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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 7 : Consequences
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Disclaimer: Anything you may recognise does not belong to me. Unless you recognise stuff like my OC's from previous chapters, that stuff is mine but most of the stuff in this story isn't mine. Stuff like the Harry Potter universe and Hogwarts. Those sentences didn't really make sense but I'm way too lazy/tired to go back and fix them so I'm just going to leave them. You guys know what I mean when I say things, right? Right. See you at the end x


It's weird. I have been wanting to wrap my arms around Nina Summers since I was in second year. Before I even knew what wanting girls was, I knew I wanted her and no one else. I've tried dating other girls, lots of them, but no one could ever match up to her. And finally, my moment with Nina had come. Although the moment is a tad less romantic than I had envisioned it would be over the years. Merlin, I sound like such a girl. In short, Nina was piss drunk at my party and I'm carry her passed out ass back to her dorm before she does something stupid like snog some random bloke.

So yeah, not exactly a fairytale moment. I'll take what I can get though. I think about the fact that she's curling into me and has her arms tightly wrapped around my neck. I try not to think about the fact that she would probably be doing this to whoever happened to be carrying her, as I'm fairly sure that in her state she doesn't even know what her name is, let alone the identity of the guy carrying her to her bed in the middle of the night. That sounded way less creepy in my head. Wait, this is in my head. You know what I mean.


“What did you say? Something about parchment? Look, mate, I really don't know. Can I just come in for a minute, put her in her bed and leave?” I pleaded with the stupid eagle knocker guarding the entrance to Ravenclaw tower. I just want to get Nina back to her dorm, why does this door intend on making my life so difficult?


“Wrong answer.” a tone of finality was in the eagles reply.


“Wait, can I try again? What was the question?” the eagle seemed to sigh before obligating.


“Some cauldrons are ink. All ink are parchment. Some parchment are quills and some quills are ink. Does this mean that all quills are cauldrons?”


“That doesn't even make sense!” I yelled. Nina stirred in my arms, the noise almost waking her. I swore again under my breath and stuck my tongue out at the eagle before making my way back down the staircase. Now what am I going to do? I can't get Nina back to her dorm because the stupid eagle is talking gibberish. This is the first time I've been properly alone with her, albeit she is asleep, and I'm completely messing it up.


I swear and begin walking towards Gryfinndor tower. Maybe I can convince Rose to let Nina sleep in her dorm tonight.


Rose isn't here. How is she not here? Oh, that's right- she's at my party. Well, fuck. Everyone is at my party, including all the girls I know in Gryfinndor. How exactly am I supposed to get Nina up the girls staircase without it turning into a slide?


I sigh as I look around the common room, hoping an answer will just magically jump out at me from the fireplace or behind a lounge. Lounge, that's it! I'll put Nina in my bed and I'll sleep on the lounge in the common room! She'll wake up so grateful that I lent her my bed and took care of her that maybe she'll want to-. I shake the thought from my head. Let's not go there today brain, okay? I look down at Nina, smiling sweetly in her sleep as she rests in my arms. I'd be content to stay here forever, but my arms are getting tired and there are things that need to be done. I readjust Nina before I start my way up the stairs.

You don't really realise how difficult manoeuvring a passed out 16 year old girl up a few flights of stairs is until you're put in the situation. I mean, does her head want to crash into the wall? By the time we reached my dorm, Nina had almost hit her head four more times and I almost slipped on my sheet twice. I opened the door with my foot and took in my room. Thankfully, none of the guys are back yet so I won't have to answer any unnecessary questions. However, my room is in a state of disarray. Clothes, textbooks and pretty much anything else you can think of is littered all over the ground.


I place Nina down on top of my quilt, carefully laying her head on my pillow before I turn to face the mess. There's no way Nina is waking up to this. I pull out my wand and charm all of the clothes into the hamper that I'm pretty sure no one has used all year. I then summon a garbage bag and collect all the rubbish from around the room. I put the bag in Henry Thompson's bed (I told him there were repercussions to being late to practise three times in a row) and quickly check the room for any stray, incriminating items. I nod, satisfied that Nina won't wake up disgusted, and go to my trunk to get out some clothes to change into. I shower and change into some shorts and a plain shirt quickly, stopping to brush my teeth before leaving the bathroom, adding the sheets I wore to the party to the hamper on my way out

I'm about to walk out of the dorm when I stop myself and turn back to Nina.

