Christmas. “Come on,” She said pulling him down the stairs to catch up with the other man.

They looked at the master bedroom, which had a bathroom and closet. They saw a dining room, and all three of the extra bedrooms. “What do we need with three spare bedrooms Scorpius?” Rose asked, while standing inside of the third bedroom, it was a reasonable question.

Scorpius at a loss for words stuttered.

“There are plenty of things you could use them for,” The leasing man intervened “A baby’s nursery,” he stupidly suggested.

Instantly the air in the room became dry, the only noise being the sound of Scorpius’ hand cracking from how hard Rose was gripping it. Her face blank and eyes wide.

“Or an office,” Scorpius countered in a dark voice, narrowing his eyes to the man, who was smart to back out of the room.

Rose loosened her grip on Scorpius’ hand, her eyes still in shock. “Breathe, it was just an option,” he reassured.

Visibly calming down, Rose pushed a smile on her face.

“Love, you know this place is perfect. It is close to work so we could walk, and your apartment now is literally two blocks away so you obviously like the neighborhood,” Scorpius stated, giving Rose a firm stare.

Nodding, Rose laid her hands on his shoulders, feeling as he motioned her closer to him, “What is your honest opinion?” he asked seriously.

Her fingers toyed with the hair at the nape of his neck, glancing around the room she finally said “It feels like home,”

Scorpius grin showed his white teeth. “Really?” his voice thrilled.

Rose nodded yes. Taking a deep breath looked around again, her heart racing from the decision. “Yeah this is the one,” she said clutching her fingers to his neck.

Kissing her Scorpius pulled away to go talk to the man. Standing alone in the room Rose released a quick breath “We are really doing this,” she said to herself.

After that, everything seemed to go by rather fast. Scorpius and Rose, had signed the contracts and gotten them approved. And since they were dealing with Wizards the ridiculous wait that occurred within muggle real-estate was cut down considerably. They had the apartment in less than a couple of weeks, and now they were just waiting for a time to move in, packing boxes, when they both weren’t working.

In fact, Rose had been labeling boxes when Matt challenged her to a game of cards a couple of hours ago. Which ultimately ended up in full out war between them, neither one willing to lose.  

“Are you still going to meet me over there?” Scorpius asked.

Giving a lopsided smile Rose nodded “Umm hmm, after me and Carla go pick up our dresses for Matt’s family's Christmas ball,”

“Alright,” Scorpius said in a way that was too quiet to be a whisper.

Cupping his cheek Rose leaned in to kiss his smiling lips, her own grin permanently fixed on her face. “Love you,”

“Love you," he said in response. Straightening himself up, he looked down to his watch “See you in a little while,” and he left.

Rose frowned slightly as she turned back to her friends who both had their eyebrows raised. “What?” she asked defensively.

Carla crossed her arms giving a knowing look “You are so different.”

“No I’m not,” she argued.

“Oh really?” Carla countered “Try to stop smiling,”

Rose blushed unable to move her facial muscles into a flat line. Snatching her mug off the table she glared her eyes at her friend “Will you just play your card,” she snapped, making the other two laugh.


“Once again, I would like to express to you how much I do not want to go to this,” Rose groaned from behind the curtain of the dress tailor’s shop.

Carla rolled her eyes, glancing at the magazine article that she had been reading. “Too bad I’m not giving you a choice,” she stated.

“I’m still not sure why you are making me go. I never liked these events as a kid and I certainly don’t like them now,” Rose said grumpily flinging the curtain back.

“Rose it’s the Carter family’s Christmas ball, I cannot deal with those people alone.” Carla pleaded.

Rose made a face. “And may I remind you what happened last year,” she said picking at a spot on the dress. Rose and Matt’s family didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Before Matt started dating Carla, Rose was always his go to girl for the family events and last year she hit her limit.

Matt’s mother had introduced her to a group of people as Matt’s friend, but the way that she said the word, almost as if her, Matt, and Carla were a completely different species, well Rose may have said some crazy sounding things, such as “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Rose Weasley, as in Ron and Hermione Weasley’s daughter, and Harry Potter’s niece, who all happened to save the world from Lord Voldemort.”

