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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23
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 A/N: I would first like to apologise for the amount of time it has taken me to put this up, I've had so many things going on that's distracted me, but I can assure you that I hadn't forgotten about this story! I never could as it's my baby! I love writing this story. So I am really sorry!! I hope you can all forgive me.

Very often things are seen in Hogwarts that people would never have thought possible, such as ghosts that glided through the corridors and disappeared through walls, a Giant Squid which had taken residence in the Black Lake on the grounds of the school, or the fact that a Centaur was teaching Divination to a few of the students.

But this was something that other students thought should be written down in the history books, as what everyone had thought was impossible had actually happened, in front of their very eyes no less.

Mariah and Albus had been caught kissing.

With tongues.

Grossing most of the student population out, the students were quick to rush from the common room before any of them would have to visit the hospital wing to get their memory modified so they wouldn’t have to keep seeing the spectacle in front of them playing over in their heads, a scene which could only be described as unfit for anyone’s gaze. Even Scorpius, who was best friend of both Mariah and Albus, couldn’t stand to be in the same room as the sickening couple who hadn’t pulled away from each other in over five minutes and were making sucking noises and loud slurps as they kissed each other, leaving Scorpius to begin gagging and retching as he rushed from the room.

Rumour has it that Mariah and Albus started dating after that moment in the common room, other rumours said that they had done a lot more then kissing in there, which was why no one was taking any chances and sitting on the sofa in front of the fire through fear of being contaminated by something. It was later found out that Albus was the one who had started this rumour just so he could always have the sofa for himself, knowing that it would freak everyone out enough that they would avoid going anywhere near it.

“You know that he doesn’t wash often, right?” Scorpius said to Mariah as they all sat together at dinner after Mariah and Albus managed to stop 'sucking' each other’s faces off for long enough that they could get some food. They had been dating for most of the morning and Scorpius was already sick of the sight of them both.

Even though Scorpius had always said that Albus and Mariah would eventually end up getting together he seemed to be attempting to get them to break up with each other, for no other fact then he was jealous of the attention they were now giving each other and not him. He pouted over it for a great amount of time, but as his friends were previous occupied no one was around to see it.

“I wash!” Albus claimed defensively before looking sheepish, “...sometimes,” he added afterwards. Mariah just smiled at him lovingly

“You disgust me” Scorpius snapped at Albus who was used to his taunts by now, Albus shook his head before going back to cutting up the food on his plate.

“I think you’ll find that I used that deodorant that you gave me for Christmas.” Albus told Scorpius through a mouthful of egg.

“That was about three years ago,” Scorpius stated with a scowl on his face as his lip was lifted in a sneer, Mariah gave Albus a small sniff which made Scorpius turn to look at her, horror now masking his face instead and he wondered why she wasn’t unconscious, if he smelt anything like his part of the room smelt then she would need some sort of special suit that protected against extremely pollutant and reactive smells and gases. “And you used it all at once.” Scorpius finished, wondering if Mariah was in fact human for being able to withstand being that close to Albus.

“I think he smells wonderful,” Mariah said with a dreamy smile, turning to look at Albus who had a smug grin on his face.

“I think that you’re full of crap, love,” Scorpius told her as he took a bite out of the apple in his hand, before continuing through his mouthful of food, “You’ve already got him wrapped around your little finger you don’t need to be nice to him.”

“I’m nice to him because I fancy him,” Mariah stated, Albus now turned to grin smugly at Scorpius, a piece of bread hanging out of his mouth as he done so.

Scorpius scoffed at Mariah’s statement, “shall we remind you of how you expressed your love for him this entire year if you are as madly in love with him as you claim?” he asked, Mariah ignored him as she began to eat her own food, “You whacked him around the head with a bludger bat, you pushed him off of his broom so that he broke his arm, you shoved him into the lake, you poured pumpkin juice on him so it looked like he had wet himself and then you announced to the entire school that he had indeed wet himself. You made him do Quidditch practice in what was nearly his underwear. You made him eat a pie made out of mud; you convinced him to skinny dip in the lake, you made him be your slave for the day...”

“Are you quite done?” Albus asked Scorpius getting slightly annoyed at him as he threw his arm around Mariah, who smiled up at him and gave him a kiss, which Albus attempted to deepen before Scorpius interrupted them.

“Oh, do not get me started on what you’ve done to her!”

“I’ll let you know what I done to her earlier on,” Albus said seductively with a wink at Mariah who giggled.

“I’m going to be sick,” Scorpius said, going even paler and heaving slightly, his hand clutching his chest as he turned away from the scene next to him. “You two actually sicken me, this isn’t going to work you know, this is going to end badly.”

“You’re just jealous that I’m going out with Albus and you’re not.” Mariah stated to Scorpius, who laughed derisively.

“Please,” Scorpius said with a shake of his head. “I can get myself a guy that is not Albus, who actually knows what soap and a hairbrush is thank you very much.”

“Your loss,” Albus stated with a shrug.

