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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 25 : Blonde is Bad
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 Blonde is Bad



The Weasley’s home was beautiful. It was large, grand, and screamed lavish practically in your face. It took us a four hour ride in the car – a flying car, might I add – but we were here and it was lovely. Granted I have major jet lag and just wanted to crash despite it only being 5:30 but that was regardless.




“Do you like zee’ house?” Fleur asks as she passes me, squeezing my left shoulder.




I pictured Fleur to be much more harsh and stricter – mainly because of my old perception of Dominique – but she was a much warmer woman then I had anticipated. And despite Bill’s scary looks, he was a real charmer and has a nice mild humor that went well with my bluntness.




“It’s beautiful,” I breathed with a smile on my lips only to hear Louis mutter as he passed, huffing and puffing with all of our trunks, “Wait till you see the inside,”




Dominique found her way next to me and began to pull me up the winding path, past the fence and towards the double doors. When she opened it the inside of the house was nothing short but what the outside looked like.




Everything was shiny and clean. It was all neutral colors of whites, browns, greys, blacks, with hints of baby blues. There were shiny appliances and rich looking furniture. Basically the house I had dreamed of living in but never coming close to.




“It’s pretty, isn’t it?” Dominique commented almost dryly as she noticed me looking around before offering a small smile and gesturing towards the stairs, “Let me show you my room and where you’ll be staying.”




I followed her up the winding stairs and noticed how open the upstairs area was. There was a main seating area with a couch but besides that there were only pathways leading to closed doors. As Dominique passed them she made small comments.




“Our parents masterroom is downstairs through a portrait since they like their privacy, but this one right here is Louis’s room,” She tapped on the wooden door as we passed, nearing a white wood door with pink slippers peeking out, scowling at it, “This one is Victorie’s room when she isn’t off shagging Teddy.”




“Who’s Teddy?” I tried to ask casually.




“Teddy is Vic’s boyfriend soon to be fiancé. I’m hoping he’ll ask her to move in soon so we can get rid of the cow, especially since she practically lives in his apartment. He was the one with purple hair at the train station.”




Ah, yes, purple hair guy.




“Has his hair always been purple?”




She snorted at this comment and shook her head, “It’s naturally a really pretty brown color but he changes it all the time. He’s a metamorphis and gets a kick out of switching his hair color to fit holidays and his mood. All the kids love him.”




“He sounds endearing,”




“He is and he’s horribly wrong for my bitch of a sister,” She said quickly before walking away from her sister’s room, tapping on another door, “This one’s my room, you’re welcome in any time.” She opened the door, leaving it so I could peek inside.




Her room was, surprisingly, all in shades of purple and was very neat. I don’t know why I expected anything other then the perfect pris wonderland I was provided with.




“And this will be your room,” She said as she walked a short distance across the hallway and opened up a door leading to what I could only assume was the guest room. “We have a few guest rooms but this one is the closest to all of our rooms.”




The room was, unlike Dominique’s, all in shades of blue. The comforter was a baby blue, the walls were an ocean color, and the lamp was an off mint color. It was oddly relaxing.




“Is everything alright?” She asked carefully and I nodded.




“Everything is perfect,”




“Good,” She breathed with a sigh of relief, “Y’know, I never really do this whole having friends over lark so I’m new to it and all so sorry if I’m an awkward cow but I can’t do any better.”




I laughed, “Trust me, Dominique, it’s fine.”




“Awesome,” She beamed before adding in quickly, “Now lets go downstairs before Louis eats all the good Chinese food.”




This girl knows me too well.








“So, I should probably give you a few warnings for some upcoming events,” Dominique began to say as she casually moved around my room. We were getting ready for bed after devouring Chinese food, watching some muggle movie, and bitching about how Louis ate a whole cart of ice cream because he was having ‘post traumatic stress’ from being away from quidditch for too long.




I hate him.




“You make it sound like we’re going into combat,” I responded sarcastically as I undid the fancy blanket cover.




She snorted, “We basically are,” She said in all seriousness, her voice stoic.




“Well, warn me up then!”




