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The Perfect Moment by bittersweetflames
Chapter 1 : Perfect
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Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended.  Everything HP-related is property of JK Rowling. 

ci by me. 

by BitterSweetFlames


On a sprint, Teddy had gotten out of the door safely after having been waylaid by three too many people about petty little things. While he was normally too happy to waste time on nothing, he had no patience for any of those that night and had shaken the bother as quickly as he was able. Looking off to the right, there she was walking in the damn middle of the road. 

 He had to curse a bit as she had walked off farther than he had hoped and expected she would be able to with how drunk she probably was. Lord knew that she had a glass too much of the firewhiskey at the party. She had done that to spite him, especially when he knew for a fact that she hated firewhiskey above everything. Then again, they had had a fight.

 She might not have been wobbling, but she didn't fool him for one minute. He was sure, as he was sure that his hair was currently brown, that she was drunk, the amount of alcohol he had seen her consume was evidence to that and with their unresolved fight, he was going to have to go after her. With what he felt for her and the chivalry drummed into his head by his godfather and grandmother, he could not just ignore her -- his Vic.

 Hopefully, he could use his charm to cajole her into safely apparating with him back to her flat before she fell on her face. Or, failing his dubious charm, he could just force her. He had the advantage being bigger and, well, being less drunk.

 "Vic. Hey, Vic! Wait up!" Teddy rushed along and tried to ignore the stares of the other witches and wizards strolling along the darkened streets of Diagon Alley. He simply had to reach Victoire before she could do anything foolish or get into any sort of trouble. She always seemed to attract it. Her looks, her breeding, her last name just screamed at people to come and please cause her trouble. Another big problem was that she liked trouble... he was the one who didn't really fully appreciate it.

 "Vic! Are you deaf, stone drunk or are you just ignoring me? Vicky!" Still no response and Ted muttered a heated curse under his breath. She was walking faster than normal so he was fully certain that all that drink had gotten to her head along with the fact that she was probably still mad at him. That's how it had always been with her, ignoring him when she was mad. Damn the woman... She was going to give him a headache.


The voice that was screaming at her just seemed so pleasantly far away that she saw no reason to respond or react to it. Besides, it was Teddy and she could only be too glad to see him suffer at the moment and the best way to make him suffer was to give him the silent treatment. He hated the cold shoulder, so, she simply kept walking, barely noticing that her emotions and the whiskey were making her walk faster than normal. She was still walking as elegantly as she could manage, which was rather a feat in Diagon Alley's cobbled streets.

 There it was again, Ted Lupin shouting. How he could bear the disgrace of shouting in public was beyond her. But it was just one of the things she loved about him. Yet, it was that difference between them that had caused their fight earlier and she wasn't ready to make up with him just yet. So she kept walking, fighting the urge to look back at him. Consciously, she picked up her speed, knowing full well he would be cursing at her the same time he would increase his speed to catch up to her.

 Of course, one could never be too lucky, especially with a head full of mad and alcohol, so her heels got caught in one of the cracks in the street and her knees started wobbling from nearly falling. But she didn't stop to regain more balance. Ted was going to catch up with her if she so much as paused for a moment and she wouldn't have that. Her apartment was nearly a half hour away and she was convinced that she would get there without any sort of injury. 

 Pride and anger had her walking instead of apparating along with a healthy dose of common sense. She was drunk enough to splinch herself were she to apparate and sober enough to know this.


She wasn't turning around and that really frustrated Ted. Her pride had always been a very hard thing to come up against and together with her anger, it was never a pretty sight. You then had to count in how whiskey tended to affect her head then they were both in trouble. But he could not help the guilt that built and screamed at him to make sure she was safe.

 With careful consideration of the amount of alcohol she had consumed that evening being three times what she normally did and could consume, her safety was obviously a primary concern. Still, he was not catching up to her very well as he had consumed quite a bit himself.

 He looked over at her, saw her almost trip and her knees wobble and his face set into a grim line. It was serious business. She was not walking all the way to her apartment, he was determined to make sure of that. With a last burst of strength and without bothering to call out again, Ted reach Victoire's side and grabbed a pale delicate arm.

 She turned to him in surprise. She knew that she should have been annoyed at him and still have been mad but she could see the worry and the love in his eyes that she hesitated going off at him. She reached up to touch the hand holding her arm. And there it was, a flutter in her that was as real as the hand she was holding. It surprised her to realize that she wasn't mad at him anymore. She realized, guiltily, that after running after her for the past ten minutes, he probably wasn't mad at her as well,

 Her hand on his, Ted looked up and looked deep into intense blue eyes. In them, he saw her ask and give forgiveness and he knew he had ran after her not out of guilt but because he could not be mad at her. He didn't want to spoil anything with it anymore so he pushed it from his mind. But, even with his heart swelling with emotions, Teddy Lupin merely nodded and gave one soft cheek a gentle stroke. "We're apparating."