I don't know if she could sense me looking at her, or if she just happened to wake up, but her eyes opened and she sleepily blinked at me.


“Jamie, my main bro” she yawns. Definitely still drunk. She stretches her arms above her head, looking exactly like a kitten as she does so, “Weren't we in a hall?”


“We moved” I respond, moving to sit on the edge of my bed, right by her toes.

“Lovely” she smiles and curls up into my quilt, snuggling her face into my pillow and taking a deep breath.


“Do you have something I can wear James? Preferably clothes but whatever” she sighs.


“Sure, Summers.” I stand and get a pair of shorts that I think are Lily's and my quidditch jersey from my trunk. I throw them over to Nina and watch them land by her head. Her eyes widen at the sight of the jersey.


“Do I look like a traitor to you?” she slurs. She tries to throw the jersey at me, but can barely throw it further that her knee, “Fuck it.” She gets up and stumbles into the bathroom, emerging a couple minutes later in my clothes. Something about the sight of her in my clothes makes my heart beat faster. She practically falls back onto my bed, and I wonder exactly how much she had to drink when I pull the covers over her. She appears to have passed out again so I let my hand linger by her face for a moment. I start to back away when she grabs my hand, holding me in place. I freeze and wait for her to speak. She mutters something incoherently.


“What was that?” I whisper, leaning down to hear her better.


“Where are you going?” she repeats, her eyes opening briefly before falling shut once again.

“Common room. Gotta sleep somewhere.” I go to stand again when she pulls me back down. Honestly, this girl couldn't throw a shirt five minutes ago, now she can hold me down with one hand?


“Stay.” she said it so quietly I couldn't believe she had actually said it. I find myself lost for words as she folds over the covers on the other side of the bed and taps them lazily, “Need someone to protect me. Stay, please?”


“Okay, I'll stay for a little while” I agree. Nina releases her grip on my wrist and I carefully slip onto the mattress, pulling the covers over me as I do. Nina turns over to face me. She pauses for a moment, thinking over what she's about to say before nodding and saying it.


“Hey Jamie?”


“We are really going to have to discuss this whole 'Jamie' nickname one day. I don't love it.”


“Everyone loves my nicknames, Jamie” she argues.


“Of course. Anyways, what is it Ninsie?” I ask, watching as a stray piece of hair fluttered into her face. She didn't brush it away.


“What's the scariest part of a girls body?” she smirks at me.


“I don't know, what is?” I play along, smirking right back at her.


“The BOObs!” she exclaims, bursting into a fit of laughter at her own joke, “Happy Halloween!”


“That's a horrible joke”


“You can't say that, you're supposed to lie and keep me away from the harsh reality that I'm not funny. You know, chivalry and all that jazz”


“Okay, that was the greatest joke I have ever heard.”


“Thank you for lying to me James”


“My pleasure.”


At some point we had moved closer to each other, and as a result were now practically touching chests.


“What things do people say about you that make you... sad” she struggles to fathom her thoughts into a sentence.


“Your sentence structure is horrifying” I comment.


“Shut your answer and face me” she laughs.


“Fine, when people say that Al got the 'good' eyes. I think my eyes are just fine, thank you” I assure her.


“More than fine” Nina whispers under her breath, so quietly I almost don't catch it.






I frown at her until she throws her arms up in front of her in a dramatic gesture.

“I'm drunk, leave me alone!” she attempts to pull the covers over her head, but just ends up tangling herself in them as I laugh. For a while after that we lay in silence, both looking at each other but neither saying a word. Until Nina breaks the ice and taps me on my chest.


“You're sweet James”




“And kind”




“And thoughtful”




“And funny”




“And... just great.” This time her hand stays on my chest, rising and falling with it as I breathe.


“You're so nice to me James, so nice.” she pauses for a moment after this, wording her next sentence carefully.


“Can I tell you a secret?” she whispers. I only nod in response, not trusting my voice to not ruin this moment. She leans her head closer to mine, so that there is barely an inch of space between her face and mine.