Dominique smiled, shaking her head, before continuing, “My sister and Teddy are coming over for brunch tomorrow. Teddy will be amazing and you’ll want to keep him but Vic will literally make you want to jump off our tower – “




I chuckled softly before she continued speaking, “ – the rest of the day is supposed to be pretty casual so after they ditch us we’ll be in the clear to do all the usual stuff. I was talking to Leslie and she was thinking sometime in the beginning on the week all four of us could get together and that would be good so – “




I interrupted her again, “All four of us?”




“Yes, you, me, Leslie, and Amelia.”




My stomach dropped. “I can’t hang out with Amelia,” I responded shortly, frowning as I tucked in the sheets.




She furrowed her eyes in confused, not understanding, “I’m sorry but what do you mean by that? Did you girls get in a fight or something before we left?”




“Something like that,” I sighed and Dominique continued to stare at me, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”




“Oh, bullshit,” She rolled her eyes as she pushed herself off the wall and took a few fleeting steps closer. “Spill now or I’m writing that bitch up and asking what she did.”




If I didn’t know Dominique would actually write Amelia I wouldn’t have told her but the prospect of Amelia finding out that I was actually mad with her didn’t seem that appealing to me currently.




“She doesn’t know I’m mad at her – I just am.” Dominique looked even more confused so I shifted on my feet uncomfortably before elaborating, “Before we left for the train I had to talk to McGonagall and she told me that Amelia is – erm – failing and has been.”




Dominique gasped, “Really? I never knew.”




“Neither did I, “I added bitterly with a frown, “And apparently your brother has been tutoring her and she’s still failing. So since her grades at so bad she isn’t allowed to play on the team anymore.”




“Merlin, that’s horrid, how did she react?”




“She didn’t,”




“What?” Dominique arched an eyebrow.




“Well, I just didn’t tell her.” I shrugged. “I was too mad at her – and your brother as well, to be frank – to really tell her. Besides, I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of her friends.”




“Brielle, she has to know,” Dominique said slowly, shaking her head. “You have to write her or something – you guys have a game literally two days after we get back from break. You need to find a replacement.”




I furrowed my eyebrows because the matter of the fact was that Dominique was right but I didn’t want to have to confront the truth. “You know what, I’m actually kind of tired. Can we discuss this later in the morning?”




Or never.




Dominique must have caught the hint before she nodded and headed to the door, “Good night, Brielle.”








I didn’t go to sleep. I wandered around the floor, fiddling with my hands, and hummed myself a tune before finally giving in and scavenging a piece of parchment paper and using a pen on the desk to write up my thoughts.








I’m probably writing you sooner then you expected but I didn’t know how to tell you this at the train station. I am so deeply disappointed in you as a best friend and your quidditch captain. You’re off the team. I’m sure you know why. I wish I could do something but this isn’t my choice and I can’t fix it. The only person that can fix this is you. Don’t say you’re sorry because it doesn’t fix anything. Find McGonagall when you solve your problem.




-          BP




I used the Weasley’s messenger owl but even after his grey wings sailed into the night and long disappeared I still couldn’t fall asleep. There was an eeriness about the situation that bothered me and it wasn’t until I heard a pecking of a noise that I realized I had stayed up all night in concentration, missing a whole night’s worth of sleep.




I yawned at the noise of the chirping birds – as if reminding me I didn’t sleep – and letting the owl in. I didn’t have a treat to give him so instead he pecked my hand miserably and flew off through my slightly agape door, only leaving a thin piece of parchment paper that read in curly hand writing,








I know you don’t want to hear it but I am sorry. I’ll fix this, I swear.




-          AH




For everyone’s sake, I hope she does.








“Now don’t you look like a lovely model this morning,” Louis commented sarcastically with a grin on his face.




What a little sadistic bitch.




“Shut up before I punch you in the face,” I growled as I shut the door to my room rather roughly. After getting Amelia’s letter I took a cold shower to wake up but all it did was leave me with the chills and make my dark circles even more evident on my now pale face.




It was winter break and despite only getting small bits of snow here and there it was still freezing in France. Bullocks.




