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Embracing the Madness by wolfgirl17
Chapter 14 : That Would Be Telling
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Chapter 14: That Would Be Telling.


 Hermione’s eyes searched Sirius’s face, looking for some hint as to whether he really meant those words or whether it was just another line that he had whispered to every girl he seduced. Feeling sparkled within those blue eyes and Hermione just knew that right then, it didn’t matter to her if those words were just a line. They cleared her head and warmed her soul and Hermione smiled shyly at the boy who’d stolen her heart.


 Sirius smiled softly as he felt Hermione kiss his cheek. Scooping her up, he cradled her against his chest as he walked through the water to the edge of the pool where he could sit on the step with Hermione in his lap. Hermione pressed soft kisses against Sirius’s cheek as he carried her, his wonderful scent seemed to fill the whole room and Hermione couldn’t believe he was here cradling her to his chest. Her heart was fluttering happily inside her chest.


 “You’re so beautiful” Sirius whispered into her ear. Hermione smiled as she leant back so she could look into his eyes. “How did we ever get along without you here?” Sirius murmured to her as he smiled at her. He looked happy and content to have her sitting on his lap and smiling at him like that.


 Now that she was out of the water laced with Amortentia Hermione felt her mind begin to clear slightly.


 “Oh you know, Lily hated James and you slept around and Remus had never kissed me and Peter felt left out.” Hermione shrugged at him cheekily “But then I came along and look at James and Lily now.” Hermione said, waving her hand at the couple. James sat on steps at the other end of the pool and Lily was wrapped around him.


 She looked to be straddling his hips and her hands were tangled in his messy hair as she snogged him. “But it’s my job to change everything here” Hermione murmured


 “Though so far getting them together seems to have been my only success.”


 Sirius tilted his head questioningly when Hermione turned back to smile at him.


 “Well, that and the fact that you can’t keep your eyes off me” She teased him cheekily.


 “I was taught that Beauty should be admired and treasured.” Sirius told her softly “And you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”


 Hermione giggled “You’re just saying that because you’re trying to charm me into sleeping with you. But we both know it’s not going to happen Sirius Black.”


 “I’m not just saying it to get you into bed ‘Mione.” Sirius told her, his grey eyes boring into her brown ones “I’ve never known anyone like you.”


 Hermione rolled her eyes at him “You’re going to have to do better than that Sirius. Might be time to break out you’re a-game. At least if you want a chance of even trying to convince me to sleep with you then you are.” Hermione told him before she pulled out of his embrace and paddled away from him lazily. She smirked at him wickedly as love heart shaped bubbles floated all around her. Hermione let her feet touch the bottom as she gently scooped one up and blew it towards Sirius. It floated towards him until it brushed against his chest, where it popped softly, releasing its sweet fragrance under his nose.


 Slowly he slid down the steps until he stood chest deep in the multicoloured water.


 “My A-game you say?” His eyes teased her wickedly “Are you sure Hermione? I brought you my B-game upstairs and you were like putty in my hands.”


 Hermione scoffed “Oh please, it’s not a crime for me to enjoy what you do as you try to seduce me, but I was completely in control the whole time” she grinned wickedly as she paddled over and leant against the pool edge, stretching her arms out along the edge Hermione pressed her back against the wall and let her head fall back until it lay on the pool edge, her back arched and her breasts protruding from the water.


 Hermione smiled when she heard the stirring of the water as Sirius waded towards her.


 She was dying to kiss him again, her whole body tingled for it, but Hermione knew that if she kissed his soft lips again like she wanted to, her heart would be lost to him, if it wasn’t already. One kiss had practically brought her undone. Another and Hermione had no doubt that she would be lost to him forever. She stayed still as felt Sirius get closer and closer to her and Hermione chuckled wickedly when she felt his knee slide in between her thighs.


 Her pulse began to race and Hermione brought her legs up until they were wrapped around him and she lifted her head to give him a flirty little smile. Sirius’s eyes sparkled lustfully as they ravished her figure but in spite of Hermione’s legs wrapped around his waist Sirius made no move touch her. Instead Hermione had to wrap her arms around his neck to save herself from the uncomfortable position she had gotten herself into.