The look on Mrs. Carter’s face was absolutely priceless; she looked embarrassed and ashamed to have such a mental person at her event. If Matt could get out of these events then he would of, but every time he said he wasn’t going, he somehow ended up in the one tux he owned and at the event. At least this year she would have Scorpius with her.

Standing up Carla handed Rose her heals and stared,  “I like it,” she stated in confirming tone.

Rose looked in the mirror at the blush pink dress that she had on. It was strapless and elegant, not covered in crystals and beads. Fidgeting with it she smoothed out the bottom which fell silkily to the ground.

“I’m not sure they can call it a Christmas ball seeing as how it is not actually on Christmas,” Rose announced snidely.

Carla only glared, “It is two weeks before Christmas, and keep in mind that it’s the last time we will see each other before New Year’s,”

The tailor came around from behind Rose, to check the hem, making sure that there was nothing else that needed to be done, nodded for her to go change.

“So will you explain to me again what would happen if I didn’t show up to this thing?” Rose said, back inside the changing room shrugging out of the dress.

“I will hunt you down the next day and hex you into oblivion,” Carla announced.

Laughing Rose pulled her shirt overhead “But what if it is a really good reason?”

“It would have to be good according to my standards.” The girl said sternly.

Walking over to the cashier, Rose gave the dress to the tailor, who put it in a black hanging bag and handed it to her. “I still think that we could skip this whole event and Matt’s family would care less.”

“Or we could drink a cup of suck it up and go, because Matt is a good guy and they are the only family he’s got, no matter how judgmental they are,” The comment hit at Rose slightly, even though Carla had not meant it in the way that it came out.

Silently paying for the alterations, Rose and Carla left.

Catching onto the look that Rose's face had taken on “Does he know?” Carla asked after a while.

Rose raised an eyebrow, “Does who know what?” she stared at the ground, not sure who or what Carla was talking about.

“Does Scorpius know that you miss your dad,” Carla made it sound like a question, but meant it as a statement.

Taking a reluctant breath, Rose nodded “He knows,”

Gaging Rose’s tone of voice, Carla didn’t push her on the subject.

After the two girls said their goodbyes, Carla split off to the opposite direction, and Rose headed towards the new apartment complex. Scorpius and her were attempting to unpack what they could but that was hard seeing as how they didn’t have a whole lot of furniture. 

As she continued walking, Rose thought about what Carla had asked. It was true, recently she had been starting to miss the presence of her father, just because she didn’t agree with him about Scorpius, didn’t mean that she ever stopped loving or caring for him. He was the only father she had, but that didn’t change anything, she couldn’t have him in her life, not until he accepted Scorpius. She had made her choice and she didn’t regret it for a second, but she still missed him.

Coming up to the glass doors of the building Rose headed to the twelfth floor apartment; slightly surprised at what she saw when she got inside.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a concerned but normal voice.

Scorpius sat on the floor, tapping his fingers loudly on a box that was in front of him. The living room itself had boxes stacked high, half with the lids open and none even close to being empty.

Walking into the master bedroom she laid her dress and coat on a bare mattress, curious as to when the bed had finally been delivered, and if the other two bedroom suites were in the spare rooms.

Going back to Scorpius, he hadn’t moved from where he sat. Hovering over him, he only moved his eyes and peered up to her. Noticing, for the first time, an unfolded letter that was laying on top of the box, Rose was starting to actually worry. “Is everything alright?” she asked slinking down to the ground and sitting in his lap.

Scorpius wrapped his arms around her and readjusted her slightly, still keeping her close to his body, now strumming his thumb over the jeans of her outer thigh. He cradled her, just breathing in and out, and as relaxing as it was Rose was more curious to what was happening.

Examining him closely, his lips were held together tightly in a hard line, that could almost resemble a smirk, and his expression said that he was pondering over a thought.

Huffing a loud breath his lips went into a sarcastic like smile, “My parents,” he said, “want us to spend Christmas with them,” his words slow and precise.

Rose’s face dropped “Oh…” she said at a loss for words.

“Yeah,” he muttered running his hand through his hair.

Biting her lip, Rose twiddled her thumbs, staring at a dark splotch of wood on the floor. “I’m confused,” she said after several minutes “Your parents hate me,”

“They don’t hate you,” Scorpius interjected.