I didn’t know what was really an appropriate outfit to meet the bitch sister and charming boyfriend – as Dominique likes to call them – so I had to settle for some of the fire things on top of my trunk. I had managed to wiggle myself into my favorite but old pair of dark wash jeans despite the fact that I probably gained five pounds since coming back to school.




You should have seen me trying to cram my arse into them. I was jumping up and down and probably pinched my liver so I could button them but you know what they say, no pain no beauty or some lark like that.




Thankfully all my shirts still fit me so I settled on slipping a cozy crème sweater with a brown camisole underneath it and my riding boots.




I looked utterly ordinary and I loved it.




Louis lifted his hands in surrender though he still had a smirk on his face. “You obviously didn’t have a good night last night,” Louis commented as he rolled up the sleeves of his blue oxford shirt. He was practically wearing his Hogwarts uniform in a much more casual way.




Instead of wearing a white button up he had opted for a baby blue one with the top two buttons undone, the shirt un tucked, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had paired the shirt with dark jeans instead of his usual slacks but was still wearing some fancy dress shoes.




“I couldn’t sleep,” I yawned, glancing quickly at Dominique’s door.




“Why not?” He asked before catching my eyes and shaking his head, “Don’t bother waiting up for her. Mum and her will literally take three hours to get ready, especially since they know Vic is coming.”




“Is she really as bad as you guys make her out to be?” I asked skeptically as I followed Louis down the corridor, making our way towards the winding staircase.




After hearing the countless stories about Victoire, I would be lying to say I wasn’t a bit scared to meet her. Apparently she made evil Dom look like an angel. According to Louis and Dominique she is beautiful, conniving, and rude.




I don’t know about you but I don’t think we’ll get along that well, to be honest.




Louis cringed, hopping down one of the sets of steps. “She’s my sister so I obviously love her but yeah – she’s bad. Dom and Vic are especially on bad terms since what she did to her in first year and – “




“What did Victoire do to Dominique?”




I felt myself blush as Louis glanced over at me at my quick question.




I didn’t want to sound nosey or desperate but it was something that I had been burning to know since I first meet twelve year old Dominique Weasley standing with all us little eleven year olds. I watched year after year as Dominique was ridiculed by girls that she was once a first year with and other elder girls before they graduated.




I could never understand how someone so beautiful could be the target of so many bad ends of jokes but yet when I saw her horrid personality I generally just joined in on the pure hatred of Dominique.




Louis scrunched his nose up with a sigh, stepping off the last step and waiting for me with his hands casually in his pockets before saying, “It’s not my right to tell you. Vic and Dom are,” He bit her lip before sighing again. “Vic and Dom are very cruel to each other. There is no other way to explain their relationship then that.”




I nodded my head and dropped the topic even though I wanted to know more. I wanted to know so much more.




“G’morning kids,” A deep voice called as we entered the kitchen and I looked up to see Bill positioned at a seat at the glass table. It was a funny scene to look at and I couldn’t help but snicker slightly from next to Louis as he shook his head embarrassed.




Bill was wearing old sweatpants that were maroon and had his last name ‘WEASLEY’ lettered on the bum. He had paired the pants with a worn out white t-shirt and had his red mane of hair pushed back by a brown headband.




Let us not forget that he’s sitting with a copy of Witch Weekly in front of him eating a bowl of Wiz-O’s.




“Dad, you’re embarrassing,” Louis moaned.




Bill looked up at his soon questionably before rolling his eyes, “You think I’m embarrassing? You’re lucky you don’t have Harry, Ron, or George as you fathers. Hell, you’re lucky you don’t have Percy and his overalls as your father. Now that’s embarrassing.”




Louis and I laughed and I couldn’t help but question, “What’s so bad about the rest of them?”




Bill snorted as Louis ran off to go get something to eat in the kitchen, “Everyone in this family is embarrassing, you’ll realize that soon enough, Brielle.” Bill had a bemused expression on his face as he took a sip of coffee before beginning to talk some more.