 “You know ‘Mione, there’s a whole lot more to this game than physical enticement.” Sirius murmured as Hermione hung off his neck. “You’ve got to know you’re opponent, see? And you made the mistakes of making your intentions known” Sirius told her, grinning slyly.


 “No I didn’t baby, all I told you was that I won’t be just another one of your conquests.”


 Hermione told him before unfurling her legs from around him and letting go of his neck. Hermione smirked as she turned away from him and as she strolled up the steps and out of the water Hermione let her hips swing gently from side to side, knowing that the tactic that worked best for Sirius when he wanted a girl was playing hard to get. So far Hermione knew that she teased him and tempted him with touch, but to hook him she would need to go only so far with teasing touches and bedroom eyes before pulling away and leaving him wanting more.


 Hermione glanced over at Lily and James. His hands were in her hair and they snogged as though they knew they’d been depriving themselves for the past five years. Clearly Lily wasn’t going to win gold as far as seduction went, but she also had the advantage of James already being in love with her. She already had his heart, now all Lily needed to do was give him hers in return. Hermione glanced back over at Sirius as she reclined in one of the sun beds by the pool edge. He was still watching her.


 To Hermione the entire room smelled of diesel and warm leather and freshly mown grass and timber. All of the things that Sirius smelled like.


 “I wonder how Remus is faring at his parents’ house” Hermione said softly as Sirius levered himself out of the pool and lounged in the chair next to Hermione. Sirius frowned at her words.


 “When he gets here tomorrow, be sure to hug him gently” Sirius told her “He’ll be hurting himself right now and by morning he’ll be sore,” Sirius sounded unhappy as he spoke and Hermione watched his face.


 “It must be so hard on him. It’s only once a month, but I know that even when you guys are with him, he dreads the transformation” Hermione said softly, hoping the effects of the potion that still had her mind feeling fuzzy were keeping Lily entirely wrapped up in James.


 “We joke and make light of it, but until we learned the truth about him he hated himself. Once he’d admitted the truth and we still accepted him, he was happier.” Sirius said softly.


 Hermione smiled as Sirius glanced at her. So he was still trying to get the truth out of her, was he?


 “Sometimes the truth doesn’t simplify things Sirius. For Remus it did because he could stop lying to his friends and know that you all accepted him for what he is. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes knowing the truth about someone just makes it even harder to be their friend.”


 Hermione could see that stubbornness she had come to know glittering in Sirius’s eyes and Hermione knew they were going to argue for the second time that evening. Not wanting to disturb Lily and James and not wanting to rain on their love parade, Hermione got to her feet and waved her wand until she and Sirius were both dry before exiting the room. Sirius was right behind her as she strode through the dark mansion.


 “Why won’t you just tell me?” Sirius hissed at her as they reached the corridor that led to their rooms.


 “I just told you Sirius. The truth will only complicate things. I said too much tonight as it was. I hope to Merlin Lily was too effected by the water and by James to remember what I said to her. And what I told you was no better. I’m too comfortable with all of you” Hermione explained.


 She was about to turn into her room but Sirius took hold of her arm and dragged her into his instead, closing the door and locking it before waving his wand and muttering silencing spells so that they wouldn’t be overheard.


 “What could possibly be so bad about you that you can’t tell us the truth about who you are?” Sirius demanded angrily. Hermione crossed her arms over her chest.


 “Sirius please just let it go. I said too much tonight. I’m not saying anymore. We had fun going swimming, please don’t ruin the night by arguing with me about this. It’s so much more than just not telling you by choice. I can’t tell you. Do you understand? Please, swimming was fun. Let’s just leave it at that for now” Hermione asked of him.
Sirius didn’t look cooperative.


 “And why did you decide you wanted to go swimming with me in the middle of the night Hermione?” Sirius demanded suspiciously.


 “Aren’t I allowed to be spontaneous?” Hermione asked in a pouty voice.


 “You made it quite clear at dinner that you’re allowed to do whatever you bloody well like” Sirius growled.