“I've always preferred your eyes to Al's” her words, so simple, send me over the edge and I quickly bring my mouth up to meet hers.


She responds enthusiastically, her hands cupping my cheeks as mine find themselves tangled in her hair. Electricity seems to flow from her lips, throughout my entire body. I roll over so that I am on top of her and run my fingers over the side of her ribs, to her waist, hips and thighs before working them back up. She shivers in response. Her arms move back around my neck, holding my lips against her own. Her soft lips moved against my own in a perfect rhythm. I can taste the alcohol on her breath, but ignore it as I deepen the kiss. I move down to kiss her neck and collarbone before she drags me back up to her mouth. The kiss is hard, yet soft. Fiery yet cool. She engulfs me completely.


We finally pull away from each other and open our eyes, out of breath and flustered.


“I've been wanting to do that for a while” was all she said before giving me another quick kiss and turning over to go to sleep. I lay awake for a while after that, replaying the feeling of her lips on my own. I glance over to find her asleep, breathing evenly. I shake my head. This girl is going to be the death of me.


Fuck me. I squeeze my eyes shut and groan at the pounding in my head. How much did I drink last night? And why the hell did Caroline and Alaska let me drink so much? We are going to have some serious words just as soon as this invisible man stops stabbing me in the head.


I breathe in deeply to mentally prepare myself to open my eyes and expose them to light. As I exhale I squint my eyes open and flinch backwards, shutting them again. C'mon Nina, you have to open them properly. I do some more deep breaths, much faster than my first, and quickly open my eyes like I was ripping off a band-aid. A sob escapes my throat as I force my eyes to adjust to the light.


It was then that three things very quickly registered in my mind.


This room is red, not blue, and thus is not mine.

I am wearing what appears to be a Gryfinndor quidditch jersey. Definitely not mine.

There is a mans arm wrapped around my waist, holding me against his chest. Incase you were wondering, the arm is not mine.


I try to use my peripheral vision to identify my mystery man but to no avail. I sigh loudly and attempt to slowly manoeuvre myself out of his arms. I lift the arm off of my waist and blindly place it behind me before I roll over to get a look at his face.


James Potter.


I sigh in relief. Thank Merlin I didn't go home with some random, foul guy.


I slowly pull myself up and out of James' bed as I quietly look around for my clothes, careful not to wake his roommates. I spot my costume and shoes just outside the bathroom door and quickly run over there to grab them. Now, where the fudge is my necklace? My eyes scan the room but I don't see my necklace anywhere. Albeit I can't really trust my eyes at the moment seeing as I'm the tiniest bit insanely dizzy, but it's still worrying.


“Are you looking for this?” Comes a whisper from James' bed. I tip toe over there and see my necklace dangling from James' arm.


“Sneaking off are we?” he asks, smirking despite the fact that he has to be as hungover as me.


“I'm not sneaking off,” I defend, flinching at the volume of my words “I just need to get back to Ravenclaw Tower before everyone wakes up and sees me walk back”


“You can stay, borrow the cloak. No one will see you” he offers, placing my necklace into my palm.


“The cloak?” I ask when he removes his hand. I put the necklace in a plastic bag I found on the ground, along with my dress and shoes.


“Of invisibility. It's my dad's, haven't you heard of it?”


“I have, I just always assumed it was a myth.”


“Well it's not and you can use it to sneak back to your dorm later, when you look less like you're gonna tumble down the stairs.”


“Thanks James” I crawl back into his bed,shutting the curtains behind me to block out the sun, and instinctively snuggle into his chest. I immediately pull away, but I stop when we make eye contact. I can feel us getting closer and closer together, my eyes are just sliding shut when,


“James! We've got our morning practice soon, get up!” Henry Thompson yelled, his voice progressively getting closer. I swear under my breathe and dive under the covers.


“Thanks for cleaning up by the way, although I did not appreciate the garbage in my b- oh, I see someone has company” Henry had opened the curtains. I pull the cover tighter around my head, desperate not to reveal my identity. The last thing I need is some sex scandal about me to be running around the school.


“Sod off” warns James. I peek through the covers and see him grab his pillow from under his head and use it to cover his face.


