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The Common Welsh Green by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : Trying To Ride A Dragon
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Awesome Chapter Image by Milominderbinder @ TDA! Love it!

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock on the wall across from my bed. Four in the morning. Fabulous. I threw the covers off of me and sat up, sliding my feet into the slippers I set next to my bed every night. I stretched and yawned, then stood up and proceeded to make my bed. My brothers always made fun of my morning routine when they saw me, which of course encited an argument between James and Rose on being practical. I just didn't like touching the cold floor in the morning, and I didn't like coming home to an unmade bed. That was all.

I trudged my way to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I made a face at my hair and began to press my fingers to all of the 'lines' I saw on my face. Rose was forever telling me I have none, but I see them. I know they're there. I brushed my teeth and got myself ready for the day. I loved the morning shift. It meant I could go in before everyone else, get my picks of who I wanted to treat, and most importantly my family couldn't come bother me during the day.

Sometimes I wish I had been a potioneer, but potions was never my best class, even if I had gotten O's for both O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts in that particular subject, it was far too difficult for me. I also loved working hands on with people too much. Being a healer was such fun. I think my mother was a little dissapointed when I didn't go off and have a quidditch career like she did. I could have, Merlin knows I got enough offers. I mean, I had captained the Gryffindor team starting 5th year, and Roxanne and I were known as unstoppable together as beaters. Rather scary actually.

I just had no interest in it. The headlines had been ridiculous for months. 'Lily Luna Potter the next beater for the Hollyhead Harpies?' , 'Harry Potter's Only Daughter to Be Quidditch Star.' I think the news people were more upset than my family when I had chosen to be a healer. I mean, you can hardly make a headline about someone fixing broken bones and dealing with dragon pox.

I got dressed, and made sure I had everything before looking at myself one more time and turning around to apparate to St. Mungo's. I straightened my jacket as I walked forward, and greeted the women at the Reception desk before making my way to the first floor. Healer Smethwyck wouldn't be here yet, the old man generally preferred afternoon shifts. I knew he was the Healer In-charge, but didn't the man ever retire? I mean, everyone knew I was next for his position, and the man was certainly getting a little up there in years.

I nodded at a few nurses in the halls, and made my way to my office. I loved this floor, it was, in my opinion, the most exciting in the entire hospital. I had no desire to work with illnesses or poisoning, which of course meant I wasn't working on floors two or three. I also didn't have a desire to deal with artefact accidents, (which were treated on the ground floor of the hospital) as they were generally tedious and boring. So that left either working on the fourth floor, which was where everyone went for spell damage. But the Janus Thickey Ward is on the fourth floor, and I had absolutely NO desire to work in there. So that left me with the first floor, creature-induced injuries.

It was always something different on this floor. I mean, sure, we got werewolf bites all the time, but how many people could say they regenerated half of a leg at work? Plus the stories the patients told were brilliant. There was this one woman who got half of her leg taken off by a particularly nasty spider, and the venom was so potent that everytime we healed her the leg would start to degenerate again. It took me several tries to get the leg to stay. She walked out fit as a fiddle three days later.
I sighed as I set my bag on the chair taking off my jacket, and grabbing my Healer robe, pulling it on over my clothes. I really hated the lime green of the robe, but it did make my hair look brilliant, so I suppose it wasn't all bad. I locked my office behind me as I left it and began to wander the halls, popping my head into rooms to check up on patients. Nothing much really happened in the first several hours, but a lot of the trainee healers came in at this time, and I didn't completely trust Healer Smethwyck to train them properly.

Don't get me wrong, he's bloody brilliant. I mean, the man trained me. He's just... Well, old school about his approaches to magic in general. I frowned when I realized that most of the rooms were empty. I knew it was a good thing that the number of people getting injured by magical creatures were low, especially since they normally went up in the summer. But I was hoping for at least one particularly difficult case.