 “Still brooding over that, huh?” Hermione asked in her regular voice, momentarily dropping the seduction and grinning at him.


 “You would be if me and Prongs went off to the London for the day and we didn’t tell you.”


 Hermione thought about that for a moment. He did have a point.


 “We were going to tell you” Hermione admitted “But I knew that if we told you we were going to London for the day, you and James would insist on accompanying us and Lily wanted to buy a dress to wear to the Ball on New Year’s Eve and didn’t want James to see it until then. Besides, it’s not like you would have had fun trailing around with us as we went shopping all day.”


 “So why not say that rather than just disappearing?” Sirius demanded angrily. Hermione felt her eyebrows rise in shock at his tone. “Look ‘Mione, I don’t know what the truth is about you. You admitted yourself that if I ever did know my brain might explode. You also admitted that you’re not just some recently orphaned French girl. And I apologise in advance if my next words hurt but you told us that your mother recently died. You didn’t say how, though you implied that apparently your house also burned down or blew up. And I can only think of one group of scumbags who would kill your mother and destroy your house like that. If He killed your mother then you can probably imagine why we all panicked when we woke up and you and Evans were gone. Evans is muggle born for Merlin’s sake! And now you’re saying that I can’t know whatever secret it is you’re keeping from us because you just can’t tell me?”


 “You thought Voldemort or his Death Eaters had somehow gotten through all the protective wards on this house and kidnapped us?” Hermione whispered, suddenly realising why they had been so worried. And of course they would assume that.


 Hermione hadn’t admitted anything about her own blood status but the supposed circumstances around her fake mother’s death did make it seem like she had been murdered by Death Eater’s.


 Sirius glared down at her.


 Just as in her own time, fear permeated the minds of witched and wizards as Voldemort hungered for power. Hermione bit her lip wondering how she could have forgotten that the same fear existed here as He gathered followers. How could she have forgotten that it fell to her to prevent the future she had known from every unfolding?


 “I’m sorry” Hermione whispered as she let her eyes stray back to Sirius. “I’m sorry we worried you like that. Somehow I forgot about the threat of it all. I forgot that communication was important, that shopping sprees and girl’s days were foolish and reckless and unnecessary. I forgot that just about anybody could be a Death Eater, and this time around I don’t have any idea whose faces I should be looking for.”


 Sirius frowned at her.


 “How do you do it?” he asked her softly.


 Hermione glanced up at him. “Do what?”


 “Manage to be such an enigma? Every time I think I might have begun to figure you out you say something or you do something that completely throws me.”


 Hermione smirked at him. “It really bothers you doesn’t it? That I won’t tell you the truth? And I would if I could, but even the little things will change everything. And I can’t tell you the big things.”


 “Why not? What could possibly be so important or so bad that you can’t tell me?” Sirius demanded.


 “Don’t be mad” Hermione whispered placing her hand against his cheek.


 “Don’t be mad? Woman, I have no idea who you are. Against my better judgement I’ve kept the fact that you’re a liar from my family and we’ve never had secrets from each other. But for all I know you could be lying about everything. You could be working for Him,” Sirius accused.


 Hermione reached around and whipped her wand out of the back of her bikini bottoms and twirled it until the candles and torches in his room flickered to life. When she focused back on Sirius, Hermione raised her eyebrows in shock. He had taken several steps back from her and he had his wand trained on her.


 “Did you really just accuse me of working for Voldemort?” Hermione’s voice whipped out icily.


 “Yeah. I did. Your tongue has more forks than all the scum in the snake pit. And I wouldn’t put it past my mother to send someone in to attempt to seduce me back to the dark side.”


 There was bitterness in his voice as he spoke and Hermione was reminded of the time she had spent at Grimauld Place in the summer of last year. Sirius had been so bitter and unhappy about being back in that house, he’d even seemed to feel disgraced to be related to his family members, and he had especially hated his mother. She remembered his anger and disgust to be a part of such a family and Hermione was reminded again that while his parents had never become Death Eaters, his mother and father had believed in what Voldemort wanted to do, Hermione was fairly certain he’d also mentioned something about a brother who did become a Death Eater before trying to back out and being killed. She remembered that he had told them that before Voldemort showed his true colours and showed how far he was willing to go to take power a lot of the pureblood families had supported him.