“Is she cute?”


“I said sod off, Henry”


“I like brunettes”


“Get the fuck out of here!” James throws his pillow at Henry, and it collides with his face. Henry mutters something about abusive relationships as he shuts James' curtains again. Once I'm sure he's gone, I poke my head out from under the quilt.


“That was close” comments James, I nod in agreement.


“Uh, James, this is kind of awkward but what exactly did we-”


“I think we just snogged Summers” his quick reply cutting off my question.


“Good. Good. I mean, not really good but not exactly bad you know. Not that it isn't bad but... I'm too tired for my own ramblings.” I rest my head on James' mattress and close my eyes, revelling in the quiet darkness.



“By the way,” I begin, “Why exactly did you not take me back to my own dorm?”


“Well, I think I technically did bring you back to Ravenclaw Tower” he responds. I stare back at him in confusion.


“I couldn't figure out the damn riddle, okay?” he confesses sheepishly.


“What was it?”

“Uh, something like 'Some cauldrons are ink. All ink are parchment. Some parchment are quills and some quills are ink. Does this mean that all quills are cauldrons?'”


“No, it means that some quills may be cauldrons, not all of them.” James pauses for a moment and mulls over my answer.


“Well, we can't all be Ravenclaws” he says dramatically, crossing his arms across his chest.


“And I'm hung over”


“Shut your answer” He teases.


“Shut up, don't you have quidditch or something?”



A little while later, James had retrieved his cloak and given it to me so that I could go back to my dorm unseen. After a fairly awkward hug, I pulled it over me and began walking home. Though I don't think you can call it walking so much as I stumbled, tripped and threw up once on my way there. I managed to get myself to the top of the staircase and answer the riddle (thank Merlin it was easy).


I almost ran into trouble in the common room, and by trouble I mean a group of excited third years, but managed to dodge them just before they ran straight into me. I was about to yell at their asses and tell them to have some respect for people that are older, and way more hungover, than them when I remembered that I was invisible and thus they were not being rude lil bitches, just normal people who don't move for invisible people they don't know are there.


I pause and take a few deep breaths to calm the pounding in my head and head up the stairs to my dorm. I find to my relief that none of my roommates are awake. Caroline and Alaska's bed curtains are shut tightly, so I guess they're still asleep, and Imogen's are slightly open. I had shut my own before I left for the party, so hopefully they assumed I had come back early from the party and fallen asleep and they were too tired/ drunk to check on me.


I do notice as I peek through her curtains that Imogen is noticeably missing from her bed. I guess someone took her up on her offer after James rejected her. I begin to laugh about how much of a slag she is when I remember that I have just returned home after spending the night in said Potter's bed. I try to call up what exactly happened last night, but all I'm getting is whispers of memories and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

I shake the thoughts from my head and silently slide into my bed, careful to close the curtains completely after me. It's only then that I slip the cloak off my head and find myself perfectly visible once more. I fold up the cloak and put it under my pillow and am just laying back down when I hear the sound of the dorm door opening. Must be Imogen returning from her slag duties.


I open my curtains a crack to see what she looks like (please let her have puke in her hair). Maybe later the girls and I can dig out a pensieve and re watch this memory. When I look out the crack, I see a blonde; but it's not Imogen.


Caroline stands in the doorway, Albus in tow. They're not talking, but they're making some pretty intense eye contact.


“Sorry again that I couldn't get you the cloak.” apologised Albus. His green eyes are looking away from Caroline, to the ground, and his hair is falling in his face as a result.


“It's fine Al, seriously. You don't have to keep apologising! You couldn't help if James had it tonight.” Caroline places her hand on Albus' chin, pulling his eyes up to meet hers as she speaks.


“I just feel-”


“Stop it Al. You did nothing wrong for Pete's sake!”


“Who is Pete?”


“It's a muggle saying. The point is, you were perfect Al. It's not like anyone saw us anyways. We used that map of yours.” It was then that I noticed the piece of parchment in Albus' hands. Albus seemed to notice it as well, as he pulled out his wand and muttered something under his breathe and tapped the parchment with the end of his wand. Caroline watched the parchment with wide eyes before looking back up at Al.