“Harry is all well-mannered all the time but when he breaks out the booze,” Bill stopped to whistle while Louis laughed at a fleeting memory, “Harry is just a big mess. He’ll go on spilling people’s secrets and he usually ends up dancing and singing with my idiotic little brother.”




I laughed at the image of Harry Potter doing the boogie with a bottle of fire whisky in one hand and karaoke mic in the other.




“Ron is embarrassing all the time, to be honest, but George is the worst. He’s just an older version of James and Fred.” Bill smiled and shook his head. “Honestly, our whole family needs a straight jacket.”




“Amen to that,” Louis shouted, bumping the kitchen door with his hip so it would close and coming to the kitchen table with a box of cereal and a carton of milk.




“Now bowl?” I asked with an arched eyebrow.




Louis snorted before saying, “Aint’ nobody got time for that,” Before opening his mouth, pouring an obscene amount of cereal in it before opening the milk – while still keeping his mouth open and tilted backwards – before pouring milk into his mouth too, spilling some on his probably expensive shirt.




He closed his mouth, swished everything around, before chewing and swallowing. “Now that, my friends and family,” He said with a cheeky smirk, “Is how you get shit done.”




“And he thinks I’m embarrassing,” Bill mumbled under his breath, shaking his head slightly.




I don’t know about Bill but I thought that was pretty cool. “Let me try!” I exclaimed excitedly, opening my mouth for Louis to pour it into it.




That was a bad idea.




Long story short, Victoire and Teddy came a little earlier than planned. Them opening the door and yelling that they were home scared Louis shitless so instead of just being a normal person he decided to pour a whole box of cereal on me before throwing milk at my face.




I now look like the spokesperson for Wiz-O’s and milk. Thank you Louis, thank you very much.








“This mess is just disgusting,” She crinkled her nose as she continued to clean the floor with a flick of her wand, looking over disapprovingly at Louis and I.




I was no longer the spokesperson for cereal and milk after Bill, thankfully, cleaned me off with his wand but Louis was still shaking with laughter from next to me.




Little prick.




“Ah, Victoire, calm down.” Bill said for the billionth time, shaking his head. “It was your brother’s fault after all.”




“Hey! Don’t blame me – Bri’s mouth wasn’t open wide enough!”




“Are you kidding me?” I snapped my head in his direction and glowered. “You tried to drown me in a gallon of milk, you moron.”




“I did no such thing,” Louis said quickly, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m the baby of the family – this isn’t my fault.” And then he proceeded to pout his lips and sulk.




Baby my ass.




Louis’s older sister scoffed in shock while her now blue colored fiancé was shaking silently with laughter. Whoops didn’t mean to say that out loud. Eh, Louis can take my opinions, he’s a man after all.




“You must be the oh-so-famous Brielle, am I correct?” Blue haired fiancé asked with a friendly smile, offering his hand out for me to take. “I remember seeing you at the train station but I had to go pick up Vic from her work so I couldn’t stay to chat with anyone. I’m Teddy,”




“Hey-yo Teddy!” And then instead of shaking his hand I gave him a high five.




I gave him a high five. I literally hate myself. Teddy arched an eyebrow in confusion while Louis’s lips curved upward in a childish grin.




“Don’t worry boubt’ her, Ted, you’ll get used to her soon enough. We all have suspicions that her and all her friends come from the loony bin.”




“You think we come from the loony bin?” I asked in mild shock even though I was fully aware that I was crazy. I pressed a hand to my chest in fake concern, “Your family was the one that hired a search party because I accidently borrowed a blanket.”




“For the last time Brielle it isn’t a blanket it’s a cloak and James would have cut my head off and died my hair blue if we didn’t find it!” Dominique announced in a shrill voice as she descended down the stairs, receiving an offended look from Teddy before she quickly said dismissively, “No offense Ted – blue looks better on you anyways.”




He shrugged, “No worries, Dom, just trying out new colors is all.” He said before wiggling his eyebrows as his hair turned a calming army green color.




“And here comes my melodramatic sister making a scene as usual!” Victoire yelled dramatically, contradicting herself by making a scene and being dramatic after just scolding Dominique for doing the same thing, throwing her hands in the air.




