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Don't Say The by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 6 : It All Ends In Fire and Ice
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Thanks so much to the awesome milominderbinder@ TDA for this CI!!



I ran over to Scorpius the instant he hit the ground and shot Al a dirty look. He was groaning, and kept his eyes closed, but he was awake. His nose was already starting to bruise and I could tell it was broken. I muttered a healing spell for minor broken bones and brushed some hair out of his face.

"What the bloody hell, Albus!" I helped Scorpius sit up as I lectured my cousin.

"The wanker got you pregnant, Rose!" I mean, it's not the worst excuse I've ever heard.

"That doesn't mean you go punching him! We talk! Like adults! Not hit people, we're not children!"

"No, but you're having some." Albus muttered this under his breath and I sighed, this was ridiculous.

I went over to the bed and sat next to my cousin. This sucked. He was mad at me, Scorpius wasn't talking, in fact, he was just staring at me. It was kind of making me uncomfortable, I didn't purposely get pregnant. Why didn't he say anything? I mean, it's not like he had to worry about everyone finding out. Nobody had to know that he's the father. He didn't even have to be involved. Really, what did he have to worry about?

I sighed and looked at my shoes, I didn't want to think anymore. I just wanted to sleep. That's all. I felt an arm come around me, and I leaned my head on Albus' shoulder. I felt so guilty, ever since we had been sorted into different houses we had seperated and our relationship wasn't as close as it used to be. I'm sure catching me in bed with Scorpius, and then finding out I'm pregnant with the blokes kid doesn't really help. But, well, Albus is the good one of us all, he'll probably forgive me before I forgive me.

"I'm sorry, Rosie, I didn't mean to stress you out and make you upset." He whispered it in my ear, so only I could hear. I knew he wasn't sorry for punching Scorpius. I'm sure it'd be a great story to tell when the kid is older, right?

I just nodded my head and closed my eyes. I hadn't realised how tired I was until I was sitting on a comfortable bed. I knew I had to get up before I fell asleep. I also knew that Albus and Scorpius needed to have a talk, I wasn't going to be a wedge in their relationship. I wasn't going to be that tore them apart, even if this baby would cause even more problems.

"Alright, I should go, you two need to talk. And Albus Severus Potter, so help me Merlin if you so much as lay another hand on Scorpius I will kick you into next year and make sure your mum hears about it." I nodded at them both and stood up.

I didn't really want to go back through the Slytherin common room and have people give me questioning looks. Al had created a scene, and even though nobody could've heard our shouts because of the muffling spell Albus had cast before he freaked out, I knew that they were all suspicious. I mean, Al hardly ever freaked out, and especially not when it came to Malfoy.

At least I didn't look like I had spent the whole afternoon crying anymore. The panic of seeing Malfoy on the floor injured had given my face just enough red to hide the puffiness of my eyes. My hair was exceptionally frizzy thanks to the snow, and I knew that nobody would really question it, they would just assume I'd been outside.

As I made my way back to the common room I realised I had a small problem. Blair doesn't know about the baby, but she does know that I've missed an entire days worth of class, and she's going to pester me about it. Because that's exactly what I need right now. The girl is a sweetheart, and loyal as can be.. Most of the time. But I have two things she's wanted since first year. I'm a prefect, and my parents are two out of three of the Golden Trio. This is just what she needs to knock me down. There was only one thing I could do, avoid her until I have everything figured out.

I saw Lily walking towards me in the hall, and I smiled at her. I didn't want to cause my family anymore worry than necessary, it really wasn't their responsibility to worry about me. I mean, of course I would worry about them too, but they don't need to babysit me. That's for sure. I realised she would ask me what happened with Albus and Scorpius and I wasn't sure if I should lie or if I should tell the truth. Then I realised I could just put it on Albus. If I forced everyone to go ask him, they would all leave me alone.

"Rose, I'm so sorry! I didn't know when I told him to come that that was what was happening! Are you okay? What happened? What did he do? Did he tell Scorpius?!" She said this all in almost completely one breath, and I just looked at her with amusement.

"Lils, breathe. I'm fine, but ask your brother what happened. It's his story to tell, not mine." I patted her on the shoulder and continued walking again.

I entered the common room and went straight up to my room, ignoring the several calls of my name. I climbed into my bed and closed the drapes. Nobody would bother me, and as the weekend starts tomorrow, I didn't have to worry about classes. I could just wake up and study. No interaction required.

I woke up bright and early, before everyone else, and quickly got dressed. I felt nauseous but knew that I hadn't eaten anything, so there was nothing for me to throw up. I really didn't want to have to speak to anyone, not even to tell them where I was going. I made my way to the Great Hall to grab breakfast before everyone, but knowing I can't even stomach it, I made a detour to the library.