“One of these days I have to figure out how your Grandfather and his friends made that thing” exclaims Caroline with wonder.


“Well as soon as someone else figures it out, I'll let you know” promises Al. They stay in silence for a minute, and when Caroline opens her mouth to say something, she is quickly silenced. By Al's tongue. Gross.


“Sorry” he apologises again, his breath laboured.


“Don't apologise” Caroline whispers quickly before bringing Albus' mouth back down to hers. This is disgusting. It's like a car crash, I just can't look away. Oh, gross; Al has Caroline up against the wall of our dorm and her legs are wrapped around his waist. Why does this feel like I'm watching my parents make out? And I have walked in on my parents swapping spit before- it wasn't pretty and it was very emotionally scarring for me. I mean I'm happy for them, of course, they're an adorable couple and I'm shipping Calbus, but do they have to snog in front of me? Granted, they don't know that they're snogging in front of me, but still.


Eventually, a loud yawn comes from Alaska's bed and Caroline and Albus quickly detach from one another. They share a longing look and one last, quick kiss before Al speedily runs out the door, pulling the mystery parchment back out of his pocket as he does, and Caroline jumps back into her bed. It's quite the event. I lay down and try to relax for a minute. All these revelations and drama aren't doing my head any favours, and I can still taste vomit in the back of my throat.


“Caroline” Alaska groans from her bed, “was that you? Who were you talking to?”


“No one, I was singing to myself” Caroline lies smoothly as she pulls her curtains back at the same time that I widen mine to watch her. She stretches her arms into the air and yawns, as though she has just woken up. She didn't have to bother trying to mess up her hair to give it a bed head look- Albus messed it up enough for her. She stands smoothly and slowly walks over to Alaska's bed, pulling the curtains wide open and letting in the morning sunlight.


“Fuck me, close that fucking curtain or I'll kill you in your sleep with a pipe cleaner” swears Alaska as she yanks her quilts over her head to shelter herself from the light. Alaska never has been a good drunk or very good at dealing with a hangover. Caroline doesn't flinch to close the curtains and instead charms Alaska's curtains to stay open for the next hour. It's then that Caroline's gaze moves over to me. I blink heavily and smile sleepily at her so as not to arouse suspicion that I saw her and Albus hot and heavy against the wall not two minutes ago.


“Morning sleepy head” she greets me as she wanders towards the bathroom.


“Morning, how are you walking around without dying? Aren't you hungover?” I question her. Shit, I sound way too suspicious and alert.


“I didn't really drink last night, though I am a bit tired, couldn't sleep.” she admits from inside the bathroom. I hope she's not peeing. That would be weird.


“Oh, you didn't drink? So any decisions that you made last night were completely your own and not at all affected by intoxication?” At that Alaska sits up (her quilt still over her head) and gives me a quizzical look.


“What are you on about?” she asks, her eyebrows furrowing in thought.


“Nothing,” I reply, “I reckon I'm still a tad drunk.” Alaska nods in sympathy and slivers back under her quilt. She looks like a marshmallow.

“Breakfast anyone?” Caroline offers from the bathroom, “The house elves will be making extra nice food this morning, they always do the day after a Wotter throws a rager.”


Now that is an offer that no hangover is going to stop me from accepting.




“Hey Caroline?” I ask once I have my breakfast stacked on my plate. Bacon, strawberries and toast. Ah, bliss.

“Yeah?” she responds, her mouth packed full of pancakes.

“Where's Alaska? She was sitting next to me a minute ago and now she's gone.” At that Caroline looks up from her pancakes and quickly surveys the room before shrugging and turning back to her breakfast.

“Puking somewhere I reckon” Caroline responds with another shrug.


“I'm down here actually, could you pass me a waffle Nina?” calls Alaska from under the table. Caroline and I share a confused look before we both bend down to see what exactly she is doing. Alaska is sitting underneath the table with a blanket on top of her head. The only part of her that I can see is her arm, which is currently held out as she waits for her waffle.


“Sure, Laskie. You want syrup?” The blanket moves from left to right a few times which I assume is Alaska signalling no and so I pass a plain waffle to her. It quickly disappears with her arm back under the blanket. Honestly, the girl has no shame.