Rose gave him a wry eye. Her parents may have been more vocal about their distaste for Scorpius, but she had it on good authority that the feeling was mutual both ways, and the Malfoys didn’t like her either.

Scorpius reached out for the letter and handed it to Rose, “Read it for yourself, they actually want to meet you.”

Pursing her lips together, her eyes were glued on the loopy cursive handwriting that she assumed was his mothers, but Rose was not reading it. Bending the thin paper back and forth, she said what she was really feeling, “They’ve met me before Scorpius, they don’t like me,” she looked up to him with hurt and remorseful eyes, wishing that the fact wasn't true.

“Rose,” he drawled out, “This is different,” his eyes sternly said.

Dropping her gaze, she could tell from his voice that he wanted to go. Just because she wasn’t talking to part of her family didn’t mean that he was isolated from his. She had sort of assumed that his parents were not talking to him, because he rarely mentioned them. It never occurred to her that they may be fine with him staying in New York with her.

Picking at a piece of lint that was on his plaid flannel shirt, yes she was shocked when she saw that Scorpius actually owned plaid and in red of all colors, her fingers hesitantly flattening on his chest. “What makes this different?”

Sighing, Scorpius curled his arm taking hold of her hand, which was in her lap. Rubbing his cheek against her head, he made her tilt her head up to look in his eyes “They don’t want to meet Rose Weasley the girl I quarreled with in school,” his eyes softening, a tender smile spreading on his face “They want to meet the woman that I plan on spending the rest of my life with,”

Looking down at their hands which were clasped together, she gave his a squeeze, her cheeks blushing from the comment. “If I agree to this, tell me is it going to be just your parents or…”

“Everybody,” he answered before she could finish her question.

Well that calmed her nerves! “And who is everybody,”

“Well my dad’s mum, my mother’s parents, my aunt and uncle, my cousins, and their children,” he listed thinking of who else, “Oh Vivian and her mother will be there,” he added on as if it meant something positive.

Rose’s mouth dropped “That’s hardly a friendly face,” she said in a light hearted manor.

Scorpius laughed “Vivian is not that bad once you get to know her,”

“I’m going to just take your word on that for now,” she said jokingly.

Bending his head back chuckling, Scorpius patted her leg, rocking her back in forth “So does this mean we are going or not?”

Sucking on her bottom lip that was between her teeth, Rose breathed deep, indecisive breathes, Scorpius grinned to her, patiently waiting for her answer.

Giving a reluctant sigh, she focused on Scorpius, and from the expression on his face he already knew her choice. “We’ll go,” she whispered lightly.

“It won’t be that bad,” he mused, “And if anything does happen we can leave immediately.”

Rose nodded in agreement, “So what is a Malfoy Christmas normally like?”

“Usually we just gather around in circles and try and bring Voldemort back from the dead,” He said simply.

“Well if that’s the case, me being there probably isn’t the best move on your parent’s part,” she shot back at his attempts to joke.

Shrugging indifferently, Scorpius kissed the top of her forehead, tucking his fingers under her chin “I promise it is going to be fine,” he reassured “In fact us Malfoys have been known to actually have fun on occasion,”

“Oh goody,” Rose said sarcastically.

PLEASE READ A/N: I’m late, sorry, School got hectic. Now I do have a bizarre question, what was wrong with the last chapter, I only got 3 reviews for it and two said it was good, and one said it was slow. So I’m wondering was it slow? As a writer I don’t want to be too fast or two slow, and it is your reviews that help me gage that. I know some people probably think that authors beg for review for praise, but truthfully we don’t we ask for them to help us. To help on our writing skills and our character developing skills, we don’t know if something is wrong unless you tell us. So please review in general, a sentence or two about you think really goes along way. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the reviews of encouragement, and knowing that people were waiting to read what happens next, then I never would have finished Fighting Temptation or gotten so far in this story. Just so you know I do respond to every review and answer any questions about the characters or plot or updates. Anyways just wanted to throw that out there.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter, if this was slow I can tell you that things will really be picking up in the next chapter, I was more of setting a couple of things up with this one, but I promise I won’t let you down, the next chapter will be well worth the wait.


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