“Girls,” Bill said in a warning tone however it didn’t stop them.




As soon as Dominique descended the last steps of the staircase it was if they had gone into a showdown of who could stare at each other the longest. Both girls began to size themselves up, frowning and snorting at what each other were waiting and doing.




Victoire looked very classy and almost professional in tan skinny slacks, a off pink blouse and a coordinating necklace along with nude pumps. Besides the fact that she looked professional and all that lot she always looked extremely and incredibly boring.




Dominique, however, veered bright and bold having obviously wanted to upstage her sisters melo and lack of colored style. Dominique was wearing a bright blue pair of skinny jeans with a black sweater that hung off her left shoulder. She had layered long, silver metal chains around her neck and was wearing dark riding boots with a miniature heel.




“You look like you just stepped out of Witch Weekly for Teens – can you at least try to be original?” Victoire nearly growled, her blonde hair falling into her eyes as she jerked her head forward in a mocking way.




I didn’t think looking like a magazine was mad but Dominique’s cheeks turned a violent purple shade as she stared her sister down.




Apparently it’s an insult now.




“Yeah? Well at least I don’t look like I’m wearing our grandmother’s clothes.” She shot back before turning her voice into a sickly sweet, sarcastic tone and saying, “Now tell me, Vic, were you going for professional chic or just plain out boring.”




Victoire recoiled from the last word, nearly foaming at the mouth.




Merlin these blondies are crazy. This fight needs to be stopped.




“I don’t know about you guys but I was going for a more casual comfy style today!” I interrupted loudly, earning a few rude stairs from the blondes and weary one from the men. Apparently they didn’t have the balls to try to interrupt the fight.




I stepped on Louis’s foot.




“Ow!” He called loudly before quickly recovering, “Um, I mean – uh, I just love your style Brielle! I was going for a more Wizard Crew preppy look, am I pulling it off?” Louis then proceeded to pop his collar and flip his hair.




Har har – at least he’s trying.




“You’re a total ten.”




“Um, more like a major ten!” Teddy decided to jump in, placing a hand on his hip and jutting it out. “I wish I could pull of those tan slacks as well as you do.”




I looked behind my shoulder to see Teddy was wearing the same pants as Louis and damn was he pulling it off. No worries, Ted, you got it. You best be flaunting it.








“Um, I think my headband is really stylish?”




I think I just peed my pants.




Bill Weasley just jumped into our style conversation and he’s claiming his scrunchie head band is stylish.




Louis scrunched up his nose and scowled and said in a very uber sassy and fierce voice, “Uh, excuse me, the 80’s called and they want their ugly head band back. You’re welcome, honey.”




“Okay, Louis, you’re just taking it way too far.”




“Really, Ted, you think?” Louis asked in his now normal voice. “I thought I was working it.”




You, Louis Weasley, were for sure working it. And in this abyss of crazy-ness where myself and three perfectly straight men with barely any style are discussing what look we were going for we managed to stop two fire breathing dragons from killing each other




Victoire actually had a grimace of a smile on her face.




Mission completed.








“ – and then Patricia had the nerve to wink at Teddy. Can you believe that rubbish, mum?”




I had only known Victoire for three hours but in those three hours I realized that she thought wearing the same pair of jeans twice a week is disgusting – I’m guilty of it so whatever, she’s apparently ‘vegan’, likes to piss of Dominique, has a hostile claim on Teddy, and talks about herself.




A lot.




“Ah, my darling Victoire, I cannot believe zee’ nerve on people! Teddy is obviously yours and only yours.” Fleur purred over her class of tea, her graying blonde hair tied back in a french plate. “You two are zee’ perfect couple. I cannot wait for zee’ wedding.”




“Mum,” Victoirie gushed over her steaming cup of organic tea, shaking her head slightly. “We’re not even engaged yet so hush.”




“Zee’ key word is yet, my darling, zee’ key word is yet.”




“Hopefully it’s never for Teddy’s sake,” Dominique muttered bitterly from next to me as I shot her a quick look. We didn’t need another full out battle between Dominique and her sister so she needed to can it and suck it up for the last hour Victoirie is here.