“Um, Alaska, if you don't mind my asking, why exactly are you under the table?” Caroline asks wearily and a bit sleepily, seems someone didn't get much sleep last night if you know what I mean.


“It's very fucking bright out there Caroline. And you know what I have to say about bright lights when I'm hungover...” states Alaska simply.


“Fuck that” Caroline and I finish for her before we all return to our respective meals. Luckily, most of the students are either hungover or too scared to make a sound out of fear that one of the hungover will hex them (as they should because, quite simply, we will hex the shit out of them), so the Great Hall is very quiet. Or at least it was before my delightful brother decided to join us for breakfast.


Leo slams his goblet of pumpkin juice onto the table and plops himself in the seat next to me. Lucky bugger is a fourth year and so wasn't allowed in James' party and thus is not currently hungover.

“Morning sis!” He yells cheerily in my ear. I literally recoil in pain and I spy lots of people around the Hall giving him filthy looks, “I heard somebody got plastered at a Halloween party last night!” He continues to yell.


“Please be quiet before I kill you with a piece of bacon.” I threaten though I doubt I sound too menacing as I'm on the verge of having my head explode. Leo scoffs in response.


“Do it- sounds like a cool way to go.” He reaches over me and steals one of my strawberries before dropping it in his mouth happily.


“What do you want?” I groan, dropping the strawberry I was nibbling on back onto my plate and allowing my head to fall into my hands as I massage my temples. I think some more puke may be rising.


“Galleons.” Comes my brothers short request.


“Piss off.”


“I'll tell mum you were drinking” I snort at his comment and lift my head out of my hands to look at him.


“I'll tell mum you were drinking, who do you think she'll believe?”


“Ugh, you suck.” He groans in frustration.


“Love you too.” I pick my strawberry back up and continue nibbling on it.

“One more question.” Leo says when I look back at him.




“Why is Alaska under the table and groping my leg?”


“Sorry, kiddo” Alaska says from under the table, “thought it was Nina.” Leo considers her response and nods in acceptance.


“Leonardo,” I begin dramatically, you're never too hungover for dramatics, “the day that someone can explain why Alaska does the things she does when she does them is the day that I stop eating pizza, do you understand?”


“Fuck all of you,” Alaska growls.


“Even Caroline?” I query, moving around my food to make a face


“Especially Caroline.” I feel Alaska pound her hand on the ground like a judge pounding their gavel in court.


“Why?” asks Leo as he too rearranged the food he had gathered while we had been talking. Making pictures out of our food is something Leo and I have been doing since we were kids. We used to get our parents to vote whose was the best. One of them always voted for me and the other always Leo, and they alternated nights on who voted for whom. Didn't want to come off biased.

“Fuck Caroline because she didn't protect me from you bullies.” argues Alaska defiantly.


“Caroline is currently asleep on her pancakes and maple syrup.” Told you she looked tired.
Alaska is quiet as she contemplates what I have just said. She seems to be weighing the pros and cons of coming out and seeing Caroline with syrup in her hair. Eventually, the potential risk of getting sunlight on her was too high and she decides to stay under the table.


“Take pictures and send them to me. And pass me some of those pancakes.” They were Alaska's final words on the matter.



Al and I have been working in silence for most of potions except for some casual small talk now and then. This near silence has absolutely nothing to do with my seeing him snogging my best friend and them not knowing that I know. Absolutely irrelevant. Haven't even thought about that incident since it happened.


I wish I could say that the incident has been all I can think about, but the truth is, I actually haven't had the time to obsess over Caroline and Albus. I have other incidents that I need to worry about. Incidents that I have yet to discuss with those that were also involved.


“Where did you run off to last night by the way? Did you leave the party early?” Albus interrupts my thoughts with his question as I take notes. Theory lesson. So much fun.

“Uh, yeah, sorry about that. I was feeling a little sick” I lie, hoping that my inability to hold eye contact won't give me away.


“You don't have to apologise to me.” He replies with a smooth smile. I am suddenly struck with the memory of Caroline saying the same thing to Al before massacring him with her tongue. Needless to say, I blushed. A lot.