 As she stared at Sirius now Hermione realised just how bad his home life must be.


 She remembered that Harry had told her Sirius had run away from home at sixteen, that he’d lived here with the Potters until he was seventeen, before one of his uncles had left him a large sum of gold and he’d gotten his own place. However, as she stared at him Hermione realised something. He’d told Harry he ran away at sixteen and the Potter’s adopted him as a second son. Yet it seemed as though they had done that already in this time, as though they had done that in first year. Hermione tilted her head, wondering if more than just her being shot back here had been altered in time, because it seemed to her that there were a few new developments in this time already that hadn’t been in her old time.


 Hermione realised something else. In this time Voldemort probably hadn’t shown his true colours yet. It was early days as far as his evil reign went. So her knowledge of him and his followers probably did look bad given that she was lying about her whole life.


 “How can you say that?” Hermione hissed venomously “More than anyone else in this whole world I want that monster dead! Do you understand me? If I knew where he was I would apparate there and end his life right now! Before he can even really begin the reign of evil and the dark times that will be our future if he isn’t stopped” Hermione snarled, pointing her wand at Sirius because he had his trained on her face threateningly.


 “How do I know that? For all I know, everything you’ve told me is a lie. It seems like it is. Is Hermione Peverell even your real name?” Sirius snarled at her.


 Hermione searched his face in the now lit room and found that if she didn’t answer that question honestly he wouldn’t hesitate to hex her. Slowly, Hermione lowered her wand, an awful realisation unfolding within her mind. She would have to tell him. She couldn’t tell him everything, but if she was going to live through the next hour, let alone be here in this time for the rest of her life, then she would have to give him some of the truth. Taking a deep breath Hermione walked slowly over and sank down onto the couch by his fireplace, flicking her wand at the embers and producing a log to fight off the sudden chill she felt.


 When Hermione glanced at Sirius she found him watching her closely, his wand still trained on her threateningly. Suddenly aware of the fact that she only wore a bikini Hermione silently twirled her wand until she was dressed in the types of clothes she had worn in her own time, a comfortable pair of sweat pants and one of her oldest Weasley jumpers. For just a moment she stared at her clothes in shock before glancing at her wand. Conjuring clothes was difficult but not impossible, however as she stared at the sleeve of her pink jumper Hermione realised she had just conjured the actual jumper Mrs Weasley had given her in fourth year. It even had the burn mark on the sleeve from the mishap she’d had in potion brewing one morning in third year.


 “You don’t need to keep that trained on me Sirius” Hermione said wearily “And you might as well sit down. This will be hard to believe.”


 “You’re going to tell me the truth?” he murmured in shock.


 “I know you said you have no secrets from the Potters, but I must ask that you keep mine” Hermione whispered once Sirius had dropped into the vacant space beside her. He faced her and his wand was still clenched in his hand on his thigh but for the moment he no longer pointed it at her threateningly.


 “If I feel they should know I won’t hesitate to tell them.”


 “You will feel they should know. But you’ll ruin Christmas if you tell them.”


 “If I have to I will” Sirius shrugged.


 “Sirius… before I start…. You should know…. I lied about a lot of things, but my personality is the same as it’s always been. Except for the lying. I’m not a liar. But you should know that as a person, I’m who I’ve always been and how I’ve always been.” Hermione told him “I just don’t want you to hate me” She added in a whisper as she searched his handsome face worriedly.


 Sirius watched her with a tight, closed off expression.


 Taking a deep breath Hermione looked him in the eye as she began to speak “My name isn’t Hermione Peverell. It’s Hermione Granger.” She dropped the first bomb on him.


 Sirius didn’t look all that surprised to learn that she had lied about her name.


 “My parents aren’t dead. The last time I saw them was when I waved goodbye to them from the Hogwarts Express on the first of September. They’re both alive and well. And they’re both muggles” Hermione admitted softly.


 “Hermione you didn’t appear at Hogwarts until mid November.” Sirius said shortly.


