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Against All Odds by patronus_charm
Chapter 17 : One Year Later
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People were everywhere. Crowding my path, obscuring my vision, blocking my one goal -- to find Remus. I knew I shouldn’t be here, he told me not to come after all. Then again, Remus wasn’t always right. If I had listened to him, we wouldn’t be married so Teddy wouldn’t have been here. It was strange to think that he was my son, that I was a parent. Of course he was following in my brilliant footsteps with being a Metamorphamagus, but he was going to be fine with Remus balancing things out. Remus always made things fine.

Yes, I may have put Cushioning Charms on the floor in the fear of dropping him, but it hadn’t happened yet. I sincerely hoped that this didn’t mean that I was going to become a worrier like my mum. I would hate that. I would be a cool Mum, one who Teddy wouldn’t be embarrassed of and could go to the Weird Sisters concerts with. I would like that.

I narrowly dodged a beam of red light; I really should stop thinking about Teddy. I mean, I was in the middle of a battle, and I actually had to be responsible and think of someone else. Who would ever have thought I would become responsible? Remus did have a big input in the normal things related to be a parent and Mum was a big help too. If only Dad had been around to see Teddy too, it would have been great.

There I was distracting myself again. I ran down some stairs to clear my mind, jumping past a group of fellow Hufflepuffs. As I reached the bottom of them, I turned right. It was as if I was trying to use my marital sensor to find him. That my mind was leading me on. That was quite a cool idea now I thought about it.

Right, the coast was clear, I could go back to thinking of Dad. That was another reason why I should be paying more attention; I needed to do it for him. To make sure he didn’t die in vain. I hoped Remus could be a dad to Teddy like Dad was to me. Dad was one of the best, if not the best. No one could ever replace him.

I could see Ginny battling away a little ahead of me, she would do fine. She was a lot stronger than anyone thought. To my right, I could make out some Hogwarts students looking as if they hadn’t yet hit their teens. They shouldn’t be here, it wasn’t right. I wanted to stop and help them but something kept on urging me on, almost as if stopping wasn't an option.

Turning my head away from them, I carried on running down the corridor, shooting spells every now and then to combat any potential attackers. My brain had taken control, bypassing any input from me and was purely focused on my survival.

I pushed open a door letting me into a courtyard drenched in beams of light. Rubble lay around the side and people had paired off to battle against one another. I searched for his familiar brown hair; they said he would be here. They said so. He had to be. I ran around and around trying to find him, hoping to find him. Each second of not seeing him became filled with more and more dread and fear. He couldn’t be, he wouldn’t be dead.

He had survived the other two battles, and he would be fine again. Harry would defeat the Dark Lord, and we would go home to Teddy. I kept on running round and round the middle, somehow managing to dodge the multitude of spells being cast every second. It was only when I was about to go and search elsewhere that I saw that flicker of brown.

He was fighting Dolohov with such intensity that I didn’t think he even saw or noticed me. I edged towards him, wondering whether I could help him out in anywhere. When I heard a cackle. A cackle very familiar to me. The cackle of Bellatrix Lestrange. I barely had time to raise my wand when she had already thrown a Stinging Jinx at me.

“Look at you all grown up, Tonsky,” she cried out. Sirius called me Tonsky. He was the only one. “You’re a mother and a wife now. I’ll have even more delight in killing you then. Your poor son will be an orphan by the end of the night.”

“NO!” I screamed out. She would not kill me. She would not take me from Remus and Teddy. She would be the one to go, not me. I thrashed my wand in the air thinking of any spell which came into my head. Anything. I needed to live now more than ever before. I wanted to live now more than ever before.

I glanced to my right and saw that Remus was staring at me. He gave me one brief smile before returning to his duel. I really did love him. Realising that, I turned back to face Bellatrix, ready to give her what I was made of. I could do this. She gave me a brief smirk before raising her wand, and a beam of green light was emitted. The light inched closer and closer to

Author's Note: I was sobbing throughout editing this so I really hope you liked their ending. I can't really say anything, I just feel hollow knowing that they're dead and can't ever be together and be awesome parents to Teddy. It's so sad :'( ♥

A special thank you to Maia, Rose, Laura, Sian, Mara and bookdark_weasley. Even if all you haven't read all of this story yet, if you get here I want you to know your reviews have always been a true delight.

Thank you so much for reading this story, it means so much to me -- every review, favourite and read -- it wouldn't have been amazing without you guys so I really hoped you liked it too. I'm sorry their story had to end this way, I just couldn't go against JK even if she does break my heart. ♡

This isn't the end of Ronks for me, because I do have an idea for a one-shot or two, but for now, Tonks is featuring in my Andromeda short story collection, Broken Crown, if you want to see more of her. :)

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