I just wanted to read. I mean, since I hadn't studied for two days the least I could do is learn something new. I went through the stacks, and upon finding a book about dragons, I pulled it down and started to read. My uncle Charlie studies dragons in Romania. According to dad he's been doing that since he went to school. Crazy, right? We hardly ever see him, I mean, the man really loves his dragons. But he gives me loads of money every christmas, so I never complain about not seeing him often.

Not thirty minutes later was I wishing I had a pen and quill, this was really interesting, and there were some things in here I knew I wouldn't forget but wanted to write down for reference. You really never know when you'll need bits of knowledge. I shrugged and continued reading, tucking my legs up under me and scooting in as close to the table as possible. I could really sit comfortably anywhere, it was a skill I think I got from my mother. We both love to read loads, and sometimes there just isn't a very good place to sit, so we both got used to it, you know? Now everythings wicked comfortable.

I was just getting to an interesting bit about Peruvian Vipertooth's when I heard someone sit across from me and clear their throat. I wasn't particularly interested in looking up and socializing, but I didn't want to be rude. I held up a finger and finished the paragraph I was on. Marking my page, I closed the book gently and looked up into the gray eyes that seem to be everywhere lately.

"What can I do for you Scorpius?" I asked this quietly and as nicely as possible. I wasn't trying to not be civil with him. I mean, in my dreams, we'd live happily ever after with our kid and I'd see him everyday. But I didn't see that happening anytime soon.

"Rose, we need to talk." I raised an eyebrow at him, but his face was etched in three emotions. Panic, worry, and confusion.

"So talk, Scorp" My voice was still quiet, but I probably wasn't as nice about it. He was going to just tell me that he didn't want to be involved. Honestly, I didn't want to hear it. Not now, not ever. Way to crush my dreams, Malfoy.

"Not here, Rose."

I stood up and put the book back on the shelf and then walked out the library. I knew he would catch on in a minute and follow me, so I just kept on my way, and didn't bother to look back to see if he was behind me. Sure enough in a matter of seconds I heard footsteps clopping as if someone was trying to catch up to me and then the sound of someone walking in step beside me. We made our way to the tapestry of Barnabas and I began walking back and forth in front of it, three times to be exact. I need a place to speak to Scorpius, I thought. The room revealed itself, and I walked in, recognizing the room from earlier. Just with none of my family there.

I went over to the couch and sat down, staring at the fire and playing with a book on the table. I really didn't want to listen to him. I didn't want him to break my heart, crush my dreams, and force me into being a single mother who lives alone and has thirty cats forever. Woah.. That got dramatic fast. I don't know what got into me there. I shook my head at my thoughts and tried to stop, I was having an entire conversation with myself in my head, and not giving the boy a chance to say anything.

Scorpius just stared at me for a minute and then sat down in a chair. Except he didn't sit in it like a normal person, he sat on the very edge with his back rigid and his face looking like it was made of stone. There was no expression on his face and I took a deep breath to brace myself. I really did not want to hear this.

"Rose, I need you to look at me." His voice was quiet, and it sounded almost pained. I could actually feel the tears brimming my eyes. Why was I crying about this?! Stupid hormones.

I blinked a few times to try to clear my eyes and looked up at him. I lifted my chin high, and tried to stop my lower lip from quivering or those pesky tears from falling over. I would not cry over Malfoy again, and I would not let him know that he had that power. I watched him study my face, I knew he saw the tears and my lip. I knew he knew I just wanted to cry. So why didn't he just get this over with?

"Rose, are you really..." He took a minute, cleared his throat. His gaze trailed from my face to my stomach and back to my face, "..Are you really pregnant?" He cleared his throat after asking the dreaded question.

"No Malfoy, I lied about the whole thing." I said it in a nasty tone, and internally I scolded myself. He didn't deserve my nastiness. He was just human, it wasn't his fault he didn't care for me. "Sorry, it's been a long day. Yes, I'm actually pregnant." It wasn't fair of me to freak on him, he was probably just trying to process it like I had.

"So..You..We're..We're having a kid?" His voice was so quiet I almost didn't hear him, and it took me a minute to process what he said.

"Wait, you want to be involved?" I winced almost as soon as I said it, I knew I could've worded that one better, but I was in such shock, my brain just wasn't working with me.

"Well, of course, it's my kid, isn't it?" There was suddenly doubt on his face and in his voice, and I was suddenly angry.

"Of course it's yours, Malfoy, who else's would it be?!" I asked infuriated. I stood up and moved to the bed, I wanted to punch the pillows as hard as I could, but distancing myself across a room from him would be enough for now.