 “Sirius, before I say anything else…” Hermione whispered “I need to ask you something. When I tell you what I say next, I would like if you didn’t ask for details ok? Can you do that? And please don’t tell the others. If you need to you can tell them the things I’ve already told you, but the information will only leave them confused because I know they’ll ask me questions I won’t answer.”


 “I don’t know if I can do that Hermione. If they need to be asked I’ll ask them.” He offered in compromise.


 Hermione looked away from Sirius then, dreading admitting the truth to him. Dreading the questions he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from asking.


 “My name is Hermione Granger and I was born on the nineteenth of September 1979.”


 Sirius Black stared at Hermione Peverell/ Granger.


 “Funny, you’re incredibly developed for a negative three year old,” He sneered.


 He didn’t believe her. Of course he didn’t believe her because time travel hadn’t been invented yet, so mishaps with time travel were even more inconceivable. And why should he believe her, when she’d lied about almost everything else?


 “I’m glad you think so!” Hermione snapped at him.


 “If you were just going to be an idiot about this Hermione….” Sirius started.


 “Sirius I’m not joking around. Why would I make that up? I lied about the other stuff because how else could I explain away the fact that I landed exactly twenty years in the past on the Quidditch pitch? How else could I have explained why I suddenly lived at Hogwarts but had nothing and no one?” Hermione asked him.


 “Do you remember that day Sirius? I landed on the pitch and when I opened my eyes you and James were standing over me and I smiled in relief at James and called him Harry. When I fell you caught me and I thanked you by name even though you had never seen me before in your life.”


 Sirius looked wary of her as he remembered the day she had appeared in his life. He looked like maybe he wanted to believe her, but simply couldn’t.


 “I pretended to faint after I called you Sirius because I wasn’t supposed to know you. But on the seventeenth of November 1996, I sat in the library at Hogwarts researching time travel for an essay and found a spell that is supposedly used in a time travelling device that won’t be invented until 1981. I tested it for accuracy, intending to go back in time by two hours.” Hermione said her voice calm now as Sirius began to look just a little bit convinced “Instead I landed on the Quidditch pitch twenty years in the past staring up into your face.”


 “But how can you have gone back further in time than you were born. If you’re telling the truth, somewhere in the world, you’re parents will give birth to you three year from now, yet here you are. How is that possible?”


 “Your guess is as good as mine. As it was, Dumbledore was still headmaster while I was at Hogwarts and is the most amazing wizard alive, I asked for him in the hopes that he could help, but other than coming up with a suitable lie to explain my being here and providing me with everything I could ever need he wasn’t really able to comment since time travel hasn’t been discovered here yet.”


 “And you knew me? Twenty years from now you knew me?”


 Hermione hesitated. Because she knew that in the five weeks she’d been here she’d fallen in love with Sirius Black, yet by revealing any more information, the fact that he was nineteen years older than her in her own time made the fact that she had fallen in love with him slightly awkward.


 “Sirius… please don’t ask me anything about the time I lived in. Please?” Hermione begged of him “I told you the truth, I’m not supposed to be here, yet I’m apparently stuck here for the rest of my life. The lies I told were to protect everyone from the truth. It’s far safer for everyone to believe that I’m an orphaned transfer student than to know I was a seventeen year old witch twenty years from now. Because just like you are itching to, everyone wants to know how their lives look twenty years from now. And I won’t tell you. I won’t tell any of you.”


 “Why not? This could be the best thing to ever happen. If we make mistakes in the future, we’ll be able to know not to make them if we know how they turn out.” Sirius said “You knew all of us didn’t you? Otherwise how would you have known about Remus and the rest the Marauders getting furry once a month? Outside of Mum and Dad no one knows but us. Except that you did.”


 “Sirius I won’t say anything more than to admit that yes, I knew about all of you. I’m not telling you anything else.”


 “But why not? Won’t you even tell us if we were happy?”


 “Are you going to tell the others then?” Hermione asked him softly.


 “Why wouldn’t I? This is incredibly cool.”