Just as I thought it someone was brought in the hall and nurses began calling me. I walked over briskly and ordered a nurse to shut the door behind me, excited for the prospect of a challenge this early in the day. I had one trainee healer with me, and let them do most of the work. It was just a bite and some nasty scratches from a Kneazle. My Aunt Hermione had a half Kneazle cat, both my dad and Uncle Ron bloody hated the thing. I left the room when I was positive the healer had it under control and began to stroll the halls again. I must admit, if that was my big thrill of the day I was going to be sorely dissapointed. Summer was when the best stuff happened, because all of the kids were home or on vacation, and didn't always do the brightest things.

It was nine hours later when I was sitting in my office eating lunch and looking through prospective healers that I heard a knock on the door. I swallowed my food quickly and called out for them to enter before taking a sip of pumpkin juice to clear out my mouth.

"Can I help you?" I was using my work voice, I didn't particularly feel like dealing with anyone, especially if that anyone was Smethwyck.

"Lily, my love!" My brother James exclaimed, coming over to sit on my desk.

I made a face at him and sighed, looking up at my brother. He looked so much like our father, less than Al of course, but enough for me to see my father when I looked up at him.

"What do you want, James?" I didn't exactly encourage my family to stop in while I was working. Especially my oldest brother, he wasn't always the best behaved.

"That's no way to talk to your favourite brother!" He exclaimed this as if I had sincerely wounded him, but I knew he was fine.

"Well, you're in my way." I closed the file of healers and put it into one of the drawers in my desk, before continuing eating. I may not be able to look at all of the prospective applicants with my brother in the room, but I could most certainly eat my food.

"I just wanted to say hi to my favourite sister!"

"I'm your only sister, James. Besides, you only visit me when you need something."

"Well, you see..." He trailed off, and I looked up at him, but he wasn't looking at me anymore. Instead he was looking at his leg.

I don't know how I hadn't noticed it earlier, but he had a very nasty burn on his leg, and I knew it was from a dragon. He also had what looked like some nasty looking bite marks above and below the burn.

"James Sirius Potter! Why on earth do you have a dragon burn on your leg! Is that a dragon bite! You're lucky you didn't get your leg taken off!! Or worse!" I opened my door and flicked out my wand for a stretcher to put my brother on before wheeling him hastily into the nearest room. Muttering angrily under my breath the whole time.

"Well, Lils, I saw this really awesome Welsh Green, and I wanted to get closer, you know, get a good look. Maybe take a ride.." I cut him off as he said ride.

"YOU WERE TRYING TO RIDE A BLOODY DRAGON?!" I knew my face was turning purple, and I was glad that the rooms were all muffled so no patients would disturb each other should they scream in pain or some similar reaction.

"Cmon, Lil! Dad did it with Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione!"

"THEY WERE TRYING TO SAVE THE ENTIRE WIZARDING WORLD! And besides, that is no reason for you to go looking for dragons to PLAY with, for Merlin's sake, do you have no brains!"

"Awe, now I'm injured, don't be like that!"

I looked up from the work I had been doing on his leg to just give him a nasty stare, and he smiled at me cheekily. I swear my brother was dropped on his head as a baby. No one in their right mind would think it's a good idea to go riding a dragon. I heard the door open, and was about to order a nurse to get me something, when I saw it wasn't a nurse, but my brothers best friend. The man I had had a not to small crush on since I was a fourth year. Austin Barclay.

"Don't tell me you helped him with this plan." I directed at Austin while I turned back to James' leg.

"Hello to you too, Lily," Austin was smirking, but when I gave him a look he sighed and shook his head, "No, I picked the tosser up when he gave me a ring saying he needed help."

I didn't miss the smile he gave James though, and the not so subtle thumbs up. I rolled my eyes and looked at my brothers' leg. It looked much better than it did when I had first seen it, and that was as good as it was going to get for now. I smiled as I realized that he would need to be admitted, of course.

"So, since you're the brains of the family, you get to stay for a couple nights until the swelling on your leg reduces and we can finish the rest of the reparation work. Shall I send Mum and Dad an owl to let them know, or do you want to?" I smiled triumphantly at him, as my brother paled a little when I mentioned our parents.