Victoire sent Dom a withering look before flipping some silky hair off her shoulder for the billionth time before speaking again, smacking her lip gloss stained lips together as she did so, “So for the New Year’s Eve party I was thinking either backless or strapless – thoughts?”




“I’m thinking a garbage bag would suit your trashy complexion best,” Dominique chimed in quickly with a sickly sweet smile.




I was tempted to scold her like a mother would but the comment was just pure gold and I really couldn’t hate on the girl when her sister was practically begging for her to start a fight. Though, now that I think about it, Victoire would probably make a trashbag look couture with her stealthy high, long blonde hair, and skinny limbs.




I hate her.




“I don’t really care what you think,” She shot back bitterly before turning her gaze towards the person next to Dominique which just so happened to be me. “What do you think, Bertha? Strapless or backless?”








Did this bitch literally just call me Bertha? I’ll show her what Bertha thinks after I take my boot and shove it down her throat.




“I’m agreeing with Dom that the garbage bag trend will just look so lush on you,” I said in a fake thoughtful voice, tapping me chin as if I was thinking really hard. “And if you really want to go oh-so-couture I recommend getting some of the half eaten food and lark form the dumpster down the street and just artistically throwing it on yourself. You’ll look totally on point and I’m sure you’ll be featured in all the uber cool style magazines.”




Dominique was shaking with laughter from next to me silently while Louis smirked from over the glass of his water.




“Oh, and by the way, my name is Brielle not Bertha but nice try Veronica.” I smiled at her.




Victoire took a look, drawn out breath before muttering in the darkest voice I think I’ve ever heard, “My name is Victoire , not Veronica, you little brat. I don’t care if you’re my sister’s only friend and that my cousin is hopelessly in love with you because I will not think twice before I kick your arse with my 1,000 galleon high heels while still looking fabulous and –“




I don’t care what this crazy blonde is freaking out about. I aint’ worried about nothing. She’s crazy I mean I’m not Dom’s only friend and none of her cousins love me so obviously she’s got her facts unstraight.




“Vic, babe, calm down.” Teddy placed an arm on his girlfriend’s arm, frowning deeply. “She was just joking, please,”




She turned her head sharply to stare at him and for a second I thought she literally snapped her neck in half but once she started talking again my mild concern for her dropped almost instantly. “She was just joking? She was ridiculing me, Ted!”




Her voice was becoming shrill and high pitched. I suddenly felt bad for Dominique for having to deal with this girl all her life. Even though I didn’t know what she had done to Dominique during her first year I suspected it was nothing short of horrid considering the way she was reacting over someone saying a snide little joke to her.




Fleur was frowning at the guests around her, sipping her tea and barely touching her salad. Bill, on the other hand, hadn’t even bothered to react to the situation. I assumed he was immune at this point to his daughters’ bickering or maybe he purposely decided to show no attention to it.




You don’t want to fuel the fire or whatever that quote is.




“Ah children, I believe zee’ brunch is well overdone!” Fleur finally said in a loud voice after Victoire began to then reprimand her boy friend for not sticking up for her. “Let us say our goodbyes and let Victoire and Teddy go on with their day.”




I could not agree with Fleur more than I did in that moment.




“Bye Ted it was nice seeing you man,” Louis gave Teddy one of those one arm hugs from across the table – in the process staining his shirt with mustard sauce. “See you later, Sis.” He said quickly, planting a small kiss on his sisters cheek before casually stuffing his hands in his pockets and sauntering up the stairs.




I made a mental note to kick him around and yell at him once we’re alone about the Amelia situation.




“It was nice seeing you again, Teddy, as always I shall warn you that you should get out of this unhealthy relationship while you can.” Dominique said in a very serious voice as she gave Teddy a casual hug and planted a chaste kiss on his cheek. Victoire scowled at her from over Teddy’s shoulders.




Dom sighed as she pulled away before scrunching up her nose, “Bye Vic, hopefully you’ll get lost on your way home and won’t ever return.” She said sourly, nodding at her sister before standing off to the side and waiting for me.