 Hermione watched the seventeen year old version of Sirius Black wiggle in his seat like the excitable puppy dog he could turn into with a sad expression on her face. Because he was wrong. Her situation wasn’t cool. It was hard and sad. How could she answer even the smallest of questions like whether or not he was happy twenty years from now, when in the future Hermione had known -Lily, James and Sirius had all been dead?


 “Sirius…. It’s not incredibly cool. Please don’t tell the others. And please don’t ask me questions about the future. I won’t tell you in case it becomes a lie.”


 “What do you mean?” Sirius asked her, suddenly sombre.


 “I mean that I’m not telling you about the future because my being here will change almost everything about the future I knew. Because I lived that future Sirius. And I won’t do it again.”


 Hermione spoke softly but she watched her words register on Sirius’s face. Watched the way his mind began to unfold the weight of the situation as he considered the possibility that just maybe he and his friends hadn’t been happy twenty years from now.


 “I won’t tell the others” He whispered to her “And I’m sorry for you that you were ripped away from your life and hurled back to here. It must be difficult, knowing what you know of our futures and not speaking about it or interfering with them unfolding.”


 “Sirius I am interfering. I won’t live that future again…. Neither will you.”


 “So I’m nineteen years older than you huh?” Sirius said cheekily, trying to lighten the tension in the room.


 “No. You were when I was born. But Dumbledore thinks I won’t actually be born again. Because me being here will change everything. So you’re the same age as me. I’m stuck here and I landed here at seventeen, and you’re seventeen here too. Is it a problem for you that I knew you when you’re hair was not as shiny as it is now?”


 “You secretly had a thing for me then didn’t you ‘Mione?” Sirius teased her with a wink before reaching out and pulling her into a hug.


 Adopting a surfie stoner tone Hermione replied “Dude you were like, totally old.”


 Hermione smiled when Sirius leant back in his chair and dragged her with him so that her head was resting on his bare chest. He stretched himself out lengthways on the couch and Hermione snuggled down against him. Hermione felt Sirius sigh as she snuggled against him.


 The weight of the forgiveness in his hug gave Hermione pause. Sirius was an easy going guy, but he had just found out that the girl he’d been friends with and flirting with for the past five weeks was actually nineteen years younger than him and had been born three years in the future. Yet as he pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head Hermione knew that it didn’t bother him a bit. And just as she imagined Remus had done when he’d confessed to his friends that he was a werewolf, Hermione felt better for having told Sirius the truth about herself.


 “Can I ask just one question please ‘Mione?” Sirius whispered “I promise it’s nothing consequential.”


 “I reserve the right not to answer.”


 “Was I still handsome?”


 Hermione lifted her head and peered into his incredibly handsome face, his twinkling eyes told her that he knew it was an extremely vain question.


 “I suppose that depends. Your hair hung to your elbows, and it was dirty and matted and a little gross. You had a lot of wrinkles too. When I met you for the first time you were terrifying, covered in grime and wearing rags; I thought you were a murderer.” Hermione told him honestly “But you weren’t. Once you’d showered a few times and cut off some of your hair… I suppose you were sort of handsome, in an old man kind of way” Hermione teased him.


 Sirius looked horrified.


 “My hair will never be matted” Sirius declared clearly appalled to hear that he had ever let it get so disgusting. Hermione giggled at him as she rested her head back on his chest.


 She felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders to have told just one friend the truth. Letting her eyes slide closed Hermione felt warm and content and she realised suddenly that she was happy here. She was away from her parents, who might never know her, and Harry and Ron who may not enter her life for years, but for all that, she felt content.


 “Hermione?” Sirius whispered to her as he laid there with his arms wrapped around her while she rested her head on his chest and had one arm wrapped across him comfortably.


 “Hmm?” Hermione hummed at him without opening her eyes.


 “I know it’s probably a selfish thing to say… But I’m really glad you landed here.”


A/N: Hey guys, so by the time this is posted i may have a Banner!! Now, Time travel in incredibly complicated and i reserve the right to take it in any direction i want and have any kind of time travelling rules. I don't want a thousand reviews complaining about what time travel might or might  not do when one tears the time-space continum ok? Good. Hope you love the chap and the story. please reveiew and tell me if you do or even if you don't.



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