She nodded, not trusting herself to speak when they were in such a public space. He gave her a cocky grin, "I wasn't asking. But glad enough to get your permission."She gave a watery laugh but held it in for even with no one watching, her dignity would simply not allow her to do much more of anything in such a public place.

 She felt him grab her hand and that long pull that one always got during Apparition. It was unnerving, as it always had been and even more so with the alcohol in her system but as she looked up, saw the entrance to her cheery little flat and was just glad to be home. And with the apparition, the emotions that had been threatening to overflow inside her had abated. 

 Teddy reached out a hand as though asking for the key to the flat and Vic started rummaging in her purse for it. It was one of those simple things that she loved. Feeling like a Muggle and needing a small piece of metal to get into ones home. It was very fascinating even if she knew that Teddy barely tolerated it and only did for her sake. With a triumphant cry, she pulled out the key and a fleeting thought of needing a key chain fluttered across her brain and subsequently left as Ted got the door open and had gently led her in.

 Again, that sheer knock of pleasure sped right through her as she stood in the entryway of something that was hers. She felt a pressure on her hands and saw that Teddy was squeezing it. She looked up at him and the look in his eyes told her everything. She should have trusted him to understand... he always did. Always.


Teddy felt something move in the air or maybe it was inside him as he looked at the way Victoire looked at her flat. The small smile on her lips, the joy in her eyes. He knew how she had fought, clawed and generally worked her way to having everything that was in it. It had always been her pride. Had always been a source of such joy to her. 

 He remembered carrying her couch inside the flat for her. It wasn't so hard especially with the help of spells but she had asked him to come and he knew that she had wanted him there for that special day. He remembered being humbled. It was a feeling he could not erase, never could, not when it came to her.

 Victoire gave a sigh as she hanged her scarf on the hat stand, it had been a busy and tiring day. Without preamble, she took Teddy's scarf and hanged that as well. Teddy took her hat and put in on the stand as well along with his. It was the sort of interaction one would expect from a married couple. It hit, as it always hit Teddy that it was what he wanted for the next few lifetimes. That particular surge of want always frightened him but at that moment he felt calm, almost perfectly content. Somehow, he thought the time would never come but, indeed, it had.


He remembered how they'd always grazed the topic of marriage. Her parents were happily married as his godfather was too. But while he knew that he loved her and he would eventually ask her, he had never felt completely ready. And he only wanted to ask her when he was fully ready as she deserved no less than her complete and utter committment.

 He was ready. He could only hope she was too. He took her hand and she looked down at their entwined fingers, bemused. Had they not had a fight just hours ago? When had the forgiving happened? Or did they understand each other so well that such things were beyond them? She thought that could be the reason as he led her to the couch and they sat down.

 "Horrible day. Weather's weird." Teddy was rubbing his hands together and Victoire could not help but be inordinately amused. Teddy was acting nervous and he was never ever nervous. Especially not around her.


She reached out to grasp the restless hands and brought them to her lips. They were cold. Yet another layer of new to Teddy. His hands had only been cold when he'd been worrying about exams, which he wasn't at the moment.

  "What's wrong, Ted? Something's on your mind." She rose to light the fire and the heat gave the room a nice glow along with a very comfortable feeling. Teddy looked at Victoire, at his hands and stopped rubbing. He concentrated all his energies to stop rubbing. He was probably looking stupid. No, he knew that he looked stupid and was probably giving the game away.

 "Something and more. Nothing bad, I promise." Ted rose and slipped his arms around Victoire. She leaned against him, the feel of him had always been a comfort. The sort of comfort that parents could give, he had it too. She never questioned it but she did always marvel at it. "Something serious then, Teddy?" 

 "Hmmm.. I suppose. I'm still trying to wrap my thoughts around it." Teddy pulled Vicky up and they plopped gently onto the sofa. She was half sitting on him and half on the sofa. It was a position that they'd always been in for as long as both could remember. Even if their large mixed family thought it at times inappropriate, intimate and just wrong, they could not get it out of their systems. Vic's parents, were especially not please, if truth be told, but old habits die hard.

 They would only ever not be so annoyed with the habit when she and Teddy were finally married. Which she knew they would. They had talked about it, after all. She can only hope that it happened soon as it was getting very hard not to nudge Teddy into doing the right thing. Then again, she wanted him to go old-fashioned and propose to her. That was the traditional female in her. She wanted to get a romantic proposal since she dearly loved romantic scenes.