Well that was just so friendly and adorable, Dom.




“Er, it was nice meeting you both.” I said awkwardly, rubbing the back of my neck.




“It was great meeting you as well, Brielle,” Teddy said before surprisingly pulling me into a hug, grinning in a very friendly manner. “You’re even funnier then they told me in the letters.”




“Letters?” I asked.




“Everyone always talk about you in their letters, recently. They described you as awkwardly funny but you really just ace the description to a T.” He said in a friendly tone, smiling endearingly at me before passing me off to his girlfriend of doom.








“It was a pleasure to finally meet my little sis’s friend. You are truly a doll to be around,” Victoire said though you could tell it were all lies pouring out of her mouth. “Well, until next time, toodles!”




Don’t you toodle me. Only I toodle people. Bitch.




“What a bloody bitch!” Dominique couldn’t have said it faster as soon as the door shut behind the retreating figures of her blue haired soon-to-be-brother-in-law and the trailing blonde hair swaying behind him, hugging his torso in a protective manner.




Dominique scowled, not even bothering to wait for her parents reaction, before getting a claw like grip on my wrist and pulling me up the winding stairs. “I sincerely apologize that you had to deal with my cow of a sister,” She hissed once we were at the second floor, making her way to her room and nearly throwing the door of the hinges as she entered.




Someone’s a little pissy.




“She’s not that bad,”




There was a moment of impending silence as Dominique just stared at me before my small smile broke through and I grimaced, “Okay, that was bullshit, she’s horrid.”




Dominique’s lips twitched into a now familiar smile, her pearly whites gleaming against her tan skin. “There you go, now your head is on straight.” She said, patting my head endearingly before flipping the muggle tv on to some fashion show as she began to wandering in her room, throwing tubes of nail polish, smoothing cream, and other girly shit on her bed.




“Watcha doing, Dom?” I asked as I seated myself criss-cross on the floor.




“We, my darling Brielle, are going to have a nice girls night.” She said with a smile, clasping her hands together.




“Uhm, I hate to break it to you Dom but it’s only four o’clock and it’s only just us two.”




She waved her hand dismissively, “Nevermind the time – my parents are going out to dinner with some family friends and Louis is hanging out with Albus and Scorpius tonight. I’ve invited some of the other girls over. Amelia was supposed to come but she had to cancel last minute – “




I felt a tinge of guilt at the news.




“ – but Leslie is still coming and so is Rose.”




“Rose is coming?” I asked with mild shock.




Dominique grimaced but nodded her head, “Rose hasn’t brought anyone home with her and Aunt Hermione told me she’s being a drag at home so I thought it’d only be nice.”




And who would think the day would come when Dominique Weasley was actually nice.




“Hey Dom have you seen my blue sneakers – “ Louis popped his head in to ask a question, barely taking a step inside before setting Dom off.








Ah, yes, the good ole’ Dommy is back and ready for action. Let the girly shit commence. 


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Reviews. I don't want to sound pushy, rude, or ungrateful because I feel literally so honored to have gotten so many reads and reviews. Seeing what you guys think makes my day and makes me feel really positive about my writing. I've just noticed that I've been getting less and less reviews and I'm not sure if my quality of writing has dropped or if people are just busy with the upcoming holidays. Is there anything I need to fix or am I not making anyone happy? Please feel free to tell me because I'm writing this story for my own plessure and yours! 


Regardless, what did you guys think? Next chapter, for the girl's night, we'll be hearing a lot of questions about Albus so get excited. Speaking of Albus - we'll be seeing the whole gang within the next two chapters for Christmas. This next five chapters are very eventful and the turning point of the story really comes into play. I'm figuring that this story will be anywhere from 35-40 chapters long. 


As always, let me know what you think! I hope everyone is having a nice thanksgiving, hannukah, and soon-to-be christmas! 


EDIT: Sorry this has been taking so long to post but I had to change a few things for this to be approved so I hope everyone had a nice break and Holidays. Sorry for such the long wait, again. Can't wait to hear back from you guys. 



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The Invisible Thief : Blonde is Bad


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