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James Potter DOES NOT like me. by Crazy101
Chapter 2 : Head Girl
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"I got Head Girl!" I squealed as I ripped open my unusually heavy hogwarts letter.
"Oh, that's awesome! Let's get stuck-up, nerdy Lily a new way to be perfect" Petunia spat at me. Hurt flashed in my eyes, but I blinked it away.
Owly, which I cleverly named my owl, flew into the window with a thunk. Tuney looked even more disgusted, if possible. I rolled my eyes at my dimwitted bird and opened the window.

Dear Lily,
your eyes sparkle like gems
I think about you every night till 4 a.m.
although this may sound cheesy
we all know you want to please me
I believe it's fate
I'll pick you up at 8:00

Forever yours, James

'USDGFUILESRHGFVUNSIRTJHO!" I screamed, throwing the letter up in frustration. That stupid idiot boy....

"What's the matter Lilyflower?" Dad seemed to have snuck in while I was screaming. "Ohhh, you have the 'Potter Look'"

"He's so insufferable, I can't stand him! Just because he's all famous and stuff doesn't mean he has to act like that! He acts soooo confident and in reality he's a stupid, immature idiot! Not to mention his pranks on Sev! Those are just... AUGH! Why him? He's done nothing wrong! He's twice the person Potter'll ever be!" I ranted. Dad looked bored.

I realized he was no longer paying attention and stormed up to my room to pack for the train tomorrow, huffing.

After I stuffed the last shirt into my ridiculously heavy trunk, I sighed. What if things were different this year with the war? How is dad going to not murder Tuney without Mother? She was the bond tying Dad and Petunia. They hate each other, but kept it together for her. Now that she's gone, this house will be a war zone.

I got out of the car to get on the platform.

I hesitated, then hugged Tuney. Her arms stayed stiffly at her sides.

"Miss you Tuney. Have fun." I whispered. She rolled her eyes. Lovely, that one.

"Go to your freak fest already" she snarled.

I sighed and dragged my trunk to the wall. They drove off.

"LLLLLIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" I was tackled by a blur of Alice.

I managed a weak "Every year?" before being cut off of oxygen.

"LILYYYYY!" I heard another scream of my name and Lucy leaped onto the dog pile.

"LLLLLIIIILLLYYYY!" I groaned as yet another person, Evie, leaped on.

"Ooh! Dead body party! " I heard Sirius yell. ughhhh! He climbed onto the tower of people.

"Get your foot out of my mouth, Black" Evie grumbled.

"Hey! Can't miss out here!" We all groaned, and Olivia leapt on too.

"Hey Lily! Miss me?" Oh yay. Potter. And up he goes. People are starting to stare.

"This looks fun!" Remus is so mean, standing there laughing at our tangled mess.

"Merp" I managed.

"Sirius, get your face any closer and I will curse it to St. Mungo's"

"Elbow in eye. Elbow in eye."

"look it's Aidan! Act natural!"

"Shut up Olivia"

We're lovely, honestly.

Naturally, Remus helps drag Lucy out of the massive pile and leaves us.

Let me fill you in on characters:


Stunning with a long sheet of chestnut hair and unique purple eyes. We all know she has it bad for Frank, but she won't admit it. One time she autographed a begging first year's napkin.

Andromeda Lucille (call her that and you'll wake up tomorrow missing some toes)/Lucy

Metamorphagus. Usually, she chooses really long dirty blonde hair, down to her waist, but it changes. She normally has clear blue eyes which can see through your deepest secrets. She fancies the socks off of Lupin. He's too stupid to notice. She has more fan clubs than any of the other girls.


Tall and dark-haired, with hazel eyes. She's kinda scary. She has a model body, which every girl is jealous of and every guy loves. She totally has hots for Sirius, but this time, it's her that is too stupid. Honestly. I need smarter friends.

She's the little ball of energy. Emphasis on little. At 5'1, she has short blonde hair and has a bubbly personality. She likes Aidan Smith, and isn't the slightest ashamed of it. She's hog wart's little doll, everyone loves her cuteness.


James Potter. Annoyingly beautiful with distracting dimples and hazel eyes. His hobbies include ticking me off, flirting, and pulling pranks. I hate his face. Sirius Black. he constantly messes with Evie and is evil. Remus Lupin. He's really nice, and we all know he's hiding something. Peter is blatantly ignored.

So that's us. The 7th year Gryffies.


WOAH. Now that we're finally done with that, let's see what's currently happening with these "Golden Nine"

"so Remus you made head boy right?" I asked casually, We became good friends during our many nights patrolling together when we were prefects.


"Hey Lily let's go to the head's meeting" Potter called. I laughed. He kept a straight face. He held out his badge. Realization dawned on my face.



"mlurph" I managed before I ran out.

"Come on you wanker we need to go to the feast" I sighed after we got out of the head's carriages. I wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

He was staring at me again with this weird look in his eyes. I brushed it away and marched on.
When we got to the castle, I let out a breath I'd been holding all summer. I was home.

I was already beginning to get annoyed at this heads stuff. He's been sticking to me this entire time. We ride together, eat together, do EVERYTHING together.

"There's Sirius. Catch you later" He said gently before leaving.

Woah. He just.... said something polite. to me.


"HEYYYY LILYYYYY!" I heard Olivia yell. She panted to keep up with me.

"Potter just.. said something NICE. To ME"

"WHAT. SPILL." So I told her. Olivia's eyes widened as I finished.

"Do you think he's changed? Matured?"

"I don't know! I really hope so!"

"Would you give him a chance if he matured?"

"What do you think? NO. I would NEVER go out with him."

"You don't look so sure."

"I am. Now let's go stuff our faces."

We walked in the giant doors to find that we were slightly late. Poonuggets. Dumbeldore faltered in his speech, giving us a stern look. The whole school turned around and looked at us.

"Hey" I said weakly. We slowly walked and sat with the rest of our friends. They started crying with laughter. We glared.

"You.... late.... staring..."

"Oh, shut up" I grumbled. My eyes wandered over to Severus by the Slytherin table.


I walked away from the owlery, having just sent a letter to Mom about how 6th year was going. It was mostly rants about Potter. As I walked by the black lake, I gasped.

Potter had Sev hanging upside down in midair, laughing with his idiotic friends. Remus was nowhere to be seen.

Of course. He's the nice one. Why can't everyone act like Remus Lupins? A world full of lupins= nice people, happy Lucy.

"POTTER!" I screeched.

"Yes Lilyflower?" he sneered.

This is what drove me crazy. He's tormenting slytherins cause they're slytherins! What did they do? Nothing! Severus is my childhood best friend!


I finished with punching him in the jaw and snatching his wand. I released the spell and helped Severus up.

"You ok Sev?" I asked concernedly.

"I didn't need your help, mudblood" he spat. I took a step back, shocked.

"If that's what you think of me, fine." I said quietly.

Next thing I knew, I was running off, tears trailing down my face. He was my best friend. I looked behind me to see out of my blurred vision Potter punching him again and again.


I blinked, and looked away. Stupid Lily, he hates you.

A/n Please don't hurt me guys. I know, this is a sorry excuse for a chapter. No hate, there's enough of that from myself. I should yell a barbarian war chant and throw it in a volcano. But I don't know any barbarian war chants and there are no volcanoes to throw my laptop in, so you're just going to have to suffer. My apologies extended to this poor, tortured reader. BUT KEEP READING GUYS!

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