But Teddy was cruising along, perfectly satisfied in what they had together. She tried to tell her it was enough at the moment but as the days go by, it was getting harder and harder to convince herself of that. There were times that she wanted to scream at him. But, again, the traditional female in her won through. It all came out in fights, like the one they'd had earlier. And she couldn't even tell him why she would get so easily mad at him.

 She snuggled deep into his chest. It had always been a habit of hers since she'd began sitting on his lap to cuddle. She could always count on relaxing against the strength that was Teddy. He was ever reliable, after all. She gave a sigh and could not think of anything to say. Thankfully, the lack of conservation didn't make either of them awkward or uneasy. Well, maybe, it made Teddy a bit uneasy since he was yet to take the biggest leap of his life.

 As she did, Teddy felt the comfort bloom right there — in his chest. It was a cliche but it was the truth. He had not always known but now he knew, with absolute certainty, that Victoire was the only person he would want to cuddle with at the end of every single day. The problem came in telling her this and asking her to spend everyday of the rest of their lives together. He could change his looks but he could not make better words for himself.


He heaved a deep breath and looked at the curtain of bright blinding blonde hair. It always startled him, that color. He was a metamorphmagus as his mother had been but he could never quite produce such a color in himself. He figured one had to be born with it. He hoped their children would get it. And there, he knew he had to get it over with,

 Even as he didn't want to disturb the peace that had settled in their very domestic scene, he had to get it over with and quickly. Else, he might lose all the resolve he'd been building since the moment he knew that Vic was the one. "Hey, Vic?" He had to wince a bit as it wasn't the sort of romantic start he wanted to the entire thing.

 "Ted? What?" She looked up from his chest, eyes a bit dazed and feeling a tad disoriented. After all, she had just been about to fall asleep when Teddy's voice had jolted her awake. "Did you want to talk then, after all?"

 Only Vic would know him so well and he knew, in the moment, as he had never been as fully sure as before that he would do everything to make her want to spend all her life with him. Even if it meant going down on one knee as he'd seen other people do. "Yeah. You could say that."


He was stalling, she realized that instantly. It wasn't very typical Teddy behavior as he had always been so sure and confident and open about everything. Without knowing that she did, Victoire stiffened. "As unladylike as this may sound — Spit it out, Teddy."

 "Ack. I'm trying." He carted her off his lap and for a moment they both felt oddly bereft. He rubbed his hand through his hair — a habit, quite a nasty one, he had picked up from his godfather. Vicky felt a giggle rise up her throat as his hair began changing colors. 

 "Poor Teddy." Vicky reached up a hand to stroke his cheek. "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, you know?"

 "I'm getting this out." He let off pulling his hair but the colors still kept chaning, one bright color after the next and it distracted Victoire marvelously. 

 "Would you look at me, Vic?" Teddy almost snapped at her for staring at his hair. She'd seen it change colors before hadn't she? This was their life on the line. Their life as a unit, together.

 She raised up two hands as much as in defense as in surrender. "My, you're in a mood. Must be something big." She gave him a smile that was guaranteed to melt his frown, which it did. She also gave him her full attention and for that he was grateful.


"It is something big. Something I never want to do again for as long as I live. Something I've waited a long time to do. But it seems like the most amazing thing I'm going to do also. I sound so contradicting." He stood up as he felt to confined seated. He looked down at Vicky and the concern in her eyes. He must have been sounding really horrible for her to look at her like that.

 Still, he plodded on knowing he might never get another opportunity to gather as much courage as he already had. He looked down at her, that pretty little face that was as familiar to his as his own was. "You mean so much to me, Vic."

 Victoire nodded, her shiny blond hair glowing in the firelight. She tilted her head up at Teddy. "I know, Ted. You're as important to me too. But you're stalling." She laughed; he looked so awkward, so uncomfortable.


"I am." He looked at her then, that small smile on her lips, the blond hair the exact shade of her mother's and the laugh in the deep blue eyes. "Dammit, Vic. Don't laugh at me. I'm only trying to figure out how to ask you to marry me." The words were out of his mouth before he could think and Victoire was looking up at him, an eyebrow raised.

 Calm, she stood up and crossed her arms."Let's see... You managed to profane at me and propose to me all in one breath. You are something else Ted Lupin." And before Teddy could manage to look ashamed or apologize Vicky has thrown herself into his arms and placed her lips on his. 

 She broke the kiss as a laugh managed to bubble up from her throat. "And right back at you. Damn you, Teddy. I thought you'd never ask."

 Teddy laughed as he put his forehead against hers. Their lips were mere centimetres apart and there was a smile on both their lips. "Sorry, Vic."


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The Perfect Moment: Perfect


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