After he was silent for a few moments I shrugged and made my way towards the door, "I'll let them know then," I opened the door, and was about to walk out when I looked back at Austin who was snickering, "Austin, visiting hours are almost over, but by the looks of your hand, you might want to have it looked at, playing with dragons really isn't the safest of pasttimes."

I shut the door smartly and made my way back to my office. I was finally at the end of my day, and had one last thing to do let my parents know about James. I decided that that would be better in person, I want to see their faces when I tell them that once again, James has had a faulty plan that's not worked out in his favor. I took off my Healer robes and hung them back up in the small closet I had in my office. Putting my jacket back on I gathered my things, straightened my desk out so everything was in order and made my way out of my office, locking the door behind me. I walked almost straight into Austin.

"Lil, I was just wondering if you could see to my hand."

I looked up at him, and tried not to let myself focus on the perfect details of his face. I did however find myself lost in his eyes for a moment, and couldn't break eye contact with him. His eyes were a pale blue, that reminded me of the sky on a perfect fall day. I blinked for a moment and cleared my throat, trying to regain focus.

"I'm sorry, Austin, I'm just off for the night, someone else can see to it." I mean, I wasn't exactly lying.

"Lily, please." He gave me a look, and I sighed in frustration. Why couldn't I ever say no to this man?!

I unlocked the door to my office and walked back into it taking my jacket off for the second time that day. I sat down at my desk and motioned for him to sit across from me in the seats I have there, on the rare chance someone comes into my office to speak with me. I was muttering spells under my breath and focusing completely on his hand. It wasn't like he had a particularly difficult injury, any of my trainee healers could've handled this one no problem. But the feeling of my hands brushing against his set of sparks along my skin that I had never felt before.

I finished quickly, determined to get of there, I no longer wanted to be in a room alone with him, not when I kept thinking these thoughts and feeling these feelings. Austin Barclay had never been interested in me before, he most certainly wasn't now.

"All set, you can go back to my brother now, I'm sure he'll be dissapointed that I didn't rip your head off." I was looking everywhere except at him.

"Thanks, bean." Austin's voice was quieter than usual and I hated the fact that he had used my nickname. The nickname he had given me when he came over our house for vacation in his and James' first year at hogwarts, but no matter what he called me, I still refused to look at him.

That is, until he gently cupped my chin with his uninjured hand and pulled my face towards him, putting me a breath away from him. He brushed his lips against mine, they barely touched. But it was enough for me to feel those sparks I had felt before, everywhere. He pulled away and took a step back, a smirk playing on his face. I nearly lifted a hand to my lips, they were tingling and my skin felt like it was on fire, I was sure I was blushing fiercely. Instead I just stared.

"Have a good day, bean." He walked out of my office and returned to my brothers' room.

I simply sat back down in my chair and took a moment to gather myself. I certainly couldn't go visit my parents and tell them about James' most recent adventure when all I could think about was dragging Austin back into my office and staying here for another year. Especially if there'd be more than that measley kiss.


Hi! So, I hope this chapter didn't dissapoint! I originally didn't write that much hospital detail into the story, but my sister (who so nicely proof reads all of my chapters before I submit them) didn't understand anything I was referring to. So I decided by going through the floors on the hospital I would add a little length to the chapter and give you guys a bit more information on how Mungo's is set up, in case you didn't already know.

This story was also going to be  Rose/Scorpius story, but seeing as how I have Don't Say The P Word going, I didn't want to get confused, and who doesn't like a good Lily Potter II/OC action? Huh?

Anywho! I hope y'all like it! I also have my Meet the Author page up! So you can leave me some questions, comments, things pressing on your mind! I'd love to hear it all.

As always thanks so much for reading the chapter and I'd love a review, tell me how I'm doing, what you think will happen next and even critique!

Love always,

xoxo LL

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The Common Welsh Green: Trying To Ride A Dragon


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