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A Traitor is Amoung Us by Harrysavesme
Chapter 20 : More questions then Answers
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A/N: Hello everyone!  Again so sorry for the long time between updates.  There should only be a max of two more chapters before this story is finished so I will try to get it finished before the holiday break.  As always please read and review I love to hear what you think.

               Lucius Malfoy closed the last file with a resigned sigh, “I wish we could have been more help, but I have no idea how to narrow down the list of potential fathers further then you have. I vaguely remember seeing a child with Carrow, but I tired to avoid both Carrow siblings”  Draco looked up and nodded, “It’s true the Carrows were distasteful, and I made a point to avoid them.”  The two Malfoy men departed reminding the family to floo over if they needed anything. 

                “Well we’re back to square one.  I think it’s time to go check on Kingsley.”  Harry looked around at his family and they all nodded in agreement.  Molly and Arthur would remain behind with the kids and everyone else was going to search for Kingsley.  They had paired off and were going to check various locations for him.  Harry and Ginny were charged with checking his office at the ministry.  They were under the invisibility cloak together in an alley by the ministry.  “Harry how are we going to get into Kingsely's office?” 

“It won’t be hard Gin, there’s a secret passage connecting Kingsley to the Auror office.  We just have to make it into the Auror office and we can get into the inner chamber of Kingsley’s office without anyone in the outer chambers knowing.  “

Ginny nodded her head and Harry headed for the ministry’s emergency evacuation exit.  Harry couldn’t help but think that this exit would have been a useful thing to know about when he was younger.  Once they were in the dusty old tunnel Harry pocketed the invisibility cloak and lit his wand.  The walked along the old tunnel in silence for a while and then finally Ginny spoke, “What is Carr’s end game Harry?  What could he possibly want with our family?” 

Harry shook his head, “I’m not sure if Carr is Lord, the threatening letters have all said that I took everything from them so they were going to take everything from me.  It’s hard to say exactly what Carr is blaming me for.” 

Ginny pursed her lips, “Maybe it’s not him you hurt, but his parents or someone in his life.  He could be blaming you for things that happened when he was still a small child.”

Harry shook his head again, “If that’s the case it’s hard to say what I’ve done to upset him, I did a lot of things I’m not proud of during the war.” 

With that they walked on in silence.




                Back at number twelve Molly was trying to reign in her grandchildren.  They had stumbled upon the box of threats Harry kept.  “Why would Dad not mention these to us?”  Lily was looking through the box of letters in disbelief.  Al was next to her quietly sorting the letters by date, “These letters go back to way before we were born.  There are threats here for just dad, dad and mom before they were married, dad and mom after they were married, threats around the time each of us was born, not to mention a bunch of threats for Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, even a few for the rest of the family.  Why is dad hiding them all here Nana Molly?” 

                Molly pulled her grandchildren away from the box of letters and put it firmly back on its shelf.  “That box is to stay right there do you understand?”  Once all of her grandchildren had nodded their ascent she continued, “Your father keeps all of those because it is important to keep an eye on people who could potentially cause a problem.  Your father isn’t intentionally hiding those letters he just doesn’t want to scare you all.  When the threat is serious you hear about it do you not?”  Once again the children nodded yes.  “Very well now there will be no more talk about those letters.”  Rose hurried up to the board an excited expression on her face, grabbing a marker she turned to face her family, “That’s it if Carr is Lord he isn’t trying to get back at Uncle Harry for something  Uncle Harry did to him it’s for something Uncle Harry did to Carr’s family.  That’s why he is going after us.”

                She looked around at her cousins Al was the first to catch on, “You could be right Rosie, the letter said Dad had ruined Lord’s life.  If Carr is Lord he could be talking about something that happened before he was born.  We know at least his mom is a death eater.”  Rose quickly cleared a board and looked at her Nana, “We’re going to need to know everything about Uncle Harry and the death eaters you know.” 




                Harry and Ginny were right outside the door to Kingsley’s office.  They had determined that there was only one person in the room and as Harry slowly pushed open the door wand drawn he hoped it was Kingsley.  Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Kingsley alone in his chair.  Harry hurried to Kingsley and quickly revived him.  Ginny hurried over to the door and stood wand drawn ready to stop anyone who tried to get through the door.  Slowly Kingsley returned to consciousness.  He opened his eyes and looked at Harry with panic in his gaze.  “Harry Carr he is Lord.  He wants your family.”

Harry nodded, “I know, let’s just get you out of here we’ve almost pieced everything together we’ll update you once we’ve gotten you out of here.” 

                Harry hoisted Kingsley up and put Kinglsey’s arm around his shoulders.  Ginny left her post by the door to support Kingsley’s other side.  Slowly they made their way back down the emergency exit and by the time they had reached the street Kingsley was able to move on his own.  They disappeared with a pop and made their way to the kitchen.  The rest of the family had already returned and were gathered around a board.  Al and Rose were copying things onto the board. 

                Al caught sight of his dad and motioned for him to come to the board, “Okay Dad we need to know everyone you pissed off during the war.”

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A Traitor is Amoung Us: More questions then Answers


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