“Believe me, Albus; I am not losing anything in this situation.” Scorpius told him with a shake of his head.


“When on earth did that happen?” James cried loudly as he pointed over to the Slytherin table and at where Albus and Mariah were kissing, he looked around frantically at any family members he could see as Adam turned to look at Albus and Mariah’s very public display of affection with a sickened look on his face. James had his mouth open wide as he kept looking back at the spectacle in front of his eyes, this he was not expecting to see when he had come down to dinner.

“How can she kiss him with a bit of egg on his face?” Adam cried still staring at them, his sandwich forgotten as it was lifted halfway to his face.

James was still looking around for his family members, managing to catch the eyes of Lucy and Rose who were sitting together at the Ravenclaw table and Louis who was sitting at the Hufflepuff table, Roxanne, Fred and Lily were sitting too far down the Gryffindor table to notice him. He waved at his cousins before he pointed at Albus as Rose, Lucy and Louis all looked at him, they turned slowly to look over at where James was pointing before they too stared with their mouths open in obvious shock.

No one had ever expected Albus to be kissing anyone, let alone his mortal enemy, and let alone an actual girl. They also weren’t expecting Louis Weasley’s loud exclamation of,

“What the actual fuck?”

James saw out of the corner of his eyes a teacher who was nearby Louis reprimanding him for his language, but he couldn’t focus on that, he was still trying to process how Mariah and Albus had gone from mortal enemies to kissing each other in what had seemed to be a few hours. He knew that he had joked many a time about Mariah and Albus clearly having feelings for each other and needing to realise it soon, but he wasn’t expecting it to be this soon, or for it to be this traumatising.

“I did not need this to distract me away from the news I got today,” Adam muttered dropping his sandwich back onto the plate in front of him as he ran a hand through his hair, James turned to look at him and didn’t have the heart to tell Adam that he had managed to get crumbs in his hair from the movement.

“You will do fine, Adam.” James said comfortingly to his best friend, moving over in the bench so that Adam was blocking James’s view of Albus and Mariah so that he could focus on Adam and not them.

“Why did I agree to take this extra exam?” Adam groaned.

“Because you’re crazy and because if you pass it it’ll knock off that year you would have had to spend in the Ministry studying to take the advance Potions exam.”

Adam nodded slowly, “Which is why it’s such a massive exam, not to mention that I’ve also got to worry about passing my other exams first.”

“Don’t worry about those, those exams are another days problem,” James said dismissively to Adam, waving his hand around.

“You mean those are a few weeks away problem, the problems that will happen before this new problem will.”

“That’s more than enough time for you to study for them. This is the major one, especially if you wanted to go straight into potion work after leaving school.” James told him. Adam groaned as he put his head in his hands and laid his head and hands on the table.

Their Potions teacher had done everything in his power to convince the Ministry to let Adam take the test early, something which hadn’t been done before, the Ministry normally frowned upon letting students that weren’t ‘ready’ to attempt such a difficult exam, but after a good word from the head teacher and glowing reports from the Potions teacher the Ministry had agreed to letting this happen the once. It was just before dinner and after the library visit earlier, that the teacher had found Adam to give him the good news, which Adam was apparently taking extremely well. Adam had only agreed to do the exam mainly because he didn't actually think that the Ministry would let him take it.

“I am going to fail.” He wailed.

“You’re not going to fail, you are amazing at potions and you will pass this, in fact I am confident that you will ace this.” James told him with a nod and a tone indicating that there was no point in arguing as James was right. Adam looked up at James incredulously.

“Do you not realise how long this exam actually is?” Adam asked him as he moved his head up and looked at James, who shook his head slowly at Adam’s words. “I will have to perfect a potion for almost twenty four hours remembering the ingredients and directions off of the top of my head.

“That’s just crazy,” James declared loudly as he now stared at Adam wide eyed, that he did not know, Adam was crazy for having to actually go through with that.

“You can do it.” James told him with a smile, “I fully support and believe in you.”

“Your faith in me is endearing, let’s hope that my confidence in myself increases.” Adam told him honestly. “I am so thankful that I took my actual Potions N.E.W.Ts early otherwise I would be screwed. Now I best go and memorize how to make this bloody potion.” Adam told him, standing up from the table and giving another sigh. “I’m going to be in the library if you need me, you going to join me later?”

“I’ll be there with snacks and coffee.” James told him with a wide smile.

“You’re a good friend James.” Adam told him with a grateful smile before he walked away from the table and out of the Great Hall. James watched him leave before he found himself searching the Hall for a sign of Amelia, his eyes caught sight of her sitting next to Kelly, and she was looking up at him as though she knew that he was searching for her. He gave her a smile and a wave, before nodding his head over to the Great Hall entrance, silently asking her if she wanted to leave and spend the day together, he was glad that she understood what that meant and she held up both of her hands, her fingers outstretched and indicating to him that she would meet him in ten minutes. He nodded before finishing his food and grabbing his things so that he could leave the hall, he couldn’t think of a better way to continue to spend his day then with Amelia.

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