“Besides, it's not me you have to apologise to.” Albus continues when he seems to spot something over my shoulder.

“It isn't?” I quirk an eyebrow at him.


“Nope, it's him you'll need to talk to about that.” Al gestures towards the door with his free hand before returning to his notes. I turn to see none other than James himself leaning against the doorway to my classroom, an easy smile on his face as he readjusts his bag strap. As I met his eye, he gave me a wink which I returned with a blush. Damn, I never used to blush this much. All this drama is going to be the death of me.


But thankfully, potions theory will not. I drop my quill and stretched out my fingers as the bell rings.

“See you later Nina.” Waves Albus with a frantic and distracted look in his eye.

“Whoa, hold on,” I grab Al's arm as he attempts to rush out of the classroom.


“What is it?” he asks, his green eyes darting quickly around the room.


“Where are you off to so fast?” I question suspiciously.


“Uh, I need to, um... owl my mum, bye!” He yanks his arm out of my grasp and practically sprints out of the room. I frown at his retreating figure but decide not to go after him, I have my own stuff to worry about. Stuff that is still casually leaning against the doorway to my classroom (which is just a straight up fire hazard) without a care in the world.


“What are you doing here? Why aren't you in class?” I ask James, not meeting his eye, when I leave the classroom and begin heading to Transfiguration. James quickly falls into step with me.


“I had a free last period, and besides...” James stops walking and speaking and causes me to do the same by quickly spinning so that he is standing in front of me, his hand resting on my shoulder and our proximity forcing me to meet his eyes. He looks around the corridor quickly, lightly chewing on his lip as I have seen him do countless times when he's nervous, as he slides his hand down my arm before grasping my wrist tenderly.


“I wanted to talk to you.” James looks at me, searching for permission. I nod and allow James to lead me somewhere to talk, Professor Mcgonagall won't mind if I'm a few minutes late. He takes me down a few corridors before stopping in a deserted one in front of a tapestry. He holds it aside, allowing me to enter first. James quickly enters after me, letting the tapestry fall unceremoniously behind him.


“So, what did you want t-” My sentence is quickly cut short by an unexpected third party. It was James' mouth. The third party was his mouth. More specifically, his mouth on mine. We were snogging. Again. And behind a tapestry no less, way to keep it classy Summers, way to keep it classy. I wrap my arms around James' neck and allow myself to be immersed in the kiss.


I may be more than a few minutes late to Transfig.


A/N- My goodness that was a seriously long chapter. That was like 6,500 words. More than double my usual number of words. Worth the wait, yeah?

I wasn't planning on leaving it on a cliffie like that and was going to make this chapter longer but then I checked the word count and was like 'lol no' and cliffhanger it was. So, quite a bit happened in this chapter didn't it? People semi drunkenly kissed, people soberly kissed (seriously I had to google slang terms for snogging because I felt like I was saying it too much), felling were confused, brought to light and admitted (are they the same thing? Probably but #Y0l0swag is the motto my friends*), people were sleeping in beds that weren't their own and on top of pancakes- it was utter and complete madness!

Questions of the chapter:

How do you feel about Jina/Names kissing (twice! I mean technically three times but whatever)?

What do you think will happen when they actually talk about it?

Are you shipping Calbus?

Do you want some highlights from the party in the next chapter?

Did you like James' P.O.V? Is it something that you would be interested in seeing again?

Could you figure out the riddle before Nina answered it later on in the chapter?

Where do you think Al is rushing off to?


Leave your answers, thoughts and any questions you may have in the review box below!


Anyways just letting you guys know that my exams are over (yay!) and I assumed that would mean writing, writing, writing but it appears that I am moving house in like 2- 3 weeks. That means that my life is gonna be more packing, packing, packing. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up incase the next chapter is a tad slow (it probably wont be but just incase) so you guys know that I haven't forgotten about it or you!


I'm also considering starting a new fan fic. I have this idea that I've been toying with in my head lately and can't seem to shake it. I'll keep you guys updated on whether or not I ever decide to upload or even actually write the thing.


Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Sorry for the super long A/N but I had a lot to talk about with you guys.


Until next time, laterz lovelies

- Adi x x x


*Please note that I am using #Y0l0swag very ironically

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