"Well, I don't know what you do in your free time, Weasley."

"I think we all know who I do in my free time."

His lip quirked as if he wanted to laugh, but his eyes were still angry and his face still gave him an aire of looking like he's confused.

"So.. Are you keeping it?"


"I want to be involved." My heart soared, it was just what I wanted to hear. Except, he doesn't mean invovled with me, he just means the baby. Suddenly my heart felt like it was breaking and I couldn't piece it back together,no matter how hard I tried to reason with myself.

I climbed onto the bed and just sat there, playing with one of the frills of the pillows. I didn't want to say anything to him, and I didn't want to look at him. I mean, what do I say? Thanks for caring about the kid? I wish you cared about me? I swear this kid is making me crazier than I already am. Because I really just needed the crazy factor to be upped one more, right?

"So..." He spoke again. Right, I kind of forgot he was in the room halfway through my internal freakout.

"You want to be involved with the baby."

I felt the bed sag on the other side, and looked over to see him climbing onto the bed to sit next to me. He stilled my hand by putting his over mine. I just studied him for a minute. Scorpius Malfoy truly was the image of perfection. His blonde hair falling into place without any effort required, his shirt didn't have a single wrinkle in it, nor did his pants. Even his bloody eyes were perfect. They were like gray pools of all of my hopes and dreams. If only he knew the affect he had on me, by just sitting next to me like this.

"Yes, I do." His hand was now tracing designs on mine, and I felt my heartbeat speed up.

"You never answered my question." I looked at him now.

I couldn't just forget the fact that I'm a Weasley and he's a Malfoy. I couldn't forget the fact that he's known for wooing the women of the school, and while we all know I like to party, I'm known for being smart. Which people just assume is because of my mother. I don't even get credit for that one. Brightest witch in the school and everyone just assumes it's because my mother is Hermione Granger. I couldn't forget the fact that even though we're both prefects, in the same year, and his best friend is my favourite cousin, we're different. Like fire and ice.

He was looking at me, and not saying anything, and just as I was about to get off of the bed and walk away he grabbed my other hand. So I looked right back at him, into those eyes that manage to capture my attention everytime I get so much as a glimpse at them. He let go of one of my hands to run it down my cheek gently. He tucked some hair behind my ear, and ran his finger from ear to other ear, stopping at my mouth to trace over my lips. I inhaled sharply and my lips parted a little. His hands were cold, but his touch was leaving a simmering fire burning across my skin where he had been. He finally cupped my chin and brought my face to his, and kissed me more gently than he ever had before.

I closed my eyes. This kiss was my dream, this kiss was what I wanted from him. This kiss was my dreams of the rest of my life with Scorpius Malfoy. Even if it lasted for only a second. His other hand never left it's place over mine, like he was still trying to keep me in place. He pulled away slowly and my eyes fluttered open. His expression was that face that I couldn't read, and i couldn't help but wonder.

"What are you thinking of?"


"You keep making that face, and I can't tell what you're thinking of."

"Rose, do you ever wonder why I keep coming back to you? Why when I chose to be around you, I have no other girls? Did that kiss not answer your question? I think we both know what that face means."

I loked at him in disbelief, he couldn't possibly feel even a fraction of the way I feel for him. It was impossible, this was the boy who just liked a good shag for the road. He couldn't possibly like me, not when there were so many other choices. When you have the pick of the whole school, and you choose Rose Weasley, clearly there's something wrong with you. Wait, why am I complaining, he's chosing me. Merlin, I really need to stop talking to myself in my head.

I got off the bed, and immediately started fussing with my hair. I didn't really know what to do. Malfoy and I had only ever shagged and ran before. No boys were ever really interested in a relationship, especially with me. I was too worrisome, and my cousins enjoyed scaring all boys off. Good thing Scorpius couldn't be scared by James or Albus. My dad though.. Well, let's just say I don't think Scorpius should be there when I tell him I'm pregnant, or when I tell him who the father is...Or that the father and I.. Wait, but just because I know how he feels doesn't explain what we are.

"What are we, though, Malfoy?" I turned to him again, but when he made his way towards me I stuck out a hand and kept the distance. I wasn't going to be distracted. I wanted answers.

He took my hand, and brought it to his lips. A smirk was playing on his face, and I made a face at him, did he really think this was funny? I just wanted a simple answer. I just wanted to know if I could go home and tell daddy that I'm dating Scorpius Malfoy. Oh man. I could tell everyone I'm dating Scorpius Malfoy. Wait, but am I dating Scorpius Malfoy?

"Well, I like you, and you like me, and we liked each other so much that we made a mini us. So, I think we both know we're in this together, in all senses." Oh my, he just, did he, we're, THANK MERLIN!!!

I put both of my hands on either side of his face and brought his lips to mine. I was just in the middle of kissing his face off when I heard a throat clear from the doorway. I pulled away and looked over to see Jacqueline standing there smirking.

"Stop kissing you two, it's lunchtime and Rose hasn't eaten since yesterday at half noon, and she got sick right after."

Scorpius frowned at me when she said that and gave me a look.

"You need to eat."

"I'm just going to throw it up anways..." I muttered under my breath. I really didn't see the point in eating, this was so stupid.

Scorpius just smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I followed him out of the room and we walked down the hall standing next to each other. Jacqueline and Scorpius were having a conversation over me, seeing as how I was in the middle. I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. I was holding his hand. This was perfection in every way. Though my families reaction would certainly be something to be wary about.

We let Jacqueline enter into the Great Hall before us. All of our family was already at the end of the Gryffindor table where we usually sit. Even Albus had chosen to join them today. I slowed a bit when I saw everyone's eyes fixed on us, but Malfoy just squeezed my hand and pulled me along. How was he not afraid? My cousins and brother were going to skin him alive, and then when they were done my Dad and Uncles and probably even Teddy were going to do the same. Oh Merlin, what have I gotten myself into? Just as I'm happy about having the man of my dreams, my family is going to murder him and then I really will be a single mother and crazy cat lady for the rest of my life. I'll just own a bunch of Kneazles and nobody will want to come near me.

Lily was smirking when we walked up and sat, and James and Albus were giving Scorpius identical glares. As if getting me pregnant wasn't bad enough, it was worse that he was dating me? That makes absolutely no sense, shouldn't they be glad he's making an effort and not leaving me to do this on my own? I could see Hugo making faces from his end of the table, and even Louis and Fred were glaring from the Ravenclaw table. Oh Merlin, maybe this wasn't our best idea.

Jacqueline immediately started doing what she did best one we had sat down. She talked. While all of my male family members continued to shoot Scorpius the occasional death glare, they weren't saying or doing anything. The conversation was flowing nicely, and I was even able to eat my lunch. In fact, I ate about three times the amount I normally do. Weird. It was when our food went from savories to desserts that my normal food reaction came back. The smell of the desserts was too much for me, and I could feel my stomach turning and my head started to get all funny.

I pulled my hand out of Scorpius' and got up from the bench quickly and nearly ran out of the Great Hall. I sprinted down corridors, and barely made it to the bathroom, as I threw up disgusting amounts of food. The second I finished I stood up and went over to splash my face with water and rinse the taste out of my mouth. I was getting used to this, which was a fact that probably bothered me more than it being a regular occurance.

I came out of the bathroom to see Malfoy standing there, waiting to take my hand. When we made our way down the hall I realized he was taking me to the Gryffindor common room. For the second time this week he was walking me to my room after I had gotten sick. Both situations were completely different right down to the moods of the people involved. Last time I was upset, tired, and didn't know I was pregnant, this time I was happy, I know I'm pregnant, and the hand I'm holding is my boyfriend, and not just the guy I occasionally shagged.

For the moment, all I could think about was how perfect this moment was. I didn't want to think about possibly losing Prefect status, about there being a chance I not get Head Girl next year, about the fact that my parents will kill my boyfriend and then spread his remains across the garden for fertilizer before returning for me and killing me, too. I didn't want to think about how difficult this was going to be, or the fact that I would very likely get fat. No, for right now, all I was going to think about was how perfect this moment is. Maybe fire and Ice go together after all.



Hey guys! Thanks so much for the read! Actually funny story about this chapter. So I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I wrote it in two seperate documents, so the first 1/4 of it was in one document and the other 3/4 was in another. And then I deleted the first 1/4. So I had an interesting time trying to rewrite that accordingly. I hope everything still works. I also caught a couple of mistakes that wouldn't make the story flow right, so I hope it reads okay, some parts might be choppy!

I made a Meet the Author page and would love if y'all checked it out, asked me some questions, I'd love to hear from you. Also, I want to thank everyone so much, I'm just about at 2,000 reads and that number is just crazy for me. I still freak out when I have a review. So it's nice to see that number creeping up more and more!!

Sorry this authors note is so long, I just have so much that I want to say! I appreciate all of the R&R's and can't wait to hear your opinions and critiques on this chapter! Also I started writing another fic, about Lily II, so we'll see how that one goes!

As always,

xoxo LL

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Don't Say The : It All Ends In Fire and Ice


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